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Memories of the Isabel Horsfield

jb22684.jpg​I was a Petty Officer at the Royal Naval College at Greenwich for the duration of the second World War, although lots of Wrens came and went.  Being the RNC it was obviously a target for the Luftwaffe, and was bombed on numerous occasions day and night.
One terrifying incident that happened to me was in the middle of the night.  The sirens went off, I had to rouse everybody in my cabin and had to get them to the air raid shelters.  Before we could reach the shelter, the bomb hit, we were blasted onto the lawn and I landed face down, the bomb had landed only feet away.  It seemed like time stood still, although it could only have been minutes it seemed like hours.  There were several casualties but one of the Wrens lost her life that night.  As I was lying on the lawn there was a deadly silence.  But in my mind I was praying, "Preserve me O Lord, for in you I place my trust".  That night I was glad he was listening to me.

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By Bridie Sutto​n

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