​World War I Tanks

David Fletcher of the Tank Museum, Bovington has kindly supplied these images of World War I tanks, which are similar to those John Rimmer and his Battalion would have operated.

               1102.jpg                                      566.jpg
         The photo above shows I 58 being towed away by                         C14 was captured at Cambrai. Here it is being loaded on to a railway 
  a German traction engine after being destroyed at Cambrai              wagon before being taken to the German workshops at Charleroi

                   68.jpg                                           885.jpg
                    A MK IV "male" with four of its eight crew.                     A MK IV female (left) and male(right) being demonstrated to the King
                        The tank is undergoing maintenance                           The "male" tank has two cannons as well as two machine guns.
                             before being used in battle.  
A MK IV tank rears up over a trench.

                 435.jpg                                   867.jpg       
           MK IV "female" tank. One of the tank's machine guns                         The photo above shows a MK IV "female" tank. 
                   and the escape hatches underneath it can be                                  This one was from "F" Battalion but C47 
       clearly seen.  The soldier on the right is a tank crewman.                                     would have been identical.
 The photo below shows British tanks waiting to be transported to the Front for the Battle of Cambrai. "Cynic" is on the right is a "C" Battalion tank. All the tanks carry fascines (bundles of sticks) for filling German trenches.