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The Thwaites Fam​ily

By Gordon Hartley

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 Thomas Thwait​​es

Thomas Thwaites died on the 20th January 1871, aged 62.  He was the Mayor of Blackburn in the year 1860-1 and became a cotton broker.  Unfortunately he lost the bulk of his fortune in speculations during the Cotton Famine.  He then became a brewer trading in Accrington although he was not as successful as his brother Daniel.  His will left a sum not exceeding £3,000 against his brother's £998,000.
In 1834, 31 Cleaver Street, Blackburn is described as a brewery and Mr. Daniel Thwaites house was 32 Cleaver Street.  Daniel Thwaites Snr. was the sole proprietor of both.  When Daniel Thwaites died in 1843 he left his property to his sons and daughters.  Thomas, who was the eldest son withdrew from the brewery leaving Daniel and John to continue.  Daniel and John Thwaites resided at Cleaver Street until 1858.  At this time John retired from the brewery and he built the house called 'Troy'.  Daniel became the sole proprietor of the brewery.
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Daniel Th​waites Senior

This gravestone is in St. John's Church graveyard at Blackburn.  It is the grave of Daniel Thwaites, the father of Daniel Thwaites who became a millionaire.  Daniel Thwaites Snr married Betty Duckworth, they had four sons and eight daughters.  Their sons were Thomas (1807-1871), Edward (1815-1817), Daniel (1817-1888) and John (1824-1889).  The inscription on the stone says:
"Sacred to the memory of Daniel Thwaites who departed this life October 23rd 1843, aged 66 years, and of Betty his wife, who departed this life April 2nd 1853 aged 68 years, also Edward, the son of Daniel and Betty Thwaites of Blackburn, who departed this life on the 3rd March 1817 aged 2 years and 10 months.  Also Edward George Duckworth Thwaites, son of Daniel and Amelia Thwaites and grandson of the above Daniel and Betty Thwaites who departed this life 10th day of August 1861 aged 5 months.  Also Grace daughter of Daniel and Betty Thwaites who died on 8th April 1871 aged 58 years.  Also Alice their daughter who died on 19th January 1872 aged 42 years.  Also of Sarah their daughter who died 23rd June 1890 aged 71.  Also of Anne their daughter who died on 11th July 1899 aged 76 years".
St. John's Church, Blackburn.  The Thwaites gravestone is at the corner of the graveyard at the junction of Victoria Street and St. James Street.
 This tribute is on the wall inside the church.

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 Daniel an​d Eliza Thwaites

Daniel Thwaites, born 15th August 1817 at 32 Cleaver Street, Blackburn.  He married Eliza Amelia Gregory in 1859 and died on the 21st September 1888.

Eliza Amelia Thwaites, born on the 19th December 1824.  She was the wife of Daniel Thwaites and her maiden name is Gregory, she died on the 29th September 1907.

Daniel and Eliza Thwaites had a son, Edward George Duckworth Thwaites who was born on the 20th March 1861, sadly he died in the August of that same year.  They also had a daughter, Elma Amy Thwaites who was born in 1864 at Queensgate, London.  Elma married Robert Armstrong Yerburgh on the 8th August 1888.  Elma Amy Yerburgh died on the 6th December 1946 at her scottish home "Barwhillanty", Castle Douglas and is buried there. 




Thwaites Pro​perty


Daniel Thwaites was known to own a lot of property including, 31 & 32 Cleaver Street, Blackburn; Beardwood Cliff, Blackburn; Billinge Scar, Blackburn; Woodfold Hall, Mellor; Addison Lodge, Kensington; 14 Queensgate, London; 7 Addison Road, London and "Barwhillanty", Kirkcudbrightshire (Daniel Thwaites died here).
 Woodfold Hall in Mellor.  The home of Daniel and Eliza Thwaites.
On the 24th May 1949 and the following two days the contents of Woodfold Hall were sold by auction, this being the estate of the late Mrs. E. Yerburgh, after this the roof was taken off the building so as they would not need to pay rates or any taxes for the building.



John Thwaites​

 This is a picture of 'Troy', the house of John Thwaites
jGravestoneJohnThwaites.jpg                                 jDanielThwaitesP11.jpg
            This is the grave of John Thwaites, brother of Daniel Thwaites,          This memorial is inside St. Mary's Church, Mellor                                    this grave is at St. Mary's Church graveyard at Mellor. 
                  John's personal estate was worth £164,446 17s. 2d.
 John Thwaites J.P. of 'Troy' died on the 12th January 1889, aged 64.  John, like his brothers was eductaed at Lower Bank Academy.  He withdrew from the brewery in 1858, his brother Thomas had withdrawn from the brewery in 1844.  John Thwaites was one of the first members of the Blackburn Town Council and he served three years on behlaf of St. John's Ward.  John's brother Daniel had died in September 1888.  The house 'Troy' on Preston New Road, Blackburn was put up for sale in November 1918 by Mrs Thwaites, John's widow she was still in the mansion which stood in 21 acres of parkland.

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Sarah Ann Thwaite​​s

 The grave of Sarah Ann Thwaites is in the churchyard at St. Mary's in Mellor.

The following article was printed in a local newspaper shortly after her death:

Death of Miss Thwaites.
The death occured at her residence, West Bank, Preston New-road, on Wednesday, of Miss Sarah Ann Thwaites, a well-known Blackburn lady, who had reached the advanced age of 86.  Miss Thwaites was a daughter of the late Mr. Thomas Thwaites of the firm of Messrs. T. and W. Thwaites, wine and spirit merchants, and a cousin of the late Mr. Daniel Thwaites, a former M. P. for Blackburn, and known as the millionaire brewer and great landowner.  The late Mrs. Robert Hopwood Coddington was her sister.  Her father built Beardwood Cliff, in which she resided at one time, and subsequently returned to West Bank.  With the Parish Church Miss Thwaites had a lifelong connection.  She was a regular attender at, and generous contributor to, the church.  She had been actively associated with the Blackburn and Darwen Society for the Blind ever since its inception in 1881, and had been hon. treasurer for over 30 years.  Another body of which she was a generous supporter was the Blackburn District Nursing Association.  Miss Thwaites was greatly interested in the welfare of girls, and in a quiet way did much to improve their prospects.  She took a personal interest in the old Charity School for Girls, in the Girls' Friendly Society, and in other organisations of a similar character.  She was also one of the oldest governors of the Leyland Foundation Scholarships.  The funeral takes place to-day (Saturday).  Service will be held at the Parish Church at 11-45 this morning, and the interment will be at Mellor.  By request, there are to be no flowers.
 This brass plate is on a wall inside Blackburn Cathedral.
 A photograph of the interior of Blackburn Cathedral where there is a memorial plaque for Sarah Ann Thwaites.
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Births ​and Deaths

A record of births and deaths
Daniel Thwaites
Born on the 15th August 1817, died on September 21st 1888.
Eliza Amelia
Wife of Daniel Thwaites born on December 18th 1824, died on September 29th 1907.
Edward George Duckworth Thwaites
Son of D & E. A. Thwaites, born on March 20th 1861, died on August 10th 1861.
John Thwaites
of 'Troy', died January 12th 1889, aged 64.
Ada Jane Prudence Thwaites
Wife of John, died April 11th, aged 87.
John Thwaites
Born and died March 3rd 1895.
Philip Claud Peebles
Born July 14th, died September 8th 1896.
Charlotte Louise
Dearly loved wife of Hugh E. Thwaites, died on February 11th 1919, aged 59.
Third son of John & Ada born on July 12th 1868 and died on August 10th 1928.
Sarah Ann Thwaites
Born September 26th 1832, died on October 2nd 1918.
Edward William Thwaites
Born 10th October 1863, died on December 12th 1946.
Catherine Threlfall
Born December 3rd 1836, died August 30th 1911.


Graves and Memor​ials

Above is the grave of Daniel Thwaites and his wife Eliza Amelia Thwaites.  The grave is at the burial ground of St. Mary's Church, Mellor.  The grave is located to the ea​st of the Church.  Also near here is the grave of his brother John Thwaites.
Above is a memorial plaque for Daniel and Eliza Thwaites at St. Mary's Church, Mellor.  The wooden plaque below is also at St. Mary's.
T​his a plan of the Thwaites graves which are at St. Mary's Church at Mellor.

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