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The Unio​​n Club

There is a First World War memorial in the form of a bronze plaque on the north wall of the lounge at the Union Club, Blackburn.  It is inscribed: 'Union Club, Blackburn.  Honour King and Country. 1914-1918.  (Then there are the following names), Max Brothers, W. Raymond Hornby, Harry Livesey, Gilbert A. Sprake, Percy Wolf.  "Died that we might live".  'The following member gave his life in the World War II. 1939-1945.  Peter Browning Watson'.
There is a wooden Roll of Honour in the entrance hall at Wilpshire Golf Club.

Baker ​​Street

A World War Two memorial erected by Mr. Metcalfe in the front garden of his terraced home at Baker Street, Blackburn.  The memorial is a areoplane propellor blade set in concrete with the dates '1939-1945' inscribed in the base.  It is a wooden propellor blade from a Wellington Bomber which returned from 1000 bombing raids.  It is painted in the colours of the 1939-1945 medal ribbon.

There is a memorial tablet at Blackburn Golf Club, located in the clubhouse.  It was donated by Captain H. Shutt and made by A. Pickup.  Unveiled and dedicated by Archdeacon Richardson in 1921.  The following names are inscribed on the tablet: Albert Ainsworth, Roy Arthur, Gerald W. Greenwood, Sam Marlor, Bertram Noble, Colin Sames, Fred Schofield, John Schofield V.C., Richard Thompson J.P.  Gerald Greenwood was at one time Captain of the Golf Club.

The recreation ground at Feniscowles and Pleasington was built in memorial of those who died during the World Wars.

The bowling green and tennis courts at Griffin were the gift of Mr. A. Norman Dugdale J.P. (in 1921) and were dedicated to the memory of the men of Britain who had fallen defending their country.  An inscribed stone near the entrance read: 'This recreation ground was made for the use of the parishioners of St. Philip's, Griffin, by A. N. Dugdale, Esq., J.P., as a thanksoffering for Victory and Peace.  A.D. 1921'.

Off Higher Croft Road
(Behind the Vicarage)
A World War One memorial at the Bowling Green at Lower Darwen.  'This bowling green and tennis court was laid in honour of the men of this church and school who gave their lives in the Great War, 1914-1918'.  Beneath this inscription are the following six names: Richard E. Duckworth, James H. Gardner, Robert W. Haworth, William H. Livesey, Harry Robinson, Osborne Walmsley.

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