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Sacred Heart and St Edward’s 
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 © Albert Gavagan (WMR-51312)

Sacred Heart and St. Edward's Church is on located on Blackburn Road.
The Memorial is made of white marble. There are two steps on which stands a plinth. On the plinth is a fallen soldier at the foot of the figure of Christ nailed to a Cross. The soldier is in a recumbent attitude, half supported by his pack with his rifle at his side and gazing up at Christ. The plinth is of marble weighing a 1½ ton. On it is an inscription which reads:

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 © Albert Gavagan (WMR-51312)

In Holy Remembrance Of The Men Of This
Parish Who Nobly Laid Down Their Lives
In The Great War


It Is Better For Us To Die In Battle Than
To See The Evils Of Our Nation
Machabeus 3 ch. 59 v.

Then follow the names of 54 men of the parish who gave their lives:
Derkin, P; Green, J.
Jeffers, J.; Cannon, E.; Standing, T.; McCann, E.; O’Neil, J.; Almond, W.; Scowcroft, W.; Kay, J.; Mcintyre, J.; Walsh, T.; Finn, J.; Parson, H.; Brennan, J.; Clarkson, T.
Derkin, V.; Draper, F.; Whalley, A.; Burke, M.; Jeffers, J.; Barnes, J.; Mckeown, R.; Parr, E.; Mcdonald, J.; Flannery, J.; Meehan, J.; Walmsley, J.; Cross, T.; Brindle, J.; Jeffers, Joseph; King, R.; Donnelly, T.
Hopkins, J.; Sandham, J.; Rawlings, J.; Slater, J.; Flannery, T.; Wakefield, F.; Rostron, C.
Fish, T.; Flynn, T.; Milne, W.; Puzzer, R.; Jackson, C.; Price, E.; Shillitoe, E.; Oldfield, C.; McDermott, T.; Singleton, J.; Jackson, J.; McCann, J.; Hall, J.
The Memorial was unveiled by Major Edmund Carus, Senior Catholic Officer of Darwen, and dedicated by Father Classe on Saturday 27th March 1920.
The memorial was the work of Albert and Sons, Manchester.


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 © Albert Gavagan (WMR-51312)

This Memorial takes the form of an open book in marble and stands at the foot of the WW1 Memorial.
At the top of each page is a cross. Under which and across two pages are the words;

Roll Of Honour
Then across both pages:
Requiescant In Pace

The names of the 16 men who gave their lives are spread across two pages, 8 per page they are;
Left page;
Crompton, W.; Lynos, J.; McKeown, J.; Lightfoot, N.; Thornber, H.; Hamer, D.; Stanley, J.; Duckett, B.;
Right page;
Watson, J.; Warburton, H.; Johnstone, F.; Price, J.; Kay, R.; Lowis, F.; Dorkin, M.;Baxter, A

Darwen Gazette: 3rd April 1920.
Darwen Avertiser: 3rd April 1920.
Darwen News: 27th March 1920, 3rd April 1920.
Blackburn Weekly Telegraph; 3rd April 1920.
War memorial Ref. No.: 51312.

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​St. Joseph’s Church

St. Joseph’s Church is located on Bolton Road.
Its Memorial is a nowy headed oblong marble tablet standing on two corbels.

The  World War One Memorial plaque at
St. Joseph's Church .

There is an Inscription that reads:
There are 118 names of those  who gave their lives. They are;
 Almond, Arthur; Appleton, John; Banks, Albert; Banks, Thomas; Baron, John; Barrowcliffe, James; Battle, James; Baxendale, Stephen; Birmingham, Thomas; Boland, Owen; Brannigan, Owen; Brennan, John; Brennand, James; Brindle, John L.; Burke, Edmond; Burke, Henry; Burke, John; Burke, Joseph; Burke, Thomas;
Canovan, Sergt.; Canovan, Gabriel; Chadwick, Albert; Chadwick Sam; Chadwick, Joseph; Chambers, Charles; Cooper, James W.; Coughlin, Joseph; Cross Thomas; Cummings, Thomas; Deakin, Peter; Dockerty, John; Doherty, William; Doughtery, William; Duerden, Christopher; Durkin, John; Edge, John; Edge, William; Egan, William; Fagan, John; Firth, James; Fish, James; Flynn, Thomas; Garvey, John; Geraghty, Thomas; Glynn Patrick; Goodwin, John; Halstead, Henry; Harwood, Richard; Hayes, James; Hayes, Thomas; Hopkins, John; Haywood, Joseph; Hilton, James T.; Hilton, William; Holden, Ernest; Holden, John; Jackson, John; Kealey, James; Kealey, John; Keown, John; Keown, Charles; Kilcoyne, John; Lowe, James; Madden, Michael; Makin, Herbert; Marsden, James; May, John; McArdle, John; McCarrick, Matthew; McClure, James; McGlynn, Albert; McGuirk, Hector; McKiernan, Peter; Moran, Thomas; Mulhall, Richard; O’Brien, Morgan; O’Donnell, Patrick; O’Donnell John T.; O’Mara, Francis; Parsons, Harold; Pilkington, Martin; Quinn, Bartholomew; Rigby, Richard; Rosney, John; Scholes, Robert; Seddon, Thomas; Singleton; John; Smith, John D.; Smith, James; Spencer, James; Taylor, Kingsford; Thompson, Thomas; Townsend, Anthony; Tracey, Gilbert; Walsh, James; Wild, Richard; Wilson, James; Wilson, Thomas; Woods Francis; Woolley James.
There are 3 names appended on the end:
Farnhill, John Egan; Thomas E.; Sweeney Walter.
There is no Information at this time as to when or by whom the memorial was unveiled and dedicated.
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