Private Stanley Marshall
3385871  Private
Stanley Marshall
East Lancashire Regiment

14th December 1939, Age 26


Private Amos Mather


36600  Private
Amos Mather
East Lancashire Regiment

29th December 1917, Age 24
Grave C/E D. 2120
Son of Louisa Mitton (formerly Mather), and the late Andrew Mather; husband of Alice Mather, of 179, Downham St., Blackburn.
Lance Corporal P. McCaffrey
202336  Lance Corporal
P. McCaffrey
East Lancashire Regiment

5th July 1918
Grave R/C B. 436
Private William Miller
28902  Private
William Miller
East Lancashire Regiment

8th July 1920, Age 38
Grave R/C B. 4214
Husband of Nancy Miller, of 68, Bushwell Rd., Blackburn.
Private William Miller
36974  Private
William Miller
East Lancashire Regiment

10th February 1919, Age 31
Grave C/E J. 11093
Son of Thomas and Agnes Miller, of Montreal, Canada; husband of Ada Miller, of 47, Henrietta St., Blackburn.
Frank Ormerod
24161 Corporal
Frank Ormerod
East Lancashire Regiment
5th January, 1917  Age 22
Grave C/E A. 347
Son of William and Elizabeth Ormerod, of 116, Lincoln St., Blackburn.
Private Richard Parrington
4473 Private
R. Parrington
East Lancashire Regiment
13th June 1915  Age 45
Grave N/C D. 4095
Husband of Emma, of Mytton-Street Padiham. Formerly of Ordnance Street, Blackburn
Private Samuel Enoch Payton
3389479 Private
Samuel Enoch Payton
East Lancashire Regiment
11th January, 1942  Age 24
Grave C/E XX. 2616
Son of Samuel Enoch and Maude Mary Payton; husband of Susannah Payton, of Blackburn.
Private H. Pemberton
201135 Private
H. Pemberton
East Lancashire Regiment
21st August, 1920 
Grave N/C D. 3245
Private P. Reynolds
6605  Private
 P. Reynolds
East Lancashire Regiment

7th May 1915 
Grave R/C F. 4957
Private John William Salmon
3378941 Private
John William Salmon
East Lancashire Regiment
15th July, 1940, Age 36
 Grave R/C B. 561
Son of Patrick and Mary Salmon, of Blackburn; husband of Honora Salmon, of Blackburn.
Private Harry Scott


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14875056 Private
Harry Scott
East Lancashire Regiment

 22nd July, 1945, Age 18
 Grave C/E XX. 2610
Son of Walter and Margaret Eliza Scott, of Blackburn; husband of Margaret Scott, of Blackburn.
Serjeant B. Smith
4025 Serjeant
B. Smith
East Lancashire Regiment
 18th May, 1916, Age 36
Grave C/E L. 15327
Son of William and Margaret Smith, of Swan St., Blackburn; husband of Ada Smith (now Jordan), of 133, Birley St., Blackburn.
2nd Lieut. Richard Thomas Smith
Second Lieutenant
Richard Thomas Smith
3rd May 1915
Grave N/C C. 2604
Private Robert Southworth
17991 Private
Robert Southworth
East Lancashire Regiment
18th September 1917, Age 37
 Grave R/C E. 2866
Son of James and Alice Southworth, of Blackburn; husband of Victoria Southworth, of 22, Lancaster St., Blackburn.
Colour Serjeant Leonard Stevens
3381220  Colour Serjeant
Leonard Stevens
East Lancashire Regiment
5th August 1944  Age 39

Grave C/E Z.2018
Son of Thomas H. and Rose Stevens. Husband of Annie Stevens