Sergeant Thomas Alcock
jcem b1.jpg 

 968548   Sergeant
  T. Alcock
Royal Air Force Volunteer reserve
8th June 1945   Age 29
Son of Thomas and Alice Alcock of Blackburn.Husband of Joan Dorothy Alcock, Castle Camps Cambridge.

Flight Sergeant Jack Baker
jcem e10.jpg 

 1353429   Flight Sergeant
 J. Baker
Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
1st May 1943   Age 25
To Love Is To Remember
Grave C/E M. 720
Son of Joseph and Ellen Baker of Blackburn.Husband of Ruby Baker, Abbott Street, Blackburn.

 Aircraftman 2nd Cl. Arthur Beckett
jcem e8.jpg

 1689370   Aircraftman 2nd Cl
A. Beckett
Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
8th November 1942   Age 33
We Cannot Lord Thy Purpose See But All Is Well When Done By Thee
Grave C/E m. 720
Son of James Henry and Hannah Beckett of Blackburn. Husband of Alice Beckett of Witton, Blackburn.

Flight Sergeant William Bradshaw
jcem e9.jpg

 1673635   Flight Sergeant
W. Bradshaw
Flight Engineer
Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
  1st September 1943   Age 20
In Loving Memory Of My Dear Son Bill.Died On Active Service
Grave C/E X
Son of Ralph and May Bradshaw


To coincide with the 60th Anniversary of the end of the Second World War, Laughton Parish Council in Lincolnshire erected a memorial to the aircrews who died in the Parish. One of the men commemorated was from Blackburn-
On 1 September 1943, Flight Sergeant William Bradshaw was killed with the rest of the crew, consisting of four Australians and three British, after they took off from RAF Blyton.  He was the son of Ralph and Mary Bradshaw of Blackburn and is buried in Blackburn Cemetery. 
Laughton Parish Council would love to let any living relatives of William Bradshaw's know of the project and they would also like to know if anyone has any additional information regarding Flight Sergeant Bradshaw. 
If you can help, please email us at Cottontown@blackburn.gov.uk

   Sergeant Pilot John Raymond Brown
jcem 13.jpg

 Catherine Louisa Brown
Who Died December 2nd 1928
Aged 31 Years
At Rest.
In Treasured Memory of Sergt. Pilot John Raymond Brown 745568
Royal Air Force
Son of the Above
Who Died Of Wounds October 30th 1940
Aged 20 Years
"He Gave His Life That We Might Live"
"Thy Will Be Done"
Grave C/E J. 11385
Son of Joseph and Catherine Brown of Blackpool
Aircraftman 2nd CL James William Carruthers
jcem e16.jpg
2302691   Aircraftman 2nd Cl
J. W. Carruthers
Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
6th August 1946   Age 22
So Dearly Loved So Sadly Missed
Grave C/E S. 4512
Son of Andrew and Gertrude Carruthers, Blackburn. Husband of Annie Carruthers, Cambridge Street, Blackburn.


 Aircraftman 1st CL Ernest Clegg

jcem e1.jpg
963490   Aircraftman 1st Cl
E. Clegg
Royal Airforce Volunteer Reserve
14th November 1941   Age 27
Grave N/C J. 1848
Address Roe Lee Park, Blackburn

2nd Air Mechanic Henry Critchley
jcem e17.jpg
140774   2nd Air Mechanic
H. Critchley
Royal Air Force Motor Searchlight Section
25th November 1918   Age 31
Grave C/E Q. 2014
Son of Edward and Mary Critchley, 38, Audley Range, Blackburn.

 Sergeant Stanley Victor Crossley
jcem b5.jpg 
1127419   Sergeant
S.V. Crossley
Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
30th November 1942   Age 21
Grave N/C D. 4415
Son of Mr. and Mrs. Victor Crossley, 27, Penzance Street, Blackburn.

 LDG. Aircraftman James Elliott
jcem e7.jpg 

1015939   Ldg. Aircraftman

J. Elliott
Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
22nd January 1942   Age 28
He Gave His Life That We Might Live
Loved and Remembered
Grave C/E XX. 2801
Son of James and Alice Elliott. Husband of Ellen Elliott, Fisher Street, Blackburn.

Air Mechanic Samuel Flood
jcem e22.jpg
The Beloved Wife of James Turner
Who Died May 26th 1924
Aged 22 years
Also Sam Brother Of The Above
And Beloved Son of William and Mary Flood
Who Died November 20th 1918
Aged 19 Years
Also Mary Flood Their Beloved Mother
Who Died January 9th 1955
Aged 88 Years
Peace Perfect Peace
91320   Air Mechanic
S. Flood
Royal Air Force
Grave C/E E. 3395
Son of William and Mary Flood, 122, Poplar Street, Blackburn.

Aircraftman 2nd Cl. Fred Heaton
jcem e5.jpg 

1024463   Aircraftman 2nd Cl
F. Heaton
Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
17th April 1941   Age 33
Grave N/C H. 229
Husband of Phyllis Heaton of 39, Warrington Street, Blackburn