RAF Graves J-W

Private R. S. Johnson
jcem b6.jpg
32871  1st Air Mech
Royal Air Force
  11th November 1918   Age 31
Grave C/E C.2689
Husband of Mary Johnson, 84, Shaw Street, Blackburn.

Corporal Raymond Leigh
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648732   Corporal
R. Leigh
Royal Air Force
26th August 1942   Age 20
  Greater Love Hath No Man Than This
Grave N/C H. 555
Son of Mr.and Mrs.T.Leigh of 71, Poplar Street, Blackburn

Aircraftsman 2nd Cl. George Lonsdale
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 2200312   Aircraftman 2nd Cl.
G. Lonsdale
Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
1st January 1943   Age 36
To Live In the Hearts Of Those You Love Is Not To Die
Grave N/C H. 162
Husband of Edith Lonsdale, Moorside Avenue, Blackburn.

Corporal Herbert Edward Marsden
jcem e13.jpg 
133181   Corporal
H.E. Marsden
Royal Air Force
 3rd April 1919   Age 20
Son of Mary Alice Marsden of 10, Union Street, Blackburn.

F/O Edward Duerden Neal D.F.C.
jcem e21.jpg

In Loving Memory of William John James Neal,
Who Died 23rd April 1956 Aged 81 Years.
  Also Nancy Ethel His Beloved Wife
Who Died 7th April 1952 Aged 67 Years.
Also Their Dearly Beloved Son F/O Edward Duerden Neal, D.F.C.
Killed On Active Service 8th Oct. 1942 Aged 26 Years.
115171   F/0
Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
8th October 1942   Age 26 Years
Grave C/E F. 4103
Son of William J.J. and Nancy E. Neal of Cherry Tree, Blackburn B.A. (Oxon)

Sergeant Vincent Pascoe
jcem c1.jpg
2205050   Sergeant
V. Pascoe
Air Gnr.
Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
9th February 1945   Age unknown
Grave R/C B. 676
Son of Mr. and Mrs. Pascoe of 19, Ash Street, Blackburn.


Aircraftman 2nd Cl. James Robinson
jcem e3.jpg 

1030192   Aircraftman 2nd Cl.
J. Robinson
Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
21st September   Age 21
To Live in the Hearts of Those We Love
Grave C/E YY. 2925
Son of William H. and Alice Robinson of Lower Darwen.

Aircraftman 2nd Cl. Thomas Rothwell

jcem b4.jpg
988405   Aircraftman 2nd Cl.
T. Rothwell
Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
29th October 1940   Age 27
Greater Love Hath No Man Than This
He Gave His LIfe For His Country
Grave N/C C. 1912
Son of John and Ellen Rothwell of Blackburn. Husband of Doris Rothwell of 19, Margaret Street, Blackburn

Sergeant-Pilot Charles Derek Ryden
jcem e12.jpg
 1512602   Sergeant
C.D. Ryden
Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
29th January 1944   Age 21
Killed Whilst Flying In Anglesey
Grave R/C A. 259
Son of Fred Hindle Ryden and Helen Ryden of 17, St. Silas Road, Blackburn.

Corporal Herbert Sharples
jcem b3.jpg 

995173   Corporal
H. Sharples
Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
25th September 1944   Age 30
Sadly Missed By Those Who Loved Him
Grave N/C B. 1207
Son of James and Alice Sharples of 524, Bolton Road, Blackburn.

Second Lieutenant Walter Shorrock
jcem c8.jpg

Service Number unknown Second Lieutenant
W. Shorrock
Royal Air Force
3rd November 1918   Age 24
Grave C/E J. 11870
Son of William Hindle Shorrock and Harriet Shorrock of 39, Regent Street, Blackburn.

Corporal Sidney James Spratt
jcem b2.jpg 

213018   Corporal
S. J. Spratt
Parachute Regiment, Army Air Corps
24th May 1945   Age 31
Loved, Honoured, Remembered
A Beautiful Memory Left Behind
Grave N/C B. 882
Son of George Thomas Spratt and Polly Spratt of Blackburn.

Aircraftman 2nd Cl. Frank Leslie Talbot
jcem e15.jpg

 351857   Aircraftman 2nd Cl.
F. L. Talbot
Wireless Operator
Royal Air Force
23rd November 1939   Age 18
Grave C/E D. 3026
Son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Talbot of 11, West View, Wilpshire, Blackburn.


Pilot Officer William Joseph Turner D.F.M.
Turner William Joseph001.jpg
112730   Pilot Officer
W. J. Turner, DFM
Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
7th December 1941   Age 23
May He Rest In Peace
Grave R/C A. 163
Son of Joseph A. and Marie Turner of 506, Whalley New Road, Blackburn.Husband of Elizabeth Turner of Blackburn.

Sergeant Wilfred Whalley
jcem e2.jpg
 1034217   Sergeant
W. Whalley
Air Bomber
Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
23rd May 1944   Age 22
Grave N/C J. 1816
Son of Clara Ann Whalley of Blackburn.