Ibbotson  E 150.jpg
Lance Sergeant, 32056, Border Regiment 9th Bn.
18th September 1918, 25 years.
Karasouli Military Cemetery, B.  329.
IBBOTSON, George Sharples
Second Lieutenant, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, 5th Bn.
14th May 1918.
Loos Memorial, Panel 89 to 9.
INGHAM, Arthur
Ingham Arthur 150.jpg
Private, 3436, East Lancashire Regiment ,1st/4th Bn.
13th August 1915, 21 years.
Helles Memorial, Panel 113 to 117.
INGHAM, Edward
Ingham Edward 150.jpg
Driver, M/2099447, Royal Army Service Corps, Motor Transport.
17th November 1915.
Hollybrook Memorial.
INGHAM, Frederick
Ingham Fred 150.jpg
Corporal, 12131, King’s Own (Shropshire Light Infantry), 6th Bn.
30th June 1916, 23 years.
Vlamertinghe New Military Cemetery, III. D. 19.
Private, 28441, East Lancashire Regiment, 3rd Bn.
21st July 1917, 36 years.
Blackburn Cemetery, C. N.C. 2422.
INGHAM, Thomas
Ingham Thomas 150.jpg
Private, 73187, Royal Welsh Regiment, 15th Bn.
23rd August 1918, 18 years.
Vis-en-Artois Memorial, Panel 7.

INGHAM, Walter
Rifleman, R/11567, King’s Royal Rifle Brigade, 9th Bn.
25th September 1915.
Poperinghe New Military Cemetery, I. G. 16.
Isherwood Fred 150.jpg
Boy 1st Cass , J/37862 Royal Navy, HMS Hampshire.
5th June 1916.
Plymouth Naval Cemetery, 13.
Isherwood Fred Sig 150.jpg
Gunner, 700973, Royal Field Artillery, 330th Bde.
15th August 1917.
Adinkerke Military Cemetery, A. 35.
Isherdwood John 150.jpg
Private, 13611, Machine Gun Corps (Infantry) ,38th Brigade
28th September 1918. 30 years
St. Sever Cemetery Extension Rouen, S. II. D. 4.
Isherwood Joseph 150.jpg 
Private, 15021, East Lancashire Regiment, 7th Bn.
24th July 1917, 41 years.
Locre Hospice Cemetery, I. A. 23.
Isherwood Robert 150.jpg
Private 63969 Machine Gun Corps (Infantry) 61st Bde.
5th October 1918.
St. Venant Community Cemetery, IV. B. 11.
ISHERWOOD, William Albert
isherwood William A 150.jpg 
Corporal, 5206, Lancashire Fusiliers, 1st Bn.
1st July 1916, 24 years.
Thiepval Memorial Somme, Pier and Face 3 C and 3 D.
JACKSON, Edward A.
Jackson Edward 150.jpg
Corporal, M2/222547, Royal Army Service Corps, 9th Tank Brigade.
10th August 1918, 31 years.
Cayeux Military Cemetery, I. E. 10.
Lance Corporal, King’s Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment), 1st/4th Bn
23rd August 1918, 25 years.
Leuze Community Cemetery, II. C. 6.
Private, 24071, East Lancashire Regiment, 10th Bn.
21st March 1920, 24 years.
Mellor Methodist Chapelyard, 1007.
Jackson  Frank 150.jpg
Private, 1547, East Lancashire Regiment, 4th Bn.
15th October 1914. 
Cairo War Memorial Cemetery, B. 117.
JACKSON, George Frederick
Jackson George 150.jpg
Air Mechanic 1st Class, RAF Experimental Station, Pulham.
7th November 1917.  
Mellor (St. Mary’s) Churchyard, New Ground 32. 5.
Jackson Henry 150.jpg
Private, 267326, The Kings (Liverpool Regiment), 7th Bn.
31st July 1917.
Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, Panel 4 and 6.
Jackson Isaac 150.jpg
Private, 20764, King’s Own Scottish Borderers, 2nd Bn.
28th June 1918, 30 years.
Tannay Bridge Cemetery Thiennes, Plot 4. Row E. Grave 10.
Private, 36585, East Lancashire Regiment, 1st Bn.
9th April 1917, 33 years.
Point Du Jour Military Cemetery, III. C. 17.
Corporal, 201362, East Lancashire Regiment, 7th/5th Bn.
5th April 1918, 30 years.
Wimereux Community Cemetery, X. A. 11.
JACKSON, Richard
Jackson Richard 150.jpg
Corporal, R/7904, Kings Royal Rifle Brigade, 4th Bn.
18th October 1918.
Vis-en-Artois Memorial, Panel 9.
JACKSON, Robert Edward
Jackson Robert Edward 150.jpg
Corporal, 1517, East Lancashire Regiment, 1st/4th Bn.
11th June 1915, 37 years.
Malta (Cappuccini) Naval Cemetery, Plot E. Grave 46.
Private, 5451 East Lancashire Regiment, 2nd Bn.
9th May 1915, 21 years.
Ploegsteert Memorial, Panel 5 and 6.
Jackson Thomas 150.jpg
Gunner, L/8540, Royal Field Artillery, 77th Bde.
1st October 1917.
Bard Cottage Cemetery, V. I. 19.
JACKSON, Thomas W.
Jackson T 150.jpg

JACKSON, William
25018, Private, Roayl Inniskilling Fusiliers, 10th Bn.
1st July 1916
Thiepval Memorial, Pier and Face 4D, 5B


JARMANY, Herbert
Private, 16590, Northamptonshire Regiment 1st Bn.
9th May 1915, 41 years.
Le Touret Memorial, Panel 28 to 30.
Jarrett Robert 150.jpg
Private, 841900, Canadian Infantry, 42nd Bn.
9th April 1917.
Bois-Carre British Cemetery, IV. C. 17.
JEMMISON, Thomas (Jemmeson, Jemmieson)
Jemmison T.jpg
Private, 17061, Cameronians (Scotish Rifles, 10th Bn.
25 September 1915, 22 years.
Loos Memorial, Panel 139 (Addenda)

Private, 5521, East Lancashire Regiment, 1st Bn,
26th August 1914.
La Ferte-Sous-Jauarre Memorial.

JENNINGS, John Joseph
Private, 9002, East Lancashire Regiment, 1st Bn.
6th July 1915.
Talana Farm Cemetery, II. RF. 29.
Jennings Tom 150.jpg
Private, 1905, East Lancashire Regiment, 1st/4th Bn.
4th June 1915, 23 years.   
Helles Memorial, Panel, 113 to 117.

JEPSON, Albert
Jepson Albert.jpg
Private, 6636, East Lancashire Regiment,​ 8th Bn.
10 Aprill 1917.
Arras Memorial, Bay 6.

Jepson John 150.jpg
Lance Corporal, S/8806, Gordon Highlanders, 2nd Bn.
18th June 1915, 19 years.
Le Touret Memorial, Panel 39 to 41.
JOHNSON, Albert John
Private, 22376, East Lancashire Regiment 10th Bn.
12th November 1918, 33 years.
St Peters, Salesbury, N.E. Corner of New Ground.
JOHNSON, Frederick
Johnson Fred.jpg
Private, S/28931, Seaforth Highlanders, 7th Bn.
26th October 1918, 27 years
Moorseele Military Cemetery, B. 20.

JOHNSON, Geoffrey (Jeffrey)
Johnson Geoffrey 150.jpg
Private, 11970, King's Shropshire Light Infantry, 6th Bn.
9th September 1916
Mont Huon Miltary Cemetery
Johnson James V 150.jpg
Lance Corporal, 148 Canadian Infantry, 143rd Bn.
12th May 1916, 34 years.
Victoria (Ross Bay) British Col.
JOHNSON, John William
Johnson John W 150.jpg
Private, 81226, Royal Welsh Fusiliers, 10th Bn.
20th October 1918, 29 years.
St. Severe Cemetery Extention, S. I. R. 12.
JOHNSON, Matthew
Private, 2042, East Lancashire Regiment, 1st/4th Bn.
3rd June 1915, 17 years.
Helles Memorial, Panel 113 to 117.
JOHNSON, Richard
Johnson Richard 150.jpg
Rifleman, R/17821, King’s Royal Rifle Corps, 7th Bn.
24th December 1916, 35 years.
Le Fermont Military Cemetery, I. D. 1.
JOHNSON, Richard Batty
Johnson R B 150.jpg
Private, 35582, East Lancashire Regiment 1st Bn.
21st March 1918, 31 years.
Arras Memorial, Bay.
Johnson R S 150.jpg
Air Mechanic 1st Class, 32871, RAF.
11th November 1918, 31 years.
Blackburn Cemetery, C. C.E.  2689.
Johnson W.jpg
Sergeant Army Service Corps Ambulance
JOHNSON, William
Private 11491 Royal Scots Fusiliers 7th Bn.
25th September 1915.
Loos Memorial,Panel 46 to 49.
Johnston James 150.jpg
Driver Royal Field Artillery.
11th July 1916, 21 years.
JONES, Alfred Edward
Jones, A 150.jpg
Private, 2415, East Lancashire Regiment, 1st/4th Bn.
13th August 1915, 22 years.
Helles Memorial, Panel 113 to 117.

JONES, Arthur
JONES, Arthur
Jones, Arthur 150.jpg
Private, 36686, Leicestershire Regiment, 9th Bn.
12th March 1917, 28 years,
Vermelles British Cemetery, V. A. 27.
JONES, George
Jones, George 150.jpg
Private, 2677, East Lancashire Regiment, 4th Bn.
7th December 1915, 27 years.
Lancashire Landing Cemetery, H. 62.

JONES, Maurice
JOPSON, Thomas 
Jopson, Thomas 150.jpg
Private, 9689, East Lancashire Regiment, 2nd Bn.
10th May 1915, 25 years.
Merville Community Cemetery, II. R. 6.
JOPSON, Walter
Jopson, Walter 150.jpg
Gunner, L/15812, Royal Field Artillery, 38th Bde.
18th October 1917, 25 years.
Tyne Cot Memorial, Panel 4 to 6 and 162.
Joyce, John 150.jpg
Private, 265455, East Lancashire Regiment, Labour Corps
31st July 1917, 36 years.
Essex Farm Cemetery, III. K. 35.
JUBB, George
Jubb, George 150.jpg
Private, 2324, East Lancashire Regiment, 1st/4th Bn.
6th June 1915, 26 years.
Pink Farm Cemetery Helles, Special Memorial 159.
KAY, James
Rifleman, 58200, King’s Royal Rifle Corps, 25th Bde.
28th October 1918.
St. Andre Community Cemetery, I. A. 98.
Private, M2/104303, Royal Army Service Corps, M.T.
23rd June 1919.
Blackburn Cemetery, L. C.E. 13738.
KAY, John Edward D.C.M.
Kay John E.jpg
Private, 62393, Manchester Regiment, 2nd Bn.
12th September 1918, 23 years.
Heath Cemetery Harbonnieres, X. C. 1.
KAY, Richard
Private, 11368, Kings (Shropshire Light Infantry), 1st Bn.
19th April 1917, 32 years.
Dud Corner Cemetery Loos, II. B. 1.
KEARTON, James Edward
Kearton J E 150.jpg
Private, 16778, Kings (Shropshire Light Infantry), 5th Bn.
25th September 1915, 21 years.
Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, Panel 47 and 45.
Keenan J.jpg
Private, 20013, East Lancashire Regiment, 1st Bn.
8th July 1915.
Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, Panel 34.
KELLETT, Richard
Fitter, 123158, Royal Field Artillery, 77th Bde.
9th August 1917, 26 years.
Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, Panel 5 and 9.
KELLY, James
Kelly J.jpg
Private, 10529, East Lancashire Regiment, 2nd Bn.
23rd October 1916, 23 years.
Thiepval Memorial, Pier and Face 6 C.
Kelly John 150.jpg
Private, 37128, East Lancashire Regiment, 8th Bn.
5th October 1917, 19 years.
Tyne Cot Memorial, Panel 77 to 79 and 163A.
Private, S/8140, Gordon Highlanders, 2nd Bn.
11th March 1915, 43 years.
Le Touret Military Cemetery, Panel 39 to 41.

KELLY, Patrick
Royal Scots Fusiliers
7th May 1917, 41 years
KELLY, Richard Bradley
Private, 56263, Welsh Regiment, 9th Bn.
11th April 1918, 18 years.
Tyne Cot Memorial, Panel 93 to 94.

KELLY, William
KELLY, William
Kelly William 150.jpg
Lance Bombardier, 746876, Royal Field Artillery, 47th Bde.
4th October 1918, 26 years.
Noyelles-sur-L’Escaut Community Cemetery Extension I. A. 13.
Kelsall T.jpg
Private, 1916, East Lancashire Regiment, 1st/4th Bn.
9th June 1915, 20 years.
Helles Memorial, Panel 113 to 117.
KELSO, Thomas
Private, 46715, Lancashire Fusiliers, 20th Bn
23rd October 1917.
Tyne Cot Memorial, Panel 54 to 60 and 163A.
Kendle J.jpg
Private, 202306, East Lancashire Regiment, 1st Bn
22nd August 1918, 20 years.
Merville Community Cemetery Extension, I. E.19.

KENNEDY, John William
Kennedy J W 150.jpg
Private, 6910, East Lancashire Regiment, 1st Bn.
2nd November ​1914, 36 years
Lancashire Cottage Cemetery, I.B.5.

KENNEDY, William
Kennedy William  Driver 150.jpg
Private, 201703, East Lancashire Regiment, 8th Bn.
25th September 1917, 21 years.
Larchwood (Railway Cutting) Cemetery, IV. E. 13.

Kenny J 150.jpg
Private, 30589, East Lancashire Regiment, 1st Bn.
30th May 1917, 36 years.
Cologne Southern Cemetery, XG. 12.
KENT, James Edward
Kent James 150.jpg
Private, 203188, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, 2nd/4th Bn.
25th October 1917, 20 years.
Mendinghem Military Cemetery, VI. F. 48.
KENT, Thomas
Kent Thomas 150.jpg
Private, 203972, Lancashire Fusiliers, 2nd/5th Bn.
20th September 1917, 20 years.
Tyne Cot Memorial, Panel 54 to 60 and 163A.
KENYON, Arthur
Private, 54746, Manchester Regiment, 12th Bn.
19th October 1918, 19 years.
Grevillers British, XVI .C. 18.
KENYON, Arthur
Kenyon Arthur 150.jpg
Lance Corporal, R/3018, Kings Royal Rifle Corps, 9th Bn.
4th October 1917, 24 years.
Trois Arbres Cemetery, Steenwerck, II. A. 15.
Kenyon Edwin 150.jpg
Private, 202746, East Lancashire Regiment, 2nd/4th Bn.
10th October 1917.
Tyne Cot Memorial, XV. A. 18.
KENYON, George
Private, 28740, East Lancashire Regiment, 11th Bn.
21st October 1917, 30 years.
Roclincourt Military Cemetery, II. E. 1.


KENYON, John, M.M.
Kenyon J (2) 150.jpg
Driver, 86564, Royal Field, Artillery, 67th Bde.
12th January 1916, 37 years.
Salonika (Lembet Rd) Military Cemetery, 48.

Kenyon John 150.jpg 
Corporal, 24824, King’s Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment), 1st/4th Bn.
8th June 1918, 34 years.
Pernes British Cemetery, II. F. 44.
KENYON, Joseph
Private, 33807, Norfolk Regiment, 7th Bn.
17th April 1918.  
Serre Road Cemetery No 1, VI. C. 2/13.
KENYON, Joseph
Kenyon Joseph 150.jpg
Private, 16801, Border Regiment, 1st Bn.
13th August 1915.
Helles Memorial, Panel 119 to 125 or 222 and 223.
KENYON, Richard
Kenyon Richard 150.jpg
Private, 13769, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, 7th Bn.
23rd July 1916, 27 years.
Thiepval Memorial, Pier and Face 11 A.
KENYON, Robert
Kenyon Robert 36707 150.jpg
Private, 36707, East Lancashire Regiment, 7th Bn.
24th September 1917, 25 years.
Buffs Road Cemetery, E. 28.
KENYON, Robert
kenyon Robert (2) 150.jpg
Private, 203941, East Lancashire Regiment, 7th Bn.
13th January 1919, 32 years.
Mikra British Cemetery, 1306.

KENYON, Robert
KENYON, Samuel
Kenyon Samuel 150.jpg
Private, 57102, Cheshire Regiment, 1st/6th Bn.
26th September 1917, 26 years.
Tyne Cot Cemetery, LVII .D. 32.
East Lancashire Regiment
St Philip's
KENYON, Walter
Kenyon Walter 150.jpg
Sergeant, 23015, East Lancashire Regiment, 2nd Bn.
2nd April 1918, 24 years.
Pozieres Memorial, Panel 42 and 43.
KENYON, William
Kenyon William HUSSARS 150.jpg
Private, 250989, Lancashire Hussars Yeomanry.
16th July 1918, 31 years.
Blackburn Cemetery, J. C.E. 11750.
KENYON, William
Kenyon William (3) RFA.jpg
Corporal, 700132, Royal Field Artillery, 4th Reserve Brigade.
6th January 1918, 22 years.
Blackburn Cemetery, M. C.E. 6626.
KENYON, William
kenyon William 4146.jpg
Private, 4146 East Lancashire Regiment, 1st Bn.
25th June 1917, 28 years,
Blackburn Cemetery, Q. C.E. 1399.
KENYON, William
Kenyon William ASC 150.jpg
Driver, T2/017012, Army Service Corps, 62nd Division.
8th November 1918, 34 years.
Douai British Cemetery Cuincy, B. 7.
KENYON, William Edward
Private, S/290647, Army Service Corps, 1st Coy.
8th August 1918.
Fouquescourt British Cemetery, II. 12.
Keough William 150.jpg
Private, East Lancashire Regiment
 27th August, 1917 25 years.
St Joseph's R.C. Church, Blackburn​​
KERRY, William
Kerry W 150.jpg
Private 2004 East Lancashire Regiment 4th Bn
1st January 1918.
(For True Name See 12359 James Comaskey)
Corporal, 200886, Lancashire Fusiliers 2nd/5th Bn.
15th August 1916, 24 years.
Thiepval Memorial Somme, Pier and Face 3 C and 3 D.
Kershaw J 150.jpg
Private, 1110/4, Machine Gun Corps (Cavalry) 18th Sqdn.
19th October 1918, 19 years.
Alexandria (Hydra) War Memorial, E. 20.
KING, Henry
King Henry 150.jpg
Lance Corporal, 4602, East Lancashire Regiment, 6th Bn.
24th April 1916.
Amara War Cemetery, VI. F. 4.

KING, Henry
KING, Joseph
King Joseph 150.jpg 
Private, 7950, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, 1st Bn.
14th September 1914, 27 years.
La Ferte Sous Jouarre Military Cemetery.
KING, Thomas
King Thomas ELR.jpg 
Private, 202747, East Lancashire Regiment, 2nd/4th Bn.
21st March 1918, 36 years.
La Cateau Military Cemetery, V. B. 1.

KING, Thomas
King T 150.jpg
Driver 681033, Royal Field Artillery
4th November 1917
Dozinghem Military Cemetery
KING, William
King William 150.jpg
Lance Corporal, 10516, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, 1st Bn.
7th December 1916 , 26 years.
Bulls Road Cemetery Fiers, II. H. 26.
KING, William Elliot
King William Elliot (2) 150.jpg
Private, 25347, Border Regiment, 8th Bn.
9th September 1917, 34 years.
Tyne Cot Memorial, XLVII. F. 5.
KIRBY, Thomas W.
Kirby T W 150.jpg
Private, 10558, Scots Guards 3rd Bn.
23rd September 1917, 46 years.
Blackburn Cemetery, L. C.E. 13657.
KIRK, Albert
Kirk Albert 150.jpg
Private, 1666, East Lancashire Regiment 1st/4th Bn.
10th June 1915.
East Mudros Military Cemetery, I. A. 8.
Kirkham Warren 150.jpg
Lance Corporal, R/15310, Kings Royal Rifle Corps, 14th Bn.
26th February 1916, 25 years.
Seaford Cemetery, 590.
Kitchen George 150.jpg
Private, 20380, East Lancashire Regiment, 7th Bn.
7th June 1917, 19 years.
Croonaert Chapel Cemetery, A. 25.
Kitchen Mark.jpg
Private, 20446, East Lancashire Regiment, 6th Bn.
2nd December 1915.
Basra Memorial, Panel 19.
KITCHEN, William
Kitchen W private.jpg
Private, 19729, King’s Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment), 6th Bn.
30th October 1918   30 years
Bangalore (Hosur Road) Cemetery, Plot 8. Row V. Grave 12.
KITE, Ernest Walter
Kite Ernest Walter 150.jpg
Private, 11924, Worcester Regiment 1st Bn.
9th May 1915, 24 years.
Ploegsteert Memorial, Panel 5.
KLEMM, Alfred
Gunner, 136065, Royal Field Artillery.
28th September 1916, 24 years.
Cote 80 French National Cemetery, A.5
Knight John 150.jpg
Corporal, East Lancashire Regiment, 4th Bn.
10th August 19--,   24 years.  
KNIGHT, Richard
Knight Richard 150.jpg
Gunner, L/24605, Royal Field Artillery, 150th Bde.
24th April 1918, 25 years.
Bonnay Community Cemetery Extension, C. 2.
Knowle Arthur 150.jpg
Signaller, 13568, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, 8th Bn.
7th June 1917, 22 years.
Wulverghem-Lindenhoek Rd. Military Cemetery, I. G. 12.
Knowles E 2.jpg
Lance Corporal, 17228, Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) 10th Bn.
8th August 1917, 20 years.
Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, Panel 22.
Bombardier, 288888, Royal Field Artillery, 32nd Bde.
12th November 1918, 33 years.
Delsaux Farm Cemetery Beugny, II. A. 15.
KNOWLES, Herbert
Private, 9925, East Lancashire Regiment, 2nd Bn.
16th February 1915, 23 years.
Merville Community Cemetery, I. F. S.
KNOWLES, Herbert
Knowles Herbert 150.jpg
Private, 39154, East Lancashire Regiment, 1st Bn.
21st March 1918.
Arras Memorial, Bay 6.
 KNOWLES, James Cecil Baddeley
Lieutenant, East Lancashire Regiment, 5th Bn.
3rd April 1920
Blackburn Cemetery, B. N.C. 1246.

KNOWLES, John Thomas M.M.
Knowles ELR MM.jpg​​
Sergeant, 12139, East Lancashire Regiment, 1st Bn.
17th November 1918.
Mont Huon Military Cemetery Le Treport, IX. A. 8B.
KNOWLES, Richard
Knowels Richard 150.jpg
Gunner, East Lancashire Regiment, 11th Bn.
1st November 1916, 25 years.
KNOWLES, William
Knowles W 150.jpg
Private, 154002, Kings Own Scottish Borderers, 2nd Bn.
28th May 1915. 35 years.
Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, Panel 22.