PAGE, Henry “Harry”
Page Harry.jpg
Private, 7086, East Yorkshire Regiment, 2nd Bn.
2nd October 1916   40 years.
Lahana Military Cemetery, III. A. 33
PAGE, John James
Page John James.jpg
Private, 17739, King’s (Shropshire Light Infantry), 5th Bn.
1st September 1916   
Thiepval Memorial, Pier and face 12 A and 12 D.
Private, 26604, East Lancashire Regiment 11th Bn.
12th April 1918
Pont-Du-Hem Military Cemetery, Le Gorgue, Estaires Convent Cem. Mem. 25.

PARKER, Charles

Parker Charles_NEW 2.jpg
Private, 6493, East Lancashire Regiment, 2nd Bn.
14th March 1915
Vielle Chapelle New Military Cemetery, Lacouture, VII. B. 21.
PARKER, Christopher
Parker Chris.jpg
Private, 202696, East Lancashire Regiment, 2nd /4th Bn.
 21st March 1918, 20 years
Pozieres Memorial,Panel 42 and 43
PARKER, George
Parker George (2).jpg
Private, 30249, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, 9th Bn.
15th April 1918.
Crois-du-Bac British Cemetery Steenwerck, Special Memorial F. 13.
PARKER, George
Private, 31774, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, 1st/4th Bn.
20th September 1917
Tyne Cot Cemetery, IV. D.1.
PARKER, Herbert
Parker H.jpg
Lance Corporal, 9985, East Lancashire Regiment, 1st Bn.
9th July 1916, 31 years.
Douchy-les-Ayette British Cemetery, III. D. 4
Parker James.jpg
Private, 12073, East Lancashire Regiment, 6th Bn.
9th August 1915, 19 years.
Helles Memorial, Panel 113 to 117.
PARKER, Joseph
Parker Joseph (2).jpg
Private,7635, East Lancashire Regiment,1st Bn.
15th April 1917, 36 years.
Berlin South Western Cemetery, XX.  A. 1.
PARKER, Joseph
Parker Joseph.jpg
Private, 201697, King’s Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment),1st/4th Bn.
24th August 1918, 21 years.
Houchin British Cemetery, II. A. 3.
PARKER, Preston
Parker P Corporal.jpg
Corporal, 3/20553, East Lancashire Regiment, 7th Bn.
14th November 1916, 19 years.
Contay British Cemetery, IV. D. 23.
PARKER, Richard
Parker R.jpg
Private, 204029, Lancashire Fusiliers, 1st Bn.
10th October 1917, 23 years.
Dozinghem Military Cemetery, IX. J. 14.
PARKER, Thomas
Parker Thomas.jpg
Private, 11458, East Lancashire Regiment, 2nd Bn.
14th March 1915, 29 years.
Vielle-Chapelle New Military Cemetery, VII. B. 17.
PARKER, William
Parker W.jpg
Private, 22310, Border Regiment.
15th March 1919, 30 years.
Blackburn Cemetery, N. C.E. 8376.
PARKER, William
Parker W Lance Cor.jpg
Lance Corporal, 11114, King’s (Royal Lancaster Regiment), 1st Bn.
26th August 1914, 20 years.
La Ferte-Sous-Jouarre Memorial.
Parkington Albert.jpg
Private, 16764,Royal Scots Fusiliers, 2nd Bn
21st August 1916, 20 years.
Loos Memorial, Panel 46 to 49.
Private, 243885, Labour Corps
6th April 1918 , 41 years.
Blackburn Cemetery, M. C.E. 6324.

PARKES, Samuel
Private, 30006, Cheshire Regiment, 15th Bn (Bantam)
29th March 1918
Pozieres Memorial, Panel 35 and 36.
Parkinson Arthur.jpg
Lance Corporal,16698, King’s Own Scottish Borderers, 2nd Bn.
18th April 1915, 28 years.
Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, Panel 22.
Company Sergeant Major, Durham Light Infantry, 10th Bn.
9th April 1917, 34 years.
Tilloy British Cemetery Tillot-Les-Mofflaines, II. C. 1.             
PARKINSON, Frederick
Parkinson Frederick.jpg
Private, 26779, Cheshire Regiment, 1st Bn.
4th September 1916, 32 years.     
Thiepval Memorial Somme, Pier and Face 3 C and 4 A.
Parkinson George.jpg
Rifleman, S/7353, King’s Royal Rifle Brigade, 8th Bn.
25th August 1915, 34 years.
Etaples Military Cemetery, IV. D. 7A.
Parkinson Harry.jpg
Private, 52816, Durham Light Infantry, 12th Bn.
29th October 1918, 29 years. 
Tezze British Cemetery, Plot 6, Row A, Grave 15.
PARKINSON, Henry “Harry”
Private, 57728, King’s (Liverpool Regiment), 18th Bn.
9th April 1917, 39 years.
Bucquoy Road Cemetery Ficheaux, VI. L. 3.

Private, 12375, Duke of Wellington’s (West Riding Regiment), 2 Bn.
25th August, 1919, 35 years.
​Ghyll Undenominational Buria​l Ground, Barnoldswick.

PARKIN​​SON, ​John Henry
Parkinson, John Henry.jpg
Private, 452489, Canadian Infantry, C Coy, 58th B.N.
13th June 1916, 36 years.
​Ypres (Menin Gate Memorial, Panel 18,​ 24, 26, 30.
Gunner, 675966, Royal Field Artillery,112th Bde.
12th October 1918, 23 years.
Premont British Cemetery, V. A. 30.
Parkinson Sam (2).jpg
Private, 352762, Manchester Regiment, 2nd/9th Bn.
20th April 1917. 19 years
Gorre British and Indian Cemetery, IV. A. 5.
PARKINSON, Richard William
Private, 29226, East Surrey Regiment, 8th Bn.
18th May 1918, 18 years.
Pernois British Cemetery Halloy-le-Pernois I. D. 14.
Parkinson Sam.jpg
Rifleman, 203051, King’s Royal Rifle Corps, 2nd Bn.
8th September 1916.
Thiepval Memorial,Pier and face 13 A and 13 B.
Parkinson Thomas.jpg
Private,235524, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, 1st/5th Bn.
1st October 1918, 27 years.
Proville British Cemetery, I. A. 7.
Private,31055, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, 2nd/4th Bn.
9th October 1918, 25 years.
Abbeville Community Cemetery Extension, IV. G. 20.
Driver, L/8916, Royal Field Artillery, 150th Bde.
14th July 1916.
Peronne Road Cemetery Maricourt, I. F. 7.
Private, 3527, East Lancashire Regiment, 3rd/5th Bn.
13th June 1915, 45 years.
Blackburn Cemetery, D. N.C 4095.
Parkinson William.jpg
Lance Corporal, 19164, Duke of Cornwall Infantry, 1st Bn.
23rd April 1917.
Arras Memorial, Bay 6.
PARRY, John Ernest
Parry John Ernest.jpg
Private, 352753, Manchester Regiment, 2nd/9th Bn.
9th October 1917, 29 years.
Tyne Cot Memorial, Panel 120 to 124,162A and 163A
Private,18521, Oxford and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry, 2nd Bn.
12th October 1915.
Cambrin Cemetery Extension, F. 30.
Partington H.jpg
Corporal, 7977, Military Mounted Police Corps.
27th April 1918, 35 years.  
Aubigny Communal Cemetery Extension, V. K. 47.
PATE, Heelis Charles
Pate C.jpg
Private, 68222, Lancashire Fusiliers, 2/nd3rd Bn.
3rd November 1918, 25 years.
Estainbourg Churchyard Hainaut, Far South End
PATTEN, George
Patton George.jpg
Private, 16022,King’s (Shropshire Light Infantry), 2nd Bn.
25th May 1915, 18 years.
Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, Panel 47 and 49.
PAWSON, William E.
Private, 29466, East Lancashire Regiment, 11th Bn.
15th May 1917. 21 years.
Albuera Cemetery Bailleul-Sirer-Berthoult, South C. 22.
PEACHEY, Walter James
Peachey Walter.jpg
Private, 27750, South Lancashire Regiment, 2nd Bn.
22nd January 1917, 22 years.
Ploegsteert Memorial, Panel 6 and 7.
PEACOCK, Vincent Jackson
Peacock V J.jpg
Private, 24238, East Lancashire Regiment, 1st Bn.
29th August 1916, 24 years.
Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, Panel 34.
PEAKE, Robert
Peake R.jpg
Driver, 16148, Royal Field Artillery, 31st Bty.
24th October 1918, 26 years
Giavara British Cemetery Arcade, Plot 5, Row B, Grave 6.
PEAKE, Thomas
Rifleman, B/1814, Rifle Brigade, 2nd Bn.
31st July 1917.
Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, Panel 46 to 48 and 50.
Pearson Albert.jpg
Private, 37809, East Lancashire Regiment, 2nd Bn.
21st November 1917, 26 years.
Tyne Cot Memorial, Panel 77 to 79 and 163A.

Pearson E.jpg
Private 7654 Lancashire Fusiliers, 2/5th Bn.
15th September 1916, 19 years.
Abbeville Community Cemetery, II. A. 6

Pearson J.jpg
 6232, East Lancashire Regiment, 2nd Bn.
18th September 1915
Y Farm Military Cemetery Bois-Grenier, 11. 15

Pearson James.jpg
Private, 7909, East Lancashire Regiment 1st Bn.
1st September 1914, 32 years.
La Ferte-Sous-Jouarre Memorial
​​Pearson John.jpg
Private, 37618, East Lancashire Regiment, 11th Bn.
3rd August 1917, 37 years.
Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery XVI .E. 18A.
PEARSON, Richard
Pearson Richard.jpg
Private, 36772, East Lancashire Regiment, 1st Bn.
9th April 1917, 32 years.
Highland Cemetery, Roclincourt, I. B. 18.
Pearson Thomas.jpg
Private, 201371, East Lancashire Regiment, 2nd/5th Bn.
24th March 1918, 24 years.   
St. Sever Cemetery Extension Rouen, P. VI. F. 3B.
PEDDAR, Joseph
Peddar Joseph.jpg
Private, 15266, King’s (Shropshire Light Infantry), 1st Bn.
21st March 1918, 25 years.
Arras Memorial, Bay 7.
PEDDIE, Robert
Peddie Robert.jpg
Private, 27908, South Lancashire Regiment, 8th Bn.
16th July 1917, 31 years.
Poperinghe New Military Cemetery, II. C. 25.
PEEL, Harry
Peel Harry.jpg
Wheeler, 701277, Royal Field Artillery, 130th Bde.
24th July 1918 38 years.
Salonika (Lembet Road) Military Cemetery, 1463
Peel Tom.jpg
Private, 42269, Suffolk Regiment, 2nd Bn.
8th October 1918, 20 years.
Forneville Military Cemetery, G. 9.
Pemberton Fred.jpg
Private, 27039, East Lancashire Regiment, 11th Bn.
18th December 1916, 19 years.
Puchevillers British Cemetery, VI. F. 30.
Gunner, 201135, East Lancashire Regiment, 11th Bn.
21st August 1920.
Blackburn Cemetery, D. N.C. 3245.
Private, 4599, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, 1st Bn.
6th December 1914, 26 years.
Hazebrouk Community Cemetery, II. B. 8.
Pemberton Herbert.jpg
Private, 17984, Border Regiment, 6th Bn.
14th September 1916, 21 years.
Ovillers Military Cemetery, I. F. 7.
Pemberton W Serg.jpg
Sergeant, 1203, East Lancashire Regiment, 1st/4th Bn.
13th June 1915, 25 years.
Pembroke Military Cemetery, VI. 62.
PEMBERTON, William Henry
Pemberton William Henry.jpg
Private, 21019, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, 6th Bn.
23rd December 1916, 27 years.
Basra War Memorial, Panel 27.

Pennington De.jpg
Lieutenant, East Lancashire Regiment, 4th Bn.
4th September 1917, 31 years.
Birr Cross Roads Cemetery III. A. 15.
Private, 38424, Lancashire Fusiliers, 11th Bn
9th April 1918.
Ploegsteert Memorial, Panel 4.
Private, 25270, East Lancashire Regiment, 2nd/5th Bn.
31st March 1918.
Pozieres Memorial, Panel 42 and 43
PENNY, Thomas Christopher
Penny T C.jpg
Private, 11963, East Lancashire Regiment, 6th Bn
19th April 1916, 28 years.
Basra War Memorial, Panel 19.
Perkins Walter.jpg
Private, 3373, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, 7th Bn.
7th June 1917, 27 years.
Ypres Menin Gate Memorial, Panel 41 and 43.

PHILLIPSON, Joseph Pearson
Phillipson J P.jpg
Rifleman, S/9308, Rifle Brigade, 3rd Bn.
18th August 1916,  28, years.
Thiepval Memorial, Pier and Face 16 B and 16 C.

Pickering Arthur.jpg
Private, 203962, Lancashire Fusiliers, 5th Bn.
9th September 1916, 34 years.
Thiepval Memorial Somme, Pier and Face 3 C and 3 D.
PICKERING, Cornelius
Pickering Cornelius.jpg
Private, 11486, East Lancashire Regiment, 2nd Bn.
9th May 1915, 38 years
Ploegsteert Memorial, Panel 5 and 6.
PICKERING, Harry (Henry)
Gunner, 301852, Tank Corps, 14th Bn.
9th August 1918, 20 years.
Vis-en-Artois Memorial, Panel 11.
Private, 2853, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, 1st Bn.
25th September 1915, 48 years.
Loos Memorial, Panel 89 to 91.
PICKERING, James Shackleton
Pickering James.jpg
Private, G/5927, Queen’s Own (Royal West Kent Regiment), 6th Bn.
4th September 1916.
Arras Memorial, Bay 7.
PICKERING, James Thomas
Pickering J T.jpg
Private, 3/23072, East Lancashire Regiment, 2nd Bn.
9th October 1916, 27 years.
Bethune Town Cemetery, V. H. 88.
Private, 15942, East Lancashire Regiment, 11th Bn.
27th May 1916, 30 years.
Sucrenie Military Cemetery, I.  H. 54.

Thomas Pickering.jpg
Private, 75219, Northumberland Fusiliers, 1st/6th Bn.
​27th May 1918​, 19 years.

La Ville-Aux-Bois British Cemetery, II. E. 8.​​​

PICKERING, William James
Pickering William James.jpg
Private, 16027, East Lancashire Regiment Machine Gun Corps, 11th Bn.
1st July 1916, 24 years.
Railway Hollow Cemetery Hebuterne, B.17.
Pickervance H.jpg
Private, 2150, East Lancashire Regiment, 1st/4th Bn.
4th June 1915, 32 years.
Hellas Memorial Turkey, Panel 113 to 117.
PICKETT, William
Pickett William.jpg
Private, 26900, East Lancashire Regiment, 2nd Bn.
30th November 1917, 28 years.
Wimereux Community Cemetery, VIII. A. 44.
Pickles A.jpg
Gunner, 112710, Royal Garrison Artillery, 226th Siege Bty.
15th November 1917, 23 years.
Menin Road South Military Cemetery, II. M. 26.
PICKLES, John Slater
Pickles J009.jpg
Private, 291946, C
heshire Regiment, 15th ​Bn (Bantam)​
23rd March 1918, 33 years.
Pozieres Memorial, Panel 35 and 36.​​
Gunner, 161145, Royal Garrison Artillery 2nd Siege Bty.
31st December 1917, 22 years.
Chatby Memorial Egypt.
PICKOP, William Augustus Bannister
Pickop Bannister.jpg
Lieutenant, Royal Fusiliers, 4th Bn.
24th October 1918, 22 years.
Vertain Community Cemetery Extension, C. 5.
PICKOP, James Taylor Greer
2nd Lieutenant, Royal Fusiliers, 4th Bn.
21st June 1917, 25 years.
Kensall Green Cemetery London, 137. 3. 45600.
 PICKUP, Ernest
Pickup Ernest.jpg
Gunner, 700658, Royal Field Artillery, 210th Bde.
2nd October 1917, 24 years.
Mendinghem Military Cemetery, VII. B. 4.
Pickup George.jpg
Corporal, 27376, Border Regiment, 8th Bn.
10th April 1918, 23 years.
Ploegsteert Memorial Hainaut, Panel 6.
Private, 117686, Machine Gun Corps (Infantry).
29th April 1918.  
Tourcoing (Pont Neuville) Community Cemetery, R. 8.

Pickup John.jpg
Private, 16838, Cameronians (Scottish Rifles), 10th Bn.
25th September 1915, 28 years.  
Loos Memorial Panel 57 to 58.

PICKUP, John “Jack”
Pickup Jack.jpg
Lance Corporal, 17875, East Lancashire Regiment, 11th Bn.
5th August 1916.
St. Vaast Post Military Cemetery, III. Q. 15.
PICKUP, Thomas
Pickup T.jpg
Private, 24834, King’s Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment), 1st Bn.
10th October 1917, 33 years.
Dozinghem Military Cemetery, X. J. 4.
PICKUP, Thomas
Pickup Thomas.jpg
Private, 201912, East Lancashire Regiment, 2nd/4th Bn.
22nd April 1918, 23 years.          
Roisel Community Cemetery Extension, III. A. 7/19
PICKUP, William

PICKUP, William
Pickup William.jpg
Private, 28729, East Lancashire Regiment, 11th Bn.
13th April 1918.   
Ploegsteert Memorial, Panel 5 and 6.
PICKUP, William
Pickup W Lt.jpg
2nd Lieutenant, East Lancashire Regiment, 1st Bn.
25th March 1918, 35 years.
Arras Memorial, Bay 6. 
Private, 50398, Suffolk Regiment, 9th Bn.
2nd December 1917.
Marcoing Community Cemetery, Special Memorial.
Private, G/89180, Middlesex Regiment, 2nd Bn.
27th May 1918, 36 years.
Soissons Memorial.
PILKINGTON, John William
Private, 8303, South Lancashire Regiment, 2nd Bn.
21st September 1914.
La Ferte Sous Jouarre Memorial.
Private, 130201, Machine Gun Corps (Infantry), 5th Bn.
9th April 1918, 20 years.  
Gorre British and Indian Cemetery, VI. D. 14.
Pimblett Joseph.jpg
Private, 26025, East Lancashire Regiment, 8th Bn.
22nd September 1917, 25 years.
Larchwood (Railway Cutting) Cemetery, Special Memorial A. 32.
PINDER, Arnold
Pinder A.jpg
Lance Corporal, East Lancashire Regiment, 2nd/5th Bn.
31st March 1918, 30 years.
Caix British Cemetery, I. G. 12.
PINDER, Benjamin
Lance Corporal, 2103, East Lancashire Regiment, 1st/4th Bn.
13th June 1915.
Alexandria (Chatby) Military and  War Memorial Cemetery, L. 107.                         
Pinder J.jpg
Private, 5379, Border Regiment, 2nd Bn.
1st July 1916, 38 years.
Thiepval Memorial Somme, Pier and Face 6 A and 7 C.
PINDER, Joseph
Private, 2159, East Lancashire Regiment, 1st/4th Bn.
30th May 1915, 22 years.
Helles Memoria, Panel 113 to 117,
Private, 11444, East Lancashire Regiment, 6th Bn.
29th October 1915, 30 years.
 Helles Memorial, Panel 113 to 117.
PLACE, Christopher
Rifleman, R/2362, King’s Royal Rifle Corps, 10th Bn.
19th February 1917, 22 years.
AIF Burial Ground Flers, IV. K. 28.
PLACE, James Robert
Private, 4/9086, Durham Light Infantry, 14th Bn.
12th May 1916.
Bard Cottage Cemetery, I. H. 3.

PLACE, Thomas

PLACE, Thomas
Private, 35651, East Lancashire Regiment, 1st Bn.
21st March 1919,33 years.
Arras Memorial, Bay 6.
PLUMMER, William Edward
Plummer W E.jpg
Private, 203767, East Lancashire Regiment, 1st Bn.
16th April 1918, 32 years.
Bailleul Communal Cemetery Extension, Special memorial B. 3.
Pomfret John.jpg
Gunner, 95357, Tanks Corps, E. Bn.
20th November 1917, 23 years.
Cambrai Memorial Louverval, Panel 13.
POMFRET, John Henry
Pomfret, John Henry Add image to roll of honour.jpg
Private, 19224, Coldstream Guards, 3rd Bn.
18th August 1917.
Harlebeke New British Cemetery, XI. D. 11.
POMFRET, Joseph Thomas
Pomfret Joseph Thomas.jpg
Private, 202897, East Lancashire Regiment, 2nd/4th Bn.
10th June 1917, 37 years.
Loos Memorial, Panel 65.
Pomfret Thomas.jpg
Private, 11983, King’s (Shropshire Light Infantry), 6th Bn.
30th June 1916, 19 years.
Vlamertinghe New Military Cemetery, III. B. 25.
POOLE, George Bright
Poole G.jpg
Private, 291906, Cheshire Regiment, 16th Bn. (Bantam)
22nd October 1917, 29 years.
Tyne Cot Memorial, Panel 61 to 63.
POOLE, Reuben
Poole R.jpg
Private, 203223, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, 1st/5th Bn.
2nd September 1918, 25 years.
Bac du Sud British Cemetery Bailleul, II. F. 10.
POOLE, Wilfred Lawson
Poole W L.jpg
Private, 3206A, Australian Infantry, A.I.F., 11th Bn.
23rd August 1918, 27 years.
Heath Cemetery Harbonnieres, II. E. 15.
POPE, Harry
Private, 7179, Royal Welsh Fusiliers, 1st Bn.
30th October 1914, 26 years.
Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, Panel 22.
PORTER, John Beverley
Private, 201652, King’s Own Scottish Borderers, 1st/5th Bn.
13th June 1917, 24 years.
Gaza War Cemetery, VI. A. 13.
POTTER, Harold
Private, 306281, King’s (Liverpool Regiment), 1st/8th Bn.
26th June 1917, 22 years.
Quercamps Churchyard, N. E. Corner of New Ground
POTTS, Arthur Bertram
Potts A B.jpg
Sapper, D/176, South African Pioneers, 2nd Bn.
11th October 1918, 30 years.
Rooidam Military Cemetery South Africa, 2. 13/A
POWELL, Thomas
Private, 242744, East Lancashire Regiment, 1st/5th Bn.
3rd June 1917, 32 years.
Neuville-Bourjonval British Cemetery, F. 9.
POYNTON, Richard
Private, 11232, East Lancashire Regiment, 2nd Bn.
9th May 1915, 25 years.
Ploegsteert Memorial, Panel 5 and 6.
POYNTON, William
Poynton William.jpg
Private, 17215, East Lancashire Regiment, 1st Bn.
1st July 1916.
Thiepval Memorial Somme, Pier and Face 6 C.
PRATT, George
Pratt George.jpg
Lance Corporal, 19977, Highland Light Infantry, 12th Bn.
28th August 1916, 21 years.
Bazentin le Petit Community Cemetery, J. 1.
PRATT, Thomas
Pratt Thomas.jpg
Private, 17246, Cameronians (Scottish Rifles), 3rd Bn.
30th December 1917, 20 years.
Alexandria (Hadra) War Memorial Cemetery, D. 303.
PRATTLEY, George Thomas
Prattley George.jpg
Driver, 700470, Royal Field Artillery, 42nd Div. Ammunition Col.
3rd March 1919, 29 years.
Charleroi Communal Cemetery, L. 15.
Driver, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment

PRESTON, Richard
Preston Richard.jpg
Lance Corporal, 10387, King’s Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment), 2nd Bn.
16th May 1915. 22 years.
Harlebecke New British Cemetery, XII. C. 4.
PRESTON, ​Samuel

Preston Sam.jpg
Private, 51642, Royal Army Medical Corps, 96th Field Ambulance.
11th October 1918, 21 years.
Somer Farm Cemetery, A. 3.
​​Preston T010.jpg
Private, 202270, East Lancashire Regiment, 2nd/4th Bn.
21st March 1918.
Pozieres Memorial, Panel 42 and 43.
PRESTON, William
Preston William.jpg
Private, 9509, East Lancashire Regiment, 2nd Bn.
5th February 1915, 27 years.
Cabaret Rouge British Cemetery, XXVI. A. 6.
PRICE, George
Price G.jpg
Private ,277494, Manchester Regiment, 21st Bn.
10th October 1918, 19 years,   
St Sever Cemetery Rouen, R. IV. B. 4.
PRICE, Harry
Price Harry.jpg
Private, 31963, Machine Gun Corps, 113th Coy.
14th October 1916, 16 years.
Ferme-Olivier Cemetery West Vlaanderen, Plot 1. Row A. Grave 5.
PRICE, Joseph
PRICE, Joseph Crossley
Private, 77949, King’s (Liverpool Regiment), Labour Corps.
8th April 1917, 41 years.
New Row Methodist Churchyard, D. 154.
PRICE, Robert
Price, Robert.jpg
Sergeant, 200811, East Lancashire Regiment, 2nd/4th Bn.
9th October 1917.
Poelcapelle British Cemetery, I. E. 23.
PRICE, Thomas
Private, 105, Australian Infantry, 1st Bn.
26th July 1915, 36 years.
Alexandria (Chatby) Military and War Cemetery, J. 158.
PRIEST, William
Priest William.jpg
Lance Corporal, 33938, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, 10th Bn.
9th April 1917, 25 years.
Fauberg D’Amiens Cemetery, III. P. 4.
PRIESTLEY, John Andrew
Priestley John011.jpg
Private, 6899, Rifle Brigade, 3rd Bn.
11th November 1914, 31 years.
Boulogne East Cemetery, III. C. 20.
PRIOR, James
Prior J012.jpg
Corporal, 11730, East Lancashire Regiment, 6th Bn.
5th April 1916.
Basra Memorial, Panel 19.
Proctor Ernest.jpg
Signaller, 29634, South Lancashire Regiment, 2nd Bn.
24th July 1918, 36 years.
Poznan Old Garrison Cemetery, I. B. 2.
Private, 1266, East Lancashire Regiment, 1st/4th Bn. 
4th June 1915, 23 years
Helles Memorial Panel 114 to 118

Proctor J W.jpg
Lance Corporal, 16984, Machine Gun Corps,
9th April 1918, 28 years
Beuvry Community Cemetery Extension, P. III. D. 25.
Private, 13571, King’s Own Scottish Borderers, 8th Bn.
25th September 1915, 21 years.
Loos Memorial, Panel 53 to 56.

Proctor T.jpg
Sergeant, 200644, East Lancashire Regiment, 2nd/4th Bn.
21st March 1918, 42 years.
Pozieres Memorial, Panel 42 and 43​

Pullan H.jpg
Private, 5848, East Lancaster Regiment, 1st Bn.
13th May 1915, 21 years.
Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, Panel 34.
Rifleman, C/1199, King’s Royal Rifle Corps, 16th Bn.
15th July 1916.
Thiepval Memorial, Pier and Face 13 A and 13 B.
Private, 235416, Worcestershire Regiment, 1st Bn.
3rd August 1918.
Ligny-St.Flochel British Cemetery, II. A. 12.
PUZZAR, Richard
Gunner, Royal Field Artillery
28th September 1918
PYE, Edward
Private, 47146, Royal Welsh Fusiliers, 9th Bn.
22nd March 1918, 27 years.
Arras Memorial, Bay 6.
PYE, John Rhodes
Pye J R.jpg
Corporal, 203426, East Lancashire Regiment, 2nd/5th Bn,
19th November 1917, 28 years.
Hazebrouk Community Cemetery, II. C. 6.
Died after the war as a result of War Service.
Donkeyman, Mercantile Marine, S.S. Cambank (Cardiff).
20th February 1915, 34 years.
Tower Hill Memorial.
Private, 1/10706, East Lancashire Regiment.
17th July 1916, 22 years.
Exeter Higher Cemetery, 45.
QUINN, Robert
Sapper, 8730, Royal Engineers.
13th October 1915.
Pleasington Priory F. B. 12.