Bolton Road Conservative Club

Bolton Road Conservative Club, Located Bolton Road.
The Memorial had three large oak panels with gold lettering and surmounted by a Lion.
There are 34 [this total may only be 31] names on the panel, 32 [There seem to be only 29 names] who served and returned, and 2 men who gave their lives.
The centre panel was the inscription;

Their Names Liveth For Evermore

Then follow the names of the 2 men that were killed:
Aspden, J.T.:  Entwistle, H.

Beneath, in large letters surrounded by a scroll was inscribed:

Roll Of Honour
They Called: Duty Answered

On the outside panels are the name of those 32 men who enlisted and returned, they are:
Aspden, B.; Aspden, L.; Aspden, T.; Bland J.; Bolton, R.; Bridson, T.; Cooper, T.; Crook, T.H.; Cronshaw, A.; Davis, —; Davis, A.; Duncon, T.; —wistle, R.; Foley, G.; Hollins, M.; H–son, T.; Hewitt, H.; Holden, W.A.; Ho–, E.; Lowe, J.; Marsh, T.; Nevison, W.;Orrell, –; Seed, W.;  Shipstone, –;  Townsend, J.; Taylor,–; Waring, G.; Watson, W.

The Memorial was unveiled by the Rev. Matthias Pilkington on Saturday the 6th March 1920.
All the work on the Roll of Honour was carried out by Messrs. Harwood and Allanson of Darwen.

Darwen News: 13th March 1920.
Darwen Gazette: 13th March 1920.

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Belgrave Bowling Club

The Memorial was an oak tablet presented by W Shorrock. It contained the names of members who served in WW1. One member and seven sons of members were killed and one died in hospital
It was unveiled by the Mayor of Darwen, T. Duxbury on Tuesday 15th February 1921.
No further Information Available.

Blackburn Weekly Telegraph 19th February 1921.
Darwen News: 19th February 1921.
Darwen Advertiser: 18th February 1921.

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Central Conservative Club

The Central Conservative Club was located at Church Street

The Memorial was an oak panelled frame fitted to a wall in the Committee Room.  The names and photographs of those members of the club who had served and those who had gave their lives were placed in it.
The Memorial was unveiled by Major J.M. Thwaites, M.C., of Bromley Cross, on Friday 22nd August 1924.
No names are given.

Darwen Advertiser: 29th August 1924.

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Chapels Conservative Club

On Saturday 27th March 68 members of this club who had served in WWI were presented with silver medals, paid for by members and friends. The medals were presented by the president of the club Mr. Bentley. Each medal bore the name of the recipient, and the name of the club, the reverse side depicted the Borough coat of arms. Five members of the club lost their lives, there medals were presented to relatives.
The full list of names was as follows.
Aspin, R.; Airey, R.; Aspden, A.; Aspden, L.; Almond, W.H.; Alston, J.; Briggs, R.; Briggs, W.; Briggs, G.; Brindle, J.; Broadbent, J. St. John; Barkway, W.; Berryman, J.; Berryman, J.W.; Bury, J.; Coupe, J.W.; Cronshaw, G.; Clitheroe, W.; Clegg, J.; Duxbury, James; Duxbury, John; Entwistle, G.; Foley, G.; Farnworth, A.; Gillibrand, T.L.; Grime, John; Grime, James; Hollins, W.H.; Holden, J.; Holden, G.; Holden, G.A.; Haslam, J.; Isherwood, B.; Kirkham, A.; Kershaw, R.; Kershaw, W.; Kay, G.; Lawrence, W.; Leach, James; Millward, H.; McCaul, T.; Naylor, J.W.; Pilkington, J.; Parker, R.; Parr, J.; Paul, R.; Pitfield, C.; Robinson, E.; Ramsden, H.;Reilly, H.; Reilly, W.; Rostron, F.; Round, F.; Sandaham, J.; Shaw, A.; Scholes, T.S.; Tibbets, F.; Townsend, J.; Townsend, J.T.; Taylor, F.; Taylor, S.; Taylor, W.R.; Watson, A.; Watson, G.L.; Whittaker, J.; Wych, J.J.; Whitlow, A.; Yates, B.
It is not stated whether the five killed were included in this list.

Darwen Gazette 3rd April 1920.

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 Darwen Borough Band

The Memorial took the form of a solid oak panel delicately patterned to a design constructed by Messrs. Harwood Allanson and Co.  at the top, in oval panel, in embossed letters was the inscription:
Darwen Borough Band Roll Honour
Below are the names of 91 members of the club. In a centre panel are the names of 13 men who gave their lives.  No names are given.
The Roll of Honour was unveiled on Saturday 15th November 1919 at the Darwen Borough Band Club-room by Major Carus, J.P.
Darwen News: 22nd November 1919.
Darwen Gazette: 22nd November 1919.
Blackburn Weekly Telegraph: 22nd November 1919.


 Highfield Working Men’s Club

The Roll of Honour was an Illuminated board surmounted in in a large dark oak frame. The Roll contains the names and photographs of 76 members of the club who joined the forces during WW1 one of whom gave his life.
The work was done by Mr. Kershaw, a Darwen photographer.
The Roll of Honour was unveiled on Saturday 20th November 1920 by Major E.L. Carus
The names of the man who died are not given.
No further information.

Darwen Advertiser: 26th November 1920.
Darwen News: 27th November 1920.
Darwen Gazette: 27th Novenber 1920.

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 Free Gardeners

The Free Gardeners had their club room on Hacking Street.
The memorial was a large panel with the names and photographs of the 14 men who gave their lives in the centre. At either side are the names and regiments of those who served.
The names of the 14 men who gave their lives are;
Armstrong, R.; Banks, A.; Eccles, James; Green, H.; Holden, L.; Ingham, R.; Keown, J.; Lodge, W.; Marsden, Walt; Miller, Thomas; Scowcroft, W.; Swarbrick, R.; Walker, T.; Walsh, W.
The Memorial was unveiled by Major Crossley St. John Broadbent on Saturday the 5th June 1920.

Darwen Advertise: June 11th 1920.
Darwen News: 12th June 1920.
Darwen Gazette: 12 June 1920.
War Memorial Ref. No.: 62468.

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Darwen Oddfellows

Darwen Oddfellows were located in the “Lodge Room” at the Millstone Hotel.
The Roll of Honour to the members of the Loyal Newtonian Lodge of the Independent Order of Oddfellow (Manchester Unity) was unveiled by Herbert Baldwin at a smoking concert, held in the Lodge Room, on Saturday 13th March 1920. Of the 86 men belonging to the society 13 had given their lives.
There is no description of the memorial or names given.
Darwen News: 17th March 1920.
Darwen Advertiser: 20th March 1920.
Darwen Gazette: 20th March 1920.

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Spring Vale Working Men’s Institute

The Memorial was an oak frame in which was encased a white mould. On this were inserted the photographs of 51 men from the club who had served in the forces, 11 of whom gave their lives. Each photograph had the man’s name under it which was inscribed in embellished handwriting by W. Coupe. The photographs were arranged in an oval formation. No names are given.
The Memorial was unveiled by Major E.L. Carus on Saturday 22nd November 1919.

Darwen Advertiser: 29th November 1919.
Darwen News: 26th November 1919.
Darwen Gazette: 29th November 1919.

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No. 1 Total Abstinence Club

The memorial was an illuminated board with the photographs of 8 men who gave their lives. There is no indication of an inscription.
The names of the 8 men are;
Addis, J.; Ainsworth, T.E.; Hacking, J.; Hall, W.J.; Leach, A.; Singleton, G.; Walsh, H.; Wearing, H.
The memorial was unveiled by Armena Coulthurst on Saturday 28th August 1920.
Memorial is lost.

Darwen Advertiser: 3rd September 1920
Darwen Gazette: 4th September 1920.
Darwen News: 4th September 1920
Blackburn Times: 4th September 1920.
War Memorial Ref. No.: 51335.


United Service Club

The United Service Club was located at Wellington Fold, Darwen.
The Memorial was a marble slab, fixed into the north wall of an upstairs room in the club. It was the work of Mr. Redmand, of Bolton Road, Darwen.
Inlaid in the ornamental headpiece is a rose with the Ttitle;

National United Service Club

At the opposite corners appear figures of cannons. Below is the general panel. This is surmounted by a scroll in which appears the Inscription;

1914 European War 1919
by the Members of This
 Club to the Everlasting Memory of Their
Comrades and Fellow Members Who Made
the Supreme Sacrifice in The Great War
Greater Love Hath No Man Than This
That He Lay Down His Life For His Country

Emblems of the varied services were ornamented at each corner of the tablet.
The names of the 26 men who gave their lives are;
Aspin, J.; Aspin, W.; Boswell, T.; Bury, T.H.; Duerden, J.; Dinsdale, E.; Dowd, J.; Entwistle, A.; Fowler, R.; Farnell, J.; Goodwin, J.; Gorman, —; Heap, T.; Lucas, F.; Massey, G.; May, J.; Proctor, T.W.; Parr, T.; Rawlinson Capt. J.; Roscoe, W.H.; Shipton, G.; Springfellow, T.; Speak, W.H.; Townsend, J.; Walmsley, J.; Walker, T.
The Memorial was unveiled by Major E.L. Carus on Saturday 25th September 1920.
As part of the War Memorial scheme a large photograph of the first 60 men who enlisted from the club was hung on the east wall
It was noted that of the 280 members of the club 269 joined the services.

Darwen Gazette: 2nd October 1920.
Darwen Advertiser: 1st October 1920.
Darwen News: 2nd October 1920.
Blackburn Weekly Telegraph: 2nd October 1920.
War Memorial Ref No.: 62472.

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