​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Repatriated Prisoners of War​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Blackburn

A rather unprepossessing looking book resting in Blackburn Central Library’s Community History Collection does not prepare the reader for a glimpse into the lives of the men (and some women) who endured captivity as a Prisoner of War in various theatres of conflict during the Second World War. 

It is not entirely certain when the book was first used to record the comments of repatriated Prisoners of War, however, in 1945, Elswick House in Mellor played host to 140 local ex-prisoners of war and the event was hosted Mr. and Mrs. Heyworth. Mrs Heyworth was the secretary of the Prisoner of War Comforts Committee, (1).
The book, which had been specially made, was signed and comments were recorded by those ex-prisoners of war who attended.
The volume which consists of 330 pages (not all of which are used) with an index at the back, is approximately 27.5cm by 22cm and covered in black leather. Printed on the front, in gold lettering is the title; 


Blackburn POW book018.jpg
In total there are some 302 names in the book. The book must have been available to the men and women who were not able to attend the function, to sign at a later date.

Interestingly, only 11 people seem to have written the date when they signed the book; the earliest is May 1945, two men signed in August 1945, five on the 30th October 1945, one on the 2nd November 1945, one on the 26th March 1946 and one on the 2nd April 1946.

Nearly all the entries are written by men but there are three women who signed, Louise Steward, page 11, Margaret Trim, page 12 and Margaret Walton, page 127.

The Mellor event does not appear to have been reported in the newspaper, however, an event which took place on the 1st of March 1946 was reported in ‘The Blackburn Times’, (2). It was held in the Lecture Hall (King Georges Hall) when a luncheon and concert was given for the returned Prisoners of War by the Comforts Committee. 65 ex-POW attended, each was given a wallet containing £12 from the comfort committee and a box of cigarettes given by the Blackburn Times Cigarette Fund. The event was attended by Mrs. Heyworth, the Mayor John Charnley and Mayoress [Mrs Charnley] with various other officials attending. It is perhaps worthy to quote that ‘After paying tribute to the very fine work which the Mayoress’s committee was just concluding over a period of 6 ½ years in the distribution of more than 17,000 parcels to men of the Forces everywhere, exclusive of those sent to prisoners, the Mayor pointed out that the additional gift of £10 above the £2 & wallet received by prisoners in other theatres was in place of parcels which could not be sent to men in Japanese hands. 
Mrs E. L. Heyworth, secretary of the prisoners of war section of the committee, thanking the mayor for presiding, said there were four more occasions on Tuesday afternoons on which ex-Prisoners who had not signed the records that evening could do so’ (2).

Some of the comments recorded within this fascinating volume are short and to the point; ‘Pretty bad’ notes L/Cpl Albert Taylor of his time in Singapore. 
Blackburn’s William (Bill) Griffith’s​  entry was written by R. Griffiths, his Uncle: ‘Captured 8 March 1942 till 18 Sept 1945.  I was ordered by the Japs to remove some grenades which were booby trap and was blown up and since then I have been Blind and have no Hands’

William Griffiths Page 115.jpg
Diary Entry for William (B​ill) Griffith Page 115

How the book has been transcribed for publication on Cotton Town
The alphabetical index of names is located at the back of the book, but, for ease of use on the website, has been placed first. As in the book, the names under each letter are not in alphabetical order. The page number at the side of each name is linked to the appropriate page. The text is more or less how it was written in the original book with only one or two minor exceptions. The spelling remains as it was written by each man. Where it was felt that it might help the reader, explanations as to the meanings of some abbreviations and the location or name of a Prisoner of War Camp has been inserted in square brackets and in italics.​

There are no images in the book but wherever possible an image has been inserted.  
Please contact: library@blackburn.gov.uk if you are able to supply a photograph for inclusion with this resource.  

(1) “The History of Mellor in Lancashire”, (1999) Summersgill, Neil, p.65, 
(2) The Blackburn Times, Friday March 8th 1946

With grateful thanks to  Community History Volunteers, Janet Burke and Stephen Smith. 

Published 19th July 2023.

​​Alfred Alberts15Edward Atki​nson15
Thomas Astley​​​​
​ 17E. Ainsworth23​​
​​George Almond
26​​​John Almond​​21​
F. Arkwright​36​
James Ashcroft​47
Kenneth Ainsworth​48​James Ainsworth
​S. R. Ashton
​60  J. Aspin​70
​J. Aspin
114R. Ashburn​117
​A. Abel
​77J. Armstrong​124​
Ronald Bolton ​1Thomas Ball​4​
Stewart Barnett​
​J. J. Blockley​
John M. Barnett 
Fred Bruce
Thomas Breckle
16​​​Frank Baron24
​William Barron
24​Bernard Brennon
​N. Barton
​35​​Robert Ball
​J. Bleasdale
43​Wm A. Boyle​49​​​​​
​J. Bell
52​​E. Barnes​55​
R. Bradley
​56​​J. W. Blackwood
​E. Barrett
​58​T. Burton
Fred Briggs
​68David Barrett
​​Kenneth H. Brown
71​Joseph Boardman
​​James E. Boyle
​​H. Barnes
Fred Barnes
J. M. Bolton
N. Brassington
113​P. Bunyon
​E. Barlow
T. Blezard​122​
​D. H. Batten
123​​H. Buck
1Ernest Crankshaw8​​​
​David Charnley
​Wm Cain
Alfred Curran
​Bert H. Cave
​Thomas Charnley
​25Henry Caton25
​S. Cook
​Jack Clough
​​James Carus
42Tom Clayton
Arthur Colbert
E. M. Corless
R. Connell​
123 and 104W. Crankshaw75 and 108
J.E. Cartmell​
110H. Chippendale​113
L.D. Collier​
115H. Collins124​
​J. W. Calver
125L.W. Carr
​John P. Duffy
​4​Henry B. Duckworth
Harry Duerden​
​13Stanley Dickinson​13
Norman Donnelly​
John De La Rue​32
​William Davis
35C. A. Dugdale​
P. Dermody​
61Robert H. Dawson​65
W. N. Davis
100R. Ditchfield​106
​Albert Dillon
112H. Davis​112
​W. Dixon
​116​C. A. Davidson 
Percy Eccles​
​33 R. Eaves57
F. B. Edwards
J. Earnshaw  100​
J. J. Elliot​
Albert Fizgerald​
18​J. Flynn
​Wilfred Farrington 
​J. Foster111​
​F. W. Furness
Harry Green
18​Henry Grundy24
J. J. Grogan​26F. Greaves​​​
H. Greaves​
W. Griffiths58
E. Goode​
W. Goodbier62
​E. Genn
66James Garrity69
​Neville Gray
73Ernest Gibbons74​
W. Griffiths​
115L. Gorsuch126​​​
Frank Haworth​​​
2Alfred Haslam2
​William Hargreaves
5William Herrity
​Mc G. F. Haptie​
8F. Higginbottom9​​
​W. S. Holden​
19​​Herbert Hacking
​​A. E. Hood
J. Hesketh
​Alfred Hunt
32S. Holden36
Wm Howarth
​Ronald Hurst
J. Haworth
​J. Holgate
​J. Harrison
A. Howard67​
Frank Hibbert
69​Harry Holden75​
Henry Howard
101H. Hacking102​
​Fred Hacking
​Harold Holden
​H. Henson
112​J. H. Harrop
​John Halliwell
C. Helliwell
A. W. Holden
F. Hacking
Thomas S. Instone
25​​James Ingham​41
Leslie Irwin​
41Michael Ivory​69​
G. W. Isherwood​
​Robert Johnson
19​E. Jopson
​H. Jones
42​R. V. Johnson
F. Jackson​
E. I. Johnson64​
​J. H. Jones
65N. Jopson70​​
​John Jackson
72​J. Johnson
W. E. Kay​
2​Alfred Kelly
​Norman Kay
19John Kelly​26
​F. Kelpin
44​A. Knott
​H. Kenyon
Wm Kinder
W. Kay​
C. E. Kenyon​120
Douglas Longman
​6W. Lawson​23
Walter Loftus​
30​R. Livesey
J. Logan
​William McGlachan
9​James Edward Miller
​John McTighe
20​​Henry Mercer​​
J. McMahon​​
29John Martin22
Frank Miller
31E. I. Moulden36​
​N. S. Macdonald
42​James Marsden
​Russell Margerison
50A. J. Morris​53
J. H. Maden​
66R. J. Murray​69
Thomas W. Minski​
71A. S. Miller​113
C. Maguire​
116K. McDuff
Richard Nowell​
​J. Neville
​H. Neville
​William Nowell
C. Newton​
101A. C. Newson​124
Thomas Oddie​
6​William Orrell
James O'Donnell​
36P. Ormerod​67
Thomas Page
20Edwin Pye​60
​A. Partington
28Harry Pickup​34
George Pitts
47 and 40​​Edward Parkinson
​Alexander Parkinson
72John Perkins​74
​J. C. Parkinson
76J. Peel​101​
​William S. Parkinson
​John Richardson
9​Harold K. Robinson
​C. Riley
​27Edward Rowe38​
Wm Roberts
40Alan Rowe48​
​S. Rogerson
54E. Roland59​
C. Rawcliffe
60​H. Rishton62​
​W. Roberts​67John Rawcliffe​71
D. H. Riley​
73R. Rimmer​116
J. Ridge​
119​R. Riley
​J. Robinson
122K. Rees​
John Smith​
​Hartley Sandbach
​William Smith
F. Sharples10​
​Harold Smethurst
10Albert Smith10​
​George G. Smythe
11Louise Steward11
​Gordon Smith
15Wm A. Shaw​28
Wm Sowerbutts​
37Albert Starkie37​
​R. W. Strong
38​Joseph Spencer
G. Scott​
44L. Sharples​57
Frank Stokes
66John Small​72
Ronald Stratford
​R. Sawyer
J. Swindlehurst
110​​W. J. Starbuck
​R. W. Scarlett
118​J. Sharples
T. S. Simpson​​
James E. Threlfall
3​Kenneth Thorpe
​Edward Tomlinson
7​Margaret Trim
Frank Tomlinson
32W. Talbot​44
​J. Thompson
52​David Thomas
J. Tattersall
74​G. Tate
F. Tiplady
103​​J. Thunder
J. Thomas
75 and 105​​Albert Taylor
​T. Timcke
121M. Thompson​​122​
​Arthur Wilcox
4​​Thomas Wakeley
J. R. Wareing
16​Joseph Walmsley
​H. C. Weller
​George Walker
​W. Wilding
​H. Wilson
​Anthony Wingfield
​J. Whittle
Harry Walsh​
34​John Walkden
R. Wilson
43W. F. Walker45​
​Walter Woods
​H. Wilkinson
J. Walsh
S. Weaver57​
​G. Wroot
​Richard Worthington
​Frank Whitehead
H. V. Wolstenholme ​76
​John Wignall
106Albert Whittaker​109​
William Whittaker
109​Thomas Wareing111​
R. E. Webb
117​​E. Wood
J. C. Walton
122​​H. Wilson
​M. Walton
127​Clifford A. Warden​​120​
There are spaces for these signatures

​Thomas Astley80, Addison Street 17
J. M. Barnettnow ​
Stewart Barnett​
20, Pickup Street5
​G. Carter Derbyshire
​171, Redlam​
​Stanley Dickinson10, Sevenhouses, Knuzden
Harry Duerden
59, Craig Street​13
John P. DuffyLangho4
Albert Fitzgerald26, Meadow Lane18
​Harry Green
​5, Cumpstey Street18
​William Hargreaves
34, Clerkhill Street5
Alfred Haslam
16, Beresford Road2​
​Frank Haworth
​29, Taylor Street2
​William Herrity​Mount Pleasant5
F. Higginbottom​73, High-field Road​9​​
​W. E. Kaynow
High Wycombe​2
​Wm. McGlashan
Thomas Oddie
8, Coldstream Place​​6
​Thomas Page
​3, Troop Street20
John Richardson
188, Whalley Old Road9
Albert Smith
17, Hamilton Street10
John Smith
​13, Norman Street1
G. G. Smythe
Balderstone Vicarage​11
​Louise Steward
167, Preston New Road11
​James Threlfall
75, Shear Brow3
​Margaret Trim
​Edward Tomlinson
46, Mary Street7
​Thomas Wakeley
​Havelock Street11
Arthur Wilcox
49, Earl Street

It appears the above people were not present at the event

John Smith
Repatriated: June 1943.
13, Norman Street.

Ronald Bolton
Bolton, Roland_jpg.jpg
6347045, R.A.O.C. [Royal Army Ordnance Corps].
Repatriated: October 1943.

Cyril Carter Derbyshire
171, Redlam.

Frank Haworth
Haworth, Frank 003_jpg.jpg
28, Taylor Street.

Alfred Haslam (died) 
16, Beresford Road.

W. E, Kay
now at High Wycombe.

Hartley H. Sandbach
Sandbach, H H page 3_jpg.jpg
R.A.M.C 7383031 [Royal Army Medical Corps].

James E. Threlfall
75, Shear Brow.
Escaped December 1943.

Kenneth Thorpe
Thorpe, Kenneth page 3_jpg.jpg
7945053  R.T.R.

Arthur Wilcox
49, Earl Street.
Repatriated: June 1944.

John P. Duffy
Escaped July – October.

Thomas S. Ball
Ball, Thomas_jpg.jpg
“I am very thankful for all the help given by the British Red Cross and the Mayoress's 
Comforts Committee.”

Stewart Barnet
20, Pickup Street.

William Hargreaves
34, Clerkhill Street.

William Herrity
Mount Pleasant.

Douglas Longman
 863420, R.A. [Royal Artillary].

Thomas Oddie
8, Coldstream Place.

William Smith
Smith, William page 6_jpg.jpg
3381926, R.A.C. [The Royal Armoured Corps].​

Edward Tomlinson
46, Mary Street.
Repatriated: September 1944.

Cpl. J.J. Blockley
Blockley, Joseph_jpg.jpg
Captured 30th May 1942, Western Desert.

John M. Barnett
(now Truro).

Ernest Crankshaw
Captured 27th July 1940, I.W.G.C. [unsure what I.W.G.C. is].

 Gnr. Henry B. Duckworth
Duckworth, H B_jpg.jpg
934942, Royal Artillery.
"God is our Refuge and Strength - a very present help in trouble."

Captain G. E. Haptie M.C [Military Cross].
1st. Btn. The South Lancashire Reg.
“Grateful thanks to citizens of Blackburn for all that was done for me when in Germany.”​

F. Higginbottom
73, Highfield Road.

William McGlashan

John Richardson
Richardson, John POW.jpg
188, Whalley Old Road.

F. Sharples
Pastor, Assemblies of God.
(Geween te Gods) [looks like].
Den Haaf Holland.

Harold Smethurst
6769 Lcpl [Lance Corporal] X1 Hussars.
DCM 1914 Star.

Albert Smith
Smith, Albert  002_jpg.jpg
17, Hamilton Street.​

G. Smythe
Balderstone Grange.

Thomas Wakeley
Havelock Street.
Repatriated: October 1944.

Louise Steward
167, Preston New Road.

Margaret Trim
Escaped to Switzerland - Repatriated Oct. 1944

Fred Bruce
12th. Royal Lancers.

Driver David Charnley
Escaped from Italy Sept. 1943 to Switzerland, Repatriated Oct. 1944.
“Many thanks to the Red Cross on their excellent work.”

Stanley Dickinson
Repatriated February 1945.
10, Seven Houses Knuzden.

Harry Duerden
Duerden, Harry _jpg.jpg
39, Craig Street.

Alfred Kelly
Kelly, Alfred page 13_jpg.jpg
321171, S. R. I. D. Gds.
Repatriated February 1945.

Harold K. Robinson
Stalag XV111A [Wolfsberg, Austria].
Released Jun 26.19.45.

Gnr. William Orrell
Orrell, William page 14_jpg.jpg 

Stalag XXA [Thor, Poland].
Captured 30/5/1940
Repatriated 31/3/1945. 
Released 23/1/45 Home 1/4/45.

Gdsm​​n. William Cain
Cain, William_jpg.jpg
Stalag 11A [Neubrandenburg, Germany].
Captured 29/11/1942.
Released 11/4/1945.

Gordon Smith
Smith, Gordon  _ 17_4_45_ pg 8.jpg
Captured June 1st. 1941.
Captured Crete June 1st 1941.
Released 2nd. April 1945.
“I thank the Red Cross for all they have done for me.”

Edward Atkinson
Atkinson, Edward_jpg.jpg
Captured 23rd June 1942 at Gambut Libia. 
Released 30th March 1945, by American 3rd Army at Ziegenheim nr Cassell. Germany.
Arrived home 8th April [19]45.

Alfred Alberts
Abert, Alfred.jpg
Captured Sept 1944 on the Arnhem operation.
 Released Easter Monday by the American 3rd Army in Bad Orb. [Stalag IX-B, Germany].
Arrived home 10th April 1945.

James Edward Miller
Miller, J E page 15 ON CT_jpg.jpg
Captured Nov. 17 1943 on the island of Leros [Greece].
Escaped April 5th contact made with American 9th Army April 8th in Hildenheim [Germany].
Arrived home 10th April 1945.

J. R. Waring
(22, Hutchinson St).
12 June 1940 3711802.

Alfred Curran
Curran, Alfred_jpg.jpg
12th June 1940. 889384.
Captured at St Valery [France], 51st DVI. [Highland Division].
Arrived England 10th 4 1945 Swindon.

Thomas Breckle
Breakall, Thomas_jpg.jpg
29th May 1940 No. 3388037.
Captured 29th May 1940 Belgium.​

Thomas Astley
Astley, Thomas  _ 20_4_45_ pg 3.jpg
80 Addison St.

Pte Edward Dickinson
Stalag 20A Poland [Torun].
Captured in Dunkirk - France 29th of May 1940.
Repatriated April the 12th from Nuemburg, [Nuremberg] Germany.
“I wish to Thank, for all the kindness shown by the Red Cross and also the Mayoress Fund and all others.”

L/Sgt H. Hacking
Hacking, Herbert  POW_ 20_4_45 pg 3.jpg
Captured Boulogne 25/5/40.
Home again 23/4/45.
“With all my gratitude to all who assisted in keeping our Spirits going.”

Pte. J. Hesketh
Hesketh, John_jpg.jpg
Stalag 344 Germany [Lamsdorf in Silesia].
Captured Tobruk 20th June 1942. 
Retaken [Released] by Americans at Pilsen 15th. May 1945.
“I wish to thank all people concerned for kindness shown to us. The Red Cross and the Mayoress Fund who kept us going with parcels etc.”

Dvr. A Fitzgerald
Stalag 20 B Germany [Marienburg Poland].
Captured Lille [France] 31st May 1940.
Liberated 12th April 1945.
“Many thanks for all the kindness and gifts received.”
Albert Fitzgerald.
26, Meadows Lane.

Harry Green
Green, Harry 002_jpg.jpg
5, Cumpstey St.

Capt​. W.S. Holding
RAMC [Royal Army Medical Corps].
May [19]40 - April [19]45.
“Through the dark years we had to grope.
Yet, lo! through the gloom there shone a hope.
The helping hand of the Red Cross.”

R. Johnson
Captured March 1943. 
Released by Americans April 1943.

N. Kay
June [19]40 - April [19]45.

John Mc Tighe
Captured 30th May 1940 Crombecke Belgium.
Released by Russians 22nd Jan 1945 at Standorf Ober Silesky [looks like]. 

A.B. Henry Mercer 
Mercer, Harry page 20_jpg.jpg
Royal Navy.
Rescued at sea June 15th 1942 by Italian Red Cross. 
Liberated April 15 1945. Repatriated from Hildesh [Perhaps Hildesheim Germany].
“Most grateful thanks to the Red Cross for carrying on the Walter Raleigh tradition. Your cigarettes were wonderful.”

Thomas Page
Page, Thomas William_ 20_4_45 pg 3.jpg
3, Troup Street.

Fus. John Almond
Almond, John_jpg.jpg
Royal Northumberland Fusiliers.
Captured Gazala, Libya June 6th 1942.
Repatriated VE day 1945 [8th May].
“My grateful thanks to YMCA and Red Cross, without whom I should not be able to write these lines.”

Sig. H.C.H. Weller
Royal Signals.
Capt Gazala, Libya Dec. 15th 1945.
Escaped 22/1/45.
“Many grateful thanks for the wonderful way in which the Mayoress fund helped to comfort
the P.O.W.s in our camp,the cigs and other comforts where really appreciated.”

Gnr. Barnes James
Captured Argus [sic] April 28th 1941.
Stalag 18A Wolfsberg. Austria.
Arrived home May 24th 1945.

Pte. 35 John Martin
East Lancs. Regt.
Captured Dunkirk 1940.
Werknig [looks like] Camp 12701.H [this could be his POW number].
Arrived home May 18.1945.

Sgt. Mr R. Nowell
Captured Nov 17th [19]43 Leros [Greece].
Released April 9th [1945] Arrived England 13th April [1945].

GDSM. G. Walker
Walker, George_jpg.jpg
Captured Anzio [Italy] 8/2/44.
Liberated 9/4/45.
“Many thanks to the Red Cross & Mayoress's fund for their great help.”

L/Sgt. W. Lawson
Lawson Walton page 23_jpg.jpg
Captured Tunis [Tunisia] 25/12/42.
Liberated 16/4/45.
“All my thanks for the kindness shown me by the Red Cross & Mayoress's Fund.”

Pte. E. Ainsworth
Ainsworth, Edwin_jpg.jpg
Captured Arnheim [Arnhem Netherland].
Escaped 12/4/45.
“Many thanks to the Red Cross & Mayoress' Fund for the kindness.”

Gnr Henry Grundy
Captured Crete 1941.
Liberated 16th April 41.
“I wish to thank for all the kindness shown by the Red Cross & Mayoress Fund.”

Gnr F. Baron
Captured Crete 1941.
Liberated 17th April 1945.
“I wish to thank for all the kindness shown by the Red Cross & Mayoress Fund.”

Fus Barrow
Captured Tunis [Tunisia] 1942.
Liberated 11/4/45.
“I wish to thank all the kindness shown by Red Cross & Mayoress Fund.”

Sgt. Instone T.S.
Captured near Dortmund [Germany] 21/2/45.
Liberated 30/4/45.
Repatriated 11/5/45. Arrived home 13/5/45.
“Many thanks to the Red Cross and the Mayoress's Committee for the kindness they have shown.”

Thomas Charnley
Chanley, Thomas_jpg.jpg

H. Caton
Caton, Harry_jpg.jpg
Captured 1940 20th May.
Liberated April 26th 1945.

G. C. Almond
Almond, George Critchley_jpg.jpg
Captured 29/6/42 Mersa Matruh [Egypt].
Liberated Germany 18/4/45 Germany. [sic]

J.J. Grogan
Grogan, J_jpg.jpg
Captured 13/6/42 At Bur-El-Rigal [Egypt].
Liberated 29/4/45.

John Kelly
South of Tobruk [Libya] 27th Nov 1941.

F/Sgt Cave, B.H.
Cave, B H_jpg.jpg
Captured in Germany 12/13th August 1944.
Liberated by the Americans 12-00 hrs Sunday the 29th April.

L/Sgt Riley C. 
R.A. [Royal Artillery].
Captured, Calais 26/5/40. 
Released by 9th US Army on 12/4/45.

Pte Jepson, E. 
4465921. D.L.I.  [Durham Light Infantry]
Captured by Dodecanese, [Greece] 3/10/43. 
released by 3rd.US on 17/4/45.

6139891, East Surrey Rgt.
Captured in Tunisia 26th Feb 1942.
Liberated by Americans 24th April 1945.

Fus. A. Partington 
4133435 4th RNF [Royal Northumberland Fusiliers] Regt.
Captured in Libia [Libya] 27th May 1942
Liberated by Americans 29th April 1945
“Many thanks to the Red Cross which made the days brighter.”

Dvr. W. Wilding
T/50924, RASC [Royal Army Service Corps].
Captured in Libia [Libya] 8th April 1941.
Liberated by Americans in Germany April 20th 1945. 

A.E. Hood
NX15167 2/3Bn. A.I.F. [Australian Imperial Force].
P.O.W. 10190 [His POW number].
Captured Crete 1st June 1941. 
Recaptured [Repatriated] by Americans 28th April 1945.

S. Cook
NX29782 2/3 Bn. A.I.F [Australian Imperial Force].
Captured Crete 1st June 1941.
Recaptured [Repatriated] by Americans 28th. April 1945. 

Pte. J. McMahon
3387833 1st Batt. East Lancs Regt.
Captured Dunkirk May 29th 1940.
Recaptured [Repatriated] by Americans April 24th 1945.

B. Brennan
33875194 Batt. East Lancs,
POW 10612 [his POW number].
Captured 29th May 1940. Liberated by Americans 2nd May 1945

Cpl H. Wilson 
3446401 2nd Batt Lan Fus.
POW 12471 [his POW number].
Captured 22/5/40. 
Liberated by Americans 1/5/45.

(Cpl.) Walter Loftus
3713320 Kings Own Royal Reg.
POW 6111 [his POW number].
Captured 9/6/1940 Liberated by Americans 22/4/45.
“God Bless the British Red Cross Society without whose their help we should not be here and a special word of
thanks to Erik Berg of the Swedish YMCA God Bless him.”

Gnr Frank Miller
Miller, Frank page 31_jpg.jpg
R.A. [Royal Artillery] 22-5-45 [?]
Captured In Libiya [Libya] June 12th [19]42.
Arrived from Germany later to my home 13/5/45.

Warrant Officer Donnelly N.P.
Captured in Libya June 1940.
“Thanking all for the appreciation shown whilst a POW in Italy and Germany.”

Pte. Anthony Wingfield
Wingfield, A page 31_jpg.jpg
(Sherwood Foresters).
Captured in Italy Oct 13th 1942.
“Many thanks to all.”

L/BDR. Hunt Alfred
Hunt, Alfred_jpg.jpg
1526676 RA [Royal Artillery].
Captured In Libiya [Libya] 31st Aug [19]42.
Arrived from Germany 2nd May arrived home 19th May [19]45.

Pte. John De-La-Rue
De La Rue John_jpg.jpg
Green Howards.
Capt. June 1st 1942. 
Arrived home Thurs May 18th 1945.

Gunner Tomlinson Frank
Tomlinson, Frank page 32_jpg.jpg
G[?] Calais 1940 (May 26th).
Arrived home May 18th 1945.

Drv. P. Eccles
[Captured] Dunkirk France 1940.
Escaped 14 May 1945.

Cpl. J. H. Walmsley
Walmsley, Joe POW_ 20_4_45.jpg
[Captured] June1st [19]41 Crete. 
Released Jany. 22nd [19]45 by Marshall Konev 1st. Ukrainian Army.
“With special thanks for giving me & thousands of others, Hope, and essential material sustenance.
Thanks to all concerned.
& God Bless You.”

Dr. Jack Whittle
Captured Tobruk - 21st. June 42.
Released 15th. May [19]45.
“My Deepest Gratitude to all those people who have devoted their time through the Red Cross in aid of
myself and other Prisoners of War, I salute you all.”

Pte. Harry Walsh
1st .Bn. KORR [King’s Own Royal Rifles].
Captured 29/6/42 Mersa Matruh [Eygpt].
Released 15/5/45.
“Many thanks to the Red Cross for all they have done for me and other Prisoners.”

H.I. Pickup
156/52nd LT AR Regt. RA [Royal Artillery].
Captured Crete 1/6/42   Liberated 29th April 1945.
“I do appreciate the kindness and good work of yourself and your committee and thanks a lot for everything.”
H. I. Pickup 29/5/45

N. Barton
[Captured] Kulumata Greece 1941.
“Sincere thanks to the Red Cross for their great work under very difficult circumstances.”

W. Davis
[Captured] Italy 16th Feb 1943.
“Only for the Red Cross doing a splendid job of work we would not have had much chance.”

John Walkden
Walkden, John 01 page 35_jpg.jpg
[Captured] France 1940 Dunkirk.
Released by the Russians May 1945 April 26th 1945.

S. Holden
Holden, Stanley_jpg.jpg

 “We owe everything to the Red Cross for our fitness and health.”

E. Moulden
“All thanks to the Red Cross.”

J. O'Donnell
O’Donnell, James POW1_3_46 pg 5.jpg
“Many thanks for all the kindness you have done for us.”

F. Arkwright
Arkwright, Fred_jpg.jpg
“My wholehearted thanks to the Red Cross and the staff of the Blackburn Branch for their kindness
and thoughts during my captivity in Germany.”

William Sourbutts
Sowerbutts, William_jpg.jpg
“I am pleased to come today to tender my thanks for all that has been done for us boys while away.
Once again I thank you one and all for everything.”

Albert Starkie
Starkie, Albert page 37_jpg.jpg
I was taken prisoner on the 28th  [no month given] 1941 in Greece and Liberated on the 10th. March 1945 by the Yanks. 
“I would like to thank you for the work you have done and we do appreciate it. I can only thank you again.”

Jack Clough
Clough, Jack_jpg.jpg
Released by the Russians 8th May 1945.
“Many thanks to the Red Cross for their splendid work.”

Robert William Strong
Taken prisoner on 23rd May 1941 & released by the Russians on the 22nd April 1945.
“Words cannot express my gratitude for the wonderful parcels and gifts that you sent.
I only wish you might have seen the boy's pleasure when "parcels up" was the call.
Thank you so very much for all you have done.”

Edward Rowe
Rowe, Edward page 38_jpg.jpg
Taken prisoner 22nd June 1942 released by Americans 18th April 1945, after escape from Camp.
“I would like to thank everyone for the parcels and kindness and the wonderful work you have
 shown during these very trying years thanking you once again."
 Edward Rowe.

R. Livesey
Livesey, Ralph page 39_jpg.jpg
[Captured] 23rd November 1940 Tourbruk [Libya].
Released on 30th April 1945.
“Thanks to the Red Cross”

Robert Ball
Ball, R_jpg.jpg
Taken [prisoner] 28th June [19]42.
Released 9th May 1945 by Russians.
“Many thanks to the Red Cross a marvelous organisation. Only for them many of us wouldn't be here to tell the tale.
Gratefully yours
R. Ball”​

Joseph Spencer
Captured May [19]40.
Released April [19]45.
“With God's good grace.”

William Roberts
Captured 31/5/1940. 
Released May 8th 1945 by the Russians.
“Many thanks to the Red Cross for all they have done.”

Edward Parkinson
Captured 21st June 1942.
“Many thanks to our kind friends of the "Red Cross" that help us along during the dark day.”

James C. Ingham
RAOC [Royal Army Ordnance Corps].
Captured Kalamata (Greece) 1941.
“Many thanks to the Red Cross for all the gifts which I received in captivity.”

L. Irwin
Irwin, Leslie_jpg.jpg
Grenadier Guards.   
Captured Tournai Belgium, 1940.
Liberated May 1945. 
“The gifts from the Red Cross were greatly appreciated.”

A. Knott
The Manchester Regt.
Captured Merville France 27th May 1940.
Liberated May 1945 Czech. 
“I thank the Red Cross from the Bottom of my heart.”

A. S. Macdonald
Captured Crete 1st June 1941.
Released Moosburg [Germany] 29 April 1945.
Springhill, Waifawa.
Hawkes Bay.
New Zealand.
N.Z.E.F [New Zealand Expeditionary Force].

Pte. A. Jones
E-LAN-R [East Lancs Regiment]
“Many Thanks to all”
James W. Carus
Carus, James_jpg.jpg
Captured Corinth Greece 26/4/41.
Released Southern Austria 11/5/45.
“Birthday present by British 8th Army.”
“ Would like to thank all Red Cross members and YMCA for great service rendered. Thanks to them we got through.”

Cpl. R. V. Johnson
8th Kings Royal Irish Hussars.
Captured at Mersa Matruh [Egypt] 29/6/42. 
“And after being kept allive alive by the Red Cross wish to thank all who gave their services to help us lads.
 We cannot thank them enough.” 
I was released by the Russians on the 9th May 1945.

Fus. J. Bleasdale
Bleasdale, John _jpg.jpg
Royal Irish Fusiliers.
Captured Leros [Greece] 17/11/43. 
Liberated by Russians on 23/4/45. 
“Red Cross is the best thing they ever thought of. Parcels eagerly awaited for every week.”

R. Wilson
RASC [Royal Army Service Corps].
Captured (Kalamata) Greece 1941.  
Repatd. V.E. [VE Day 8th May] by American 1st Army.
“Many thanks to the Red Cross for the grand efforts.”

W. Talbot
R.A. [Royal Artillery].
Captured Greto[?] May 27th 1941.  
Liberated by 3rd Army on April 30th 1945.
“Hartiest thanks to the British Red cross and the work they have done for us whilst in captivaty.”

G. Scott
Scott, George Page 44_jpg.jpg
Welch Ret.
Captured Benghasi [Benghazi, Libya] Jan 31st [19]42. 
Liberated by Russians April 23rd [19]45
“Very many thanks to the British Red Cross and Order of St John for their help not only to me but to my wife.”
G. Scott.

F. Kelpin 
R.A.M.C. [Royal Army Medical Corps]
Captured Tobruk [Libya] 21/6/42.  Worked in Camp Hospital at camps 75 & 70. Transferred to Germany in October 1943.
Worked in hospital at Stalag IVB [Mühlberg, Germany] until released by Russians on 23/4/45. 
“As prisoners in both countries lived largely on food supplied by B.R.C.S. and
carried on work only through the unlimited generosity & efficiency of this organisation."
F. Kelpin.

Pte. W. F. Walker 
R.A.M.C [Royal Army Medical Corps]
Captured Leros [Greece] 16th Nov [19]43.
Liberated by Russians 4th April [19]45.
“Many thanks to Red Cross who greatly helped to keep our spirits up.”

James Marsden
Shot down in the English Channel July 8th 1941
Liberated April 16th at Falinbostel [Fallingbostel, Germany, Stalag XI B] by the British Army.
“I thank all for Ciggs and Books so kindly given.”

Walter Woods
Captured in Greece in 1941, Kalamata
Released on May 8th by the American 8th Army in Macht, Pongo Austria [looks like].

Dvr.  C. A. Dugdale
Dugdale, Charles A_jpg.jpg
R.A.S.C. [Royal Army Sevice Corps]
Captured Boulange [France] 23rd May 1942. 
Liberated by the Americans 11th April 1945. 
“Many thanks to Red Cross and all Comforts found in the great work.”

F. Greaves
Greaves, Frederick_jpg.jpg
East Lancs 
Captured Dunkirk 29/5/40
Liberated by Americans 29/4/45.
“They have done good work and many thanks, and may their good work carry one.”

H. Greaves
Greaves, Harold 002_jpg.jpg
Captured in Italy 23/5/44.
Liberated by the Russians and reached the American lines on the 17th May 45. 
“The Russians treated me and my comrades very well indeed and also the Americans, and last of all thanks to the Red Cross.”
H. Greaves.

G. S. Pitts.
Pitts, G S page 47 jpg.jpg
Captured in France 31/5/40. 
Liberated 8th May 1945 by the Russians.

James Ashcroft
Capt. in France 29/5/40 
and liberated 4/5/45 by the Americans and my thanks for the good work they all have done. 

T. Clayton
Clayton, Tom_jpg.jpg
Capt. in Greece at Argos 28/4/1941 in Greece 
and Liberated by Americans, who cared for us and by kindness restored many to health.

Sap. H. Rowe
Captured in Tunis [Tunisia] 30/11/42. 
Liberated 18th April by Americans

S.Q.M.S. [Squadron Quartermaster Sergeant] Kenneth Ainsworth
Captured June 1st 1941 at Sphakia Crete. 
Liberated May 1st 1945 at Kirchburg Bavaria by the Americans.

Pte. Terence A. Harvey
5573. 2nd.
N.Z.E.F. [New Zealand Expeditionary Force]. 
Captured 1st June 1941 at Crete.
Liberated at the Frontier of Czechoslovakia on 9th May 1945, by Czechish partisans.
New address 28, Rakan Rd. Hataitai, Wellington N.Z.

L/C. William Howarth
Howarth, W_jpg.jpg
Captured Dunkirk May 31st 1940. Released May 2nd [19]45.

Gnr. H. Yates
Captured Creat [Crete] June 1st 1941.
Released June May[sic].

Gnr. Boyle W A. 
Captured 1st June 1941 Crete.
Released by Marshall Petrov.

Flt/Sgt Russell Margerison
Shot down 21/22nd May 1944 Over Antwerp, Belgium.
Was in the underground for over two months until finally turned over to the Gestapo by traitors.
Released by Russians 22nd April 1945.
“Many thanks to the Red Cross without whose aid we would not have survived.”

Cpl. James Ainsworth
Ainsworth, James.jpg.jpg
Taken prisoner in Leros [Greece] on the 17th Nov 1943. 
was released by the Americans on May 2nd [1945?].
“May I thank the Red Cross for all they did for all the boys.”

L/Bdr. Ronald Hurst 
Hurst, Ronald_jpg.jpg
Captured on June 6th 1942 in the Gazala [Libya] area and was held prisoner until the capitulation of Germany,
when I made my own way to the American lines, arrived back in England on Friday,
and was home on leave within a week of the war being finished.
“Many thanks to the Red Cross and the Mayoress fund for all their kind gifts & thoughts to me whilst a POW. R. Hurst” 

Pte. H. Wilkinson
Captured on May 23rd 1944 at Pene-Peidimonte (Italy) [Pennapiedimo​nte​] and out working in Munich
until May 1st 1945 when released by the Americans.
“Best thanks to the Red Cross also the Mayoress' Fund and all willing workers for their good work whilst I was held prisoner. H. Wilkinson”

 FusJ. Bell
2nd. Royal Irish Fusiliers
Captured Leros [Greece] 17/11/43. 
Liberated by Russians on 23/4/45.

Sigmn. J. Thompson
Thompson, James Page 52_jpg.jpg
Captured Mersa Matruh [Egypt] June 24th 1942. Held prisoner by the Italians until their capitulation on Sept 8th 1943.
Escaped and was free for three days before being recaptured & brought to Germany.
Was held prisoner by the Germans in Wekelsdorf, Sudetenland until May 7th 1945
when we were all set free & we made our way to the Americans at Pilsen [Germany].
“Many thanks to the Red Cross & all helpers to the Mayoress' Fund for all they have done for us prisoners of war.”

Pte. F. Jackson
Jackson, Frederick 002_jpg.jpg
Captured 24 Sept.1944 at Arnhem Holland. 
Handed over to the Americans on the 24 April [19]45. Many thanks for Red Cross and funds. Held prisoner at Stalag IV D, [Torgau] Germany.

AB/A. J. Morris
R.N. [Royal Navy]
Captured July 18th 1941 in the South Atlantic. Recaptured [should read repatriated] by the Americans April 29th 1945 from Stalag VII A [Moonsburg, Germany].
“Many thanks for the parcels received from the Mayoress and the Red Cross.”

Gnr. S. Rogerson
Captured 20th June 1942, at Tobruk [Libya]. 
Handed over to the Americans May 4th 1945.
“Many thanks to the Red Cross.”

Gnr. J. Neville
Captured 20th. June 1942 at Tobruk, [Libya].
Released by the Americans on May 4th. 1945.
“Many thanks to the red Cross.”

Gnr. Grundy H.
Captured 1st June 1941 Crete.
Released by the Americans 17th April 1945
“Many thanks to the Red Cross.”

Spr. Dav​id Thomas
Captured by Germans 1st May 1941 Greece.
“Many thanks to Red Cross “

L/cpl E. Barnes
Captured May 1940.
“Many thanks to the Red Cross.“

Cpl. J.J. Grogan
Captured by Germans 13th June 1942 Libya.
“Thanks for everything, Red Cross.”

Pte. A. Knott
Knott, Albert page 56_jpg.jpg
The Manchester Regiment.
“Many thanks to Red Cross.” 

Pte. H. Jones
E-Lan-R [East Lancs Regiment].
“I wish to express my deep appreciation of the Work of the Red Cross & of the
Branch in Blackburn for their help and encouragement to the folks at home.”

W/O J. Haworth
Haworth, John_jpg.jpg

SgtR. Bradley
Bradley, R_jpg.jpg
“Many thanks to you all for the fine work, again thank you.”
F. Kelpin
“Good Work and thank you most sincerely” [see also page 44].

J. Flynn
“Like to thank all for their kind work.”

J. Walsh
Walsh, Joseph 002 page 33_jpg.jpg
“I thank you all for what you have done and for what you have tried to do.”            

J. W. Blackwood and Family
“offer this, their gratitude for the kindness done.”

Gnr. Sam Weaver and Family
“with ever grateful thanks.”

Pte. R. Eaves
Eaves, Robert_jpg.jpg 
captured Anzio [Italy] 23rd May 1944.
with thanks liberated Germany 17th April 1945.

Sgt. L. Sharples
Sharples, Leonard page 57_jpg.jpg
“Sincere thanks and best wishes.”

W. Griffiths
Captured on Milos [Greece] on the 9th of May 1941.
and liberated by General Patten and his 3rd Army on the 29th April 1945.
“Thanking you for everything that has been done for us.”

Edward Barrett
Barrett, Edward_jpg.jpg
Prisoner from April 1941 to May 1945.
“All the things I would like to say would sound platitudinous on paper. May I just say Thank you for everything.”

Harry Neville
Captured Gazala [Libya] Dec 15th 1941. 
Released by Russians April 23rd 1945.
“Many thanks to you all for your great kindness and help. Not only to myself but to my parents during my captivity.”

E. Roland
Captured on Leros, [Greece] 17/11/43. 
Released by Russians on 3/4/45 treated rather ruff [sic] arrived home 24/6/45. 
“Only for Red Cross I would never have come home.”

E. Goode
Goode, Ernest POW 25_5_45 pg 3.jpg
Captured on 21 May 5,[sic] 1940 at Dunkirk.
Released by the Russians 28 May 5 1945 arrived home 1' June 6 [sic​]1945.
“I woukd like to thank the Red Cross for sending me parcels which I am sure without them I would never have seen England again.”

Herbert Kenyon
Captured on 6/6/42 at Knightsbridge North Africa.
Released by the Russians May 5th [19]45.
“Once again I would like to thank the Red Cross the finest organisation in the world.”

Pte. E. Pye
Pye, Edwin_jpg.jpg
Captured at Arnhem 27/9/44.
Released by the American 2nd Army 12/4/45.

L/cpl. C. Rawcliffe
Captured at Tobruk [Libya] 2/6/42.
Released by the Russians 10/5/45.

Pte. S.R. Ashton
Ashton, Samuel R 02_jpg.jpg
Captured in France 7/8/44.
Released by the Russians 23/4/45.
“My heartfelt thanks to the Red Cross.”

Gnr. T. Holgate
Captured at Tobruk [Libya] June 21st 1942.
Released by the Americans May 8th 1945.
“I would like to thank the Red Cross for all they have done for me.”

Pte. T Burton
Captured at Arnem [Arnhem, Netherlands].
released by the Americans on the 17th April.
“I would like to thank the Red Cross for all they have done for me.”

Patrick Dermody
Captured on Leros [Greece]

Pte. H. Rishton
3913421, Queens Royal Regt.
Captured at Caen Aug 3rd 1944. 
Recaptured [should read repatriated or released] April 1945 by the American 3rd Army. 
“Good luck to the Red Cross. May they keep it up. Thanks a lot.”

Pte W. Goodbier
5383664 1st Batt. Oxf. Bucks L.I. [Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry]
Captured at Shassel[?] France 30th of  May 1940.
Recaptured [should read repatriated or released] by the Americans on the 21st April 1945. 
“All my thanks go to the British Red Cross and all the Blackburn Comforts commity of done for me. I thank you.”

James Logan
Captured 1940 May 25th.

L/Bdr C. Wroot
No. 786703.
Captured 6/6/1942 a.t Knightsbridge [Libya].
Released by the Americans 1/5/45.
“I am very thankful for all that the Red Cross have done for me.”

Fus. Frank B. Edwards
Edwards, Frank B_jpg.jpg
Captured 17th Nov 1943 on the island of Leros [Greece]. 
Relieved by the Americans April 24th 1945. After being on the road for 10 days we took matters
into our own hands and marched to the American lines.
“I am very grateful to the Red Cross for their good work.”

Drv. E. I. Johnson
No. T/180610.
Taken prisoner at Mechili [Libya] 8th April 1941.
Relieved by Gen. Patten's forces at Moosberg  [Moosburg, Germany] 29th April 1945.
“Thanking all concerned for their kind thoughts during my stay in Italy and Germany.”

Gnr Nowell W
Nowell, William Page 64 ON CT_jpg.jpg
Taken prisoner Sternes, Crete 28th May 1941.
Released by 1st American Army at Oschatz, Saxony 26th April 1945.
“I wish to record my heartfelt thanks to all concerned for all the help and kindness shown to me during my period of captivity.”

Tpr. Jones J. H.
Jones, J H_jpg.jpg
Captured Sept 28th [19]43.
Released by the Americans April 28th [19]44.
“Many thanks to Red Cross for the wonderful work they have done.”

Bdr R H Dawson
No. 855798.
Captured April 28th [19]41.
Released by Americans May 3rd [19]45.
“and I am very thankful for the kindest and wonderful treatment me and my wife
have received from the Mayoress Comforts Committee.  Thank you all”

L/Bdr. Frank Stokes.
No. 880808.
Captured Dunkirk 25th May 1940.
Released by Russians 25th May 1945.
“My sincere and heartfelt thanks for the wonderful work and organising of the Red Cross. Food parcels and clothing was an asset.”

Spr Arthur Colbert
Colbert, Arthur_jpg.jpg
Captured Crete 1st June 1941. 
Escaped 4 days before war finished, into the American hands later. 
“Many thanks for the parcels I received through your organisation, which kept up our healthy spirits.”

Pte J.H. Maden
Maden, James Henry page 66_jpg.jpg
No 2184543.
Captured D. Day. [6th June 1944]
“Many thanks for clothing parcel received & the comfort given my parents by your meetings.”

Pte. J. Harrison
Harrison, John_jpg.jpg
No 3384630.
Captured 20th Oct 1944.
Released by the Americans April 27th [19]45. 
“Many thanks to the Red Cross for the wonderful work they did for everybody.”

Sgt Genn E
"Sincere thanks for the efforts of all the contributers [sic] to the Mayoress of Blackburn POW fund. "
E. Genn.

Rfn. P. Ormerod
Ormerod, P page 67ON CT_jpg.jpg
Captured 18th Sept 1944. 
Released 2nd May 1945. 
“Many thanks to the work of the Red Cross Owing to a series of moves, I was unfortunate in not being able to receive
Comfort Parcel from Mayoress fund. Thanking you for the kind work you have done for the boys.”

Bdr. W. Roberts
Captured 1/6/41 in Crete. 
Released 16/1/45.
“Thanking all for the things that made life worth wile while[sic]. 

L.A.C. Howard A.
Captured 21st June 1942 Tobruk [Libya].
Released 9th May 1945.
“Thanks for the good work you have done, both for myself & all the boys, and the 
comfort and assistance to our relatives and wives.”
A. Howard.

Fred Brigg
Grateful thanks for parcel. 

David Barrett
Captured on Leros [Greece] Oct 1943. 
Released by Russians May 23rd 1945.
“Thanks for everything done by the Blackburn Red Cross.”

Richard Worthington
Captured Crete. 
Released by Americans.
“Thank you everybody for cigarette parcels.”

Dvr James Garrity
Garrity, James_jpg.jpg
[Captured] Tobruk [Libya] 21st June 1942.
Released by the Americans.

W.O. Frank R Hibbert
Hibbert, Frank_jpg.jpg
Frankfurt [Germany] 30th Sept 1941.
Released by British forces.

Pte M. Ivory
Leros [Greece] 17/11/43.
Released Reia Austria May 4th 1945, 3rd American Army.

Pte Murray R.
Murray, Ronald pow_jpg.jpg
Captured Arnhem Sept 26th [19]44.
Released British 16th April [19]45.

W. Jopson
[Captured] Greece, Kalamata April 29th 1941.
[Released] USA 3rd Army, May 1st 1945.

Pte W. Kinder 
Kinder, Bill_jpg.jpg 
[Captured] April 9th 1942 Lyiaid [looks like]

Fus. J. Aspin
“Thanking you for everything
Good Luck.”

1st. Radio Officer, John Rawcliffe
Captured Indian Ocean November 11th 1940.
Released by British Armoured Division and arrived in England May 5th 1945.
“Many thanks to the Red Cross and St. John Society, and for all that has been done for prisoners of war.”
J. Rawcliffe.

Warrant Officer Pilot, Kenneth H. Brown
Captured Oostrum in Holland Oct 13th (Friday!) 1944. 
Released by Zhukov's army [Russian] April 23rd 1945 & arrived England soon afterwards.
“Many thanks to the Mayoress and her committee for all they have done to ease the anxiety of my own
& all the other "prisoners" families of Blackburn.”
K.H.Brown w/o.

C.Q.M.S. Thomas W. Minskie 
Princess Louise's Kensington Regt.
Captured at St.Valery-en-Caux [France] June 12th 1940.
Liberated by 3rd American Army on April 22nd 1945.
Arrived in London V.E. day [8th May 1945]
“Many, many thanks to the Mayoress & War Comforts Fund Committee for all the kind wishes
and gifts during the long exile, which helped considerably to make life bearable.”
Thos. W. Minskie.

F/Sgt. John Jackson 
Captured Antwerp [Belgium] July 22nd 1944.
Released by Guards of the Red Army 23rd April 1945.
Arrived England May 15th 1945.
“Many thanks to the workers of the Red Cross for their splendid help without which we could not have survived."
John Jackson.

L/Cpl. J. Small
Captured Normande June 11th 1944
Released by the Scotch Guards on the 30th of April 1945. Arrived England on the 12th May 1945 
“Thanks to the  Red Cross for everything they did to help us along.
J. Small L/Cpl RA.”

W/O. Alexander Parkinson
Parkinson, Alexander page 72_jpg.jpg
Shot down Oct 4th 1943. Captured Luxembourg Oct 7th.
Imprisoned in Stalag IV B [Muhlberg, Germany
until liberated by the Russian armies on April 23rd 1945. 
Arrived in England 18th May 1945. 
“Many thanks, for the way in which the Red Cross, by its work and advice, helped me and especially my wife, during trying times."
A. Parkinson W/O 28th Aug 1945.

Joseph Boardman
Captured Dunkirk. 
Liberated by Americans.

D.H. Riley
Captured in Athens Greece
Released by Americans April 22th [19]45 
“Thanking you for the kind work”

Frank Whitehead
Whitehead, Frank page 73_jpg.jpg
Captured Kalamata, Greece 1941.
Released by Americans May 8th 1945.

Neville Gray
Captured Bologne [France]
Liberated by Russians
Captured on 26th of May 1940.
Released April 8th 1945.
“Thanks to you for your great work and care to all prisoners.”

J. Tattersall
Tattersall, Jonathan Clayton page 74_jpg.jpg
Captured Kalamata, Greece 28/4/41. 
Released 20/4/45
Thanks to everybody for everything. 4/9/45

Ernest Gibbons
Egypt 29/6/42.
Released 16/5/45
“All thanks to the Red Cross and a special one to the Mayoress's Fund for the present I received August 26th. 4/9/45”

John Perkins
Arrested in the Netherlands
Interned by the Germans June 26th 1940
Released by the Allied Forces May 16th 1945
Interned at 1 Lag VIII Tost. O/S Germany 
1 Lag VIII2 Kreuzburg O/S 
1 Lag XVIII 12 B Spittal (Drau) Austria
“Am greatly indebted to the Mayoress's Comforts Fund, the British Red Cross, and the Y.M.C.A. 25/9/45”

Harry Holden
Was Captured at Monte Casino Italy by the Germans 12th May 1944. 
 Released by the Americans April 30th 1945.

W/O James Ian Boyle 
Shot down Peine, 26 kilometres S.E. of Hanover, Nov. 15th  1940. 
Released by Americans May 2nd 1945

H. Crankshaw  [see also page 108]
Crankshaw, Walter_jpg.jpg
W.O.I.  R.E.M.E
Taken prisoner 15/2/42 bt Japanese forces on Singapore Island whilst serving with 88th  Army Fld. Regt. R.A.
 Released from POW Camp by British Air Bourne forces 20th  Sept 1945
10, Wellfield Road, Blackburn

Pte.  Thomas  J. [see also page 105]
Thomas, Joseph 03 pages 75 and 105_jpg.jpg
Taken prisoner at Singapore Feb 15th 1942. 
Released Prison Camp Sept. 15th 1945 by British Air Bourne Troops

Major​ H. V. Wolstenholme
Wolstenholme, H V 02 page 76_jpg.jpg
R.A. [Royal Artilary​]
Wood End Blackburn
Captured in Crete on June 1st 1941
Released by the Americans at Lengenfelt Germany
"Our thanks are due to all at home who have helped to make our lives as prisoners so much easier"

Sapper J. C. Parkinson
Royal Engineers
Taken prisoner at Hong Kong Dec 25th 1941
Released by Americans Sept 23rd 1945 at Kawasaki, Kyushu, Japan.
“Thanks very much for all the good work & comforts of the International Red Cross Ass. WHAT IS ASS
21, Regent St. Blackburn.”

Lieut. E.A. Corless
Corless, Eric_jpg.jpg
S.I.V.F. [looks like
140, Shear Brow, Blackburn
Taken prisoner at Singapore 15/2/42
Flown out from Bangkok [Thailand]. 1/9/45.
“Thank you all very much for what you have done for our people and ourselves.”

Pte. A. Abel 
Taken prisoner at Singapore Feb.15th 1942
Released from Ubon Camp, Thailand Aug. 15th 1945 by British Paratroop Officers.
“Thanks to all the Blackburn and district people for their kindness & generosity at all times
A Abel   4, Mosley St. Blackburn”

R. Riley
East Lancs Regt.
Taken prisoner at Dunkirk May 29th 1940
Returned to England Feb 9th 1946

A Riley
R Ir Fus [Royal Irish Fusiliers].
Taken prisoner at Leros [Greece] Nov 16th 1944.
Returned 10th April 1946.

W/Bdr  Simm A.S.
Taken prisoner on Crete 1st June 1941.
Released 15th May 1945.
Arthur S. Simm.

Gnr. Orrell E.
865965 Royal Artillary.
Captured Crete 2nd June 1941.
Liberated 27th April 1945.

John Shaw
No. 4131523 L.A.A. Regt.
Taken prisoner 5th of June 1942 at Tobruk [Libya] Africa.
Returned 19th April 1945.

Pages 79-99 are​ blank

Cpl. W. Farrington
Farriington, William  POW 12_10_45 pg 3.jpg
Taken P.O.W. at Singapore on 15th Feb. 1942.
Worked on the Thai Rly for 10 months.
was released on 11th of Aug 1945, by our own Paratroops.
15, Haworth St.

Dvr. J. Earnshaw
Earnshaw, John (Jock)_jpg.jpg
Sunk in Mallacca Straits arrived Singapore 5th February taken prisoner 15th. Worked on Thailand Railway 8 months. 
Was released 11th Aug 1945 By Paratroops. 
“There will always be an England.”

W. N. Davies 
Daves, William006_jpg.jpg
6143629  2/Btn East Surrey Rg.
5, Clerk Hill St. Blackburn.

Pte. C. Newton   
5th Beds & Herts.
Taken prisoner at Singapore Feb 15th 1942.
Worked for Japs on Thai - Burma railway for 15 months.
Released on 16th Aug 1945.
“To the people of England thanks a million. 
There is only one England.”       
C. Newton.

L/cpl H. Howard
Howard, Henry_jpg.jpg
1st Manchester's.
Taken prisoner at Singapore 15th Feb 1942.
Worked on the Thai - Burma railway until it was finished.
Released on 16th Aug. 1945 and returned to England after being away for 12 years.
"A long time no see " but when you get back it is worth it.”
H. Howard.

Sg. J. Peel 
Peel, J page 101_jpg.jpg
R.C. Signals
Taken at Singapore 15/2/42.
Worked on the Thai Burma Railway, & other jobs.
Released 17/8/45 near Bangkok [Thailand]. Arrived in England 18/10/45 after 4 1/4 years.
John Peel.

Marine H. Hacking
Hacking, Herbert  POW_ 20_4_45 pg 3.jpg
Royal Marines.
Taken prisoner Singapore Feb.15th 1942.
Worked on the Thai- Burma railway till finished.
Released Aug 16th 1945.
"This was the day we've waited for."

Cpl. Barnes H.
Barnes, Henry  POW_ 21_9_44 pg 5.jpg
5th Beds & Herts Regt.
Captured in Singapore 15th Feb 1942.
Worked on the Thai-Burma Railway.
Released Aug 17th 1945.
Arrived home Oct 19th 1945.

Pte. Fred Hacking
Hacking, Fred POW_ 21_9_44 pg 5.jpg
R.A.O.C. [Royal Army Ordnance Corps].
Captured in Singapore 15th Feb 1942.
Released on Aug 17th 1945.
Arrived home Oct 16th 1945.

L/Cpl. [Fred] Barnes
Barnes, Fred_jpg.jpg
Royal Corps of Signals.
Captured at Singapore on Febrary [sic] 15th 1942.
“After 9 months as a coolie on Singapore Docks, I was forced to assist in the construction of the 
Thailand Burma Railway. In June 1944, journeying from Singapore to Japan 
was shipwrecked in a typhoon off Formosa. A further year of imprisonment in Japan completed a terrible adventure. 
Am glad to see old Blackburn again.”
Fred Barnes 30/10/45.

Gnr G.Tate
Captured at Singapore 15/2/42. Worked on the Thai Burma Railway.
Released 17th August 45.
Arrived home 19th Oct 1945.
G. Tate 30/10/45.

John F. Tiplady
Tiplady, Jack F POWl 28_9_45 pg 3.jpg
Captured 8th March 1942 Java.
Worked on Airfield Construction, Bomb Dumps, Patrol Ships and various other distasteful jobs. 
Also in Anabriua, [looks like] Singapore on similar jobs.
Arrived home in Blackburn on the 18th October [19]45.
John F. Tiplady 30/10/45.​​

Gnr  J.T. Elliott
Captured at Kuala Lumpa [Kulala Lumpur, Malaysia] 26/1/42. 
Worked on the Thai Burma Railway.
Released 17th Aug. at Saigon [Vietnam].
Arrived home on 19th Oct 1945.
Joseph Thomas Elliott 30.10.45.

Sigm J.M. Bolton
Bolton, Joseph_jpg.jpg 
Signals [Royal Corp of Signals].
Captured at Singapore 15/2/42.
Released 15/8/45.
Worked on airfield construction Changi, Japanese memorial Bukit Timah [Singapore].
Arrived home 17th Oct on R.M.S. "Almanzora." 
J.M. Bolton 30/1/.45.

R. Connell
Captured Java 8/3/42.  
Released 13/9/45.
Worked on Airfield, Shipyard Japan.
Arrived Blackburn Nov 1st [19]45.
R. Connell 2/11/45.

Sto. [Stoker] Thunder
Thunder, J O page105_jpg.jpg
Royal Navy. 
H.M.S.  Prince of Wales.
Took prisoner Singapore 15th Feb. 1941.
Released 1945.

Pte. Thomas J. [see also page 75​]
Thomas, Joseph 02 pages 75 and 105_jpg.jpg
3528346. 1/51 Batt. The Manchester Regt.
Took prisoner Singapore 15th Feb 1941.
Released 1945.
10, Audley Lane Blackburn.

Spr. R. H. Longson [see also page 119.]
1871691. Royal Engineers.
Captured Hong Kong 25/12/41.
Released 18/8/45.
Arrived Blackburn 3/11/45.
“Many thanks”

Marine John Wignall
Wignall, John page 106_jpg.jpg
Taken prisoner the Island of "BANKA" off Sumatra.
Released Aug 22nd 1945.

L/cpl George Wallace Isherwood
Isherwood, G W_jpg.jpg
18th DIV R.A.O.C. [Royal Army Ordnance Corp].
Taken Prisoner of War Singapore.
Released 28th Sept 1945.

L/Sgt Richard Ditchfield
121st Regt 69th Bty.
Taken prisoner Java 8/3/42.
[Released] 29/8/45.

Ronald A. Stratford
Stratford, Ronald POW 28_9_45 pg 3.jpg
L.S.B.A. Royal Naval Sick Berth Staff.
Taken prisoner-of-War Hong Kong 25th Dec 1941.
Released 9th Sept 1945.

Sgt. William S. Parkinson
R.A.S.C. [Royal Army Service Corp].
Taken prisoner of war Singapore 15th Feb. [19]42.
Released 6 months Japan 15th Sep. [19]45.
Arrived Blackburn 2nd Nov [19]45.
Worked on railway in Thailand for 2 years and afterwards in a Zinc Factory in Japan
 where the Americans came to release us on Sep15th. 
“It is really grand to be back amongst friends again and in dear old Blackburn.”

 W. Crankshaw W.O.I. [see also page 75]
Crankshaw, Walter_jpg.jpg
7587059 R.E.M.E. [Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers].
Taken prisoner by I.J.A. [Imperial Japanese Army] 15th February 1941, whilst serving with 88th Army Field Regt. R.A.
Released by Air Bourne forces in no.1 Camp Ubon Thailand, Sept.1945.
“Thanks everyone for kindness shown to those of my loved ones at home.”
W. Crankshaw 10, Wellfield Road, Blackburn.
Pte. R. Sawyer
Sawyer, Richard page 108_jpg.jpg
Taken prisoner by I.J.A. [Imperial Japanese Army] 15th Feb 1941 in Singapore.
When taken up Thailand to work on railways for 6 months then returned to Singapore from there came our great release. 
“It is a treat to be back amongst old friends in good old Blackburn which has done so much for us. Here is my thanks to All.”

Dvr. W. Kay
Kay,Wilfred page 108_jpg.jpg
Taken prisoner by I.J.A. [Imperial Japanese Army] 15th Feb 1942 Singapore
 spending all my time as prisoner there at Changi and on defence tunnels at Kranji
 until our release from then I was ambulance driving in Singapore taking my more unfortunate
 comrades to the hospital boats I am now glad to be back with my own people of Blackburn and thank all for the kindness shown.
26, Fielden Terr. Cherry Tree, Blackburn.

S/Sgt Whittaker
Whittaker, Albert 001 page 109_jpg.jpg
Taken prisoner by I.J.A. [Imperial Japanese Army] Feb. 15th 1942
Worked in Thailand, Singapore on very distasteful jobs.

Able Seaman William Whittaker
Whittaker, William page 109_jpg.jpg
P/SSX 27259 H.M.S. Exeter.
Sunk Java Sea March 1st 1942. Worked throughout the three-and-a half years in Makassar [Indonesian]
“Very glad it is all over.”

Cpl. Holden H.
S/57419 R.A.S.C. [Royal Army Service Corp] "G" Branch.  Command H.Q. Hong Kong.
Taken prisoner on surrender Christmas Day 1941.
Sham Shui Po Camp 28.X11.41 [Hong Kong].
Argylle St. 18.1V. 42 - 4.V.44. [Hong Kong].
Camp "N" Sham Shui Po 4.V.44 - 9.1X.45 [Hong Kong].​
Worked chiefley as batman to British Officers & Cookhouse Staff.
“Thank God for atomic bombs!”

Sigm Swindlehurst
Swindlehurst, Joseph POW5_10_45 pg 3.jpg
Taken prisoner at fall of Singapore Feb. 15th 1942. Worked in copper mine in Formosa, coal mine in Japan. 
“Pretty rotten. Glad to be home.”

J.E. Cartmell
Cartmell, J_jpg.jpg
Taken prisoner at fall of Singapore Feb 15th 1942 Worked on railways.

L/Cpl. Albert Taylor
Taylor, Albert 002 page110_jpg.jpg
7643623 R.A.O.C. [Royal Army Ordnance Corp]​.
Taken prisoner at Singapore 15th February 1942.
Worked on Burma railway and aerodromes on Indo-China border.
“Pretty bad.”

Cfm Starbuck W.J. 
Starbuck, W J Page 111_jpg.jpg
1572581 R.E.M.E. [Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers].
Taken prisoner Singapore 15th Feb 1942.
Worked in Thailand from June [19]42 till Aug [19]45. 
“Glad to be back in good old Blackburn.”

L.A.C. Foster J.
Taken prisoner Java March 8th 1942.
Work in Japan Shipyard from 20/8/42 till Aug [19]45.
“Happy to be home.”

Thomas Wareing
Wareing, Thomas POW _ 5_10_45 pg 3.jpg
1203239, R.A.F.
Taken prisoner Banka Straits [Bangka Straits, Indonesia] 17/2/42.
Shipyard work Japan.
Released 11/9/45. 
“Feels good to be back.”

H. Henson
114642, R.A.F.
Taken prisoner, Java April 1942 after spending a month of freedom in the mountains near Bandong.
From Java to Singapore to Japan, working in Ship Yard for 2 1/2 years, the last six weeks of war in the coal mines.
“Now I know what freedom means to me more than I ever did.”

Albert Dillon
Taken in Java March 8th [1942] and then to Japan to work in coal mine at Omine Nishi till freed.

1670764, R.A.F.
Taken on the Dutch East Indies (Java) from there to Changi Singapore then to Japan on Tofuku Maru.
Began work as a shipbuilder in Hakodate dock but finished the last 3 months down a coal mine.
Came back via Manila, Sanfransisco, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Ottawa, New York then on the Queen Mary to Southhampton. 

A.S. Miller
5573342 Royal Norfolk [Regiment]
Taken prisoner Singapore 15/2/42.
 Released August 20th 1945.
Worked on the Thai Burma Railway from start to finish. Then went to Japan and worked in a coal mine for 14 months till released.
“Glad to be back home.”

Gnr. Brassington N.A.
16749092 1st L.A.A.  R.A. 
Taken prisoner at Java 9th March 1942.
Released Aug 16th 1945.
Work was at a Carbon Factory in Highgotanora Japan. Treatment rough. 
“More than glad to be home. Freedom is life. Many thanks.”
N.A. Brassington.

AC H. Chippendale
Chippendale, Hugh_jpg.jpg
978867, R.A.F.
Captured in Borneo on April 1st 1942. Taken to Java & from there to Kyushu, Japan via Singapore
& the P.I. Worked for 2 years on furnaces in Japan. 
“Very happy to be home once more. Many thanks.”
H. Chippendale.

J. Aspin
T/197717 R.A.S.C. [Royal Army Service Corps].
Taken prisoner Singapore 15/2/42. Taken to Thailand built road & railway to Burma. Left & taken to Japan.
Worked in Blast Furnace in Fukuoka till bombed out by Americans
 & then just did nothing till released on Sept 16th [19]45 by Australian & American troops.
“Very lucky and very glad to be home again.”
J. Aspin.

Gnr. F. Bunyon
1821252 69/21 L.A.A.  R.A.
Captured Java 9th March 1942. Taken to Japan October [19]42. Work constructing dromes and Marshaling yards. 
Liberated Aug 15th 1945. 
“Many thanks to the Americans.”
F. Bunyon.

Gnr. J Johnson
Johnson, Jack_jpg.jpg
1793077 77W HAA. RA.
Captured Java in March 1942. Taken to Japan Oct 1942.  
Worked in a coal mine 2 1/2 years. Liberated August 1945.
“Good trip home.”
J. Johnson

 Flying Officer L.D, Collier
102678 RAF
Captured in Java, March 8th 1942. In various camps in Java until April 1943,
then put on a draft to go to Japanese labour camp on Haroekote, Moluccas, near New Guinea,
where an aerodrome was under construction. Returned sick to Batavia, December 1943,
and after ten months in hospital there removed to Bandeng.
Much spare time spent in teaching modern languages particularly Spanish. 
Released in Batavia September 1945.
Leo D. Collier.

A.C I.W. Griffiths
1079384, R.A.F. 
Captured 8th March 1942 till 18th Sept 1945.
I was ordered by the Japs to remove some grenades which were a booby trap and was blown up
and since then have been blind and I have no hands.
Signed by R. Griffiths his uncle on behalf of ACI W Griffiths.

L.A.C  Maguire C.
Maguire, Charles page116_jpg.jpg
950679, R.A.F.
Taken prisoner Java March 1942 after 6 months aerodrome Construction, moved to Japan working in Dockyards for 3 years after that.
“All I can say give me Blackburn. (Thanks a lot).”
C. Maguire.

​A.S. W. Dixon
Dixon, Walter_jpg.jpg
D/JX 239586.
On H.M.S. "EXETER" sunk in the Java Sea March 1st 1942 after 2 days action with a Jap fleet,
taken to Macasser, Celeber [Macassar Celebes, Indonesia] and worked on roads,
liberated by Australians and taken to Australia where I quickly recovered.
"Thanks Australia."
W. Dixon.

Pte. R. Rimmer
Taken Prisoner of War Singapore 1942 Feb 15th.

L/Bdr Ashburn R.
17384222 1st LAA. RA.
Taken prisoner in Java 8th March 1942 and moved to Japan 21st Oct 1943 where I worked down a coal mine. 
“Am very pleased to be back home. Many Thanks.”
R. Ashburn.

Pte. E. Barlow.
939483 196 FIELD AMB R.A.M.C. [196 Field Ambulance Royal Army Medical Corp]
Taken prisoner 15th Feb 1942 at Singapore and arrived home in October 1945. 
“I am very glad to be home and wish to thank everybody for their kind welcome.”
Yours sincerely 
Edward Barlow

L/c Webb R.E.
5774685 4th Royal Norfolks.
Taken P.O.W. at Singapore 15th Feb 1942.
Worked on the Bankok to Moulmein Railway arrive home 28th Oct [19]45.
“Many thanks to all who have made our home coming so grand.”
Yours sincerely,
Webb R.E.

Pilot Officer R. W. Scarlett
Malayan Volunteer Air Force.
Taken prisoner in Java March 8th 1942. Moved to Japan October 1942, first to Tokyo No 3 Camp,
and later to Zentsuji [Japan] where 2 years were spent. At Zentsuji we received many Red Cross parcels
 as a result the death rate was very low. Our reception by the Red Cross in Nagasaki, Manila, San Fransisco
& NewYork was almost overwhelming, and I am unable to express my gratitude in appropriate words.
Thanks to the generosity of the Red Cross I am almost completely fitted out with clothing.
“Very many thanks.”
R. W. Scarlett.

Pte. J. Sharples.
Sharples, John page 118_jpg.jpg
7623490 R.E.M.E. [Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers].
Taken prisoner at Singapore and worked on the railway in Thailand.
Went to Japan May 1944 and worked in a Zinc works on a rolling machine.
Was released Sept 1945 by American troops. I am feeling pretty good and I am very glad to be home again.
“Thanks for the Red Cross we had.”
J. Sharples

E. Wood
Taken prisoner March 8th 1942 Java. From Java I was sent to Ambrua - Horoekoe [Island?
where we was working on Aerodromes for 18 months. On returning to Java Nov 1944 we where repatriated in Java 1945.

R. H. Longson [see also page 105]
Taken prisoner at Hong Kong 25/12/45. Transferred to Nagoya [Japan], 13/12/43, to Toyama [Japan] 10/5/45
and released 15/8/45. Repatriated via Canada 1/11/45

LAC J. Ridge
Ridge, John page 119_jpg.jpg
Taken prisoner Batavia Java March 8th 1942 nine month in Boe Glodack Prison,
then moved to Japan, Camp Hiroshima No.3 District work whilst in Japan ship building.
“Red Cross parcels was more than welcome Thanks to the Red Cross and St Johns.” 
J. Ridge.

T. S. Simpson
Simpson, T S page 119_jpg.jpg
Taken prisoner 25th Dec 41. Remained in Hong Kong P.O.W. Cam [sic] throughout internment. 
“Red Cross supplies more than welcome.

K. Macduff
Member of the F.M.S.V.F. [Federated Malay States Volunteer Force] taken at Singapore. 
“Very appreciative of the welcome home and of the efforts of the Red Cross.”

J.H. Harrop
HKUDC[?​​] , Hong Kong.
Taken prisoner 25th Dec. 1941. Remained in Camps S. and Camp H. throughout.
Worked aerodrome, Bombsites and bombed out Oil Installations (last very pleasant.)
Released 16/8/45. Home via Manilla & Australia Arrived home 15/2/46.

John Halliwell
Taken Singapore Feb 1942 worked Siam railway home November 1945.

C. E. Kenyon
Kenyon, Charles E page120_jpg.jpg
Taken prisoner 15th Feb 1942 Singapore. Spent three years working on railway in Siam.
C. E. Kenyon 1946.

Clifford A. Warden
Taken prisoner 15/2/42 Singapore. Worked on Bangkok Burma Railway till 1944.
Released in Bangkok Sept. 1945.

F.W. Furness
Taken prisoner at Singapore Feb. 15th 1942 Some life in Taiwan & lately in Japan (Myatu Ukuosku) [looks like].
“Many thanks to the helpers and the marvellous welcome home.”
F.W. Furness 1st March. 

Pte. T. Timcke
Taken prisoner Singapore 15th Feb 1942.
Sent on Railway at Thailand in October and then Japan.
“Thanks to all for this wonderful reception.”

C. Helliwell
Taken prisoner Singapore 15th Feb. 1942.
Work on Railway Thailand on October 1942.
“Thanking you all for this nice reception.”

A.W. Holden
Holden Arthur W_jpg.jpg
Taken prisoner Singapore 15th Feb 1942.
Travelled Malaya & Thailand in style.
“Thanks everyone for everything.

L.C M. Thompson.
Taken prisoner Singapore 15/2/42.
Journey to Korea Sept. [19]42 until 15/7/42

Tpr. T. Bleazard
Bleazard, T  POW 21_9_45 pg 5.jpg
Taken prisoner Singapore 15/2/42.
Journeyed to Japan 3rd Sept 1945.
“Thanks for the Wonderful Reception.”

L/c J. Robinson
Taken prisoner Singapore 15/2/42.
Journey to Korea July [19]42. Then to Japan August 1943.
“Thanking everyone for wonderful reception.”

Gnr. J.C. Walton
Walton, Jack  002 Page 122_jpg.jpg
Taken prisoner Java 8/3/42.
Journey to Borneo Oct [19]42 - Aug [19]45.
Working on airfield & docks.
“Thanking all for the wonderful reception”

T. Hacking
Taken prisoner Singapore worked on docks etc. on Singapore Island. 
Thanking all for a grand reception. Enture [sic​].

J. Earnshaw.
Taken prisoner Singapore worked on Railway Siam 3 1/2 years, But tonights been worth it.

D. H. Batten
Taken prisoner of was Feb 15 1941.
Thanks for the pleasant evening.

R. Connell
Taken prisoner of war March 8th [19]41.
“Thanks for the enjoyable evening”

J. Armstrong
Armstrong, James_jpg.jpg
Taken prisoner of war Singapore.
Worked on Siam Railway.
“Glad to be back.”

Alfred C. Newson
Taken in Singapore then to Thailand by hell ship to Japan now happy.

H. Buck
Buck, Harry_jpg.jpg
H.M.S. Exeter sunk in the Java Sea 1st of March 1942 by Jap battle fleet
H.M.S. Exeter had only four boilers in action but fought until ammo was finished.
I spent my three & half years in the Celebre's & I am glad to be back.

H. Collins
Collins, Harry_jpg.jpg
(Lt. R. Sigs)
Taken prisoner at Singapore on Feb 15th [19]42.
After service with Royal Corps of Signals (att. 122 Field Regt R.A.
“Thank you for the work of your committee.”

Cpl. K. Lees
No. 73149156 198 Field Ambulance.
Taken prisoner at Singapore Feb 15th. 
Hospital duties at Changi until Nov. [19]42. For three years afterwards
worked on "The Siamese State Railway" until released at Taiwan Aug. 1945. 
“The work of this and similar organisations is very much appreciated by 
all serving personell and their efforts are to be highly commended.”
K. Lees     Cpl  RAMC [Royal Army Medical Corp]

 Sgt. Calvert J.W.
5771805 4th Bn. The Royal Norfolk.
Taken prisoner at Bukit Tima (Singapore) Feb 15th [19]42.
On June 24th [19]42 was sent to work on the new Siam Burma Railroad until released on Aug. 15th [19]45. 
“The work of the Red Cross has been very much appreciated since our release 
& their efforts to contact us & give our people information concerning us during
our captivity very praiseworthy. My heartfelt thanks to everyone of this organisation for their kind interest.”
J.W. Calvert

L. H. Gorsuch
Malayan Civil Service.
Taken prisoner at Singapore on Feb.15th 1942. Interned on Feb. 23rd 1942 until Aug. 1945.
Imprisoned by Japanese Military Police from January to November 1944.
“With very grateful thanks for the kindness of your Committee who have welcomed us back so generously.”
L.H. Gorsuch   26/3/46

Pte. L. N. Carr
RASC [Royal Army Service Corp]
Taken Prisoner in Hong Kong 1941. Sent to Osaka Japan in 1943.
Released and sent to New Zealand & Australia on Hospital Ship [[name not clear] Arrived in England 23/3/46.
“I wish to thank all the community of this County for such excellant work
& cooperation with families of P.O.W.s in order to finding and getting results
of above said and excellent work done on our behalf.”
L.W. Carr  2/4/46

Wilson H.
Wilson, Herbert POW5_10_45 pg 3.jpg
Taken prisoner in Java March 8th 1942.
Worked in Copper mine,  Kinkaseki camp Formosa.
“It’s good to be back and thanks to all for your thoughts and kindness.”

Margaret Walton
Interned Shanghai March 1st 1943 - Aug 1945.
Repatriated on Troop Ship Strathmore
Arrived Blackburn 2nd May 1946.

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