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All Saints Church

All Saints Church was situated on Bolton Road, Blackburn. The church was demolished in 1985.

The Memorial is in the form of a tablet with the names ordered into three columns.  It contains the names of 90 men who lost their lives. A gold mosaic cross is inset at the top centre of the column. The tablet has been dismantled and is broken in several places

A photograph shows the tablet is broken in three places. Twice in the pediment inscription and once in the foot inscription. The centre name column is broken through the mosaic cross and the left name column is broken top right

There is an inscription w​hich says:


Thomas Edward Airey; George Almond; Samuel Almond; William Almond; Arthur Anderson; Joshua Armstrong; Fred Ashworth; Jack Ashworth; Robert Aspin; Johns Barnes; Robert Baxenden; James Beardsworth; John Bilborough; Alexander Blackburn; William Booth; Richard Bradley; Robert Bradley; Joseph Brown; William Brown;  Wilfred Busby; Frank Carney; John Cocker; Arthur Cotton; John Cotton; Ralph Dewhurst; Tom Eddleston; Miles Edmondson; William J. Evens; Thomas Evens; John William Farrell; Fred Fecitt; Henry Fielding; James Fish; James Fogarty; Jeremiah Fogarty; Ernest Fryer; George Gillam; Arthur Green; Robert Gregson; Thomas Henry Griffiths; John Hacking; Joseph Hargreaves; James Hartley; James Harwood; Harry Haworth; William Haworth; George Hewson; Fredrick Hodgson; John Holt; Christopher Hoole; Edwin Hope; Tom Houghton; Edmund Hummer; John Jepson; Walter Jepson; William Kitchen; Benson Livesey; James Logan; Frank Marsden; John William Mellor; George Mercer; John A. Midgley; George Nelson; Henry Neville; Nicholas Ogden; William Ogden; John Place Francis Proctor; George Ramsbottom; John William Reeves; Albert Robinson; James Robinson; John Shorrock; Ralph Shorrock; James Simms; William Smith; Stephen Sullivan; Thomas Talbot; Tom Taylor; Thomas Thompson; Joseph Tryer; William Walker; Thomas Walmsley; Michael Walsh; Albert Wilson; Arthur Wilson; John Wilson; Fred Woods; Robert Woods; Richard Woodruff.


The Memorial was unveiled by Lieu. Col. T.C. Robinson D.S.O. T.D., on Sunday 20th November 1921 and dedicated by the Rev. J.E. Samuel.

Blackburn Times November 26th 1921.
Blackburn Weekly Telegraph 26th November 1921.
War Memorial Register Ref. No. 42303.​

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Bell Ringers at the Parish Church


St Mary the Virgin, Parish Church, Now the Cathedral.
This white marble War Memorial is inscribed with the names of 19 members of the local branch of the Lancashire Association of Change Ringers who lost their lives in WWI. It was unveiled in the belfry of the Parish Church on Saturday the 15th of May 1920 by the vicar, Canon Richardson.

The Inscription at the top reads:

The Lancashire Association Of Change Ringers
 Erected By The Ringers Of The Blackburn District
 As A Token Of Respect To The Memory
Of The Following Ringers Who Laid
Down Their Lives In The Great War 1914–19
All Being Members Of The Various Towers
In The Branch

The names are as follow:
William Scholes, Accrington St James's; F.C. Billows, Blackburn Parish Church; H. Gaskell, Holy Trinity; R. Bradley, St. Michaels; P. Gray, St. Michaels; G. Stancliffe, St. Michaels; S. Pilkington, Burnley Holy Trinity; P. Lomax, Church Kirk; J.J. Mosley, Church Kirk; R. Foulds, Colne Parish Church; J Dewhurst, Clitheroe Parish Church; W. Robinson, Clitheroe Parish Church; W. Leach, Hoddlesden St Pauls; C. Bailey, Mitton; J. Greenwood, Rishton St's Peter and Paul; H. Pearce, Rishton St's Peter and Paul; J. Rushton, Rishton St's Peter and Paul; J. Rance, Whalley St. Mary's; F. Roose, Whalley St. Mary's.

the bottom inscription reads:

Greater Love Hath No Man Than This
That A Man Lay Down His Life For His Friends

Blackburn Times: 22nd May 1920
Blackburn Weekly Telegraph 22nd May 1920
War Memorial Ref. No. 42235.​

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Chris​t Church

​Christ Church is situated on Mosley Street, Grimshaw Park. The Original Church is no longer used. The new Church is on the corner of Mosley Street.
The War memorial consisted of a carved oak Communion Table, an oak organ screen, choir stalls, two prayer tables and a large panelled oak Roll of Honour containing the names of the 183 men of the parish who were killed in the Great War. The panel was height 3500mm, width 1200mm, and cost in the region of £1,050.
The Memorial was dedicated on Sunday 23rd November 1919 by Bishop John Taylor Smith, the Chaplain-General of the Forces

Blackburn Weekly Telegraph: 31st May 1919, 29th November 1919.
War Memorial Register Ref. No. 42304.​

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Hollin Bank Mission

Hollin Bank Mission was a Mission church for Christ Church and was situated on Kirby Road.
The Memorial and Roll of Honour is an oak board. An Inscription across the top reads:

Hollin Bank Mission
1914 War Memorial And Roll Of Honour 1918
Love Sacrifice Honour

The bottom inscription read's:

They Counted Their Lives Dear Unto Them
Unveiled Feb 21. 1920 by Albert Campbell

The names of the 9 men who gave their lives are:
Cook, James; Grice, Thomas; Hanson, Clarence; Knowles, Arthur; Longworth, George; Longworth, William; Pomfret, Thomas; Starkie, John; Tilford, Charles.

The names of the men 88 men on the Roll of honour are:
Adamson, C.; Adamson, R.; Anderson, F.; Aspin, A.; Aspin, W.; Atkinson, A.; Atkinson, A.; Atkinson, H.; Atkinson, J.; Atkinson, J.; Barrow, T.; Bolton, R.; Bradley, H.; Bradley, J.; Bradley, W.; Bradley, W.; Brierley, G.; Bulcock, A.; Campbell, A.; Campbell, A.G.; Campbell, J.; Carr, T.; Cocker, T.; Cook, J.; Cook, T.; Cutler, J.E,; Duckworth, J.; Duckworth, T.; Fairclough, T.; Green, J.; Green, T.; Green, W.; Grice, T.; Hanson, C.; Hanson, F.; Hartley, J.P.; Haworth, H.; Haworth, J.; Haworth, P.A.L.; Haworth, T.; Hindle, C.; Hindle, J.; Hirst, R.; Hollwood, F.; Howson, A.; Knowles, A.; Latus, S.; Latus, T.; Layfield, H.; Layfield, J.I.; Leach, P.; Livesey, H.; Livesey, H.; Livesey, J.W.; Livesey, R.T.; Longworth, C.; Longworth, G.; Longworth, J.; Longworth, L.; Longworth, W.; Marsden, F.; Marsden, P.; Marsden, W. B.; Nercis, R.; O'Doil, W.; Rawflieds, W.H; Pomfret, J.; Pomfret, T.; Pomfret, W.H.; Ramsbottom, A; Ramsbottom, H.; Starkie, J.; Starkie T.; Starkie, T; Talbot, G. A.; Talbot J.; Tilford, C.; Tilford, W.; Towers, B.; Towers, L.; Towers, W.; Waddington, R.; Walmsley, J.; Whalley, J.A.; Williams, E.; Wilson,; Woodend, E; Woodend, R.

A new black marble Memorial has been made with the same inscription excepting the unveiling information. This Memorial, together with the memorials from St Bartholomew's, can be found and can be found on the wall of the Jack Walker Stand, Ewood Park.

This WW2 memorial comprises of a pulpit desk. It commemorates the missions Jubilee and is a memorial to the members of the mission who served in WW2.
It is of English Oak in the form of a half-octagon. Three front carved panels bear emblems of Jesus as symbolised in the wheatsheaf, the vine and the lily of the valley.
It is Gothic in style with pilasters separating the panels. On the upper part are Tudor rose paterae, with a top cornice dentilated.
Above the two-tiered base is the inscription:

This Pulpit Commemorates The Jubilee Of This Mission
And Is A Memorial To Those Members Who Served In World War Two
Two Of Them Even Unto Death

The names of the two men are inscribed on the base of the plinth.
They are:
John Livesey; Horace Marsden.

The pulpit was designed by Fred J. Parkinson, charted architect, of Blackburn, and built by H. Shepherdson of Stockport.

It was unveiled on the 11th December 1949 by Bishop Thompson.

Blackburn Times: December 9th 1949.
Blackburn Weekly Telegraph: February 8th 1920.
Lancashire Telegraph: November 11th 2008.
War Memorial Ref. No.: 3300.

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Holy Trinity Church 

Holy Trinity Church is now a redundant church and is located at Mount Pleasant, Blackburn.
The War Memorial is a Sicilian marble pulpit which replaced a wooden one. It was designed by Bertram Frith and cut out of a block of marble weighing almost five tons, the pedestal was cut from a separate block of marble weighing about 1 ½ tons. The cost was £700
it was unveiled on Thursday 8th September 1921.​

The names of 141 men who lost their lives in the Great War are inscribed on two brass tablets which were fixed to either side of the Gordon Memorial window, there are 70 names on one tablet and 71 names on the other. The names are:

Tablet 1
The Inscription is:

1914 For England's Liberty 1919
The Marble Pulpit
Was Erected In Honour Of Christ Crucified And In Glorious Remembrance Of

James Arthur; Charles Atkinson, Robert Abram; Gilbert Aspin; Robert Aspin; Alfred Adams; David Bleasdale; James Brindle; Robert Edward Brindle; Edward Brindle; James Barton; John Barton; Harry Barrett (1); Harry Barrett (2); George Barrett; W.G. Bowers; James Bramley; Tom Briggs;  Arthur Irving Brown; George Irving Brown; Herbert Irving Brown; James Irving Brown; Herbert Brown; Fenton Burgess; John Cocker; Albert Colbert; Archie Collum; William Cowell; Michael Cawley; Fred Charnley; Alexander Carus; John Cardwell; George Casey; John Chesterton; John Cook; Fred Dewhurst; Isaac Dewhurst; James Downham; William Dunning; Herbert Duteson; Fred Eaton; Harry eddleston; John Feeny; Atkinso Fielding; J.W. Fielding; Harry Greenhalgh; William G. Greenhalgh; James Gregory; Sam Gregson; Harold Gaskell; Edward Hairsnape; Charles Harrison; John Hayes; Alfred Howson; Thomas Halliwell; John Hill; Thomas Hargreaves; Horrace Hargreaves; Albert Hargreaves; James A. Holde; John Haslem; Robert Haslem; John Haworth; John A. Haworth; William Henry Holt; Peter Holt; James Hoyle; Henry Horsefield; Thomas Hartley;

Tablet 2

1914 For England's Liberty 1919

Reuben Haworth; Fred Haydock; William Hulme; Thomas Hirst; Tom Howe; Thomas Ingram; Fred Isherwood; William Isherwood; John Isherwood; George Fred'k Jackson; Robert Jackson; Joseph Kenyon; mark Kitchen; Edmund Knowles; George Lang; Herbert Langstaff; Frank Livesey; Thomas Loftus; William R. Lowe; Wilfred Mather; Joseph Mercer; John Miller; Victor Mitchell; Arthur Monk; Jonathan Neild; James Nerd; Haworth Nuttall; Wilson Nuttall; Christopher Parker; George Parish; George Parkinson; Richard Parkinson; George Pratt; William Poynton; Richard Poynton; Harry Price; John Proctor; Ernest Pickup; John Andrew Priestly; Edgar partinton; Harold Potter; Archibald Richards; Harold Richards; William Railton; Thomas Rance; George Rishton; James Roberts; Frank Shaw; Fred Shaw; Thomas Simpson; William Smith; Joseph Sharples; Walter Sykes; Albert Sykes; John Scholes; Albert Sumner; William Taylor; Robert Thompson; Edmund Wallace; Charles Ed. Walsh; Arthur Walmsley; James Walmsley; Harry Wharam; John Whiteside; Richard Whiteside; James Wilde; John Clifford Willis; Harry Wood; William Wyllie.

Members Of This Church And Parish Who In The Great War For Freedom Laid Down Their Lives For Us
Death Is Swallowed Up In Victory.

There are also the names of 23 men who lost their lives in the 1939-1945 War.
The names are:

Thomas Abbott; John Ashton; Albert Aspinall; Norman Booth; William Bradshaw; Wallace Diggles; James Elliot; Harold Fielding; H. Higginson; Walter Hoyle: Norman Nuttall; William Elliot; F. Pollitt; Derik Ryden; Cliff Singleton; John Albert Smithson; F. Sourbutts; Alexander Towers; Sydney Towers; Albert Westwell; George William Watson; Wlifred Whalley; Albert Wiggans.​

Blackburn Times: 10th September 1921.
Blackburn Weekly Telegraph: 10th September 1921; 23rd September 1922.
War Memorial Register: Ref No. 54838

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Immanuel Church  

Immanuel Church is located on Pleasington Lane Feniscowles.
The Memorial commemorates the 21 men who lost their lives in the First World War, and contains the names of 4 men and 1 woman who died in the Second World War. It takes the form of a cross of Cornish Granite and stands 14ft 9in., (4.50M) tall and 9ft (2.74M) across the base. The cross weighs 7 tons 15cwt with the base being over 2 tons. It was designed by J. Wippell and Co. Ltd., of Exeter and London. The cost was £400 which was raised in just three weeks.

On the west side of the cross is the inscription;

Church memorial to Fallen Churchmen

The east side inscription says;

The Great War 1914-18

The south side;

1914-1918 God died for all men; these for our country

 then follow the names of the 21 men and below their names it says;

May They Rest in Peace

On the very base of the cross itself are the name of the 5 who died in the Second World War.

Before the work was started the vicar, Rev. J. Grimshaw Brown, placed a bottle in the foundation which contained among other things, the memorial service, a copy of the Warden's accounts for the year, a copy of the school balance sheet.

There is a window on the eastern wall in memory of those who died in the First World War and depicts the Holy Family with the a panel underneath which says; “Make them to number with the Saints for everlasting". This window was unveiled on Sunday the 11th of July 1921.

There is a window in the North Wall called the Walsh Window in memory of 2nd Lt Albert Walsh. It was made by Heaton, Butler and Bayne of London and was given by his parents.

The names of those who lost their lives in World First World War are:
Pte. Harry Bousfield; Pte. Percy Bousfield; Lt. Harry Butler; Bor. Charles Clements; Pte. Harry Croasdale; A.S. John Hamer; Cpl. Edgar Haydock; Lt. Cecil Hesketh; Lt. William Raymond Hornby; Pte. Richard Lee; Sap. Sidney Albert Ling; L.cpFrank Macintosh; Pte, Fred Marsden; Pte. Thomas Gardner Marshall;
 Pte. Joseph Rostron; Pte. William Rothwell; Pte. John Sanderson; Pte. William Henry Trinder; 2Lt. Albert Walsh; Pte. George Warburton; Pte. Adam Windle.
war Memorial was unveiled and dedicated on Saturday the 21st of May 1921, by the Bishop of Whalley Dr. Rawstorne.

The names of those who lost their lives in the Second World War are:
Phoebe Mercer, W.V.S.; Gnr. Joseph Barret; Lt. W.L. Bikerdike; Sig. Joseph Shorrock; Sgt. Donald Yates, R.A.F.V.R.​

Blackburn Times: 13th March 1920; 28th May 1921; 15th July 1922; 20th May 1949.
Blackburn Weekly Telegraph 28th May 1921; 3rd January 1920; 15th July 1922.
War Memorial Register Ref. No. 51339, 51340 54862, 54863, 51342.
See also http://www.immanuelfeniscowles.org/Organ.html for information on the organ.

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The Parish Church

 The Parish Church, Mary the Virgin, St (now Blackburn Cathedral) War Memorial is located in a niche on the north side of the entrance and is made of oak. It is partially decorated with green and gold. It is square and rises in three stages to a height 8ft 4 in. The lower stage has three bronze panels with raised lettering, containing the names of the 72 men who gave their lives, these are on the front and two side faces enclosed in mouldings carved with sprays of vine, rose, oak and other flowers all in gilt. At each corner are columns rising to carved and gilt band of vines.
Above this first stage, the second stage has in each corner a kneeling angel holding a shield carved with the “sword of the Spirit, the helmet of salvation, the breast plate of righteousness and the feet shod with the preparation of the Gospel of Peace." Behind each angel are buttresses which terminate with panicles.

The bottom of the third stage there is a ribbon band with the inscription in gilt lettering on three of the faces:

Pro Rege Pro Patria Pro Deo (For king for Country for God)

Over a crown of thorns stands the Angel of Peace holding a wreath in honour of the dead.
On the second stage, at the front, is a bronze panel, with the dedication:

To The Glory Of God And In Remembrance
Of Men Of This Congregation Who Fought And Fell In The
Great War 1914-1918
This Memorial Was Erected And This Church Restored.
These All Died In Faith Not Having Received
The Promise But Having Seen Them And Greeted Them From Afar.

The names on the bronze panels are:

Ashton, Frank W.; Aspin, William; Bailey, Harold N.; Baldwin, Thomas F; Battersby, William, Albert; Beal, Albert; Bell, Charles W.; Billows, Frank C; Biltcliffe, John; Bradley, Robert; Bradshaw, Harold; Clapham, John R.; Clarkson, George R.; Clayton Tom; Collinson John J; Cook, Alfred; Cook Joseph; Coupe, Arthur; Crabtree, James; Crossley, Fred; Cunliffe, George; Dickinson, Charles; Duerden, John; Eastham, Fred; Eastham, Frederick; Edmonds, Bertrand T.; Fletcher, George W; Forest, Robert; Greaves, Joseph Stanley; Greenwood, Fred; Grime, Harold; Grimshaw, William; Harwood, Percival D; Haslam John Thomas; Haworth, Absalom; Haworth, George; Haydock, George; Hesketh, Thurston; Hilton, John Brown; Hilton John W.; Hughes, Samuel G.; Ibbotson, Edwin; Jones, Alfred E.; Kay, John E.; Lancaster, James H,; Leach, George; Leach, Samuel; Leaver, Tom; Logan, James; Marsh, Gilbert; M'Greevey, Albert; Monk, Frederick C.; Neild, James; Nuttall, Haworth; Ogden, Arnold; Pickop, James T.G.; Pickop, Bannister; Scott Clifford; Sharples, Walter; Shaw, Alonzo; Stephenson, Harry; Tolkein Leslie H.; Towers, William T.; Townley, Thomas K.; Tweddle, John C.; Ward Thomas; Waring, Thomas; Waring, William; Watson, Thomas; Wignall, Joseph; Wilson, Fred.

The Memorial was unveiled on Tuesday night 31st May 1921 by Lieutenant Colonel T.C. Robinson D.S.O., T.D. and dedicated by the Ven. T.R. Sale, M.A., Archdeacon of Rochdale, formerly vicar of Blackburn. The memorial was designed and made by the Bromsgrove Guild of Applied Arts.
the Memorial was removed and dismantled in 1965 when the cathedral was undergoing vast internal changes, only the panels with the names on being were retained. It was decided that a replica of the old memorial should be made and Canon Sacrist Andrew Hindley was put in charge of the project. As no plans of the original memorial were available information was taken from the newspapers and photographs. The remaking of the memorial was done by Blackburn joiners Cooper Bespoke Joinery.
The memorial was rededicated on Sunday August 3rd 2014 by the Bishop of Blackburn, the Right Rev. Julian Henderson.
On the bottom of the memorial were added in gilt lettering:

Commemorating 100 Years WW1

The WW2 Memorial is bell no. 9 of the Cathedral peel. In August 1948 the 10 old bells were heard for the last time before they were dismantled. They were taken to John Taylor and Co, Loughborough to be recast. The bells were returned to the Cathedral in July 1949. By August they had been rehung. They were dedicated 21st August 1949.
Bell number nine has the inscription:

In Memory Of Those Of This Congregation And Diocese Who Gave Their Lives In The War 1939-1945.


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Northern Daily Telegraph 22nd August 1949.
Lancashire Telegraph: July 18th 2014.
War Memorial Ref. No.: 42238, 42227.
Blackburn Cathedral Bells Recast & dedicated August 24 1949. (booklet.)​

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People's Mission

The People's Mission War Memorial, King-street was a tablet of bronze on polished oak with the mission badge embossed on it. The Memorial​ contains the names of fourteen men from the Mission who lost the lives in World War One. The Inscription reads:

In Grateful Memory of The Men of This Mission who made the supreme sacrifice in the Great War 1914-18

James Beardsworth; Arthur Foster; Robert Geddes; Harry Huckerby; Arthur Jones; John J. Laird; James Prior; Robert Metcalf; Walter Sharples; Joseph Tayloy; John Turner; Thomas Winstanley; Samuel Worrell.

Greater Love Hath No Man Than This, That a Man Lay Down His Life For His Friends.

The Tablet was unveiled and dedicated by the Bishop of Manchester Dr. Temple, on Sunday 18th of September 1921.

Blackburn Times: 24th September 1921
Blackburn Weekly Telegraph: 17th September 1921.

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Church of The Saviour

The Church of the Saviour is located on Sunny Bank Road, Highercroft.
The WW1 Memorial took the form of an extension to the church with the foundation stone being laid on the 27th January 1927 by Mrs Davis using a silver trowel. Thecost of the extension was about £6000.
The inscription on the stone reads:

This Church Was Enlarged And Consecrated To The Glory Of God
 And In Honoured Memory Of The Members Of This Church And
Parish Who Gave Their Lives In Defence Of Their Country In
The Great War 1914 - 1918 January 27th 1923
“Not Forgotten" Psalm 44, 17.

On the stone are the names of sixteen men who lost their lives.
They are:
Ernest Aston; Albert Neilson Chadwick; Arthur Cotton; John Cotton; William Fenton*; Walter Haworth; James Thomas Hindle; Robert Hindle; Thomas Holmes; Fredrick Coningsby Monk; John Monk; Albert Pearson; Edward Rogers; Herbert Wilford Sandford; Thomas Walkden; Albert Roger Whalley.

*it seems this man's name was added to the memorial latter. His name does not appear in the list given in the Blackburn times.

The old Church was demolished in 2004. It was rebuilt and opened in September 2006. On January 27th 2015 a framed plaque was dedicated inside the church. It reads:

In Memory Of The Members Of This Church
And Parish Who Gave Their Lives In The
Defence Of Their Country In The Great War

Then follow the names, as above.

This Memorial Dedicated January 27th 2015
Replaces The Original Memorial Stone Laid On January 27th 1923.

There was also an Organ, given by Councillor Clement Cotton (brother of Lawrence Cotton who both had sons killed in the war and names are on the memorial) The organ was to in memory his wife, Elizabeth, daughter Isabella and son Arthur killed in 1915. The organ was originally built by Rushworth and Dreaper of Liverpool.
In 1990 the organ was repaired and modified by George Sixsmith.


A further Memorial consisting of an oak reredos with three panels and tracery. A dedication was carved in the bottom left-hand corner and read:

This Do In Remembrance Of Me
 To The Glory Of God And In Loving Memory Of
 Lance-Corporal. Herbert W. Sandford (A.S.C.)
Who Died For His Country On 15th April 1917

This memorial was apparently lost when the old church was demolished.

The WW2 memorial was a Sunday School for the church with seating capacity of 250 and a kitchen. A wooden board has the inscription:

This Sunday School Is Dedicated
 To The Glory Of God
 And In Grateful Remembrance Of All Those Of This
 Church And Parish Who Laid Down Their Lives In The
 Services Of Their Country In The Second World War 1939-45

Henry Richmond Armstrong; Arthur Bolton; Edmund Booth; Frank Carter;  Cecil Stanley Coathupe; James Ditchfield; Henry Harrison; Joseph Cottom Hool; Norman Johnston; Horace Hesketh Marsden; Horace Newby; John Parr; John Roberts; William Roberts; Leslie Rowe; Clifford Taylor; Lawrence Walsh; William Whalley.

Also In Grateful Remembrance Of

Ronald Carus; John Collinson; Frank Holden; Ernest Mayho; Leslie Sharples; Jack Farnworth.


Blackburn Times: 3rd February 1923; April 26th 1924; June 30th 1924; 20th June 1947
Blackburn Weekly Telegraph: 12th October 1918
Northern Daily Telegraph: 6th September 1951.
War Memorial Register, Ref. No. 51304 51305, 51306, 54854.​

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St. Aidan's Church

St Aiden's Church is situated St. Aiden's Avenue, Mill Hill.
The Memorial consisted of 2 tablets with the names of 10 men who lost their lives in WW1. The unveiling was performed by Lieutenant T. Howard, a former Sunday school teacher and The Rev. T.W. Walker, vicar of Salesbury took the dedication service on Sunday 7th October 1920. This Memorial was lost and a new remembrance plaque to those who died in both world wars was installed in the new St. Aidan's Church it is located in the Memorial Chapel. It is thought that this Memorial Plaque was dedicated between 1968 and 1972.
An inscription reads:

To the Memory of the Fallen

H. Ainsworth; A. Bunting; W. Byrom; J. Longworth; T. Longworth; W. Longworth; F. Naylor; T. Walton; W. Whalley;  A. Worthington.


A. Small; J. Smalley; J. Thompson.

There is a three panelled stained-glass window in the church given by Mr John and Mrs. Duckworth in memory of their son 22-year-old Staff Sergeant Harry Duckworth who was killed in a traffic Accident whist serving in Iraq.
The window was unveiled by John Duckworth and dedicated by the vicar Rev. J.H. O'Brian in April 1954.

Blackburn Times: 13th November 1920, April 30th 1954.
War Memorial Register, Ref. No. 51351.​

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St Andrews Church

St. Andrew's Church, is located on Livesey Branch-road, Blackburn.
The War Memorial took the form of a chancel screen. The screen had a copper plaque mounted on it with the names of the 37 men who lost their lives in the First World War. It was Dedicated on Saturday 27th March 1920 by the Bishop of Whalley, Rev. A.G. Rawstorne and cost £260.

The church is now used as an old people's home and the copper plaque is kept on a wooden blackboard.

The Inscription and names are;

To The Glory Of God
 And In Memory
 Of The Brave Men Who Gave
 Their Lives In The Great War
 1914 – 1919

John Armstrong; Albert Billsborough; George Bolton; Arthur Bunting; Walter Byrom; Joshua Catlow; William Croasdale; Walter Eastham; Thomas Farnworth; Oliver D. Harwood; Lawrence Haworth; Richard Hindle; Edwin Holden; William Kenyon; Harry Lang; James Randolph Lang John Longworth; Thomas Longworth; William Longworth; Benjamin Mayor; Septimus Miller; Fred Naylor: Walter Perkins; Arnold Pindar; Richard Law Riding; George E. Smith; Tom Smith; Thomas Stephenson; Edward Stringfellow; Fred Taylor; Harry Walton; Benjamin Walsh; Samuel Walsh; Herbert Wilkinson; Leonard Wilkinson; Nelson Wilkinson; William Whalley Arthur Worthington;

 ​Be Thou Faithful Unto Death And I
 Will Give Thee A Crown Of Life

Blackburn Times 3rd April 1920.
War Memorial Register Ref. No. 51285.​

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St. Bartholomew's Church

Situated at St. Bartholomew's Church, Bolton Road, now at Ewood Park Football Club.
The First World War Memorial consisted of two white marble tablets that were inset in a marble wall behind the Altar. It bore the names of 99 men of the parish.  The memorial was unveiled and dedicated on Sunday the 4th September 1921 by the Rev. E. G. Macpherson, Assistant Chaplain-General to the Forces.

On the Marble foundation was inscribed;

Rev C.C. Browitt, B.D., D.Litt., (Vicar); R. Roe, R. Ibbotson, (Church Wardens); W. Towers, J.J. Menell, F. Readett, (Sidesmen), and Memorial Committee.

The names and Inscription on the first tablet are:

To The Glory Of God, And In Memory Of The Men Of This Parish Who Fell In The Great War, 1914-1919.

Cpl. G. Ainsworth; Pte. H. Ainsworth; Gnr. T.E. Airy; Gnr. G. Almond; Pte. A. Anderson, Pte W. Anderson; Pte. A.E. Ashley; Pte W. Ashley; 2Lt. J. Ashley; C.Q.M.S. W. Aspin; Cpl. T. Aspin; Pte. W. Bannister; Pte. J. Barrow; Cpl. W. Baron; L. Cpl. T. W. Blackburn; Pte. W. Braithwaite; Cpl. R. Briscoe; Dri. H. Burns; S.M. J. G. Burton; Pte. A. Bury; Pte. W. Butterworth; Pte. W. Carr; Pte. F. Catterall; Cpl. J. Chadwick; Pte. E. Clayton; Pte. R. Clayton; Pte. F.E. Cowell, Pte. J.T. Davis; Pte. C.W. davey; Saddler S. Deakin; Pte. J. Dewhurst; Pte. J. Dobson; Pte. J. Edmundson; L. Cpl. J. Edmundson; Pte. R. Ellison; Pte. A. Entwistle; Pte. H. Fallows; Pte. H. Gill; Rifleman T. Grice; Pte T. Hacking; Sergt. W. hacking; Gnr. R. Hacking; Pte. C. Hanson; A.B. Seaman S.B. Haworth; Pte. J. Haworth; Pte. H. Hindle; Pte. J.C. Hoggarth; Pte. R. Holden; L.Cpl. J.C. Holden

Their Name Liveth For Evermore.

The names and Inscription on the second tablet are:

Pte. T. Holmes; Gnr. C Holbrook; Drv. H. Houghton; Pte. R. Hornby; Pte. W. Hunter; Srg. W. Hunter; Pte. A. Jepson; Pte. R. Knowles; Dri. W.J. Laird; Pte. J.J. Laird; Pte W. Leach; Pte T. Lindsay; Gnr.  W.H. Livesey; Dri W. Longworth; Rifleman G. Longworth; Pte. T. Martin; Srg. W. Mather; Pte. J. Morris; Pte. G. Parker; L. Cpl L.R. Parkes; Pte J. Pedder; Rifleman J. Phillipson; Pte. J. Pickup; Pte. G. Pickup; Pte. R. Piddington; Pte. J. Pomfret; Srg. T. Proctor; Pte. W.W. Richardson; Pte. J.N. Richardson; Pte. M. Riley; Srg. T. Rogerson; Pte. T. Smith; Pte. H. Swarbrick; Sapper H. Taylor; Pte. C. Tilford; Pte. H. Turner; Rifleman T. Veevers; Pte.T. Warren; Pte. R. Watt; Pte. A.r. Whalley; Cpl. S. White; Pte. W. Whitaker; Pte. A. Wilson; Pte. H. Wilson; Pte. J.H. Woods; Pte. H.V. Wooley; L. Cpl. J. Wolley.

Faithful Unto Death


There is a brass Memorial Plaque on the wall which says;

The Processional Cross is in Memory of The Men of This Parish Who Gave Their Lives in The War of 1939-1945.

There are 13 names on it.
They are:

Harry Aspiall, Robert Burns, Benjamin A. Fletcher, John L. Holden. Joseph Hudson, John Levesey, Horace H. Marsden, Joseph Pomfret; Vincent E. Tennant, Joseph D. Watson, Arnold Whittaker, Harry Worden.​

Blackburn Times 10th September 1921.
Blackburn Weekly Telegraph 10th September 1921.
Blackburn Weekly Telegraph 3rd June 1922.
Norther Dailey Telegraph 11th and 14th March 1955.
War Memorial Ref. No. 51336, 51337, 51338, 56889.

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St. Francis Church

St Francis' Church is situated at Feniscliffe, Blackburn.
The WW1 War Memorial is an oak reredos in the chancel, there is a chapel screen of oak at the top of which is a Latin cross. The screen contains the names of 75 men belonging to the parish who gave their lives, there is also a framed roll of honour containing the names of all those from the parish who enlisted into the forces. The cost of the memorials was over £500. The unveiling and dedication took place on Saturday 28th February 1920, performed by the Rev. J. Blackburn Brown, a former vicar of the parish.
An inscription at the top of the screen reads:


At the bottom after the names


The names on the Memorial are:
Airy, W.; Booth, S.; Briggs, J.J.; Brindle, A.; Brown, J.; Brunskill, H.; Brunskill, W.; Byrom W.O.; Caunce, J.; Clegg, J.; Cook, W.; Coupe, R.; Cunliffe, J.; Dickinson, C.; Dureden, C.; Dutton, J.; Eccleston, J.; Edmondson, E.; Edmondson, M.; Farrer, E.; Farrer, J.; Flood, J.; Flood, T.; Flood, E.; Geddes, R.; Gregson, J.; Gregson, J.; Grimshaw, W.; Greenhalgh, E.; Greenhalgh E.; Hall, A.; Hall, L.; Haliwell, R.H.; Harbour, E.; Harbour, W.; Hargreaves, R.; Hesketh, A.; Hesketh, W.; Hewitt, N.; Holden, A.; Holden, W.; Holiday, C.; Holt J. Jnr.; Hughes, S.; Kelso, Tom; Longworth, J.E.; Longworth, W.; Longworth, W.; Lindley, S.; Newton, W.; Newton, W.I.; Norcross, E.; Norcross, H.; Ormerod, H.N.; Parker, P.; Pickup, G.; Reynolds, A.; Rimmer, R.; Seed, J.F.; Seed, R.; Smith, Bert; Smith, J.R.; Sumner, D.; Sumner, R.; Tempest, W.; Thompson, J.J.; Thompson, J.; Turner, E; Turner, E.T.; Ward, J.; Wareing, J.; Wareing, T.; Whittle, A.; Wignall, J.; Wilkinson, W.; Williams, W.; Woodacre, J.H.; Woodruff, H.;

“On Easter day a beautiful carved oak holy table in the Lady Chapel was dedicated in the memory of those who gave their lives in the World War of 1939-1945 and unveiled by James Whitaker. A laurel wreath was laid at the Holy Table on behalf of parents by Mr. Thomas and a wreath of Easter flowers on behalf of mothers by Mr. and Mrs. Edward Burgess."
An inscription reads:

OF 1939 – 1945

The names of those who died are on the bottom right of the WW1 Screen.
They are:
Blundell, Ralph; Burgess, Edward J.; Curtis, George H.; E.J.; Dickinson, William; Hibbert, W.; Hilton, Edward; Parkinson, Francis R.; Parker, Richard H.; Prescot, Albert; Pennal, Lance S.; Riley, Richard; Rogerson, Jack; Thomas, Gordon R.; Whitaker, Geoffrey R.

Blackburn Times: 6th March 1920.
Blackburn Weekly Telegraph: 6th March 1920.
War Memorial Ref. No. 51289, 51290.
St. Francis Parish Church Feniscliffe, A Memorial to the Honoured Dead of Two World Wars. By Allan Barry and Allan Howard Barry.​

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St. Gabriel's and St. Chad's

St. Gabriel's Church is situated on Brown Hill Drive, Blackburn. In the mid 1970's It St. Chad's church Pleckgate Road was incorporated with it.
St Gabriel had a simple silver Chalice 6 ½ in high by 5 in wide.
The top is larger than the base with a narrow waist.
The inscription is on the base and says;

To The Glory Of God Given By St. Gabriel's Men's Class Blackburn
In Memory Of Those Members Who Gave Their Lives In The Great War

There are no names on this Chalice.
It has a Second World War Memorial, with nine names of those who lost their lives.  It was on paper within a glazed wooden frame. The roll had a green border, at the top two flags were draped on either side of the Imperial Lion.  Below this was a picture of the church, within a black border there was an inscription which said:

St. Gabriel's Parish Church
Roll Of Honour
For Your Tomorrow We Gave Our Today
I Am The Resurrection And The Life Saith The Lord

The nine names on the Memorial are:
Ashton, Cyril; Burrows Norman B.; Byrne, Graham; Gill, Kenneth; Mallinson, James A.; Ormerod, Jack; Parkinson, James; Sergeant, James; Totty, Norman.

The Memorial for St. Chad's was a dark oak board measuring 35 in by 19½ In.
There was a heavy bradding around the top and bottom of the board. It had a domed top with a carved crucifix in the centre. The lettering was in gilt. An Inscription read:

To The Glory Of God
And In Memory Of The Men
 Of St. Chad's, Who Gave Their
Lives In The Great War,
Blackburn, 1919

Then followed the names of the twelve men of the parish who lost their lives.
They are:
Ernest Ashcroft; Richard Barnes; William Catlow; William Henry Cook; John Croasdale; John Kenyon; James Leaver; Ernest Middlebrook; James Middlebrook; Richard Ormerod; Albert Shipley; James Ward.

There is now a varnished oak board in a stainless-steel frame hanging in St. Gabriel's church which includes all the names from the two churches it is inscribed

Greater Love
St. Gabriel's and St. Chad's
Twelve names form St. Chads
Nine names from St. Gabriel's
We Will Remember.

Booklet: Eastwood, G. "Tell them of us", giving details of the fallen
War Memorial Ref. No. 51291.

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St George's Church, Mill Hill


​This church is situated on St. Georges Avenue, Mill Hill.
The War Memorial is a carved Gothic oak pulpit the work of local Mill Hill man, Jessie Archer. There are also two brass tablets supplied by R. Dugdale and Sons, of Preston New Road, Blackburn.
The inscription on the Pulpit reads:

St George's Church
 Mill Hill
 To The Glory Of God
This Pulpit
Is Erected In Loving Memory Of The
 Fallen Of The Great War 1914 – 1919

 (Then Follows the 43 Names of those who Died)

Rest In Peace

A tablet contains the names of the men of the parish who served.
The inscription reads:

St George's Church
 Mill Hill
A Grateful Tribute To The Men Of This Church And
Sunday School Who Served In The Great War 1914 1919
 "Honour To Whom Honour Is Due"
(the 181 Names of the men that served)
 + Died On Active Service
Henry George Sobey Incumbent

The names of those who died are:
Abbott, Fred; Abbott, George; Airey, William; Balshaw, Stephen; Booth, William; Chadwick, George; Coupe, James; Dodgson, Richard; Eccles, Fred; Eccleston, John; Eddleston, John H.; Farrer, Ernest; Farrer, James; Green, Arthur; Hacking, Fred; Harrison, Henry; Haworth, Andrew; Hornby, Richard; Lee, James; Livesey, Harry; Livesey, William; Marsden, Tom; Martin, Thomas; Millins, John James; Ormanby, William; Parker, Preston; Pickup, Jim; Proctor, Thomas; Pye, John; Rimmer, William; Smith, David; Sykes, Samuel; Sykes, Walter; Thomas, John Trevor; Walmsley, William West; Wareing, James; Wareing, Thomas; Whalley, William; Whittaker, Edward.

The Pulpit was unveiled on Thursday 18th November 1920, by the Mayoress of Blackburn Mrs. Cotton, and dedicated by the Rev Henry George Sobey.
The cost of the memorials was £200.

Blackburn Times: 20th November 1920; 27th November 1927.
Blackburn Weekly Telegraph 20th November 1927
War Memorial Ref. No.: 51350​

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St James Church, St. James's Road


St James Church is situated on St. James's-road Blackburn.
There are two Memorials in this church, a bronze tablet in memory of the 74 men of the parish and Sunday school, paid for by the parishioners and a window, paid for by the Young Men's Class. They were originally placed side by side in the south Aisle of the church.

The cast bronze tablet was designed and made by the Bromsgrove Guild, Worcestershire. Its size is height 4ft 6in (1m 38) width 5ft 4in (1M 63). t has a central panel with two smaller side wings. The top centre shows a circular panel of St. George slaying the Dragon, this is surrounded by laurel and palm leaves. At either Side of this panel is the inscription,
To the Left                                                     To the Right

To The Glory Of God                                 This Parish Who
God In Memory                                           Fell In The
 Of The Men From                                      Great War 1914-19

Then the names of the 74 men who lost their lives
A further inscription below the names reads;

Greater Love Hath No Man Than This, That A Man Lay Down His Life For His Friends.

The side wings have the names of some of the important battles fought in the war.

To the left                              To the right
Mons                                      Arras
Marne                                    Ypres
Yser                                       Somme
Lecateau                               Vimy
Gallipoli                                 Rheims
1914                                       1919

Below the Memorial and attached to it is a small tablet which says

1939 Also In Memory Of 1945

Followed by the names of the men who lost their lives in the Second Word War.

The memorial plaque is now hung on the North wall in St Paul's Chapel.

The names;
1914-1918 War;

​John E. Banister; Samuel Barrett; John G. Beardsworth; William Bennett; Stanley Blackburn; Harry Bracewell; Harold Bradshaw; William Bradbury; Robert Brown; Charles Calvert; William Clarke; Sidney J. Colter; Alfred Cook; Harry Cronshaw; John Cronshaw; Harold Cumpsty; Frank Davis; Robert Dawson; John Duerden; Fred Eastham; Richard Forrest; Joseph H. Garbutt; Harry Gillibrand; Albert Graham; James Gregory; Robert Grimshaw; Norman Hammond; James E. Hartley; John Haworth; Percy Haworth; Robert Haworth; Arthur E. Heath; William Hazell; John Holden; Arthur Ingham; Arthur Langley; Frank Lewis; Harold Lewis, James Livesey; Wilfred E. Lowe; Gilbert B. Lythe; Sam Marlor; Arthur Marsden; Tom Marsden; Harry Metcalf; John Moffat; William Morrison; John Moscrop; James Nightingale; Bertram Noble; John Nowell; Reuben Poole; Wilfred L. Poole; Robert Price; Robert Rawcliffe; James Richmond; George Rigby; Arthur Rhodes; William Ruston; Cyril Sephton; James Sharples;​ Edgar Singleton; Harry Singleton; William H. Singleton; Frank Smith; Robert Stopforth; Herbert E. Threlfall; Frank Tomlinson; John C. Tweedle; Bernard Twelvetrees; James E. Wadsworth; Edward W. Wells; Thomas Wood.

The Memorials were dedicated on Sunday 31st October 1920, by the Bishop of
Burnley, the Right Rev. Dr. Henn.​

1939-1945 War

Eric Ainsworth; Edward Biltcliffe; Stanley Blackburn; Owen Fishwick; Sidney Gillis; Frank Haworth; Sidney Heald; Jack Leech; Colin Smith; Harry Thompson; Jack Tyson.

The Memorial window depicts Sir Galahad offering his sword to Christ. It was designed by A.J. Davis and made by the Bromsgrove Guild, Wandsworth. In the bottom left corner, it says;
This window was erected by St. James young men's class
and underneath:
To the Glory of god and in memory of the members of the class who fell in the Great War 1914 1919

Blackburn Times: 30th October 1920, 6th November 1920
Blackburn Weekly Telegraph:30th October 1920
War Memorial Ref. No. 51292, 51293, ​

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St. James's Church, Lower Darwen

St James Church is situated on Stopes Brow, Lower Darwen.
The Memorial consists of a 9ft (2.7m) high tapered pedestal of Aberdeen granite. Near the top a copper ribbon once surrounded the pedestal but now it only survives on the south face along with a buckle and a wreath.  Beneath this is the date 1914-1919 cast in bronze.

On the pedestal is the life size bronze figure of a British Soldier in uniform with head bowed, arms reversed, with the barrel of his gun resting on his left foot. The monument was enclosed in a granite kerb surrounded by a low wrought iron railing some still retaining their original pine cone top.
The Monument cost over £1000 and was designed and built by H.H. Martyn and Co., Ltd. Of Cheltenham. It was unveiled on Saturday July 29th 1922 by Colonel Arthur Birtwistle and dedicated by the Bishop of Manchester (Dr. W. Temple).

The south face of the memorial bears the inscription:

To The
Glory Of God
 And In
 Hallowed Memory
Of The Seventy- One Men
From This Parish Of
 St James' Lower Darwen/ Who Gave Their Lives In The
 Great War
Greater Love Hath No Man
 Also In The Second World War
 1939 - 45

Then follows the names of the 11 men who died in the Second World War:
William Aspin; Ernest Bamber; Harry Green; John Greenwood, Frank Marsden, Samuel Rimmer; Joseph Pomfret; William Riley; James Robinson; William Thomas; George Wilson.


Face 2 (1914-1919)
Harold Ainsworth; John W. Almond; John Ashworth; John Aspin; James Aspinall; Thomas E. Baldwin; John Baron; John Bentley; George Boxall; Edwin Bury; Wilfred Carney; William Catterall; Mathew Catterall; Fred Catterall; Arthur Corbridge; Thomas Desmond; Joseph Dixon; John Dobson; Richard E. Duckworth; William Entwistle; John R. Forrest; James Gardner; Ralph Gerrard; Arthur Gerrard

Face 3 (1914-1919)
Albert Graves; John Grimshaw; Edward Hargreaves; Ebenezer Haworth; Robert W. Haworth; Richard Haworth; Ernest Hayhurst; James Higham; John W. Holden; James E. Holden; Ralph Holden; Robert Holden; Walter Holden; Ralph Holden; Charles F. Howell; William Hurst; Thomas W. Jackson; George Jubb; William H. Livesey; George Longworth; Henry McGowan; James F. Mellor; Richard Jackson.

Face 4 (1914-1919)
Thomas Metcalfe; James Morris; William D. Morris; Joseph Morris; Henry Norman; Ernest Norman; John Page; John H. Pomfret; Joseph T. Pomfret; George Rostron; William F. Sames; Colin H. Sames; Robert W. Shaw; Matthew Shaw; George Taylor; John E. Walker; Osborne Walmsley; John Walmsley; Thomas Walkden William Walsh; Herbert T. Wilson; George Whalley; George T. Yates; Jonathan Yates.

Memorial was Grade II listed on 17 October, 2006, ref 496194​

Blackburn Times: 15th April 1922, 19th August 1922.
Blackburn Weekly Telegraph 22nd July 1922.
War Memorial Ref. No.: 54360

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St. Johns Church

St. John's is a decommissioned church located on Victoria Street Blackburn.
The War Memorial is a stained glass window in the south side beneath the gallery.  It contains three panels. In the centre is a figure of Christ, and underneath are depicted a nurse, a wounded soldier, a sailor and a soldier. The two side panel represent St Michael and St George and are inscribed:

Ye Shall Have Tribulation.  Be Thou Faithful Unto Death,
And I Will Give Thee A Crown Of Life


Blessed Are The Dead Which Die In The Lord That They May Rest From Their Labour.

Beneath the window are the Words:

To The Glory Of God, And To Commemorate All Who Fell In The Great War

Then follow the names of the 41 men who gave their lives:

Edgar Duerd; Norman Hargreaves; Clarence Duckworth; Walter Shorrock; John Yates Taylor; Arthur Aspden; Arthur William Lovesay; John Knight; Henry Hiton Taylor; Thomas Watson; Thomas Bramley; John Howson; Harry Haworth Taylor; Percy Hall; Frank Blanchard; John Andrew Baulcomb; Harry Holt; Harry Green; Fred Charles; Gilbert Hacking; John Bullough Taylor; Robert Charles Fielding; Peter Nield Asher; John Thomas Cuningham; Albert Cottam; Hilton Coup; Charles Grundy; Edward Hilton; James Howard; Harry Howard; John Hesmondhalgh; Henry Howard; John Kenyon; Ernest McTrusty; Albert Metcalf; Arthur Ormerod; Gilbert Rostron; John William Sergeant; Frank Spencer; John Atkinson Thornber; Roderick Montague Macpherson.

The window was made by Thomas Webb and Co., unveiled by Lt Col T.C. Robinson D.S.O. T.D. and dedicated on Sunday the 5th of June 1921.​

Blackburn Times: 11th June 1921
Blackburn Weekly Telegraph: 11th June 1921
War Memorial Ref. No.: 51294.

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St. Jude's Church

St Jude's Church is situated on Accrington Road.
The memorial is a porch at the main entrance of the church, the width of the naive. In the porch are oak panels which have the names, inscribed in gilt lettering of the 49 men from WW1 and 9 men from WW2 who gave their lives.
It is inscribed;

To The Glory Of God And In Memory Of The Men Of St. Jude's Church
There Names Liveth For Ever More

The names are
Anderson, P.T.; Ashworth, P.; Bell, J.; Berry, J.; Bolton, J.; Bolton, R.; Bolton, T.; Bradley, J.; Bridge, J.A.; Brown, W.D.; Burton, J.; Disley, J.; Docker, W.; Duckworth, W.H.; Fielding, J.J.; Hargreaves, F.; Harman, A.; Harwood, F.; Haworth, H.; Hodgson, W.; Huxley, F.; Hyde, F.; Jarratt, R.; Lawson, R.; Lawson, W.; Lee, R.S.; Livesey, W.; Lowther, A.; Lowther, R.; Lowther, W.; Markham, J.; Metcalfe, W.; Nuttall, J.; Potts, A.; Ramsbottom, J.; Ramsbottom, R.; Reynolds, W.; Robinson, J.; Sharples, E.; Sharples, T.; Shaw, E.; Smith, D.; Smith, Jas.; Smith, Jn.; Smith, T.; Taylor, J.; Walker, J.E.; Walmsley, J.R.; Walsh, W.H

Crane, E.; Croft.; Hardman.; Mellor. R; Miller R. D.F.M.; Sumner, F.; Walmsley, J; Walmsley, J Walsh, W.G

It was erected by T. Higson and Son.
The dedication and unveiling of the original WW1 Memorial took place on Sunday the 19th December 1920 it was conducted by the vicar of Blackburn, Archdeacon Richardson.
There is also Roll of Honour containing the names of the 233 men of the parish who served in the forces in WW1. It is an oak glazed frame holding a parchment with urn and wreath, this was flanked by mounted horse men at the top. Two fluted columns flank the names with a wreath between each column at the top and a flame at the base between each column. There were wreaths at the base below the names.
An Inscription reads:

Pro Patria Roll Of Honour Et Gloria
 St Jude's Church Blackburn
 1914 List Of Men Of The Parish Who Gave Their Services In The Great War 1918
Those Who Made The Supreme Sacrifice Marked Thus +

Blackburn Times: 25th December 1920.
Blackburn Weekly Telegraph 25th December 1920.
War Memorial Ref. No.; 51302, 51303​

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St Mark's Church

The Church is situated on Buncer Lane Blackburn. It is now decommissioned and for sale.
The Memorial is a screen of fumed oak surmounted by a fine carving. There are figures of angels with trumpets. In the centre is an inscription in raised gilded letters which reads:

Make Them To Be Numbered With Thy Saints In Glory Everlasting

Above these words in the centre is a large carved cross with the figures of St Mark and St, George, there are coloured shields under each of these.

The screen has richly carved and pierced panels, between these panels and the cornice are the words:

Greater Love Hath No Man Than This That A Man May Lay Down His Life For His Friend.

On the east side, below the cornice is inscribed in raised gilded letters:

Make Them To Be Numbered With Thy Saints In Glory Everlastin.

There are panels in the lower part of the screen which contain the names of the 55 men who lost their lives. They are:

Left side of the screen.
Aubrey  William Fyldes; Fredrick J. Law; James Crabtree; Robert E. Jackson; William B. Council; Henry Walton; Harry Butterworth; Thomas Dewhurst; George L. Halewood; Amos Mather; Harry Mitchell; Robert Pickering; William J. Pickering; R. Southworth; Richard Seed; William Singleton; Fred Tatlow; Allan S. Tyldsley; Thomas E. Waring; Jeffrey Johnson; John N. Nield; Thomas Nelson; George Patton; Christer Parker; John Clarkson; Harry Haworth; Joseph Waring.

Right side of the screen.
Thomas W. Arkwright; Richard Hindle; Fergus Longworth; Edward Greenhalgh; Norman Slinger, John Turner; Herbert E. Owen; Robert Pickles; Harry Turner; Thomas Riding; Robert W. Greaves; William Hayhurst; Reginald Hodgson; Isaac Jackson; Simeon Verity; Edwin Purcell; Walter Purcell; Tom Peel; Frank Bolton; Charles Bourroughs; Isaac Charles; John William Landon; Thomas B. Rodgers; William Evans; James Marsden; George Charles; J. Rushworth; Samuel Cookson.

The Memorial was unveiled Thursday 2nd November 1920 by Major James Feilden and dedicated by the Bishop of Burnley.  The cost was £80

There is also a carved wooden framed tablet which contains 50 named photographs of the fallen men. This tablet is now held at the Lancashire Infantry Museum, Fulwood.

Blackburn Times: 6th November 1920.
Blackburn Weekly Telegraph; 6th November 1920.
War Memorial Ref. No. 42289, 42290​.

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St. Matthew's Church

St. Matthews Church was situated at Cambridge-street, Higher Audley, Blackburn.
The War Memorial at this church was a Memorial Chapel with screen and a marble tablet with the names of the 135 men who lost their lives in the Great War.
The screen, panelling, and doors were of Oak which was taken from a captured German cargo ship in 1915.
The Screen consisted of an entrance, four three-light open windows, with a blank panel at either end. On the cornice were sixteen oak shields, eight on each side. The eight shields on the outside were inscribed with the names and emblems of the battlefields of Belgium, France, Gallipoli, Salonika, Egypt, Palestine, Mesopotamia, and the "Mighty Deep". The eight shields on the inside were inscribed with the badges of The King's Royal Rifle Corps, Northumberland Fusiliers, East Lancashires, Royal Artillery, Loyal North Lancashires, Lancashire Fusiliers, The King's Own and The Royal Navy.
The painting of the shields etc., were carried out by students of the Technical College.
A tablet of white marble in a large oak frame was inscribed with the words:

To The Glory Of God This Tablet Is Dedicated In Beloved Remembrance
Of The Men From This Church And Parish Who Laid Down Their Lives
In The Great War, 1914-1919.
Then follow the names of the men.
The inscription under the names reads:

Greater Love Hath No Man Than This, That A Man Lay Down His Life For His Friends.

The names on the Memorial were under the year they died.
John Hacking; Frank Hatton; Harry Pope.
Jo​hn Anelay; Arthur Booth; Joseph Booth; E.G. Butterworth; John H. Cook; John Davies; Henry B. Dobson; James Fish; Joseph Gregson; Fred Hornby; Arthur Haymes; Robert Heaps; William Haworth; William Hilton; Fredrick Huxley; George Jones; William Lowther; Robert H. Meadows; George H. Marsh; Thomas Mather; Benjamin Pinder; Joseph Rilet; James Roberts; Victor Stones; Albert Woods; Joseph Walsh; J.H. Whittaker.
Thomas Addison; John Almond; W.B. Brotherston; H. Butterworth; John Bennett; William Duxbury; Walter Duxbury; Robert Dixon; Albert Grundy; Fred Greenwood; Harry Harman; Arthur F. Haynes; George C. Hesketh; Alfred Howson; Albert Howard; Richard Johnson; Richard Kenyon; Alfred Klemm; Charles C. Mayor; James Marsden; Ernest Munro; John Ormerod; James Robinson; Herbert Stillwell; Sidney Stone; Richard Ward; Thomas Wilson; Harold Widdup.
Walter Alston; Thomas Aspin; George Ashton; William H. Beardoe; Joseph A. Brewin; Robert Casey; Joseph Chadwick; Jack Counsell; William Finch; Richard Fielden; Joseph Garner; Herbert H. Gregson; William Glover; John Grundy; william Grundy; Robert Hargreaves; George Hartley; Hardy Hartley; William H. Haworth; Alferd; Hesketh; Ernest C. Hopley; Henry Jackson; Thomas Lee; Thomas Longworth; Harry Marsden; Arthur Mercer; Herbert Milligan; Joseph Parker; J. Ernest Parry; Walter Perkins; Thomas Roberts; Thomas Scully; James Smith; Thomas Smith; Arthur T. Waring; William Watson; John Whalley; J. Witherington; Georg W. Wright; James Walmsley.
John Aspin; Thomas E. Barcroft; Clarence Beckett; Robert Bennett; William Bradley; Fred J. Brotherston; Doctor Coupe; Henry Critchley; Thomas Danby; James Dewhurst; Myers Dubbin; Thomas Dubbin; Fredrick F. Fuller; Thomas Gregson; James Hartley; Alfred Haworth; John Haworth; Richard Hesketh; Amos Howson; James Kay; Ernest Livesey; George Nurton; Heelis Pate; William Pickup; Thomas Pilkington; James Pilkington; Walter Sharples; John T. Shaw; Thomas Shaw; Robert Smithson; Thomas H. Somers; Edwin Stanley; George Turner; William H. Ward; Albert West; Robert Woods.
James Whittaker; William Parker.
J. Brindle; John W. Riley.

On Thursday 30th June 1921, the Screen was unveiled, by John H. Hartley J.P., with the Memorial tablet being unveiled by Colonel F. Dixon D.S.O. C.M.G.  The dedication was performed by the vicar Rev Gordon Coe.
The cost of the whole Memorial was about £800.
Architects were R. Basnett of Preston, Robert Martin and the builders were Marshall and Dent, of Limbrick.

Blackburn Times: 2nd July 1921
Blackburn Weekly Telegraph: 2nd July 1921

War Memorial Ref. No.: 54834

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St Oswald's, Knuzden

St. Oswald's Church, is situated at Cabin End Row, Knuzden.
The Memorial is a stone Botonee cross on a tapering octagonal shaft in the centre of the arms of the Cross is a small Pattee cross. The cross stands on a large plinth with an inscription and the names of the men who gave their lives this stands on two square stone plinths and is surrounded by a low wall with pillars at each corner.
the Inscription reads;

Erected By The Parishioners, A.D. 1921 In Grateful And
Loving Memory Of The Men Of St. Oswald's, Knuzden,
Church And Schools, Who Gave Their Lives For
God, King, And Country, In The Great War 1914–1918
Greater Love Hath No Man Than This.

The names of the 23 men who died in WW1 are;
Ashton, William; Birch, Richard; Bishop, Albert; Bolton, Richard; Brindle, James; Duckworth, William Henry; Calvert, John; Fisher Joseph Taylor; Forest, Archibald; Gabot, James; Green, John; Mercer, Cecil; Lowther, William; Metcalf, John; Robinson, Tom; Sargent, John; Smith, William; Taylor, James; Walton, James; Whalley, William; Whittaker, Tom.

The names of the 3 men who gave their lives in WW2 are;
Jackson, Walter, Roberts, Harry; Sutton Richard.

The Memorial was unveiled Sunday 13th March 1921 by Colonel Dixon D.S.O., C.M.G. and dedicated by the vicar, he Rev. H. Messiah.

Blackburn Times: March 19th 1921
Blackburn Weekly Telegraph: 19th March 1921
Wal Memorial Ref. No.: 18618.

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St. Paul's Church

St. Pauls Church was situated on St. Paul's-street.
The Memorial took the form of an oak pulpit, the gift of the congregation and was made from oak which was part of a shipment on its way to Germany in 1915 and confiscated. The wood was offered for sale at Liverpool and some of it was purchased by Messrs Marshall and Dent, Limbrick who built and erected the pulpit. A Communion Table, oak panelling, a reading desk and a prayer desk were all given by relatives of deceased soldiers.  The Communion Table Mr. and Mrs. Airy; panelling, north side, Mr. and Miss Hindle; centre The Wilkinson family; south side, Leslie Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Hodgson, Mrs. Hindman and family of William Edmondson; the church choir and Communion Rails; Mrs. Knowles, prayer desk, Mr and Mrs. Scholes; and Bible desk Miss Parkinson.

The Memorial was unveiled on the 28th of February 1923 by the Rural Dean Canon Sinker.

Blackburn Times 7th April 1921
Blackburn Weekly Telegraph 7th April 1921
War Memorial Ref. No. 42232, 55853.

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St. Peter's Church

St. Peter's Church was situated on Byrom Street. The church was demolished in 1976 and the Memorial lost.
Its Memorial was a side chapel, in oak, in the north east corner of the church. There were two oak screens with open tracery. The floor of oak boarding was raised by two steps to the level of the chancel. An alter and memorial reredos occupied the east wall, the north wall was finished with a panelled oak dado. The reredos was the full width of the chapel and contained four panels. The panels at each side of the alter was enriched with symbolical figures, and the end panels on each side contained the names of those killed. Above the alter was a crucifix and on either side of that were the figures of St. Mary and St. John. There was two Inscriptions which read:

Greater Love Hath No Man
This Alter of Remembrance And The Reredos
Are Dedicated To The Glory Of God and
To the Ever Glorious Memory Of Those
Whose Names Are Hear Inscribed Who
Gave Their Lives In The Great War

The Chapel was designed by A.W.R. Simpson, architect, of Richmond Terrace, Blackburn and cost about £555. There is no information of when and by whom the Chapel was unveiled and dedicated or the names of the men who died.

Blackburn Times: 26th March1919, May 5th 1924.

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St. Stephen's Church

St. Stephen's Church is located on St. Stephen's Road, Little Harwood.
The Church War Memorial takes the form of an Organ. It was designed and built by Laycock and Bannister of Crosshill, Keighley and was dedicated on the 4th of March 1924 by the Bishop of Whalley Dr. A.G. Rawstorne.  The organ was paid for by voluntary subscription. It was erected in memory of 51 men of the Church who lost their lives in the First World War.
There is a brass plaque which is inscribed

This Organ Was Erected To The Glory Of God And In Grateful Memory Of The Men From This Parish Who Fell In The Great War 1914-1918

Greater Love Hath No Man Than This, That A Man Lay Down His Life For His Friends.  St. John XV13. 1924.

The names are:
Addison, Arthur William; Aspden, Albert; Aspin, Albert; Aspin, Gilbert; Barlow, Fred; Barnes, William Edward; Battersby, Ernest; Berry, Merrick; Blackwell, Tom; Brindle, Robert Edward; Catlow, Robert; Clarkson, Joseph; Costley, Hugh; Cottam, John; Cottam, Walter; Cumpstey, John; Dewhurst, John;  Doughty, John Henry; Driver, Harry; Eatough, Harry; Ellel, Thomas; Embley, Herbert; Grimshaw, Harry; Hadfield, William; Hartley, Joseph; Haworth, Fred; Haydock, Arthur; Haydock, Fred; Haydock, Frederick; Hilton, Edward; Holden, Alfred; King, Joseph; Knowles, Edmund; Leaming, Ralph; Marsh, Herbert; Powell, Thomas; Preston, Sam; Preston, William; Sharples, Albert Victor; Smethurst, Harry Cecil; Smith, Sam; Snailham, Thomas; Stancliffe, George; Taylor, William Barton; Taylor, Harry Haworth; Taylor, James Edward; Valentine, Joseph; Wade, Emmett; Ward, Thomas; Williams, George; Williams, John.
Thirty-nine names on this plaque are repeated on the Little Harwood Memorial.

There is a brass cross on a domed base which was a gift of James Taylor. An Inscription on it reads:

The Gift Of James Taylor
 In Loving Memory Of His Wife Ruth
 Who Died April 25th 1931
Aged 61 Years
And Of Their Three Sons
Who Lost Their Lives In The War


There is also a second War Memorial in the form of a brass plaque below the WW1 plaque which reads:

To Commemorate The Men From This Parish Who Died In The Second World War 1939-1945',

This Organ Was Rebuilt In 1949.

there are 13 names on this memorial.

Blackburn Times: 15th December 1923, 8th March 1924, 19th August 1949.
War Memorial Ref. No.: 54848, 54849, 62434.

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St. Thomas's Church

St. Thomas’s Church was situated on Lambeth Street. 
The memorial is a carved Celtic cross in Aberdeen granite on a cube of Butler Delph* stone. The four sides of the cube contain polished granite tablets inscribed with the names of the 181 men who lost their lives in the Great War including 2nd Lieutenant J. Schofield V.C. (he is also on St. Silas's memorial.) The base is also of Butler Delph Stone.

On the Bottom Of the cross is inscribed:

This Memorial is erected in the honour of the brave men from St. Thomas's Church and Schools who gave their lives for their Country in the Great War 1914-1919 and whose names are inscribed below

Below this it says:
Greater Love Hath No Man Than This

On the other side it says:
This Memorial Was Unveiled By Lieutenant-Colonel F.A. Dixon, D.M.G., D.S.O., R.A.
And Dedicated By The Rev. F.G. Chevassut, M.A. Vicar, On Sunday August 15th 1920.

When the church was demolished the memorial was moved to the Cathedral grounds. In 2003 it was again moved to St Jude's Church, Accrington-road, which had amalgamated with St. Thomas's parish.

*A local quarry at Pleasington.

The names on the Roll are:

Pte.J. Alker; Pte.F. Almond; Std J. Almond; Cpl. D. Anderson; Pte.J. Aspin; Pte. H. Baker; Sgt. N. Baron; Pte.T. Barton; Pte.R. Beardsworth; Pte.R. Beardsworth; Pte.J. Berry; Gnr. T. Bibby; Pte.D. Bleasdale; Dvr. W. Bleasdale; R.N. J. Bolton; Pte.R. Bolton; Pte.J. Bottomley; Pte.T. Bottomley. Sig. O. Booth M.M.; Pte.W. Bradley Pte.E. Briggs; Pte.T. Briggs; Pte.J. Brighouse; Pte.J. Brown; Pte.F. Burgess; Pte.J. Butterworth; Pte.J.F. Carter; Pte.W.E. Carter; Sgt. R. Catlow; Pte.W. Catlow; Cpl. T. Chaples; Pte.T. Charnock; Pte.J. Cheetham; Pte.A. Clarke; Rfn.. T. Clayton; Pte. J. Cook; Pte. F. Cox; Pte. A. Dawson; L.Cpr. J. Denny; Pte.J.E. Dewhurst; Pte.T. Dewhurst; Pte T. Doughty; Pte.F. Duxbury; Pte.A. Earnshaw; Pte.C.A.G. Eastwood
Pte. H. Eddleston; Pte. R.T. Edmondson; Pte. F.W. Eccles; L/Cpl J. Fielding; Pte. F. Fenor; Pte. J.A Fuller; Rfn. H.H. Fortescue; 2Lt. F. Gertson D.C.M.; Cpl. G. Gregson Pte. J. Garth; Pte. J. Green; Pte. W.C. Greenhalgh; Pte. F. Greenwood; Pte. W. Gregory; Pte. H.H. Gregson; R.N. E. Hargreaves; Pte. I. Hargreaves; Dvr. J. Hargreaves; Pte. R. Hargreaves; L/c. R Hargreaves; Pte. T. Hargreaves; Pte H. Harrison; Pte. F. Harwood; Dvr. P.D. Harwood; Pte. F. Heaton; Pte. G. Henshall; Pte. W.H. Hindle; Gnr. R. Hodson; Pte J. R. Hogg; S.M. J.W. Holden; Gnr. R.S. Holden; Pte. H. Horsefield; Pte. J. Howard; Pte. E. Howarth; L/Cpl. H. Huckerby; Pte. F.S. Hutchinson; Pte. F. Hyde; Pte. R. Isherwood; Pte. A. Jackson; Pte. A. Jones Pte. J.E. Kearton; Pte. R. Kenyon; Pte. W. Kenyon; Pte.  J. Kershaw; Sgt. J.T. Knowles; Sgt. H. Lancaster M.M.; Sgt. T.H. Lancaster. L/Cpl. W.R. Lowe; Pte. W.B. Lancaster; Pte. R Lawson; Pte. R.S. Lee; Pte. A. Litherland ; Pte. E. Litherland ; Pte. R. Livesey; Pte. Longworth; Pte. T. Lund; Pte. E. Lund; Sct. R. Lowther; Pte. W. Lowther; Pte. H. Maden; Pte. A. Markland; Pte. S. Markland; Pte. T.E. Marron; Pte. C.H. Marsh; Pte. A. Metcalf; Pte. J. Morley; Pte. P. Morley; Pte E. Morris; Cpl. A Mortermer; Cpl. J. Nuttall; Pte. J. Parker; Pte. F. Parkinson; Pte. C Parkinson; Pte. J. Pickup; Pte. T. Pickup; Pte. H. Pope; Pte. J.B. Porter; Pte. J. Rawlinson; Pte. W. Read; Pte. H. Richards; Pte. T. Riches; Pte. W.H. Rigby; Pte. H. Riley; Pte. T. Rawcliffe; Pte. H. Robinson; Pte. J. Rostron; Pte. H.B. Rushton; Pte. J. Rushton; Gnr. A. Richards; 2Lt. C.F. Sames; Sgt. J.E. Sanderson; Cpl. F. Schofield; 2Lt. J. Schofield V.C.; Pte. C. Scholes; Pte. E. Sharples; Pte. J. Sharples; Pte. E. Shaw; Pte. F. Shaw; Pte. H. Shorrock; Pte. J. Simms; Rfn. R. Simpson; Pte. J.R. Singleton; Sgt. A.E Smith; Pte. J. Smith; Pte. T. Smith; Pte. F. Sowerbutts; Pte. R. Speight; Pte. H. Spencer; Pte. R. Stewart; Pte. A. Stevenson; Pte. J. Stones; Pte. F. Street Pte. J. Strong; Pte. D. Summer; Pte. A. Sutton;  Pte. C. Swindlehurst; Pte. J.J. Turner; Rfn. W. Turner; Pte. J.W. Walmsley; Pte. C. Walsh; Pte. J. Walsh; Pte. P Walsh; Pte. W. Walsh; Pte. J.T. Walton; Pte. H. Webster;Pte. H. Webster;Pte.Jno. Whalley; Pte. Jos. Whalley; Pte. J.D. White; Pte. W. Whitehead; Sgt. T. Wild; 2Lt. P.A. Woodhouse; Dvr. Woods; L/Cpl. W. Wren​.

Blackburn Times: 21st August 1920.
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Lancashire Evening Telegraph 17th July 2003.
War Memorial Ref. No.: 710, 62435, 62440, ​

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