Private Norman Thornton Fielding

3379143   Private
N.T. Fielding
East Lancashire Regiment
26th April 1921   Age 19
Loved and Remembered
Grave C/E N. 8842
Son of James and Elizabeth Fielding, 478, Audley Range, Blackburn

Private James Gavigan

20827   Private
J. Gavigan
East Lancashire Regiment
10th December 1918  Age 25
Grave R/C B. 887
Son of Michael and Gavigan, 12, Hannah Street, Blackburn.

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Private Albert Grundy

4473   Private
A. Grundy
East Lancashire Regiment
4th November 1916   Age 24
Grave N/C F. 7745
Son of James and Catherine Grundy, 29, Aston Street, Blackburn.
Private Albert Hacking
26642 Private
Albert Hacking
East Lancashire Regiment
2nd May 1916  Age 38
Grave N/C D. 3963
Son of Mrs. Hacking, 93, Rawsthorne Street, Blackburn
Private J. Hargreaves
5268 Private
J. Hargreaves
East Lancashire Regiment
28th April 1919  Age 21
Worthy of Everlasting Love
Grave C/E M. 6468
Son of John and Margaret Hargreaves, 77, Shaw Street, Blackburn
Private Harry Harman
3259 Private
Harry Harman
East Lancashire Regiment
18th November 1916  Age unknown
Grave C/E Q. 1969
Private Stephen Harrison
15873 Private
Stephen Harrison
East Lancashire Regiment
1st June 1920   Age 35
God's Will Be Done
Grave N/CF. 7041
Son of Mrs Moore, Husband of Mary Elizabeth Harrison, 11 Aston Street, Blackburn
Private John Sharples Haworth
2062   Private
J.S. Haworth
East Lancashire Regiment
31st May 1918   Age 29
Grave N/C G. 9772
Son of Abraham and Jane Haworth, 46, Audley Lane, Blackburn
Private H. Ingham
28441 Private
Harry Ingham
Lancashire Regiment
21st July 1917  Age 36
In Silence We Remember
Grave N/C C. 2422
Captain Frank Johnston
145104 Captain
Frank Johnston
East Lancashire Regiment
17th July 1944  Age 26
Killed In Action in Normandy
Frank Johnston is buried at Brouary War Cemetery. The Grave inscription is on a vault at Blackburn Cemetery.
Son of Francis and Maud Johnston
Private William Kenyon
4146 Private
William Kenyon
East Lancashire Regiment
25th June 1917  Age 28
Grave C/E Q. 1399
Son of Christopher and Catherine Kenyon, 22, Walpole Street, Blackburn
James Cecil Baddeley Knowles
James Cecil Baddeley Knowles
East Lancashire Regiment
3rd April 1920 
Grave N/C B. 1246
Private William James Laxton
3111 Private
William James Laxton
East Lancashire Regiment

23 October 1916, Age 21
Grave N/C C. 2160
Only son of Albert and Mary Laxton, 90 Darwen Street, Blackburn.


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