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Here you can find out about the theatres of Blackburn and Darwen and some of the stars who have played them.  In the film section the pioneer film makers Mitchell and Kenyon are looked at.
The Music section covers some well-known Blackburn Musicians and in Literature there are articles on some Blackburn Authors and poets.
Art covers some local artists and their work whilst “Tales from the Museum” tells about some of their lesser known exhibits.  There is also a look at Vladimir Sherwood’s painting at the laying of the foundation stone at the Cotton Exchange.
As leisure time increased and paid holidays began, more open spaces became available for recreation, with the opening of parks, read how this had a big effect on the enjoyment of the people of Blackburn and Darwen.
Continuing with the leisure theme there is a large section on sport from the more common sports such as football, golf, and bowling, through to the ones you might not associate with the towns of Blackburn and Darwen, Horse Racing and Curling.
There are articles on the buildings of Blackburn and Darwen, which includes listed buildings mills, farms and pub and to finish there are some stories about the seasons.
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