Peel Mill, DarwenShaws' Glazed Brick Co., Darwen


There is a First World War memorial from Peel Mill at Darwen.  It is on display at a small private museum at an Antiques Centre.  It is a wooden board with a bronze plaque and is decorated with two wreaths in relief.  It is not known why the memorial was moved but is presumed that it was originally displayed at Peel Mill.  The mill became part of a larger chemical plant complex and the plaque was found in the cellar of the Darwen Winders and Warpers Association.  There are 62 names listed on the memorial, the names of those who were killed are listed in red.  It is inscribed: '1914-1919 T. W. A. Forrest and Co. Ltd, Peel Mill, Darwen.  To commemorate the names of those who in the time of need came forward in the service of their King and Country and in defence of the liberties of Europe in the Great War.  The gallant men whose names are rubricated made the supreme sacrifice'.

There are two memorials at Shaw's Glazed Brickworks at Waterside for World War One and Two.  They are approximately 30" by 18" and are situated in the old canteen which is now a storeroom.  This is a photograph of the World War One Memorial.