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Wilpshire Golf Club

Blackburn Golf Club

The Memorial is situated at Blackburn Golf Club, Beardwood Brow, Blackburn.

The memorial takes the form of a bronze plaque mounted onto a polished oak board. At the top centre of the board is a wreath painted gold and done in relief at either side are the dates 1914 and 1919. The names are on the bronze plaque.
They are:
Albert Ainsworth; Roy Arthur; Gerald W. Greenwood; Sam Marlor; Bertram Noble; Colin Sames; Fred Schofield; John Schofield V.C.; Richard Thompson JR.

The Memorial was given by H. Shutt, captain of the club, and designed by Arthur Pickup, one of the members. It was unveiled by Archdeacon Richardson on Saturday 9th July 1921.

Blackburn Times: 16th July 1921
War Memorial Ref. No.: 51309​


The Blackburn Reform Club

The Reform club was situated on Victoria Street. The Memorial is lost.

The illuminated Roll of Honour is within a large dark oak frame. The coloured boarder contained at the top centre the national coat of arms, bottom centre was the coat of arms of Blackburn. On either side were the coat of arms of France, Australia, Canada, Russia, India, Egypt, Japan, South Africa, New Zealand, and Belgium, there was as well the flags of Britain, Portugal, Servia, Rumania, Montenegro, Italy, Greece and the United States.
There was an Inscription Which read:

We live in deeds, not years;
 in thoughts not breaths;
 in feelings, not figures on a dial.

Then Follow the names of 102 members of the Reform Club who served in the armed forces during the war, 14 of them died
The names are:
Addison, A.W.; Addison, R.; Arthur, Roy; Ashton, W.A.; Baxter, J.L.; Bickerdike, R.B.; Birtwistle, A.; Birtwistle, A.E.; Birtwistle, G.G.; Birtwistle, H.O.; Birtwistle, N.; Birtwistle, W.; Booth, F.; Booth, R.; Campbell, R. W.; Cleg E.; Cleg, J.; Cleg, W.; Crossland, A.; Cunliffe, Dr. R.; Entwistle, J.; Fawcett, J.; Fell, E.; Giffoerd T.; Gillmore, F.; Halsted, G.; Higson, F.H.; Higson, H.B.; Hindle G.; Hindle, R.; Hodgkinson, C.; Hodgkinson, H.; Holden, F.B.; Hulme, W.A.; Jackson, A.P.; Jamieson, Dr. J.W.; Kay, E.; Kay, H.; Kay, J.R.; Kilner, C.; Kilner, T.P.; Kilner, W.; leaver, H.; Leech, N.; Leeming, W.; Lightollier, J.; Lister, A.; Lord, A.; Marsden, B.; Matthews, A.; Matthews, R.D.; Mayo, F.; Munroe, A.; Munroe, F.; Norman Sir H.; Ormerod, A.; Ormerod, B.; Pemberton, W.H.; Pickup, G.; Ridsdale, F.; Ridsdale, G.K.; Ridsdale, R.T.; Ridsdale W.K.; Riley, H.A.; Riley H.H.; Riley, M.E.; Riley, R.A.; Riley, W.B.; Ritzema, T.P.; Rowntree, J.; Rowntree, J.H.; Ryden, A.; Ryden, D.; Ryden, H.L.; Ryden, J.H.; Ryden, L.; Ryden, T.; Ryden, W.; Sagar, R.R.; Sager, W.L.; Shawcross, C.L.; Singleton, C.S.; Singleton, F.N. Singleton, G.F.; Singleton, R.A.; Smalley, H.; Stonehouse, C.; Stonehouse, H.; Tattersall, J.; Tattersall, N.; Thompson,A.V.; Thompson, J.H.; Thompson, R.; Thornely, N.W.; Wall, W.; Walsh,P.; Warburton, G.; Ward, F.; Wilkinson, F.; Wilkinson, H.H.; Wilkinson, Rev. R.B. Wilson, A.; Wolley, E.

The Memorial was commissioned Richard Haworth of Preston New-road and the work was by a Mr. Kelsall. It was presented to the club and unveiled by the by president Richard Thompson. The ceremony took place on Thursday 30th October 1919
Only the Blackburn Weekly Telegraph gives the names of the men. They give the total number on the memorial as 116, 14 of these were killed. However, the paper includes those killed in the main list, then gives the names again underneath. The figures should be 88 returned and 14 killed. The Blackburn Times gives the number as 103, 14 being killed. There are 102 names in the list above.

Blackburn Times; 25th October 1919, 1st November 1919,
Blackburn Weekly Telegraph 1st November 1919.
War Memorial Ref. No.: 62423​

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Blackburn Un​ion Club

 There is a First World War Memorial in the form of a bronze plaque on the north wall of the lounge at the Union Club, Blackburn.  It is inscribed:

Union Club, Blackburn
 Honour King and Country

Then follows the names of 6 men who gave their lives:
Brothers, Max; Hornby, W. Raymond; Livesey, Harry; Gilbert A. Sprake; Wolf, Percy. 

"Died That We Might Live".

The Following Member Gave His Life InThe World War II

Watson, Peter Browning​

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Ewood and Hollin Bank Conservative Club

Ewood and Hollin Bank Conservative Club was Located on Bolton-road.

Its WW1 Roll of Honour took the form of a scrolled oak tablet and contained the names of 38 members who had served in the war, of these 7 men lost their lives. The unveiling and dedication took place in the billiard room on Saturday 11th February 1922, and was performed by The Rev. C.C. Browitt, the vicar of St. Bartholomew's church
Only the names of those who died were published in the newspaper, they were:
T. Airey; J. Chadwick; W. Gillibrand; J.C. Holden; W. Jepson; T. Talbot; R. Hornby.

The WW2 Roll of Honour was a board which contained the names of 25 members who served in the forces, none of them were killed. Fred Tinsley, whose name was on the Roll died soon after demobilisation. The Roll was unveiled by the Mayoress Councillor J. Buckley. The Mayor, R.H.G. Horne, whose name was on the Roll and was the vice-President of the club watched the proceedings.

Blackburn Times 18th February 1922, 12th May 1950.
Blackburn Weekly Telegraph 18th February 1922.​


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Grimshaw Park Working Men's Club

Grimshaw Park Working Men's Conservative Club was situated on Park-road.

The War Memorial was in the form of an oak fireplace with green tiles, the oak mantelpiece is surrounded by a carved oak Roll of Honour. The roll contained the names of the 49 members of the club who fought in the war, 4 of which died. The fire place was designed and built by Messrs Blackshaw, Walsh and the tiling was done by J. Holden, all were members of the club. The names of the 4 men that died are not noted.

The memorial was unveiled on the 5th August 1920 by the Mayor and president of the club, Alderman Lawrence Cotton.
The Club has long been demolished and the Roll lost,

Blackburn Times: 7th August 1921
Blackburn Weekly: Telegraph 7th August 1921.
War Memorial Ref. No.: 54883

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Junior Conservative Roll of Honour

The Junior Conservative club was located above Thwaites Arcade, Church Street.
Its Memorial took the form of a Framed Roll of Honour containing the names of 55 men who served in WW1, three of whom were killed. It was unveiled by the chairman of the club Archibald Shaw on Friday night the 23rd of March 1920.

The names of those​ Killed wer​e:

Sergeant Tom Wilde, 1/4th East Lancashire Regiment, Killed in Action, Gallipoli.
Trooper Jack Wilson, Royal Canadian Dragoons, died of wounds, France.
Private W.R. Catlow, 10th Yorkshire Regiment, Killed in Action, France.

The Nam​es of those who served and returned:

Lieutenant R. Brooks-Turner, East Lancashire Regiment.

2nd Lieutenant P.E. Woodcock, East Lancashire Regiment.

Gunner H. Archibald, R.G.A.

Private S.J. Dowden, A.P.C.

Sapper H. Bramley, R.E.

Private A Butterworth, 1/4th East Lancashire Regiment.

Private J.H. Crawshaw, 3rd East Lancashire Regiment.

Corporal J.W. Chew, R.G.A.

Corporal J. Cotton, Junior, R.A.S.C.

Bombardier F. Cottam, R.F.A.

Private J. Chadwick, M.T. (R.A.S.C.)

Private T. Caunce, M.T. (R.A.S.C.)

Corporal F. Duckworth, 9th East Lancashire Regiment.

Q.M.S. F. Dugdale, R.G.A.

Private J.T. Dean, R.A.M.C.

S.-Sergeant J. Edmundson, R.A.O.C.

Gunner F. Fielding, R.G.A.

Gunner J. Gill, R.G.A.

Corporal J. Grimshaw, Royal Welsh Fusiliers.

Private H. Greenhalgh M.T. (R.A.S.C.)

Private  A.E. Grimshaw, 17th Essex Regiment.

Sergeant E. Grimshaw, Westmorland, and Cumberland Yeomanry.

Sergeant J.J. Harwood, Westmorland, and Cumberland Yeomanry.

Ordinary Seaman A.P. Hare, R.N.V.R.

Gunner W. Hollis, R.F.A.

Private E.H. Hayhurst, Royal Welsh Fusiliers.

Lance-Corporal R. Hudson, 563 H.S. Emp. Coy.

Q.M.S. Pem Isherwood, 4th East Lancashire Regiment.

Private R. Jones, Hon. Art. Coy.

Bombardier G. Kendal, R.F.A.

Private J. Kay, M.T. (R.A.S.C.)

Private .H. Mellor, 1/10th Liverpool Scottish.

Corporal G. M'Mullen, R.F.A.

Private A. O'Bryan, R.A.M.C.

Private J. Pollard, M.T. (R.A.M.C.)

Private R. Robinson, East Lancashire Regiment.

Corporal C. Rogers, A.P.C.

Driver A. Sager, R.F.A.

Sergeant J.T. Sharples, R.F.A.

2/A.M. J. Shorrock, R.F.C.

Sergeant J. Stones, A.O.C.

Private W. Smithies, 11th K.R.R.C.

Sergeant G. Slater, 2nd East Lancashire Regiment.

S.S.M. J. Simpson, R.A.S.C.

S. Sergeant J. Sellers, R.A.O.C.

Corporal J. Stokoe, M.T. (R.A.M.C.)

Sergeant J.T. Talbot, R.G.A.

Private W. Thompson, 4th Royal Berk.

Private J. Tennant, Royal Welsh Fusiliers.

R.Q.M.S. P. Thompson, 4th East Lancashire Regiment.

Private J.E. Whittaker, R.A.M.C.

Private H. Williams, R.A.M.C.

Backburn Times: 24th April 1920
Blackburn Weekly Telegraph: 24th April 1920
War Memorial Ref. No. 54865.

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Livesey Conservative Club

The memorial was an oak board with the names of the 67 members who served in the Great War, of which 9 were killed. Only the names of those killed were Published They were:
Bowling, Albert, Bowling, John; Bretherton, Harry; Catterall, Joshua; Fecitt, Fred; Lomax, Arthur; Sherrington, J.; Walsh, Samuel; Walton, Jacob.
The memorial was unveiled on Tuesday night 3rd April 1920 by W.A. Duckworth.

Blackburn Times: 17th April 1920.
Blackburn Weekly Telegraph: 17th April 1920.​

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Longshaw Unity Club

This Club is located on Bryan Street, Longshaw.
The Memorial panel is of oak, with the names, in gilt lettering, of 76 men who served in WW1, 12 of whom lost their lives. The name of Acting Quarter Master William Henry Grimbaldeston V.C. is in included.
The unveiling took place on Thursday, 20th March 1919, performed by the Mayor Lawrence Cotton. He also presented the Military Medal to Private B. Astley, of the 20th Manchester Regiment, which was awarded for taking messages under a heavy bombardment at Bullecourt.

Blackburn Times: 22nd March 1919.
Blackburn Weekly Telegraph: 22nd March 1919.

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The Oddfellows War Memorial

At the annual meeting of the Blackburn district of the Manchester Unity of Oddfellows, held on Thursday 16th January 1920, it was decided to make a levy of 50% of the distress funds of the Alexandra and palatine lodges and 2s. 3b. per member on the distress funds of the other lodges to endow a cot at the Royal Infirmary as a Memorial to the brethren who fell in the war.

Blackburn Weekly Telegraph: 17th January 1920.

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St. Marks Conservative Club, Witton

Located Preston Old Road Witton.
A large framed Roll of Honour located at St. Marks Infant School, Witton. The Roll contains the names of 59 members of the Conservative Club who served in the Forces. Of these 59 men 6 lost their lives, they were:
H. Lamb, E.G. Latheron, W. Evens, H. Mitchell, J. Ramsbottom, F. Tatlow.
The Memorial was unveiled on the 9th of October 1919 by Councillor Captain Dugdale, M.C.
Note: E.G. Latheron played for Blackburn Rovers, 1906-16

Blackburn Times: 11th October 1919.
Blackburn Weekly Telegraph: 11th October 1919.​

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United Service Club

This club was located on Fleming Square.
The Roll was framed in fumed oak. There are 387 names of those from the club who served in the forces during the Great War. Those who died, had their names inscribed in the centre of the roll. Before being taken to the club it was displayed in the shop window of E.L. Airey, Railway Road.
No other information available.

Blackburn Weekly; Telegraph 5th June 1920​

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Wilpshire Golf Club

Located, Whalley-road, Wilpshire.
The memorial is an oak tablet located in the clubhouse. At the top centre is a crown, below this a laurel wreath with a shield at its centre. The left side of the memorial has a soldier with a sword and shield, on the right side a tassel. There are two columns, separated by a spear, with the names of the 51 club members who served in the Great War, the 5 men who died being marked. At the bottom of the board is a laurel wreath

The inscription on the board reads:

This Memorial Is Erected To
The Memory Of The Members
 Of The Wilpshire Golf Club
Who Gave Their

Services In The War 1914–1919

The names of the men on the Memorial are:
Bell A.; Birtwistle, F; Birtwistle, F.; Birtwistle, W.; Burgess, H.; Callahan, W.; Chambers, W.; Cronshaw, N.; Cunliffe, D.; Foulds, R.J.; Garstang, J.; Haslam, J.; Haworth, F.; Higson, F.; Hindle, R.: Hindle, W.E.; Howard, W.; Jackson, P.K.; Marquis de Jancourt; Jones, E.; Law, H.; Law, J Jun.; Law, W.; Leach, J.; Mercer, J.J.; Miller, R.; Morton, H.; Noble, T.; Nuttall, E.; de Pennington, D.; Ridsdale, W.K.; Ryden, L.; Ryden, W.D.; Sharples, W.; Sherwood, P.B.; Slater, P.K.; Slater, W.; Stringer, A.; Taylor, J.; Thompson, S.; Troop, H.; Turner, C.H.; Walsh, R.V.V.; Walton, W.; Whittaker, F.C.; Whittaker, J.P.

Those on the board who gave their lives are:
Cotton J.; Holden, J.W.; Livesey, H; Smith, H.H.; Stonehouse, C.

Blackburn Times: July 9th 1921.
Blackburn Weekly Telegraph: July 2nd 1921
Memorial Ref. No.: 42665​

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