Jack Kendal – Blackburn Boxing Champion

Jack Kendal was well known in the late 1800’s for his boxing talents. He had a boxing academy in Blackburn and a list of titles as long as your arm. Unfortunately very little is known nowadays about Jack, his achievements or his Boxing Academy.
His list of titles was very impressive;
Champion Light-Weight of Lancashire
Winner of the 10 Stone Amateur Cup Of Blackburn – 24th Dec 1885
Won the Champion Jubilee Cup of Accrington – 26th March 1887
Won the Catch Weight Amateur Cup of Blackburn – 2nd August 1889
Winner of 9 other medals
He was so well known that a portrait of him was painted and still exists today. The portrait can be found in the Blackburn Museum.


The Museum also has a number of his trophies, one of which is engraved with his name for winning the 10 Stone Amateur Cup in 1885...


Jack Kendal was very popular and was asked to attend prestigious events all over Blackburn to show off his boxing prowess, including this benefit event at the Lyceum Theatre on Market Street Lane in Blackburn on Friday, 8th May 1896 where he was mentioned on the poster which now resides in Blackburn Library…

The poster also mentions Jack Kendal’s pupils who where taught the art of boxing at his academy, amongst the names are W. Lane, H Riding, J Walmsley, J.Eagles, W Robinson, J Bruce, T Watson, W Woodacre, J Ormerod & Joe Basford. Other names on the poster are Jack Parsons, Billy Lane, Jimmy Eagles & the Brothers Morris (The Smallest Boxers in the World).
Do you know anything about Jack Kendal? Do you know where his boxing academy was? Are you related to him or are you related to any of his former pupils and have information or stories about them and their boxing exploits? Do you have any photographs or memorabilia? We would love to know more here at cottontown and share your stories with all our visitors about this well-known boxer of the late 1800’s. Please write in with you stories or e-mail us at community.history@blac​kburn.gov.uk
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