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There is a marble tablet which stands as a memorial to those who died during the World Wars located on the exterior of the building.
There is a First World War memorial from Peel Mill at Darwen.  It is on display at a small private museum at an Antiques Centre.  It is a wooden board with a bronze plaque and is decorated with two wreaths in relief.  It is not known why the memorial was moved but is presumed that it was originally displayed at Peel Mill.  The mill became part of a larger chemical plant complex and the plaque was found in the cellar of the Darwen Winders and Warpers Association.  There are 62 names listed on the memorial, the names of those who were killed are listed in red.  It is inscribed: '1914-1919 T. W. A. Forrest and Co. Ltd, Peel Mill, Darwen.  To commemorate the names of those who in the time of need came forward in the service of their King and Country and in defence of the liberties of Europe in the Great War.  The gallant men whose names are rubricated made the supreme sacrifice'.
There is a bronze Roll of Honour which honours those who died during the Second World War which contains 49 names.
There are two memorials at Shaw's Glazed Brickworks at Waterside for World War One and Two.  They are approximately 30" by 18" and are situated in the old canteen which is now a storeroom.  This is a photograph of the World War One Memorial.
There is a war memorial at the Refuge Assurance Buildings on Ainsworth Street in the entrance hall.

 In 2009 the Voith factory at Witton closed down. The factory, previously known as Scapa Dryers Limited had been on the site since the early part of the last century and when former employee Roger Booth, now Library Officer of Community History at Blackburn Central Library heard of the factory's demise he contacted them in order to try and save some of the important artifacts from the factory for the town.
One of the items that were saved was the 1939-1945 War Memorial, which names the employees of Scapa Dryers who served in the armed forces during WW2. Of those fifty-nine men, six were killed and their names are marked on the memorial with a cross. The Memorial was, however, in danger of being forgotten or ending up being thrown away in a skip. As it was always in pride of place in the factory Roger contacted Stephen Irwin, Education Officer at Blackburn Museum in order to try and salvage it. The Museum agreed to have the Memorial but rather than see the Memorial go into storage, the Museum staff felt it should continue to be used by members of the Witton Community and so they asked Witton Park High School if they would give the Memorial a home.
On Thursday 20th January 2010, former Manager of Scapa, Dudley Cannon, officially unveiled the Memorial in the School in front of a number of guests including Councillor Damian Talbot, Headteacher Dean Logan along with Governors and teachers from the School, Gordon Hebden and Kenny & Kenneth Houghton whose relations are named on the Memorial, and of course Roger, Stephen & Laura Parfitt, Head of History at Witton Park High School, who all helped to secure the future of the Memorial. Pupils from Witton Park School who had painstakingly researched the people who were named on the Memorial also got the chance to speak about their findings and talk to former employees of the factory.
The Memorial is on loan from the Museum to Witton Park High School for the next 18 months until a new school is ready and hopefully the Memorial will have a permanent home in the new school. Anyone can view the Memorial and can do so by contacting Witton Park High School on 01254 264551 and ask for Laura Parfitt.
This is the list of the people named on the memorial:
Ainsworth G, Allsup H*, Ashworth H, Ashworth PN, Bennett T, Blackburn JH, Bradley F, Buckley H, Campbell A, Campbell J, Carr JV, Carter W, Carysforth H, Chadwick W, Charnley A, Crompton T, Dickinson TA, Evans G, Fort J, Green A, Hamilton J, Hayhurst W, Hebden N (DFC), Hebson C, Hewitt N, Hindle J, Houghton A *, Jackson J*, Johnson R, Knott F, Leeming J, Livesey J, Livesey W, Longworth F, Lowe D, Mitchell M, Morris J, Munroe A, McCabe G, Norcross F, Orme H, Parker H, Parkinson F*, Proctor AS, Read H*, Read S, Riley H, Roper GL, Rushworth F, Shepherd S, Tattersall A, Tomlinson R, van Goietsenoven F, Waddington E*, Walmsley W, Wardell J, Webber C, Whitehouse T, Wilkinson G.
The names on the list marked with a * are those men who were killed.
  The War Memorial before it was put in place...
Former Manager of Scapa Dryers, Dudley Cannon, gives a talk about the history of Scapa,
 its importance in the local community and its’ connections with Witton Park School...
Dudley Cannon presents Laura Parfitt, Head of History at Witton Park School, with
a book "Scapa Dryers - The Early Years" which was co-written by Dudley
The pupils of Witton Park School share their stories obtained from their
extensive research into the people named on the memorial...

Dudley Cannon officially unveils the War Memorial...
dudley unveiling 1.jpg 
 Kenny Houghton, Kenneth Houghton, Roger Booth (Library Officer for Community History at Blackburn Central Library),
 Dudley Cannon, Stephen Irwin (Education Officer at Blackburn Museum),
Laura Parfiit and some pupils from Witton Park High School... 

 Dudley Cannon with the unveiled War Memorial...
 Kenny & Kenneth Houghton tell a pupil from Witton Park High School
about their relation on the War Memorial...