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The war memorials have been split into manageable sections which include religion, schools, work places, clubs and “other”. “Other memorials” are those that do not neatly fit in with any other section, such as, Blackburn War Memorial at Corporation Park and paintings.

The information used to compile the War Memorial section was taken from numerous sources including newspapers, books, leaflets, as well as the Imperial War Museum War Memorial Register (I.W.M). All sources are indicated at the end of each particular Memorial.

The descriptions of the memorials are taken from the newspaper reports of the time. Discrepancies can sometimes be found between the newspaper reports and the I.W.M. with regard to descriptions and names. More often than not, in these cases, the newspapers reports have usually been followed.

This work is not yet complete; memorials will continue to be added as well photographs as they are found. If you have any further information or photographs of Memorials please send it/them to the Community History Library at Blackburn Library or by email to:

Research for this project was carried out by:
Stephen Smith
Brian Houghton
The late Ray Smith