Abbott David.jpg
Private, 23012, East Lancashire Regiment 6th Bn.
14th August 1916, 26 years.
Blackburn Cemetery J. C. E. 10279
Abbott Frank.jpg
Driver, 18127, East Lancashire Regiment 9th Bn.
16th August 1916.
Salonika (Lembet Road) Military Cemetery
Abbott Fred.jpg
Corporal, 307619, Lancashire Fusiliers, 2nd/
8th Bn.
2nd January 1918, 31 years.
Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery, XXVI. D. 14.
ABBOTT, George
 Abbott George ct.jpg
Private, 13480, King's Own Scottish Borderers, 2nd Bn.
5th September 1916.
Thiepval Memorial, Pier and Face 4 A and 4 B.
Abbott Peter PTE ct.jpg
Private, G/21985, Royal Sussex Regiment, 2nd Bn.
9 April 1918, 29 years.
Cambrin Military Cemetery, N. 39.
Abbott Peter.jpg
Private, 82224, Durham Light Infantry, 20th Bn.
27th May 1919, 20 years.
Cologne Southern Cemetery, IV. A. 16.
ABBOTT, Richard
Abbott Richard.jpg
Private, 7754, King's Own Scottish Borderers, 1st/5th Bn.
8th November 1917, 38 years.
Gaza War Cemetery, II. B 12.
ABRAM, Arthur William
Private, 451772, Canadian Infantry, 58th Bn.
19th August 1916, 30 years.
Railway Dugouts Burial Ground (Transport Farm), B. 1.
ABRAM, Robert
Abrams Robert.jpg
Private, 17737, King's Shropshire Regiment, 5th Bn.
15 December 1915.
Potije Chateau Lawn Cemetery, D. 22.
ADAMS, Alfred
Adams Alfred.jpg
Private, 13822, Cameronians (Scottish Rifles), 10th Bn.
25 September 1915, 18 years.
Loos Memorial, Panel 57 to 59.

ADAMS, ​Percy John
Private, 23648, East Lancashire Regiment, 1st Bn.
19th October 1917, 30 years.
St. Sever Cemetery, Extension, P.III.M.14B.

ADDISON, Arthur William
Addison Arthur William.jpg
Private  12138  Coldstream Guards, 3rd Bn.
15  September 1916, 21 years.
Thiepval Memorial Pier and Face 7 D and 8 D.
Addison Thomas.jpg
Private, 18122, King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment), 8th BN.
19th July 1916.
Thiepval Memorial, Pier and Face 5 D and 12 B.
Corporal, 351464, London Regiment, 1st/7th Bn.
7 October 1916.
Thiepval Memorial Pier and Face 9 D 9 C 13 C and 12 C.
AINSWORTH, Alexander
Ainsworth Alex ct.jpg
Private, 15096, Monmouthshire Regiment, 2nd Bn.
28 January 1917.
Guards Cemetery Lesboeufs Special Memorial 1.
Corporal, 3328, Machine Gun Corps (Infantry), 46th Coy.
15th September 1916, 40 years.
Thiepval Memorial Pier and Face 5 C and 12 C.

Ainsworth A CT.jpg
Corporal, L/9065, Royal Field Artillery, 150bde, B Bty.
9th April 1918
Hedauvill Communal Cemetery Extension
AINSWORTH, Christopher
Lance Corporal, 4940, East Surry Regiment, 8th Bn.
8 July 1917.
Hooge Crater Cemetery XIV. C. 5.
Ainsworth Edward ct.jpg
Sergeant, 17842, Royal Army Medical Corps, 11th Field Ambulance.
12th May 1917 33 years.
St. Nicolas British Cemetery, I. J. 8.
Ainsworth George.jpg
Corporal, 16669, Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry, 2nd Bn.
13 October 1916.
Thiepval Memorial Pier and Face 10 A and 10 D.

St. Bartholomews
Ainsworth Harold ct.jpg
Private, 25308, East Lancashire Regiment, 9th Bn.
28 April 1917, 24 years.
Karasouli Military Cemetery, E. 1063.
Private, 71697, The King's (Liverpool Regiment)
19 November 1919, 27 years.
Darwen Cemetery, III. 3481.

Private, 200603, East Lancashire Regiment, 1st/4th Bn.
1st June 1917.
La Chapelette British and Indian Cemetery, Peronne, II. F. 12.
AINSWORTH, Edward Harry
Ainsworth Harry ct.jpg
Corporal, 14076, King's Own (Scottish Borderers), 8th Bn.
21st February 1916, 32 years.
Vermelles British Cemetery, II. D. 5.

Ainsworth Henry.jpg
Private, 18916, Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry 3rd Bn.
15th October 1915, 24 years.
Quarry Cemetery Vermelles, B. 17.
Gunner, 165006, Royal Garrison Artillery, 90th Siege Bty.
27 July 1918.
Canadian Farm Cemetery, IV. B. 11.
Private, 9508, Lancashire Fusiliers, 9th Bn.
7th August 1915, 21 years.
Helles Memorial, Panel 58 to 72 or 218 to 219.
Gunner, Royal Field Artillery
31st August 1917.
Ainsworth J ct.jpg
Private, 307695, Lancashire Fusiliers 1st/5th Bn.
21st June 1918, 39 years.
Blackburn Cemetery O. C.E. 16647.
Private, 20577, Royal Fusiliers, 7th Bn.
30th May 1917, 40 years.
Arras Memorial, Bay 3.
Ainsworth Samuel ct.jpg
Private, 963, East Lancashire Regiment
1st/4th Bn.    
13 August 1915, 34 year.
Helles memorial, Addenda Panel.
Private, 37336, East Lancashire Regiment 11th Bn.
7 June 1918, 36 years.
Pont-Du-Hem Military Cemetery, La Gorgue IV. E. 22.
AINSWORTH, William Henry
Ainsworth W H ct.jpg
Sergeant, 200266, East Lancashire Regiment, 2nd/4th Bn.
9th October 1917.
Tyne Cot Memorial, Panel 77 to 79 and 163A.
AIREY, Harold Ferguson
Airey Harold F ct.jpg
Flight Sub-Lieutenant, Royal Naval Air Service.
23 November 1917.
St. Anne's-On-Sea Churchyard, N. 19. B.
AIREY, Richard
Private, 28799, East Lancashire Regiment, 7th Bn.
23rd September 1917, 31 years.
Tyne Cot Memorial, Panel 77 to 79 and 163A.
AIREY, Thomas
Airey Thomas ct.jpg
Gunner, 700465, Royal Field Artillery, 210th Bde.
28th September 1917, 26 years.
Dozinghem Military Cemetery, VI. H. 15.
AIREY, William
Airey William ct.jpg
Gunner, 701214, Royal Field Artillery, 330th Bde.
5th January 1918, 23 years.
Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery, XXVI. DD. 5A.
Private, 28100, Royal Dublin Fusiliers, 10th Bn.
26th September 1917, 23 years.
Croisilles British Cemetery, II. F. 3.
ALBIN, Joseph
Albin Joseph ct.jpg
Lance-Corporal, 25128, East Lancashire Regiment, 7th Bn.
20th June 1917, 26 years.
R. E. Farm Cemetery, III. B. 1.
ALKER, Joseph
Alker Joseph ct.jpg
Private, S/15991, Black Watch (Royal Highlanders), 9th Bn.
28th January 1917.
St. Sever Cemetery Extension, Rouen, O. IV. F. 7.

ALLEN, James
Private, 6080, East Lancashire Regiment, 1st Bn.
20 January 1915.
Ploegsteert Memorial, Panel 5 and 6.

Almond Fred ct.jpg 
Rifleman, B/203529, Rifle Brigade, 1st Bn.
23 October 1916, 26 years.
A.I.F. Burial Ground, Flers, II. K. 20.
ALMOND, George
Almond George Driver ct.jpg 
Driver, 51418, Royal Engineers, 65th Coy.
27th January 1916, 36 years.
Blackburn Cemetery, J. C.E. 11462.
ALMOND, George
Private, 15981, The Loyal Lancashire Regiment 9th Bn.
7th July 1916.
Thiepval memorial Pier and Face 11 A.
ALMOND, George
Almond  George ct.jpg
Driver, 56735, Royal Field Artillery, 103rd Bde.
9th July 1917.
Bus House Cemetery, C. 30.
Almond James ct.jpg 
Rifleman, Z/1312, Rifle Brigade, 1st Bn.
13th May 1915, 28 years.
Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, Panel 46-48 and 50.
ALMOND, James William
Almond James W ct.jpg 
Able Seaman, Z/1993, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, S.S. Lepento
23rd October 1917.
Lower Darwen St. James's, Old Ground, Near West Boundry.
1st Class Waiter, N/A, S.S. Lusitania
7th May 1915, 26 years.
Tower Hill Memorial.
ALMOND, Joshua
Private, 26748, East Lancashire Regiment 8th Bn.
27th March 1918.
Mezieres Communal Cemetery Extension, B. 13.
ALMOND, Samuel
Almond Samuel ct.jpg 
Private, 22757, East Lancashire Regiment, 2nd Bn.
23rd October 1916, 28 years.
Thiepval Memorial, Pier and Face 6 C.
ALSTON, Walter
Alston Walter ct.jpg 
Lance Corporal, 19/630, Durham Light Infantry, 19th Bn.
20th April 1917.
Vadencourt British Cemetery, Maissemy, V. A. 14.
ALTHAM, Ernest
Altham Ernest ct.jpg 
Lance Corporal, 17010, Lancashire Fusiliers, 18th Bn.
15th April 1917, 22 years.
Thiepval Memorial, Pier and Face 3 C and 3 D.
ALTHAM, Richard
Altham Richard ct.jpg 
Rifleman, S/6791, Rifle Brigade, 1st Bn.
3rd May 1915, 20 years.
Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, Panel 46-48 and 50.
Anderson Arthur ct.jpg 
Private, 66246, Royal Scots, 2nd/10th Bn.
13th October 1918, 20 years.
Archangle Memorial.
ANDERSON, Dennis Taylor
Anderson Dennis ct.jpg 
Corporal, 18040, Highland Light Infantry, 12th Bn.
30th October 1915, 21 years.
Loos Memorial, panel 108 to 112.
Anderson Thomas ct.jpg 
Lance Corporal, 12892, Border Regiment, 8th Bn.
6th June 1917.
St. Quentin Cabaret Military Cemetery II. L. 17.
ANDERSON, Thomas Francis
Anderson Thomas F ct.jpg 
Private, 19755, East Lancashire Regiment 1st Bn.
8th August 1916.
Essex Farm Cemetery, III. B. 11.
Private, 14​0953, Royal Fusiliers 47th Bn.
3rd August 1920, 37 years.
Les Baraques Military Cemetery, Sangatte, VII. F. 9.
Anderson William ct.jpg 
Private, 13805, King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, 9th Bn.
26th January, 1916.
Cite Bonjean Military Cemetery, Armentieres, IX. E. 55.
ANDERTON, Alan Kirby
Anderton Alan ct.jpg 
Rifleman, R38137, King’s Royal Rifle Corps, 10th Bn.
30th November 1917, 19 years.
Cambrai Memorial, Louerval, Panel 9.
Anderton William ct.jpg 
Private, 29616, South Lancashire Regiment, 2nd Bn.
6th September 1917, 24 years.
Tyne Cot Memorial Panel 92 to 93 and 162 A.

ANDREWS, ​Charles
Private, 20596, Devonshire Regiment, 8th Bn.
2nd April 1917, 40 years.
Arras Memorial, Bay 4.
ANDREWS, Thomas William
Andrews Thomas W ct.jpg 
Gunner, L/8415, Royal Field Artillery, 150th Bde.
4th July 1916, 19 years.
Peronne Road Cemetery, Maricourt, I. A. 12.
ANDREWS, William
Anely QMS ct.jpg 
Quartermaster Sergeant, 4196, 9th (Queen's Royal ) Lancers
13th May 1915, 36 years.
Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, Panel 5.
Sergeant, 466171, Canadian Infantry, 72nd Bn.
4th April 1917.
Villers Station Cemetery Villers-Au-Bois, VII. H. 17.

APPERLEY, Charles Milton
Apperley Charles M ct.jpg 
2nd Lieutenant, Machine Gun Corps, (Infantry)
28th March 1918, 30 years.
Cabaret-Rouge British Cemetery, Souchez, XVI. F. 12.
Appleby Eric ct.jpg 
2nd Lieutenant, Royal Field Artillery, 42 Bde.
28th October 1916, 23 years.
Grove Town Cemetery, Meaulte, II. D. 43.
Appleton George ct.jpg 
Private, 21224, East Lancashire Regiment, 2nd Bn.
7th July 1916.
Gordon Dump Cemetery Ovillers-La-Boisselle, III. M. 7.
Gunner, Royal Field Artillery

Private, 265281, South Lancashire Regiment, 4th Bn.
24th August 1921, 36 years.
Pleasington Priory, E. G. 1.
Arkwright James ct.jpg 
Private, 7539, Lancashire Fusiliers, 2/5th Bn.
12th September 1916,
Theipval Memorial, Pier and Face 3 C and 3 D,
Private, 6377, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment,
1st Bn.
31st October 1914.
Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, Panel 41 and 43.
ARKWRIGHT, Thomas Wilkinson
Arkwright Thomas ct.jpg 
Private, 18086, King’s Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment), 7th Bn.
21st September 1915.
Le Touret Military Cemetery, Richbourg-L'Avoue, II. H. 5.
Private, 102946, Sherwood Foresters (Notts. and Derby Regiment), 10th Bn.
4th November 1918, 26 years.
Blackburn Cemetery, D. N.C. 3718.
Armstrong John ct.jpg 
Private, 242235, King’s Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment), 2nd/5th Bn.
20th March 1918.
Croix-Du-Bac British Cemetery, Steenwerck, I. H. 3.
ARMSTRONG, Robert Henry Parkinson
Armstrong Robert H ct.jpg 
Private, 2430, Monmouthshire Regiment, 3rd Bn.
18th July 1916.
Puchevillers British Cemetery, I. E. 16.
Armstrong William ct.jpg 
Private, 242065, Lancashire Fusiliers, 1st/6th Bn.
21st March 1918, 27 years.
Pozieres Memorial, Panel 32 to 34.
ARTHUR, James Horsell
Arthur James ct.jpg 
Private, 13054, East Lancashire Regiment, 9th Bn.
1st May 1917, 22 years.
Karasouli Military Cemetery, E. 1120.

ARTHUR, Lawrence
Private, 17570, Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry, 8th Bn.
7th May 1917.
Mikra British Cemetery, 4.
ARTHUR, Robert William Herbert (Roy)
Private, 7601, Royal Fusiliers, 22nd Bn.
9th June 1917, 21 years.
Roclincourt Military Cemetery, I. C. 25.
ARTHUR, William
Private, 28480, Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry, 7th Bn.
28th March 1918.
Pozieres Memorial, Panel 45.
ASHBY, John Richard
Ashby John ct.jpg 
Private, 67972, Machine Gun Corps (Infantry).
1st April 1918, 38 years.
Pozieres Memorial, Panel 90 to 93.
Ashcroft Robert ct.jpg 
Lance Corporal, 15600, King’s Own Scottish Borderers, 7th Bn.
25th September 1915.
Loos Memorial, Panel 53 to 56.
ASHER, Peter Neild
Asher Peter ct.jpg 
Private, 61222, The Buffs (East Kent Regiment) 10th Bn.
3rd June 1919, 19 years.
Blackburn Cemetery, H. C.E. 5295.
ASHLEY, Alfred Edward
Trooper, 12630, Staffordshire Yeomanry.
13th October 1918.
Chatby Memorial
ASHLEY, Arthur
Ashley Arthur ct.jpg 
Private, 15970, Border Regiment, 6th Bn.
1st September 1917, 19 years.
Lower Darwen St. James, New Ground V. 19.
ASHLEY, James M.M.
Ashley, James CT.jpg
2nd Lieutenant, King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment.
2nd May 1918, 36 years.
Loos Memorial, Panel 19 and 20.
ASHTON, Daniel
Private, 15491, Royal Scots Fusiliers, 2nd Bn.
17th May 1915, 18 years.
Le Touret Memorial, Panel 12 and 13.
ASHTON, Ernest
Ashton Ernest ct.jpg 
Gunner, 124401, Royal Garrison Artillery, 291st Siege Bty.
18th October 1918, 29 years.
Becquigny Communal Cemetery, 6.
ASHTON, Frank Walker
Private, 10769, Devonshire Regiment, 8th Bn.
25th September 1915, 19 years.
Loos Memorial, Panel 35 to 37.
ASHTON, George
Ashton George ct.jpg 
Private, 242752, East Lancashire Regiment, 1st/5th Bn.
28th April 1917, 30 years.
Thiepval Memorial, Pier and Face 6 C.
Ashton, Harry CT.jpg
Sergeant, 13827, Cameronians  (Scottish Rifles), 11th Bn.
8th July 1917, 20 years.
Karasouli Military Cemetery, C. 487.
Ashton john ct.jpg 
Private, 6728, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, 1st Bn.
19th January 1915.
Hamburg Cemetery, III. B. 13.
ASHTON, Joseph
Ashton Joseph ct.jpg 
Private, 10295, East Lancashire Regiment, 1st Bn.
6th July 1915.
Talana Farm Cemetery, II. F. 31.
ASHTON, Lawrence
Ashton Laurence ct.jpg 
Corporal, 138116, Canadian Infantry 75th Bn.
2nd September 1918.
Dury Mill British Cemetery, II. B. 38.
ASHTON, Richard
Private, 6439, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, 1st Bn.
29th June 1916, 40 years.
Preston (New Hall Lane) Cemetery, O. C.E. 675.
ASHTON, Richard S.
Private, 235222, North Staffordshire Regiment, 8th Bn.
1st May 1918, 26 years.
Klein-Vierstraat British Cemetery, V. B. 17.
ASHTON, William
Private, 21920, East Lancashire Regiment, 6th Bn.
26th February 1917, 21 years.
Basra Memorial, Panel 19.
ASHTON, William
Private, 6958, Australian Infantry A.I.F. 16th Bn.
5 August 1917.
Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial Panel 7-17-23-25-27-29-31.
ASHWORTH, Clifford
Ashworth Clifford ct.jpg 
Private, 203281, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, 10th Bn.
10 April 1918, 20 years.
Crux-Du-Bac British Cemetery, Steenwerck, Sp. Mem. A. 10.
Ashworth Fred ct.jpg 
Private, 242745, East Lancashire Regiment, 1st/5th Bn.
6 November 1918.
Maubeuge-Centre Cemetery, D. 5.
Ashworth Jack ct.jpg 
Gunner, 745820, Royal Field Artillery, 8th Bde.
31st August 1917.
Artillery Wood Cemetery, I. B. 20.

Private, 25008, King’s Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment), 8th Bn.
30th April 1917, 24 years.
Arras Memorial, Bay 2.
Private, 201500, East Lancashire Regiment, 1st/4th Bn.
2 October 1918.
Le Cateau Military Cemetery, I. B. 156.
ASHWORTH, Lawrence
Private, 20068, Manchester Regiment, 5th Reserve Bn.
16th August 1915, 46 years.
Blackburn Cemetery, N. C.E. 9104.


Ashworth Peter ct.jpg 
Private, 1913, East Lancashire Regiment, 1st/4th Bn.
12th May 1915, 23 years.
Lancashire Landing Cemetery, D. 5.
Ashworth, Robert ct.jpg
Private, 37639, East Lancashire Regiment, 11th Bn.
31st July 1917.
Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, Panel 34.
ashworth T ct.jpg 
Rifleman, R/10507, Kings Royal Rifle Corps 1st Bn.
29th September 1915, 31 years.
Loos Memorial panel 101 and 102.
ASHWORTH, Thomas Edward
Company Quartermaster Sergeant, 5637, Border Regiment, 2nd Bn.
26th October 1914, 34 years.
Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, Panel 35.
Aspden Albert ct.jpg 
Private, 29434, East Lancashire Regiment,11th Bn.
27th March 1918.
Arras memorial, Addenda Panel.
ASPDEN, Arthur M. M.
Aspden Arthur ct.jpg 
Sergeant, R/34839, Kings Royal Rifle Corps, 7th Bn.
21 March 1918.
Pozieres Memorial, Panel 61 to 64.

ASPDEN, Arthur
East lancashire Regiment, 2 Bn.
ASPDEN, Herbert
Aspden Herbert ct.jpg 
Private, 5426, East Lancashire Regiment, 6th Bn.
30th April 1917, 28 years.
Basra Memorial, Panel 19.
ASPDEN, Maurice
Aspden  Maurice ct.jpg 
Private, 5937, East Lancashire Regiment, 2nd Bn.
14th March 1915.
Boulogne Eastern Cemetery, III. C. 86.
ASPDEN, Thomas Arthur
Aspden Thomas ct.jpg
Private, 18155, East Lancashire Regiment, 2nd Bn.
5th April 1916.
Lievin Communal Cemetery Extension, IV. F. 20.

ASPIN, Albert
Aspin Albert ct.jpg 
Sergeant, 12085, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, 7th Bn.
4th January 1918, 21 years.
Rocquigny-Equancourt Road British Cemetery, Manancourt, IX. D. 8
Aspin Fred ct.jpg 
Private, 53272, Machine Gun Corps (Infantry).
20th September 1917.
Tyne Cot Memorial, Panel 154 to 159 and 163A.
ASPIN, George Alfred
Aspin George Alfred ct.jpg 
Private, 28824, East Lancashire Regiment, 11th Bn.
1st July 1917, 39 years.
Arras Memorial, Bay 6.
ASPIN, Gilbert
Aspin Gilbert ct.jpg 
Private, 21017, Royal Welsh Fusiliers, 14th Bn.
5th September 1917, 21 years.
Tyne Cot memorial, Panel 63 to 65.
ASPIN, Harry
Aspin Harry ct.jpg 
Private, 203794, East Lancashire Regiment, 1st Bn.
21st March 1918, 30 years.
Arras Memorial, Bay 6.
Aspin Jack ct.jpg 
Driver, 75062, Royal Field Artillery, 123rd Bde.
24th March 1919, 20 years.
Blackburn Cemetery, J. C.E. 11433.
ASPIN, Jacob
Aspin Jacob ct.jpg
Lance Sergeant, 15/19521, Cheshire Regiment, 15th Bn. (Bantam)​
4th December 1916.
St. Stephen's Tockholes, M. 32.
ASPIN, James
Aspin James ct.jpg 
Lance Corporal, 42088, Manchester Regiment, 1st/10th Bn.
31st August 1918, 20 years.
Bancourt British Cemetery, II. H. 9.
Aspin John 1 ct.jpg 
Signaller, 249455, Royal Engineers, 38th Signal Corps.
22nd August 1917, 21 years.
Canada Farm Cemetery, II. H. 5.
ASPIN, John​
Private, 23973, King’s Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment), 2nd Bn.
7th September 1918, 25 years.
Salonika (Lembet Road) Military Cemetery, 1515.
ASPIN, Richard
Aspin Richard ct.jpg 
Lance Corporal, 13581, Cameronians (Scottish Rifles), 10th Bn.
15th September 1916, 24 years.
Thiepval Memorial, Pier and Face 4 D.
ASPIN, Robert
Aspin Robert ct.jpg 
Private, 12083, East Lancashire Regiment, 6th Bn.
9th August 1915, 32 years.
Helles Memorial, Panel 113 to 117.
ASPIN, Thomas
Aspin Thomas Corporal ct.jpg 
Corporal, 35611, East Lancashire Regiment, 11th Bn.
28th June 1917, 32 years.
Arras Memorial, Bay 6.
ASPIN, Thomas
Aspin Thomas ct.jpg 
Private, 19983, Lancashire Fusiliers, 20th Bn.
1st January 1917, 21 years.
Douchy-Les-Ayette British Cemetery, I. J. 5.

ASPIN, Thomas
Corporal, 14111, King's Own Scottish Borderers, 7th Bn.
25th September 1915.
Loos Memorial, Panel 53 to 56.
ASPIN, William
ASPIN, William
Aspin William ct.jpg 
Corporal, 17334, Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry, 7th Bn.
21st November 1917.
Cambrai Memorial, Louverval, Panel 6.
ASPIN, William
Aspin William QS ct.jpg 
Company Quartermaster Sergeant, 200048, East Lancashire Regiment, 1st/4th Bn.
10th February 1918, 27 years.
St. James's Lower Darwen, New Ground V. 21.
 Aspinall  James ct.jpg
Rifleman, 227032, Monmouthshire Regiment, 1st Bn.
15th April 1918.
Lindenhoek Chalet Military Cemetery, II. D. 6.
Aspinall William ct.jpg 
Private, 142893, Machine Gun Corps (Infantry), 66th Bn.
29th March 1918, 23 years.
Pozieres Memorial, Panel 90 to 93.
Corporal, 47806, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, 13th Bn.
27th August 1918, 37 years.
Outtersteene Communal Cemetery Extension, Bailleul, I. J. 44.
ASTLEY, Alfred
Astley, A  ct.jpg
Corporal, 201704, Royal Welsh Fusiliers, 19th Bn.
4th December 1917, 35 years.
Fourmies Communal Cemetery, A. 16.
ASTLEY, Herbert
Private, 23875, Kings Own Scottish Borderers, 6th Bn.
3rd June 1917.
Mindel Trench British Cemetery, St. Laurent-Blangy, C. 31.
Private, 94212, The King's(Liverpool Regiment), 12th Bn.
2nd April 1918.
Pozieres Cemetery, Panel 21 to 23.
Astley John ct.jpg 
Lance Corporal, 9894, East Lancashire Regiment, 2nd Bn.
9th May, 1915, 26 years.
Ration Farm Military Cemetery, La Chapelle-D'Armntieres, VI. A. 50.
ASTLEY, John (Jack)
Private, 46677, Manchester Regiment, 2nd Bn.
5th May 1917, 29 years.
St. Sever Cemetery Extension, Rouen P. I. J. 2B.
ASTLEY, Sydney
Astley Sydney ct.jpg 
Driver, 70550, Royal Field Artillery, 29th Div.
6th December 1917, 23 years.
Rocquigny-Equancourt Road British Cemetery, Mamancourt, V. E. 1
ASTLEY, Walter
Astley Walter ct.jpg 
Private, 5052, Lancashire Fusiliers, 10th Bn.
27th June 1916.
Thiepval Memorial, Pier and Face 3 C and 3 D.

Atherton William ct.jpg 
Private, 2321, East Lancashire Regiment 1st/4th Bn.
21st June 1915.
Panel 113 to 117 Memorial, Panel 113 to 117.

ATKIN, Francis Edward
Private, 5552, Australian Infantry, A.I.F.
20th September 1917, 19 years.
Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, Panel 7-17-23 25 27 29 31.

Atkinson Arthur ct.jpg 
Private, 27947, East Lancashire Regiment 11th Bn.
3rd August 1917, 19 years.
La Targette British Cemetery, Neuville-St. Vaast, I. H. 1.
Pioneer, 606439, Royal Engineers
4th November 1919.
Blackburn Cemetery, M. C.E. 6283.
Atkinson Charles ct.jpg 
Private, G/2263, Queen’s Own (Royal West Kent Regiment), 8th Bn.
26th September 1915, 25 years.
Loos Memorial, Panel 95 to 97.
Atkinson Fred ct.jpg 
Rifleman, R/11790, King’s Royal Rifle Corps, 2nd Bn.
1st July 1916, 20 years.
Arras Memorial, Bay 7.

Private, 6987, East Lancashire Regiment 2nd Bn.
23rd October 1916
Thiepval Memorial, Pier and Face 6 C.
ATKINSON, Harold Frederick
Atkinson Harold F ct.jpg 
Rifleman, S/7219, Rifle Brigade, 8th Bn.
3rd December 1915, 18 years.
Lijssenthoek military Cemetery, II. C. 13A.
ATKINSON, John James Norman​​
Private, 12033, East Lancashire Regiment, 6th Bn.
9th August 1915, 30 years.
Helles Memorial, Panel 113 to 117.
Austin John ct.jpg 
Lance Corporal, 1521, East Lancashire Regiment, 1st/4th Bn.
10th June 1915, 19 years.
Helles Memorial, Addenda Panel.