DABBS, Harry
Dabbs H 150.jpg 
Private, 3879, East Lancashire Regiment, 2nd/4th Bn.
21st March 1918.
Pozieres British Cemetery, Panel 42 and 43.
DALEY, William (Daly on the Roll of Honour)
Daly William 150.jpg
Private, 8025, Coldstream Guards, 3rd Bn.
5th April 1915, 23 years.
Le Touret  Memorial, Panels 2 and 3.
Private, 194296, Labour Corps, 1st Bn.
6th June 1917, 25 years.
Blackburn Cemetery, F. R.C. 4773.
DALTON, Joseph
Dalton Joseph 150.jpg 
Private, 242624, Kings Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment), 1st/15th Bn.
1st May 1918, 20 years.
Phalempin Communal Cemetery, G3.
DALTON, Thomas
Private, 1775, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, 1st/5th Bn.
10th September 1917, 21 years.
Delvillewood Cemetery, XI. F. 3.
Lance Corporal, 93829, Machine Gun Corps (Infantry).
11th February 1920.
Blackburn Cemetery, G. N.C. 2718.
There is a Tom Danby on the Blackburn
Roll of Honour but for correct
name see DANDY, Thomas below.
DANDY, Thomas
Danby Tom.jpg 
Private, 235291, Suffolk Regiment, 2nd Bn.
21st August 1918, 35 years.
Bucquoy Road Cemetery Ficheux, VI.J.28.
Private, 6072, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, 1st Bn.
17th October 1914, 34 years.
La Ferte-Sous-Jouarre Memorial.
DAVENPORT, Horace (Harry on Roll of Honour)
Davenport Horace.jpg
Lance Corporal, 10152, Machine Gun Corps, 62nd Coy.
23rd December 1916, 31 years.
Vermelles British Cemetery, V. F. 44.
DAVEY, Charles
Davey Charles.jpg 
Private, 7579, Lancashire Fusiliers, 2/5th Bn.
19th September 1916, 19 years.
St. Sever Cemetery, A. 17.44.
Davidson Henry.jpg 
Lance Sergeant, 14073, East Lancashire Regiment, 8th Bn.
20th September 1915, 40 years.
Fonquevillers Military Cemetery, I. G. 20.
DAVIES, Charles
Davies Charles.jpg
Sapper, 398488, Royal Engineers, General Base Depot.
28th March 1918, 24 years.
Namps-Au-Val British Cemetery, I. E. 23.
Davies Frank.jpg 
Private, 18450, East Lancashire Regiment, 2nd Bn.
11th November 1917, 39 years.
La Neuve-Lyre Communal Cemetery,
DAVIES, George
Davies George.jpg 
Private, 7221, Machine Gun Corps (Infantry). 89th Coy.
6th June 1917, 27 years.
Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, Panel 56.
Davies John.jpg 
Private, 13700, Kings Own Scottish Borderers, 8th Bn.
25th September 1915, 22 years.
Loos Memorial, Panel 53 to 56.
DAVIES, Thomas
Guardsman, 22084, Grenadier Guards, 3rd Bn.
14th September 1916.
Thiepval Memorial, Pier and Face 8D.
DAVIS, Arthur, D.C.M.
Davies Arthur1.jpg 
Sergeant, 3540, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment
20th December 1918
Longuenesse (St Omer) Souvenir Cemetery, V. E. 80.
DAVIS, Alfred Edward
Private, 39167, East Lancashire Regiment , 2nd/4th Bn.
21st March 1918, 32 years.
Caix British Cemetery, I. G. 4.
DAVIS, Francis Edward
Davis frances E.jpg  
2nd Lieutenant, Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, 9th Bn.
9th October 1917, 34 years.
Tyne Cot Memorial, Panel 108 to 111.
DAVIS, Herbert
Davis Herbert.jpg 
Gunner, 681555, Royal Field Artillery, 286th Bde.
11th June 1917, 22 years.
Erquinghem-Lys Churchyard Extension. 11 C6.
DAVIS, James
Acting Bombardier, 55459, Royal Garrison Artillery, 178th Siege. Bty.
29th April 1917, 20 years.
Etaples Military Cemetery, XVIII. B. 7.
Davis John1.jpg 
Private, 1759, East Lancashire Regiment, 1st/4th Bn.
4th December 1915, 18 years.
Helles Memorial, Panel 113 to 117.
DAVIS, John Thomas
Davis J T.jpg 
Private, 1191, East Lancashire Regiment, 1st/4th Bn.
13th August 1915, 25 years.
Helles Memorial, Panel 113 to 117.
DAVITT, Joseph
Davitt, Joseph.jpg
Private, 5007, East Lancashire Regiment, 2nd Bn.
2nd August 1915, 20 years.
Merville Communal Cemetery, III. Q. 4.
DAVITT, John William
Davitt Joseph 001.jpg
Private, 13634, Kings Own Scottish Borderers, 7th Bn.
25th September 1915, 24 years.
Dud Corner Cemetery Loos, V. J. 13.
DAWES, Lewis
Dawes Lewis.jpg 
Private, 358743, The King’s Liverpool Regiment, 1st/10th Bn.
27th May 1917, 40 years.
Lussenthoek Military Cemetery, XII. B. 28A.
DAWSON, Arthur
Dawson Arthur1.jpg 
Private, 31467, Royal Welsh Fusiliers, 2nd Bn.
7th November 1916, 20 years.
Thiepval Memorial, Pier and Face 4 A.
DAWSON, Arthur
Dawson Arthur.jpg 
Private, 20607, East Lancashire Regiment, 6th Bn.
22nd October 1915, 29 years.
Pieta Military Cemetery, A. XVII. 2.
Royal Field Artillary

DAWSON, James Edward
Driver, L/8825, Royal Field Artillery, 30th Div.
8th June 1916, 20 years.
Abbeville Communal Cemetery, IV. A. 6.
DAWSON, Robert
Dawson R.jpg 
Driver, 20157, Royal Field Artillery, 66th Div. Ammunition Col.
14th September 1918, 23 years.
Le Grand Beaumont British Cemetery, I. C. 12.
DAWSON, Thomas
Dawson Thomas.jpg 
Private, 1284, East Lancashire Regiment, 1st/4th Bn.
13th August 1915, 20 years.
Helles Memorial, Panel 113 to117.
DAWSON, William
Dawson William.jpg 
Gunner, 8990, Royal Field Artillery,150th Bde.
15th July 1916. 32 years.
Peronne Rd No 3 Cemetery Maricourt, I. F. 3.
DAWSON, William
Gunner, 96986, Royal Field Artillery.
25th July 1920. 38 years.
Blackburn Cemetery, M. C.E. 7440.
DEAKIN, Samuel
Saddler, 122550, Royal Field Artillery, 75th Bde.
7th September 1917, 22 years.
Canada Farm Cemetery, 111. B. 5.
DEAN, Harry
Dean Harry PTE.jpg
Private, 26266, East Lancashire Regiment, 11th Bn.
28th June 1918.
Aval Wood Military Cemetery Vieux-Berquin, 1 .B. 10.
DEAN, Henry
Private, 1757, Lancashire Fusiliers, 4th Bn.
18th July 1915.
Hull Western Cemetery, 41. B. 40353.
DEAN, Henry Thomas
Private, 29975, East Lancashire Regiment, 2nd/5th Bn.
9th October 1917.
Tyne Cot, Panel 77 to 79 and 163A.
DEAN, Henry Wilcock
Private, 28856, East Lancashire Regiment, 2nd Bn.
1st August 1917, 29 years.
Lussenthoek Military Cemetery, XVI.  G. 12A.
DEAN, Herbert
Private, 41743, Yorkshire Regiment 6th Bn.
9th October 1917, 26 years.
Tyne Cot, Panel 52 to 54 and 162A.
DEAN, John
Dean J.jpg 
Private, 22322, Border Regiment, 7th Bn.
23rd April 1917, 23 years.
Arras Memorial, Bay 6.
DEAN, John William
Dean John William.jpg 
Private, 5880, 7th (Queens Own) Hussars.
6th October 1915.
Nunhead (All Saints) Cemetery, Screen Wall 89. 31914.
DEAN, Joseph
Private, 2457, South Lancashire Regiment, 3rd Bn.
14th December 1914, 48 years.
Liverpool (Kirkdale) Cemetery, Screen Wall II. R.C. 63A
DEAN, Joseph
Dean Joseph.jpg 
Gunner 267, South African Field Artillery.
29th December 1916.  
Grahamstown Old Cemetery
Private, 8068, Black Watch, 1st Bn.
21st June 1915, 32 years.
Le Touret Military Cemetery, Panels 24 to 26.
DELARUE, Francis
Delarue F.jpg 
2nd Lieutenant, Cameronians (Scottish Rifles), 10th Bn.
23rd July 1918.
Soissons Memorial Aisne.
Dempsy Edward.jpg 
Stoker 2nd Class, K/26783 Royal Navy, HMS Defence.
31st May 1916, 21 years.
Plymouth Naval Memorial, Ref 16.
DENNETT, Edward 
Dennet Edward.jpg 
Private, 3081942, Canadian Infantry, 43rd Bn.
1st October 1918, 36 years.
Mill Switch British Cemetery, C. 2.
Denny J.jpg
Lance Sergeant, 15872, East Lancashire Regiment, 4th Bn.
2nd July 1916, 28 years.
Serre Road. Cemetery No. 3, B. 18.​

Derbyshire John.jpg
Acting Stoker. Royal Navy, H.M.S. Nomad
1916 (Blackburn Times 17.06.1916)
Derbyshire Richard.jpg 
Private, 52259, Lancashire Fusiliers, 6th Bn.
21st March 1918, 19 years.
Pozieres British Cemetery, Panel 32 to 34.
Private, 203655, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, 1st/4th Bn.
6th April 1917, 28 years.
Adlington Cemetery, A.  247.
DESMOND, Thomas​
Desmond Thomas and H.jpg 
Rifleman, Z/2334, Rifle Brigade, 1st Bn.
3rd May 1915 , 20 years.
Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, Panel 46 to 48 and 50.
DEVLIN, Matthew
Devlin Matthew.jpg 
Private, 16076, King’s Own (Royal Lancaster) Regiment, 2nd Bn.
8th May 1915, 36 years.
Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, Panel 12.
dewhurst F.jpg 
Private, 42226, East Yorkshire Regiment, 1st/4th Bn.
22nd September 1918, 19 years.
Glageon Communal Cemetery Extension. 1. K. 6.
Rifleman, R/8466, King’s Royal Rifle Corps, 10th Bn.
25th June 1916, 29 years.
Vlamertinghe N. Military Cemetery, II. B. 21.
dewhurst Isaac 1.jpg 
Private, 18764, King’s Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment), 8th Bn.
2nd March 1916, 17 years.
Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, Panel 12.
Driver, T/356674, Army Service Corps.
25th April 1918, 27 years.
Cairo War Memorial, III. B. 21
dewhurst James.jpg 
Air Mechanic 1st Class, 87102, RAF No. 2 Supply Depot.
25th April 1918, 37 years
Etaples Military Cemetery, XXXI. C. 7.
DEWHURST, John (Jack)
dewhurst Jack.jpg
Private, 109112, Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment), 1st Bn
24th April 1918.
Poziers Memorial, Panel 52 to 54.
dewhurst J.jpg 
Private, 14178, Cameronians (Scottish Rifles), 10th Bn.
25th September 1915.
Loos Memorial, O. 301.
Sergeant,  A/2024, King’s Royal Rifle Corps, 9th Bn.
6th May 1917, 32 years.
 Beaurains Road Cemetery, E. 34.
DEWHURST, John Edward
Private, 23967, King’s Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment), 9th Bn.
21st November 1916, 24 years.
Pieta Military Cemetery, D. XVI. 2.
DEWHURST, John William
Private, 22005, Royal Dublin Fusiliers, 6th Bn.
9th August 1915.
Helles Memorial, Panel 190 to 196
DEWHURST, Lancelot
dewhurst Lancelot.jpg 
Private 841923, Canadian Infantry, 13th Bn.
8th November 1917, 27 years.
Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial Panel 24-26-28-30.
Corporal, 1023, East Lancashire Regiment, 1st/4th Bn.
4th June 1915.
Helles Memorial, Panel 113 to 117.
DEWHURST, Richard Thomas
Private, 50189, The King’s (Liverpool Regiment), 19th Bn.
22nd November 1917, 27 years.
Nine Elms British Cemetery IX. F.12.
Private, 12297, East Lancashire Regiment, 6th Bn.
3rd May 1916.
Basra Memorial, Panel 19.
(Alias, For True Name See 27092 Thomas Smith)
DEWHURST, Thomas Henry
Private, 202924, East Lancashire Regiment, 2nd/4th Bn.
10th October 1917, 37 years.
Tyne Cot Memorial, Panel 77 to 79 and 163A.
dewhurst T.jpg 
Private, 50189, King's (Liverpool Regiment)
22nd December 1917
Nine Elms British Cemetery
Private, 481362, Labour Corps.
26th October 1918, 27 years.
Pancrasweek (St. Pancras Churchyard Devon) North-West of Church.
Private, 33624, Lancashire Fusiliers, 11th Bn.
28th May 1918.
Soisson Memorial Aisne.
Dibdin J.jpg 
Private, 13862, Cameronians (Scottish Rifles), 10th Bn.
25th September 1915, 20 years.
Loos Memorial, Panel 57 to 58.

Dickinson, Arthur 01 CT.jpg
Lieuenant, Royal Navey Reserve, H.M.S. Victory.
1 July 1919, 34 years.
Immingham (St. Andrews Churchyard) Lincolnshire.

Dickinson Charles.jpg 
Private, 3284, South Lancashire Regiment, 2nd Bn.
15th November 1916, 32 years.
Berks Cemetery Extension  Ploesteert,  I. J. 7.
Dickinson Charles PTE.jpg 
Private, 2014, East Lancashire Regiment, 1st/4th Bn.
13th August 1915, 24 years.
Redoubt Cemetery Helles, XI. B. 7.
Lance Corporal, 5652, East Lancashire Regiment, 1st Bn.
28th August 1914.
Fontaine-Au-Pire Communal Cemetery, 1. B. 41.
Dickinson George.jpg
Private, G/1840, Queen’s Own (Royal West Kent Regiment), 7th Bn.
13th July 1916, 24 years.
Thiepval Memorial, Pier and Face 11 C.
Dickinson J.jpg 
Corporal, L/24519, Royal Field Artillery, A Bat.
22nd July 1917, 24 years.
Vlamertinghe New Military Cemetery, II.F.3
Dickinson Thomas PTE.jpg 
Private, 203943, East Lancashire Regiment, 6th Bn.
11th January 1919, 35 years.
Mikra British Cemetery Kalamaria, 1293
Dickinson Thomas.jpg 
Private, 27945, East Lancashire Regiment, 8th Bn.
28th April 1917, 19 years.
Arras Memorial, Bay 6.
Private, 71119, Durham Light Infantry 3rd Bn.
16th March 1917, 32 years.
Caix British Cemetery, II. I. I.
DICKINSON, William Henry
Dickinson W.jpg 
Private, 24916, King’s Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment), 7th Bn
3rd August 1917.
La Clytte Military Cemetery, II. B. 10.

Nmae on Roll of Honour but may be Dymock
Disley John.jpg 
Private, 17524, East Lancashire Regiment, 8th Bn.
11th February 1916, 36 years.
Foncquevillers Military Cemetery, I. G. 17.
DISLEY, William
Disley William.jpg 
Private, 242786, East Lancashire Regiment, 9th Bn.
5th April 1918, 32 years.
Karasouli Military Cemetery, A. 98.
Ditchfield George.jpg 
Driver, 681028, Royal Field Artillery, 317 Bde.
18th November 1918, 30 years.
Etaples Military Cemetery, L. E. 5.
Gunner, 214341, Royal Field Artillery 4th Bty.
6th September 1920, 24 years.
St. Mary’s Mellor, (Near East Wall).
DIX, Alfred Boon
Dix Alfred Boon.jpg
Private, 18017, East Lancashire Regiment, 11th Bn.
1st July 1916, 39 years.
Queens Cemetery Puisieux, D.29
DIXON, Harry
Dixon Harry.jpg
Lance Corporal, 15689, East Lancashire Regiment 11th Bn.
1st July 1916, 24 years.
Queens Cemetery Puisieux, B. 11.
DIXON, James
Dixon James PTE.jpg 
Private, 25129, East Lancashire Regiment 6th Bn.
25th February 1917, 25 years.
Basra War Cemetery,  Panel 19.
DIXON, James
​​Dixon James PTE Canadian Scotish.jpg
Corporal, 186090, Canadian Infantry, 16th Bn.
19th August 1918, 21 years
Censy Gally Military Cemetery, II. O. 28.
DIXON, James
Private, 205078, Lancashire Fusiliers 2nd/5th Bn.
20th September 1917.
Tyne Cot Memorial, Panel 54 to 60 and 163A.
Dixon John.jpg 
Private, 23096, East Lancashire Regiment 2nd Bn.
23rd October 1916, 27 years.
Thiepval Memorial, Pier and Face 6 C.
DIXON, Joseph
Dixon Joseph.jpg 
Private, 50233, The King’s (Liverpool Regiment) 17th Bn.
4th August 1917, 19 years.
Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, Panel 4 and 6.
Dixon R.jpg 
Rifleman, R2363, Kings Royal Rifle Corps, 10th Bn.
13th March 1916.
Essex Farm Cemetery, IV. D. 13.
DIXON, Robert
Private, 11951, East Lancashire Regiment 6th Bn.
9th August 1915.
Helles Memorial, Panel 113 to 117
DIXON, William D.C.M.
Dixon William 001.jpg 
Sergeant, 11971, King’s Shropshire Light Infantry, 6th Bn.
26th March 1918.
Roye New British Cemetery, II. C. 11.
DOBSON, Harry Brewer
Dobson Harry B.jpg 
Private, 6503, Lancashire Fusiliers 11th Bn.
6th December 1915, 28 years.
Gunners Farm Military Cemetery, F. 2.
Dobson John.jpg 
Private, 237701,Herefordshire Regiment 1st/1st Bn.
9th March 1918, 19 years.
Jerusalem War Cemetery, L. 81
DOBSON, John Wilson
Dobson J.jpg 
Private, 19661, King’s Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment) 1st Bn.
24th October 1916, 27 years.
Grove Town Cemetery Meaulte, 1. P. 34
DOBSON, Joseph
Private, 62409, Canterbury Regiment, N.Z.E.F 
25th August 1915.
Lone Pine Memorial, 74.
DOBSON, Richard William
Dobson R.jpg 
Gunner, L/8451, Royal, Field Artillery 156th Bde.
25th October 1917, 30 years.
Dozinghem Military Cemetery, IX. D. 16.
DOCKER, William
Docker William.jpg 
Lance Corporal, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment             
9th May 1915.
DODGSON, Richard Bradley
Dodgson R.jpg 
Sergeant, 11209, East Lancashire Regiment 6th Bn.
5th April 1916, 37 years.
Basra War Cemetery, Panel 19.
DOHERTY, John Edward
Doherty John Edward.jpg 
Private, 34298, Lancashire Fusiliers 1st Bn.
14th April 1917, 27 years.
Arras Memorial, Bay 5.
Private, 9075, Manchester Regiment, 2nd Bn.
27th November 1914, 31 years.
Kandahar Farm Cemetery West-Vlaanderen, 1. C. 6.
Donlan James1.jpg
Corporal, S/929, Rifle Brigade, 12th Bn.
5th September 1916, 22 years.
Thiepval Memorial Pier and Face 16 B and 16 C
DOUGHTY, John Henry
Private, 3679, King’s Dragoon Guards 1st Bn.
29th May 1917, 28 years.
Hesbecourt Communal Cemetery, 5.  
Private, 26965, Welsh Regiment 8th Bn.
8th August 1915.
Helles Memorial, Panel 140 to 144.
DOUGLAS, William
Private, 13633, Cameronians (Scots Rifles), 10th Bn.
25th September 1915, 19 years
Loos Memorial, Panel 57 to 59
DRAPER, Frederick Oswald
Draper frederick Oswald.jpg 
Private, 30469, The King’s (Liverpool Regiment) 4th Bn.
3rd March 1916, 21 years
Bethune Town Cemetery, V. A. 63 .
Drinkwater F.jpg 
Private, 21694, East Lancashire Regiment 8th Bn.
28th April 1917.
Canadian Cemetery No 2, 15. G. 5.

East Lancashire Regiment, 10th Bn.
Private, 16841, Cameronians (Scots Rifles) 10th Bn.
25th September 1915, 24 years.
Loos Memorial, Panel 57 to 59.

Lance Corpora,l 26792, East Lancashire Regiment 11th Bn.
27th March 1918, 25 years.
Arras Memorial, Bay 6.
Private, 128177 Machine Gun Corps (Infantry), 6th Bn.
21st March 1918, 31 years.
Arras Memorial, Bay 10.
DUBBIN, Thomas
Dubbin Thomas.jpg 
Private, 35573, East Lancashire Regiment 6th Bn.
18th January 1918, 37 years.
Bangalore (Hosur Road) Cemetery, Plot 8. Row R. Grave 15.
DUCAT, Bruce
Ducat Bruce.jpg 
Private, 13648, King’s (Shropshire Light Infantry) 7th. Bn.
17th June 1916. 18 years.
Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery, VIII. A. 35.
Private, 8885, King’s Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment) 1st Bn.
10th June 1915.
Essex Farm Cemetery, I. A. 10.
DUCKWORTH, Christopher
Private, 71783, Lancashire Fusiliers 1st Bn.
19th April 1920, 22 years.
Blackburn Cemetery, E. N.C. 3643,
Duckworth Frank.jpg
Private, 32127, King’s (Shropshire Light Infantry) 7th Bn.
21st August 1918, 20 years.
Bucquoy Road Cemetery ,V. K. 22
Duckworth James.jpg 
Private, 2054, East Lancashire Regiment 1st/4th Bn.
13th August 1915, 33 years.
Helles Memorial, Panel 113 to 117
Private, 48997, King’s Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment) 2nd/5th Bn.
28th September 1918.
Anneux British Cemetery, I. D. 8
Private, 28116, The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment 8th Bn.
6th August 1917.
Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, Panel 41 and 43.
Duckworth John James.jpg 
Private, 260124, Sherwood Foresters 2nd/6th Bn.
16th April 1918, 25 years.
Ploegsteert  Memorial, Panel 7.
DUCKWORTH, John William
Duckworth John William.jpg 
Private, 28115, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment 8th Bn.
4th August 1917, 34 years.
Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, Panel 41 and 43.
Private, 48380, Royal Inniskilling Fusilliers
12th September 1920, 31 years.
Blackburn Cemetery, M. C.E. 6453.
DUCKWORTH, Percy Blezard
2nd Lieutenant, Royal Horse Artillery, 15th (Warwick) Bde.
9th April 1917, 23 years
Beaurains Road Cemetery, A23.
DUCKWORTH, Richard Edward
Duckworth Richard Edward.jpg 
Private, 267031, Cheshire Regiment 15th Bn.
24th March 1918, 20 years.
Pozieres Memorial, Panel 35 and 36.
Duckworth Thomas.jpg 
Private, 40071 Lancashire Fusiliers Regiment 16th Bn.
14th November 1918, 33 years.
Bois-Guillame Communal Cemetery Extension, G. 12A.
DUCKWORTH, Walter Clarence
Duckworth walter Clarence.jpg 
2nd Lieutenant, Welsh Regiment 1st Bn.
8th October 1918, 29 years.
Ramicourt British Cemetery Aisne, A. 23.
Duckworth William PTE.jpg 
Private, 1255, East Lancashire Regiment 1st/4th Bn.
13th August 1915, 23 years.
Helles Memorial, Panel,113 to 117.
DUCKWORTH, William Henry
Private, D/13782, Royal Dragoons, 1st Bn.
11th October 1918. 38 years.
Roisel Communal Cemetery Extension, II.  A. 18.
DUCKWORTH, William Henry
Duckworth William Henry.jpg
 Private, 19857, King’s Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment) 1st Bn.
18th April 1918, 32 years.
Loos Memorial, Panel 19 and 20.
DUERDEN, Charles
Duerden Charles.jpg 
2nd Lieutenant, Royal Field Artillery 87th Bde.
24th March 1918, 22 years.
Mont Huon Military Cemetery Le Treport, VI. F. 1.
Duerden Edgar.jpg 
Lieutenant, Royal Field Artillery, 150th Bde.
17th August 1917, 25 years.
Brandhoek New Military Cemetery, II. H. 31.
Duerden Ernest.jpg 
Corporal, 700494, Royal Field Artillery, 47th Division.
30th September 1917, 27 years.
Dozinghem Military Cemetery, VIII. E. 20
Duerden John.jpg 
2nd Lieutenant, East Lancashire 25th Bn.
10th June 1917, 21 years.
Estaires Communal Cemetery and Extension, IV. B. 2.
DUERDEN, Richard
Private, 4498, East Lancashire Regiment 1st Bn.
6th July 1915.
Talana Farm Cemetery, II. E. 36.
DUGDALE, Herbert
Gunner, 161062, Royal Field Artillery 312th Bde.
28th February 1919, 31 years,
Pleasington Priory R.C. Churchyard, C.I. C. IA.
DUGDALE, William Wulstan
Dugdale William Wulston.jpg 
Private, G/42694, Middlesex Regiment 13th Bn.
20th June 1917, 19 years.
Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, Panel 49 and 51.
Corporal, 396, Lancashire Fusiliers, 1st Bn.
25th April 1915, 31 years.
Helles Memorial, Panel 58 to72 or 218 to 219
Dunleavy Thomas.jpg 
Company ​Sergeant Major, Canterbury Regiment New Zealand E.F.
7th August 1915, 29 years.
Chunuk Bar (New Zealand Memorial), 12, Turkey

DUNN, Rufus
Dunn Rufus.jpg 
Private, 242846 King’s (Liverpool Regiment) 6th Bn.
29th July 1917, 36 years.
Potijze Chateau Lawn Cemetery, A. 24.
DUNNING, William Harold
Dunning William.jpg 
Private, 204079, Lancashire Fusiliers 2nd/5th Bn.
9th September 1916, 31 years.
Delville Wood Cemetery,  XII. A. 7.
DUNNING, William Henry
Private, 24432, King’s (Shropshire Light Infantry) 1st Bn.
18th September 1916.
Thiepval Memorial, Pier and Face 12A and 12D.
DUTESON, Herbert
Duteson Herbert.jpg 
Private, 202604, East Yorkshire Regiment 6th Bn.
4th September 1918. 30 years.
Sebourg British Cemetery, B. 15.
DUTTON, Joseph
Dutton Joe.jpg 
Corporal, 42233, East Yorkshire Regiment 1st/4th Bn.
5th September 1918, 19 years.
St. Erme Communal Cemetery Extension,  A. 2.
DUTTON, Percy W.
Dutton Percy.jpg 
Private, 18347, Royal Munster Fusiliers, 1st Bn.
29th September 1918.
Vis-en-Artois Memorial, Panel 10.
Private, 2076, East Lancashire Regiment 1st/4th Bn.
30th May 1915.
Helles Memorial, Panel 113 to 117.
Private, 939, 2nd. Western Company, Labour Corps. (Non Combatant Corps)
23rd May 1916
Bangor (Glanadda) Cemetery, W.NP.55
DUXBURY, Richard
Private, 92999, The King’s (Liverpool Regiment) 2nd Bn.
29th October 1918, 26 years.
Mikra British Cemetery Kalamaria, 1875.
Gunner, L/8487, Royal Field Artillery 70th Brigade.
30th March 1918. 27 years
Faubourg D’Amiens Cemetery, VI. C. 29.
Driver, T4/094226, Army Service Corps, 296th H.T. Corps.
9th March 1916   26 years
Whalley St. Mary’s, North-East Corner.
DUXBURY, William
Duxbury William.jpg 
Private, 24959, King’s Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment) 8th Bn.
26th April 1917. 33 years.
Arras Memorial, Bay 2.
DUXBURY, William
Gunner, L/9049, Royal, Field Artillery 24th Bde.
16th March 1916, 20 years.
Poperinghe New Military Cemetery, I. E. 29.
DYE, William Edward​​
Dye William Edward.jpg 
Private, 202039, East Lancashire Regiment, 2nd/5th Bn.
31st March 1918
Pozieres Memorial, Panel 42 & 43
DYER, John
Private, 25127, East Lancashire Regiment 1st Bn.
18th October 1916. 28 years.
Thiepval Memorial, Pier and Face 6 C.
DYER, William Edward
Private 202039 East Lancashire Regiment 2nd/3rd Bn
21st March 1919.