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Jan 1. Sunday, - Weather Dismal. To the parish Church in the Morning - Sermon by the Rev J Needham, - The Fashion of this World passeth away. - a good scriptural and sound Sermon.

[January] 6th Helen Hilton, daughter of Mr J. Hilton died Aged 21.

[January] 8th Wet Sunday - Twice at the Parish Church.
A young Man - a pupil Teacher at Trinity died suddenly by taking too much Whiskey.
His poor Mother died shortly after the Inquest - a great sorrow - not correct she was ill but did not die.

[January] 9th Monday Meeting of the Albert & Victoria Lodge at the Oddfellows Hall, when James Cunningham Esq. Mayor of Blackburn was duly initiated, PPGM Lawrence Coupe acting as NG. PPGM Roylance as V.G. and PPGM Charles Tiplady as G.M. I read the charge. The Meeting was throng, and the Mayor received a right hearty welcome. There was good singing - sentiments & recitations followed - The Lodge closed ay 10-30.

[January] 12th Thursday - Henry Ward's Spinning Mill totally destroyed by fire. - Loss £30,000 –

[January] 19th 43 Anniversary of the Xtian [Christian] Knowledge Society P Church, Slender Meeting, but satisfactory statement & balance

[January] 26th After much blustery weather - There was a heavy fall of snow.

[January] 27 to 31. A Succession of cold stormy weather with much snow sleet & rain, ending on the 31st with frost.

[January] 30th Journey to Manchester with M. very cold & dirty day. - James & David sick.

Candlemas - Fine, clear, cold frosty. - Feb 2nd 1860
No political News of Importance

Jan 29. Heard the Rev Philip Graham - on the Character of Cornelius the Centurion. He stated some things very closely allied to Swedenborgian. The Sermon was to the rifle Corps.
Sunday After a hard week of Toil - a blessed quiet peaceful Sabbath at Church twice - Morning Wrenford on Death - Evening Needham the preciousness of Christ - To bed early -

Feb 4 To Accrington paying for Dr Torren's Pills. Weather Stormy - In the Evening Letter arrived from Richard - all well thank God.
Weather exceedingly rough and winterly all the week with much snow & sleet.
The Blackburn News commenced on the 7th of Jan and ended Feb 4th - having been published only 5 Times, JN Haworth proprietor. –

[February] 8th K. V. B. D. N. S. - T. H. P. G. T. B. W. F. T. T. or the consequences will be unhappy, and what can frail human nature do. -
Fine, clear and frosty - with Wind north. -

[February] 10th To Accrington, Bank Terrace Lodge - St John's most princely entertainment, pleasant company, good singing - agreeable speaker & most hospitable feelings to the Visitors.
I proposed Prosperity to the Lodge - & was well received - very temperate drinking - home at 11-40. - Bell, Clayton, Briggs, Self, Hilton, Chatwood and Peel. -

Saturday - Feb 11th Another week's Labour is ended. Thank God for all his mercies - health - work - & sense.
Mr Hart of Spring Hill, very sick of a nervous indisposition -
Mr Baynes Senr. father of the late Mayor died very suddenly at Lancaster -
Mr Walmsley Stanley the Engineer of the Canal Company died.

[February 12] Sunday Morn: To the parish Church. Mr Needham preached a good sermon from St Peter. - In the Evening Mr Wrenford preached from the words of our Saviour "What shall it profit &c". In the afternoon read Milton 1st & 2nd Books wonderful invention & language - Also to the Cemetery. - Weather very frosty and much snow.
During the week the weather variable, but towards the latter end an inclination to Showers which however ceased on Sunday when a strong North Wind & severe freezing commenced -
Sunday - In the Morning Mr Hopwood prayed for in the P. Church.
In the Afternoon - he Died - aged 60. Feb 19th

Feb 19th In the p. Ch. Sermon by Rev C. Hughes Man a living Soul - fine discourse - In the Evening to the Wesleyan Chapel heard Mr Wm Shorrock Draper from Luke. Notwithstanding that the spirits are subject unto you rejoice not but rather rejoice that your Names are written in heaven - an earnest discourse - but very noisy - even to screaming.

[February] 20th John Ainsworth Bookseller Died aged 58. We entered the Tradesman's Society on the same Night.

[February 21] Hard Frost from Sunday - clear & bright the 21st Shrove Tuesday a lovely day.
After lying in state - the remains of Robert Hopwood were this day conveyed to their last resting place at Bracewell. - He is said to have died immensely rich and tho' we may take up the words of the Psalmist when he said, Man walketh in vain shadow & disquieteth himself in vain, he heapeth up riches & cannot tell who shall gather them - yet in the case before we are bound to acknowledge that the wealth of R Hopwood contributed largely to the welfare of Blackburn as a Manufacturing Town & found means by labour & sustenance to many thousands of its inhabitants.
The funeral was attended by the Corporation, several Gentlemen & about 150 of the principal workpeople.

[February] 26th The Rifle Corps attended Chapel Street Chapel when the Rev A Fraser preached an eloquent discourse to them
I attended St Peter's Church and heard the Rev Wm Bell on the character of Herod. The discourse was of a Lenten character & was most faithful in its doctrines & exhortations. - I have been most mercifully preserved from Temptation.

[February] 27th Sister Anne's 55th Birthday - A Christian indeed. Uncle Ratcliffe better. -
Weather still very stormy cold & winterly.

[February] 28th Wild stormy, snow & dreadfully cold - The same day at Evening Guest Vickers died. A Melancholy instance of good talents, fine constitution & splendid wit misapplied Where are his six Orphan Children? In the houses of Strangers Dependant on the charity of persons who have little interest in them save their labour Their labour which must now be two fold & of the most drudging character. A warning to us all and a fulfilment of that scripture which say The Drunkard shall not live out half his days. Guest died about 41 years of age - He was formerly at the Union Company's Offices, Eanam.

[February] 29th A Son Born to my Brother John of Bury.

March 1st To the Quarterly Provincial at Littleborough of Free Masons. - Joseph Pearson, put on as second Candidate, - Crompton, as first.
A Gift to Brother Morris of Over Darwen - £10.0.0 spoke several times - & was well received.
Thence to Burnley at Night with Mrs T at Mrs Eltoft's whom we found poorly of a bad leg - Maria not well Sarah quite hearty - left on the 2nd.
Mr Councillor Bolton died - aged 67 Years

[March] 4th Sunday Weather Stormy - fall of Snow. The odd fellows should have accompd the Mayor to the Parish Church, but the bad Weather prevented them. Dr Rushton in the Morning - on the foolishness of preaching. In the Evening Wrenford on the Rainbow before the Throne, a very sound exposition of the promises of God. - Have to thank most sincerely God for deliverance from Temptation. –

[March] Monday 5. Frosty, a very long Winter - Mr Hart somewhat better.
Frosty the whole week - but calm Winds N East.

[March] 6th Letter from Richard still all well - but Yellow Fever prevailing at Bahia.

[March] 8th The Annual Meeting of the Over Darwen Gas Company - Dividend £7 per cent pr annum - pleasant Meeting - Mr Ashworth attended on behalf of Dr Ramsey's Property. –

[March] 11th Sunday Wm Whalley Esq. of Whalley Died
At the Parish Church twice - Morning Needham on the Temptations of the Believer, - The hardy Soldier - In the Evening, Hughes, - As I live I have no pleasure in the death of the Sinner Ezl [Ezekiel] 18 32 v.
Weather, cold, winterly & very frosty in the Morning. Note The Reservoir in the Park entirely frozen over.

[March] 12th The first sale at the Albert Building Society Shares fetched £18.1.- per share –

[March] 13th To supper with H Pemberton & Company. -

[March] 13th to 16th Frosty every day - 15th Bright clear frost & wind north

[March] On the 17th Thaw & Westerly Winds -

[March] 18th Sunday (Windy & Showery) but not so cold. In the Morning P Church Dr Rushton Gen. 45 2. I am Joseph - A good practical & historical sermon, on an interesting subject. -
Afternoon Cemetery - Fecit complained of a broken Head Stone value £9.0.0 - Thence forward to Whalley but sadly troubled with Rheumatic - Home at 6 - and to bed early - Read a little of Adonijah - a deal of imaging writing.

[March] 20 to 23rd Windy - Stormy, Showers of Snow - and very raw and so onto the end of the Week - a most stormy season, with no fair weather.

March 25th 1860 - Mind in a very unhappy state in consequence of words with Mrs T. - -
To Chapel Morning & Evening - 74th Anno Wesleyan School, Sermons by the Rev J B Smith of Bacup, Morning - The Crucifixion of Christ - Evening the Love of God in the Redemption of Man. Both Discourses eminently calculated to awaken the Sympathy of a Christian Congregation - Language full bold clear - eloquent arguments strong, convincing and incontrovertible - illustrations correct graphic & pertinent - metaphors pleasing and well chosen - Scriptural references, numerous, potent and well chosen - fluency of language wonderful rising to eloquence magnificent & in some cases awful - No wonder the Congregation were affected, melted, overcome & chained down in rapture - At times the eloquence was sublime, fast as the human instrument could articulate there issued forth a volume of rhetorics, at once puther, graced and overwhelming. Collection £85.0.0 Good.

[March] 26th Journey to Bamber Bridge & Preston on Dr Ramsey's affairs which got satisfactorily settled. - The Board on the 30th presented me with £5.0.0 for that and other services.
The week from the beginning to the end, wet and stormy except Monday. David sick throughout the week.

Sunday April 1. Very wet. Morning & Evening at the Parish Church - Needham on the duty of the Christian Soldier - Eveng Hughes on Christian Humility - both Sermons very scriptural & good.

[April] 5th Thursday at the Lodge Masonic, Br Johnson there from Blackpool, He sang a song which I did not approve. Received Letters from Son Richard at the Brazils, - The yellow Fever had been raging, and several had died from England but hitherto he had been mercifully spared. Wrote to him on the 9th.

[April] 6th Good Friday, a fine day - The beginning of Spring. In the Morning at the Parish Church - Needham on the Crucifixion - It is finished - an affecting discourse. The New Hymn Book used.
Afternoon, having sent the children to Worsthorn, followed with Mother at noon & spent the day there.
Note. The Artillery Volunteer Corps made their first appearance at Church on Good Friday about 80 strong - One of my Sons, Charles Lomax, is a corporal in that service -

[April] 7th Very throng, Easter Eve, - fine -

[April] 8th Easter Sunday - fair until Noon - Afternoon stormy & wet. - Sermon in the Morning by Dr Rushton.
Evening - Wrenford The path of Life. Psalm 116 11 verse
The New Hymn Book withdrawn by the opposition of the Church wardens, & a few rich pew-holders.

[April 8] Easter Monday - Snow upon the Ground very cold & wet.
1 1/2 o'clock pm. Tremendous Snow Storm Wet, Windy, Storms of Rain, Sleet, Hail and Snow. Very rough Easter Monday but a good attendance of people notwithstanding.

Easter Week
This week is generally considered a season of patten & relaxation, but the following Engagements by my ordinary occupation will shew that with me Easter has been no holiday.

[April 9] Monday. Special Meeting of the Tradesman's Society to take into consideration the propriety of not admitting new Members, About 40 attended. W Stones in the chair - Meeting adjourned to July next. A Deal of Discussion.

[April] Tuesday 10th Annual Meeting of St John's Female Friendly Society as under:-

[April 11] Wednesday Committee Meeting of the Free Masons at the Old Bull Hotel; -

[April 12] Thursday Deputation to the Mayor on the Post Office Business.

[April 13] Friday Meeting of Gas Directors, Over Darwen 2 to 6.30. Meeting of the Blackburn Burial Board 7 to 10 pm.

[April] 16th Young Roger Kenyon died - aged 24

[April] 21st Eli Holt was killed at the Daisy Field Station was buried at the Cemetery

The Weather as the from the 15th to the 22nd very cold with Snow & Sleet at times.

[April] 22 Sunday at the Parish Church, Needham "Let me die the death of the righteous" - weak energy - In the Afternoon went to Feniscowles with the children and returned at 7. –

[April] 23 Monday, 5 a m All the Hills, Streets are quite covered with Snow.
Note - A Severe Winter of six months duration.
Fine Days - frosty Nights - East Winds - droughty.

[April] 24th Sent off Richard's life Insurance Money -
The droughts continued until Sunday Evening, the 29th [April] when a gracious & plentiful rain watered the thirsty earth -
My Son Henry very poorly indeed -

[April] 28th John Charles Forrest Councillor for the St Peter's Ward, died - a few hours after he had in a fit of Insanity cut his Throat. - He has left a large family - a good Conservative.
Fowler of King Wm Street died, - Mr Hornby poorly.

[April] 29th Girls' Charity Sermon - Rev A W Rawstorne of Balderstone - a good sound gospel preacher.

Tuesday the 24th [April] Lecture by Charles Hardwick at the Oddfellows Hall, well attended, and a most excellent Lecture. - The Mayor in the chair.

Sunday May 6. The Oddfellows of this District walked in Procession to the Parish Church accompanying his Worship the Mayor Br James Cunningham Esqre - They mustered about 1200 on the occasion & were a most interesting sight.

[May] 12th Mr T. H. Pickup elected Councillor for St Peter's Ward. -

[May] 13th Great day at St Peter's, the Rev W M Falloon preached to overflowing Congregation - especially in the Evening - This discourse in the Morning was from the prophecy of Zechariah 4 c. & 6 verse Not by might, nor by power but by my spirit saith the Lord of Host - The Rev Gent is very is very impressive. He gave a most beautiful elucidation of the Golden Candlestick with the golden bowl and seven candlesticks, or branches - or lamps, with the Two olive Trees on the right & left thereof - exhibiting the Church - the Redeemer, & the Holy Spirit.
In the Evening the sermon was from St Luke's Gospel 13 chap 2 verse This man receiveth sinners & eats with them - The discourse describe the character of God as exhibited in the life & conduct of Jesus Christ who came to save that which was lost. It was throughout a remarkably clear, able & gospel discourse. The Congregation was large indeed.
The Weather most beautifully genial - with sunshine & showers at intervals.
All week Magnificent & genial weather with Thunder at times.

Died May 11th [May] John Catlow - a good Man - aged 54.

Sunday May 20th Re-opening of Holy Trinity Church. Sermon in the Morning by the Revd Dr Barnet, vicar of Bradford - "The Seed is the Word of God" - a good plain practical discourse & well delivered - Afternoon & Evening Sermons by the Rev R. T. Wheeler - I heard in the Evening from these words "If any man have not the Spirit of Christ he is none of his" A very powerful discourse from these words - in which the nature, the work, and the operations of the Holy Spirit were set forth in eloquent language.-
The attendance at the Church in the three Services were very large, - & the Collections liberal - say £140 afterwards £14.0.0 more.

Saturday 26th [May] 1860 - Being the Eve of Whit Sunday great preparations were made for cheap Trips - Mrs Tiplady and children proceeded to Lytham whither I followed on Sunday Morning - The weather had been delightful up to Saturday Night when some rain fell, and on Sunday it was gusty - windy & portentous of a Storm on Sunday it grew very cold & the wind wh: had been boisterous all day, now grew tempestuous - ushering in Whit Monday with a Storm of Snow, Hail, Sleet, driving rain, & piercing cold, not remembered for many years - The cheap trippers were almost starved.
At Lytham we had much rain and very high winds - wh: prevailed to a more fearful extent at Blackpool and at Liverpool, doing great damage to the Shipping at the latter place. This weather continued all Tuesday and settled somewhat on Wednesday wh: was a fine day. - I had a lovely walk with Mrs T. in Clifton Park - also on the Sunday previous - and left for home on the Wednesday. - The week for work &c was Nil - for though the Weather was rough, an uncontrolled desire had seized the population to go from Home. - Most of my people were away until Friday –

Monday the 28th [May] William Ingham, an old Schoolfellow died - Innkeepr. of the Sun Public House. -

[May] 31st Died Joseph Bell, son of the late Richard Bell Glazier. -

On Whitmonday I visited Preston in the afternoon and saw the Procession of Scholars, which was a interesting & affecting sight.

June 1st 1860 - Memon. Sold our first packet of Tea this morning to Thomas Hart Esqre.
Agent to the Liverpool Tea Company. -
Old Joseph Pearson elected on the Royal Masonic Benevolent Fund, £20 a year for life - No of votes - 6320.

Trinity Sunday - Wet all day - also Monday the 4th of June.

June 2nd Letters from my Son Richard - Bahia who is thank God - still in good health - now absent 2 years.
A very boisterous and wet June, with but little sun, - Great fears for the Crops.

June 14th Thursday Mrs Tiplady and self visited the ancient City of York. - The day was moderately fine and we had a most agreeable journey. Saw the Minster, - Blind Asylum, and the Grand Flower Gala - There was a large concourse of people, say 25,000

[June] 15th Another old Neighbour, James Sagar of Church Street died aged 60 years - This is the fourth Member of the Tradesman's Club in the 6 months - viz G Vickers, J. Ainsworth, & J Pemberton.

[June] 19th Quarterly Meeting of the Burial Society - attended only a slender Meeting. Very peaceable

June 23rd 52 years old this Day. - In health thank God for a Life of Mercies. - On opening my Eyes I discovered the following Note attached to a new pair of Trousers & Waistcoat
"For my dear Old Man, wishing him many happy returns of the day and health to wear them"
from which I inferred it was a present from my Old Woman, whom Heaven preserve.

Old John Sefton died Aged 80 Years - July 1st

Went to Lytham June 23rd & Stopped a few days with Mrs Tiplady & Essy and Henry. The weather moderately fine, with some heavy seas.

[July] 6th Meeting at Darwen - always pleasant and agreeable

July 6th The Weather magnificent - grand and summer like - Hay making in full progress. -

[July] 8th Sunday (fine) at Parish & Trinity Church - Morng and Evening. -

[July] 10 With Mrs Tiplady at Manchester - Queen Park

A verse suitable for a Tombstone

Pilgrim of earth, who treads this sacred ground
Remember here is not abiding place;
Then rest not till thy weary feet have found
Thro' Christ, a mansion in the realms of grace.

[July] 14th Review of Volunteer Corps in Liverpool or Aintree the Bn Artillery attended under Major Jackson. My son Charles was present being a Corporal.

[July] 19th Thursday, Most Terrific Thunder Storm, with floods of rain. - Lasted more than one hour - Lightning awful & Reports like a field of Artillery. -

[July] 31st Violet left.

Aug 2nd Had a pleasant visit to Todmorden on the occasion of laying the Foundation Stone at Masonic Hall.

[August] 3rd At Burnley - called upon Mrs Eltoft whom I found well - Wadding setting up a Machine for his paper. -

[August] 6th Fanny's Birthday (14) Getting quite a young Woman - Letter from Richard - all well. His master wishes him to stay a longer period - We shall see.

[August] 3rd Died Joshua Smithson Esq. 77 years, A good Conservative - but a close-fisted Gentleman.

[August] 8th One Year has passed since the Settlement of the family affairs, and all have lived to enjoy their patrimony in good health.
My financial affairs are:
Owing to Sisters5800
Aunt Callis2000
Building Club11500

Credits Building Club










Shop60000{ Life Insurance £250

Augt 11th Saturday, Went to Newton-le-Willows to be present at the review of the Lancashire Artillery and Rifle Volunteers - A very grand and animated sight but a wretched drenching day. - Got home wet through at 12-15. - on the 12th in midnight

[August] 16th Splendid Morning - 21st Wedding Day - for all the mercies of God to an unworthy worm, everlasting thanks are due - Thy love & blessing on my wife -

Fearfully wet (Aug 17 & 18th) with heavy winds and very little sun - The worst fears are prevalent respecting the harvest.

[August] 19th Sunday. Day moderate - Harwood Sermons, preacher Revd P Graham of Over Darwen, Attended in the Afternoon with Mr John Ratcliffe and Mr Robt Duckworth.

[April 23] Exceedingly wet weather - (23d) Son Henry very ill indeed -
Meeting of the Inhabitants - free Library
Went to Whalley with Mary & Henry - who has not been well. I do not know if there be any truth in the adage that if it rain on St Swithin's day there will be rain every day for 40 days afterwards - but I believe that has been the case with the exception of one day since the 15th of July 1860 - Letter from M whom I thought I had offended.
That which I said at the death of Mrs Lloyd is come to pass Mr Isaac Lloyd has followed to the Grave his Wife - in a very short period - Aug 20. Aged 55.

[August] 27th Charles' Birthday (20) at Mr Hornby's Mill
Died Miss Hopwood, sister of the late Robt Hopwood Esq. Cotton Spinners. - an excellent Lady.

Note Rain more or less every day from the 15th of July to the 29th Day of August and frequently very heavy storms - The Grain & Hay much damaged.

[August] 30 & 31st Rain - Rain all Month - Markets rising -

[August] 31st Alexr Fisher Died.

Sep. 1. Fine Morning - heavy rain at Ten to Eleven, - fine afterwards -
Grand Review at Knowsley - attended, for particulars see Book -

[September] 2nd Rain.

[September] 3rd Gloomy at Times - Letter from Son Richard. Mrs T. Went to Southport.

[September] 4th I followed on a visit to Southport - Lost my Railway Ticket at Preston which annoyed me.

[September] 5th & 6th Still at Southport Weather very fine. Wednesday to the Isle of Wight - a sand hill - Thursday to a nice little Village called Church Town 3 miles from S. [Southport] -

[September] 7th Friday - Sailed from Southport to Lytham in open Boat. Water very calm, - to be rowed all the way & back. Dined at Lytham. - Home in good time - but vexed at Mary's impunctuality which had liked to have left us at Lytham. -

[September] 8th Saturday - Morning rain & cold but still fair - went to Liverpool, and thence to the Isle of Man. A very pleasant voyage, and not many sick - The Weather cleared up, and when we landed it was very fine indeed - Met Mr Wilkinson on board & a young Gent from Manchester who pointed to us good, reasonable & respectable Lodgings.

[September] 9th. Sunday. At St Thomas' Church, heard the Bishop preach from the words - between us & you there is a great gulf fixed. - In the Afternoon which was fine, at Castletown, nothing particular.

[September] 10th Monday - Visited, for the first time Ramsey by Coach a large Number of passengers - The road thro Kirk Michael is picturesque & very lovely - The Bishop Palace, and the Church looked very neat and this part is tolerably well planted which is not the case in many parts of the Island. Home by Laxey - saw the great wheel

[September] 11th Tuesday - To Peel Castle a most interesting ruin of ancient times - The Janitor give us some particulars of the place - Day very fine - Afternoon road to Glenmay a romantic spot - where the water forms a cascade down the rocks.

[September] 12th Walked about the Town & Suburbs of Douglas - visited the Nunnery - Kirk Bradden - & the Nursery Grounds - fair - but wild & dusty portending a change.

[September] 13th Took Boat to Liverpool - very rough passage a great many sick - arrived at Liverpool 4-10 - At Six took Train, and arrived safely home a little after 8 pm.

[September] 15th Died James Gregson, aged 97 years - The oldest Man in Blackburn.

[September] 22nd Sat. The first Stone of St Thomas' Church laid at Bottom Gate, (the weather wet) There was a good attendance of Ministers & Scholars, but only slender of the Inhabitants. –

[September] 23. - Sermon Canon Richson, Romans - For no man liveth unto himself & no man dieth unto himself from which words he eloquently discoursed of the practical duties & responsibilities of Christians & of the necessity of charity -

[September] 30th At the Parish - Sermon the Anger of James - Evng the Book of Common Prayer -

[September] 28th Friday Afternoon at Chatburn with Mrs T. a very comfortable & quick visit - but here, as elsewhere there is a change - David has left and is at Preston -
A rough & stormy week - with high winds & rain -

[October] Sunday the 7th Parish Ch: Morng. Sermon by the Rev the Vicar from Acts. They took knowledge of them that had been with Jesus.

[October] 4th Letter from my Son Richard. - He has had fever and relates that many men have died -

[October] 10th & 11th Very cold - with north wind - 12th Fair and frosty - with ice.

On the 8th. [October] Snow fell in many places, particularly on the mountains of Wales, Scotland & Cumberland

Excessively Wet. - Oct 14th - Walked with Daughter Essy to Stiff Street, where joined by Wife & Henry we visited Mrs Bolton who was sick at the Judges

[October] 21 Mr Welland's farewell Sermon - Text John 12. 32 - "And I, if I be lifted up, will draw all Men unto me". The Rev Gentleman is a young Man from Ireland, and during the brief period of his curacy with Dr Robinson has greatly endeared himself to the flock & people of the District -The Discourse was an animated one, with a total abnegation of Self, the Saviour exalted to be the man & object of all believers - He continued for the space of 3/4 of an hour to pour forth a most eloquently, and at the last made a few remarks touching his own departure - The Congregation instantly became deeply affected, the Sobs & weeping were audible & universal nor could the sterner sex refrain. - one mingled paroxysm of weeping pervaded all - The Rev Gent hastend to his conclusion & sat down overwhelmed with the emotions wh: this outburst of affection towards himself had produced.
The church was exceedingly crowded.

[October] 23rd One of the finest days of the year - calm, clear, sunny and genial. To Accrington in the Afternoon.

[October] 30th
My mind was exceedingly disturbed by finding that the Radicals had nominated Mr Caughey along with Mr Edmundson, by which they intend to throw all their strength against me. - I was deeply exercised but found great relief in prayer - I prayed that then all matter might be left with God - that if I won I might be faithful, - and if I lost not desponding. I came to work and found that Edward Saward the Br of the Town Clerk had nominated Mr C. by wh: I think they have injured their cause.

Nov. 1 Elected a Town Councillor. May I have grace, wisdom & health to do my duty.

Sunday the 4th Novr. very cheering Letter from my Son Richard, for which God be praised.
Visited, Miss M. E [Maria Eltoft] - at B. [Burnley] and had Tea - all well, I think she is again engaged -

Nov 9th Thos Thwaites Esq. Elected Mayor, My first speech in the Council, - called to order, - but very improperly so.

[November] 10th My Son William left me to reside at Messrs Dobson's in Preston, to improve himself - I pray God be with him, and enable him to do his duty. My labour of course will be increased - but while I health & strength I will endeavour to do my duty.

The Weather, which had been beautiful upto 11th now changed and on the 16th there was a Storm of Sleet, Rain & Snow

[November] 15th To her Majesty's great joy the Prince of Wales returned home from Canada & America -

[November] 17 Letter from William, in health, and likes his situation.

[November] 18. Sunday - Most admirable Sermon from Dr. Robinson, 1 Cor: 1 c. 30 ver: - showing the fulness of the Believer in Christ - Wisdom, Righteousness, Sanctification & Redemption -
Weather, Frost & Snow, with a strong tendency to dry frosts.

Decr 6th At Oldham, at the Provincial Meeting, exceedingly wet, - The sum of £100 was voted to the Royal Benevolent Fund in London. Dined with Brs & was well received.

Weather since December came in has been unusually gloomy, wet & foggy. - and very dark.

[December] 10th Mrs T. Birthday, In good health, thank God.

[December] 12th Repaid J. H. P. £5.

[December] 16th Fine with slight indication of Frost. -

[December] 17 Very fine

[December] 18 P Burial Society Meeting - Rose for the Vice President - Grime [sic] ousted Dugdale. The report of the Society very favourable. - and full of useful and valuable statistics
Same day with Alderman Boyle & others on the Lamp Committee - Made a long perambulation.

At 9 p.m. on the 18th [December] a very heavy fall of snow commenced & continued until the Morning of the 19th.
Essy's Birthday - Winter indeed - a fine sharp Girl but small in size. -

[December] 23 Sunday. Continuation of the Frost. This day a very heavy fall of Snow which added to that on Tuesday & Wednesday last, has completely blocked up the face of Nature throughout the whole kingdom

[December] 24th Snow all Night - Morning, heavy fog. - with continued hard frost
Grand Presentation of Bugle to the Artillery Corps by Miss Cunningham, Ex-Mayor niece, - fine night but fearfully cold. -

Christmas Day (Tuesday) - A particularly fine, clear, frosty healthy Winters Day - The Salford Brook so frozen over that Boys were sliding thereon - The Reservoir & Canals all fast. To Church in the Morning - Sermon Wescoe Holy Meditation - A wild imaginary tissue of dramatic & poetic figures very eloquent but I fear very useless - The last few sentences very fair -
William over from Preston - Thomas from Liverpool all in good health -
The kitchen range of Mr Crankshaw blew up with the frost and seriously injured his Son.

Dec 29. - My Venerable Uncle Ratcliffe died this Morning at five o'clock - I visited him only on Christmas Day - twice, when, for his age, he appeared quite hearty.
Dec 29. The Snow which fell on the 18th remained until this Night, when a tremendous fall took place making the Roads & rails impassible [sic]. I have not seen so large a fall for many years at the front door in Mount Street, it was 3/4 of a yard Deep - on the 30th (Sunday)
The frost slightly remitted on Monday but again returned with great intensity at the opening of the New Year.
Sick Society at Hy Whittaker divided 26 years since and left all the Old Men in the old not then worth 20/-. The old Men stuck together & paid 2/- per quarter 13. - ranging from 80 to 70 years & until they could buried themselves - Buried all the widows since & there remains only 4 Wives 55 years - Never had anything for sickness - 8/- per year - Richd Holden - This Club's woes so frequent the [?] part that they swarmed out after the great panic in 1826 things went backwards - It is now 26 years since sick pay was delivered out - R Holden will now receive £5 & those with wives 10 years.


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Jan 2 1861 We this day conveyed to his last resting place our venerable & esteemed uncle Ratcliffe. He was interred at St Peter's Church.
Very hard frost except on the 31st. & 1st - The Taps all frozen, and very bad printing Weather. -
Rivers, Reservoir, Canals, &c all fastened up with great thickness of ice. -

[January] 10th 11th & 12th Milder Weather - Wind south with a tendency to Thaw, - on the 11th Water pipe burst and flooded us

[January] 13th Sunday re-appearance of the Frost - went to White where I saw for the first time, solid Walls of Snow on either side of the Road, Church - Parish Mr Wescoe a Man of full of fine language - Eveng Dr Robinson Ye are bought with a price - a very profitable discourse.
This day John Proctor told me of Engagement at Hopwood. Business brisk - Money scarce - Charles entered his new place, and received his first week's wages Saty Jan 12th £2.0.0
The frost left us very quietly & gradually about the 20th since which time the Weather has been very mild.

[January 27] The Misses Eltoft were here from Burnley (27th) M staid at Lawson's. -

[January] 28th Henry Ibbotson an old Schoolfellow died.
Also that fine and most promising intelectual [sic] Child of Br Charles Boardman's - Willie - aged 15 years -
James Higham died about the 24th aged 83 years -

Feb 3 Parish Morning - Hughes - The River of Life - Evening a most practical & sound discourse by the Revd Dr Robinson - The Imprisonment of Paul & Silas - and the conversion of the Jailor at Philippi. -

Feb 7. Letters from my Son, (his 18th Birthday) - In good health & spirit - praised by God. - Wrote to him.

Monday (11th) Died the Rev Wm Hartley of Balderstone, - 12th At Manchester with Mrs Tiplady.

[February] 14th Valentine Day - Troublous Times - Lock Out on the five per cent question commenced when a majority of the hands suspended work.

[February] 16th Rev W Hartley interred at Child's Wickam.
Reports of the great losses sustained by the Mayor T. Thwaites Esq., in Cotton Speculations -

[February] 17th Parish Morning - Rev A Reed for the Pastoral Aid Society - Good Gospel Sermon - Afternoon, walk with my Wife, & part ride to Whalley - Eveng at Trinity singing very good - & so to Bed early -

[February] 24th Opening of Organ at Ribchester - Went with Mrs T. fine day - full church - the Revd Vicar preached, I will sing with the spirit, and with the Understanding also - a very plain, useful & practical discourse. arrived home at 6. - Had a family prayer & to bed very early for I was tired.

March 1. The Common adage March Many Weathers was verified this day, - It began moderately mild & fine - towards noon a storm of Thunder & Lightning commenced & it became so dark that we had to light a candle at dinner time, - then followed rain, hail & sleet, with uproarious wind - ending with Snow & sleet in the Evening - but starlight about 11 pm.

[March] 2nd & 3rd equally stormy - specially the night of the 2nd -

[March] 3rd Sunday - to Parish Church, Mr Wescoe, Examine yourselves, &c. a plain Gospel Sermon – Afternoon a little ride & walk - Mrs Tiplady very unwell in her back, - Evening to Trinity - Dr Robinson, - from 1 Cor 13 12 ver, For now we see through a glass darkly &c.
The Weather exceedingly boisterous, with Storms of Rain.

[March] 7th Masonic Quarterly Meeting at Bury, - Attended throng Meeting 102 present, Endeavoured to get old William Morris of Over Darwen on the Benevolent Fund, opposition from Bury (Hoyle) & Rochdale (Leach) We after much discussion got the 3rd place. - Dined at the Hare & Hounds - then home. Saw Brother John a few moments.

[March] 8th Friday at Darwen - Gas Meeting - preparing for the Annual Meeting.

[March] 10th Parish Church and Trinity.
Weather exceedingly stormy winds - with Snow & Sleet

[March] 14th Annual Meeting O. D. Gas Company - good and satisfactory Meeting.

[March] 15th At Over Darwen - Presentation to John Bell -
Mr Harrison, of the New Inn died suddenly at Liverpool, aged 58.

[March] 24th At Parish & Trinity - Dr Robinson condemned in a powerful discourse the Vol of Essays & Reviews recently published by several dignitaries of the Church.
Weather from the 23rd Moderate. - 25 heavy fog -

[March] 25 Died Robt Wilding Esq Surgeon 60 Age
Easter Tide 1861.
A great Throng of people attended the Commencement of Easter, The day was upon the whole fine but toward Night rain began, and ushered in one of the Most disagreeable Easter Days I ever witnessed - The churches were all very slenderly attended - On Monday April 1, the weather moderated and there was a good attendance at the fair -
Night Tradesman's Meeting - Nothing Important

Tuesday the 2nd [April] awfully wet - St John's F F [Female Friendly] Society anniversary - a pleasant Meeting & prosperous affairs

Thursday the 4th [April] Council Meeting - several important matters discussed. -

[April 5] Friday to Over Darwen Gas Meeting, very important business, deliberated on James Hawthorns Salary - Gas holder now complete.

[April 7] Sunday Parish Ch: afternoon a walk to Lamb Row with Mrs T.

8th of April Letter from Richard he not very well

[April] 5. to 12th A Week of Splendid Weather - Today Magnificent delicious & sunny -
Note The first thorough fine week for 12 Months

Journey to Padiham ([April] 11th) with Mr Thompson. Looked through the Mill - Tea at Mrs Richd Thompson.

Monday April 8th "The Census" taken for 1861.

John Haydock ([April] 12th) & Oliver Walsh died.

Saty the 13th [April] Glorious Day -
Fourteen Days of successive fine days - dry, sunny and delicious.

[April] 17th Died George Clark, Corn Dealer, Butter Factor and Bacon & Ham Merchant - Respected.

[April] 21 Fine but cool - To Trinity Morng Dr Parr - "God is Love" -- when we receive Grace to Love God we approach the divine attributes - It is only sin that presents God a Being of Wrath, Terror & justice - Afternoon, Peter's, - Baker - (very drowsy) a good plain homely discourse -
A remarkably fine April - Good seed time -

[April] 27th Return of Winter - cold, blustery & frosty - Fall of snow.

[April] 28th Rather cold - parish in the Morning, Rev H Wescoe from Galatians - Evening Trinity - Dr Robinson on the character and offices of Melchizedek, King of Salem, as a Type of Christ in his position as King & Priest - A very learned & sound discourse. The singing also exceedingly good.
The Weather in May cold & ungenial with blasting East & Nor East Winds & frost.

[May] 9th Holy Thursday on business at Manchester, with Mrs T. - then to Belle Vue for 2 or 3 hours - Day very fine & sunny, but cold Winds

[May] 11th A severe cold day with strong blustering Winds ending in the Evening & following day with Rain.

[May] 12th Rent Day, At St John's - Sermon "my Grace is sufficient for thee" by Rev W. Bateson of Woodhead - rather feeble delivery but very truthful & affectionate, - Evening Trinity Dr Robinson on the Ascension a very eloquent discourse. -

[May] 3rd Died Joseph Eccles, Esq. Mill Hill - Interred at Bn Cemetery May 9th Aged 61 Years.

[May] 11th James Hoyle left Mount Street.
No Letters from my Son Richard this Month.

[May] 16th Thursday, The Grand Oratorio of the "Messiah" was given with magnificent Effect at the Town Hall, Blackburn - Conductor Mr J H Robinson a very full and fashionable attendance - Mrs Sunderland in famous voice, also Hinchcliffe & Miss Crossland, - Mr D. Towers lacks energy of execution but nevertheless sang creditably.

Whit=Sunday, May 19th very fine, - To Parish Church, Morning, afternoon with Mrs T. at Hoghton thence walked to Preston, and had Tea at Shelley's Arms - Home at 8.

Whit Monday (20) Exceedingly fine - vast Multitudes left the Town, School Children & others some to York, Lytham, Southport, Windermere &c.
The first Stone of the New Workhouse laid - Went in procession, and took part in the Ceremony. Afterwds dined at the Old Bull Inn, - A very pleasant affair. The Ceremony was Masonic T Clough officiating.

[May 21] Tuesday went to Leeds with Mrs to the Grand Installation of Earl de Grey & Ripon as PGM of West Yorkshire 1200 Masons present in the Town Hall Leeds. Went to St George's Church after the Inn. Thence to the Grand Banquet under the Town Hall - In the Evening to the Royal Gardens (Tuesday) -
The Installation was on Wednesday the 22nd [May].

Thurday 23rd [May] to Harrowgate from Leeds, also to Knaresborough with Mrs T. spent a pleasant day - home to Leeds at 8 p.m. and so to Bed.
Staid at Mr John Field's, Railway Hotel, West Bar near the Post Office.

[May 24] Friday Safely & happily home - Children - that is Fanny, Henry and Essy at Mrs Emmett's Lytham

Trinity Sunday - Sermon for the Girls' Charity School parish Church Rev John Smith, good homely discourse. Evening at Trinity Dr Robinson, - Afternoon a walk with Mrs Tiplady. Very fine

[May] 29th Glorious Spring - clear, bright, bracing sunny & most lovely weather. -
Note - A May Much to be remembered for we have had more Sun in it than during the whole of the Summer of 1860.

[May] 30th Council Meeting to adopt Petition to the Water Works Company - Explanations given - slender Meeting.

Monday the 2nd of June - Rain - Parish Morning, the vicar on the good Providence of God - a plain homely & practical discourse - Evening - H Trinity Sermon by the Rev W. Ogden - Curate - the choice of Joshua - a very good Sermon -

Thursday the 6th [June] to Rochdale, at the P G Annual Meeting of Free Masons - a full attendance. Rochdale is a strangely built place - The River, by reason of constant use for Manufy purposes is woefully filthy - Left at 4 and came thro Burnley - & so home. In the same Carriage was Tho Parker.

[June] 7th Evening - a Letter from Mr Wilson of Brazils offering by Mr Watson the sum of £150 per annum for Richard's Services - No Letter from Richard - I fear he is ill - commit him to the care of God. –

[June] 9th Sunday - Trinity Rev J Smith a very useful and affectionate discourse - The Christian Inheritances
Evening - same - Rev M Ogden - "Ye will not come unto me, that ye might have life" - An old sermon - but very earnestly delivered -

Friday the 14th [June] visited with Mrs Tiplady & my daughter Fanny, "The Great Eastern" - a very large ship lying at Liverpool. - There was a great throng of people say from 15000 to 20,000 -

This week was remarkably clear & brilliant weather but the wind was easterly which is unusual in June.

Sunday - June 16th Morning the vicar, - "And God said Let the earth bring forth grass" - a very nice discourse - and particularly seasonable - because the Wardens after remodelling the surface of the Church Yard, have sown it with grass which to springing very luxuriantly - Evening - Wescoe - Subject The person character and works of the Devil - Down to Langho for a Walk - Singing very good - William assisted. -
Published in June, this year, Mr William Durham's Work entitled "Chronological Works" Blackburn, Lancashire.

[June] 16th Death of Mrs Beddoes, - aged 35, of childbirth
Weather exceedingly clear from clouds - Wind E. & N.E.

[June] 19th Journey to Macclesfield to the funeral of Mrs Beddoes very sad & melancholy bereavement, six children - the youngest scarce a month old.

[June] 21st Went in the afternoon with Mrs Tiplady to Ashton Hall, the seat of the late Edward Pedder, - A most beautiful residence, and furnished in a princely style of magnificence - but from what I could gather - the seat of profligacy pride and awful extravagance, ending in ruin. -

[June] 23rd My 53rd Birthday - in good health, and family all well, - For all the mercies of God I desired to be devoutly thankful. Morning at the Parish sermon by Mr Kershaw of Walton - There is joy in the presence of God &c a very earnest and affectionate discourse Evening - Trinity - Mr Ogden "And that Rock was Christ" - Mr O. has a husky voice His Sermons appear to me to be copied - ie not original - Dr R laboured under a severe cold.

[June] 26th Violent Thunder Storm. -

[June] 29th Died Mr James Douglas, the oldest Bookseller in the Town, - The family have been connected with the Trade about 70 years - I am sorry to say Mr D died in poor circumstances, brought on, it is to be feared by improvident, - not to say, - dissolute habits - aged 61.

Sunday the 30th. [June] Sermon for the Society by the Rev Mr Wescoe, who gave an interesting and animated description of Society's proceedings - collection £15. William from Preston over.
Came at 10.30 train [?]
In the afternoon walked with Mrs Tiplady to Langho and thence to Clitheroe - a beautiful day and a lovely walk - Tea at Mrs Fowler's. -

The Month of June is ended - perhaps in the Memory of the oldest inhabitant in the past, there has been no finer weather, - but in consequence of early frost there will be little or no fruit - The Ground Crops however promise well - and that is very material for a large working population

July 1st In the Evening the Tradesman's Society half yearly Meeting - nothing particular G W D. President

[July] 2nd Tuesday. St John's F Friendly Society, - good Meeting old James Haworth, a consequence of infirmity & age, declined his situation as visitor - Thos Beardsworth Shoemaker entered upon the same, paid £1 to James Haworth for his attendance.

[July] 3rd Attended the Revision Comttee of the Burial Society a full number, and good discussion on the constitution of the Society - Important alterations carried -

[July] 4th The Council Meeting, appointed on various Sub-Committees, & in the Evening at the Temple of Friendship Lodge the Mayor present. a pleasant Meeting had great liberty of speech.

[July] 5th At Over Darwen Gas Meeting - Business not very important. - Evening with Mr Holroyd to visit Slaughter Houses.

[July] 6th Saturday a Busy day in the Shop.

[July] 7th Sunday, To the Wesleyan Chapel twice - heard Revd G Harward a very deep and powerful expounder of God's Word. Evening Sermon eminently evangelical eloquent & convincing. Text Come unto me - May God me grace to profit by these discourses, Amen.
The Weather in the first week of July very unsettled with several Thunder Storms - especially on Saturday & Sunday, - The Hay harvest interrupted thereby -
The Comet visible on clear Night, specially the 4th Inst Thursday

July 8th 1861, - paid Sisters £11 - and 13/- Expences - or rather allowance, on account of Jane Share -

Debts owing by me Sisters5800
Aunt Callis2000
Building Club7800

Credits New Building4600 
Gas Shares11400}worth £140:0:0
Shop Goods &c60000}Life Assce £250:0:0
New Gas1500}
Cotton Compy3000 
£1,35500 ​

July 8th 1861 Died very suddenly Mr Benjamin King, aged 64, just 1 Month after his Wife
BK in his youth was wild and did much abuse his Wife - but I heard that for the last three years he had been steady and remarkably affectionate to his partner, and is said he died in consequence of excessive grief at her death.

July 13th Died Mr Benjamin Brierly, Cotton Manufacturer long an imbecile at Lytham - so doth earthly vigour & wisdom pass away.

[July 14] Sunday - (Wet) - Parish Morning Dr Rushton - Afternoon - St Michael's, Mr Smith, on the happiness of the redeemed - Evening Ogden, Trinity - Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might - This Gent Sermons are not original - This is one of Cooper's Sermons -

[July 15] Monday, (Wet) Afternoon Whittle Springs - Bath

Friday (July 19th) Vestry Meeting to appoint Members of the Burial Board. Rev D Rushton, Mr Beaty & Mr James Parkinson
Died at Accrington, Mr John Walmsley, Manufer Aged 68

[July] 21st Sunday Unexpectedly received a Letter from my Son Richard in Brazils, containing also a Photograph of a Locomotive "The Pequenoisa" - and stating him to be in good health - for which Mercy we all humbly thank God.
At the parish Church Morning - Dr R. The Disobedient Prophet - good sermon - Evening Trinity Dr Robinson - The obligation & blessing of the Christian Sabbath.
A very heavy Thunder Storm in the Evening - which continued about 2 hours. - The Weather exceedingly unsettled.

Augst 7th To Lancaster on Jury - 8th 9th & 10th to Lancaster & Morecambe - Friday the 9th pannelled in the case of Murder at Church, - The verdict was Aggravated Manslaughter - Foreman.

[August] 11th Sunday, at Morecambe, - Church Morning - Afternoon - walked about to Beare &c - This Morecambe is a surprisingly thriving place.

[August] 12th Monday Train to Hornby - thence to Kirby Lonsdale - rather wet home at Night - saw Mr William Crenston, the cousin of my former wife's Mother - Home at Night.

[August] 14th Died Thomas Hart Esq. J.P. an old Friend and neighbour, a very excellent Person.

[August] 18th Sunday P Ch: Revd John Feilden preached an excellent Sermon on behalf of the Church Missy Society, - Evening - Trinity - a Stranger - very earnest but full of iteration, - "No man cared for my soul" A Missionary Sermon - A Stormy day all through.

[August] 17th Saturday S L [South Lancashire] Election,
Turner   9700
Cheetham   8865
Majority for Turner   835

[August] 19th Funeral of the late T. Hart, Esq J.P. attended - at St John's Church - There was a good attendance of the personal friends, relatives & some Gentry - with nearly the whole Bench of Magistrates, several Clergy, Mr Skinner, and particularly Mr Pilkington M.P.
The Bn Standard Contained a remission of the Sentence on Marra & Walsh to 7 years.

The Weather cleared up after a long period of Damp on the 27th of Aug - wh: is my Son's Charles 21st Birthday -

[August] 28th Grand Harvest Day.

Seper 15th To Mellor - Weather wild - Sleepy during Sermon could not keep awake.

[September] 14th Tremendous sensation at Preston, where Col. Clifton & Capt Hanham were shot by a private named Patrick Kafferty - They both died.
Sepr Died Mr Robt Ratcliffe, the Uncle of my Cousin Ratcliffe

[September] 28th Fine Day, Artillery Review at Cabin End - good attendance. Dinner to the New Mayor Baynes lost his Wig but kept his seat

[September] 29th St Michael's Day - Went with Mrs Tiplady to Bolton-by-Bolland - Parish Church in the Morning say [sic] an ancient Monument of to the Memory of Sir Ralph Pudsey, also one (modern) to the Memory Anthony Littledale, Sermon by the Rev J Budodon [?] of Clitheroe, subject The Brazen Serpent one of Coopers - well delivered. They sang a Hymn 13 verses long - at this place very common.

[September] 30th Died Mr Henry Shaw, Brewer the father of Hy Shaw. - Councillor.

Oct 2nd Died suddenly Mr Councillor Thomas Eccles of Wensley Fold - Domestic Troubles have brought habits of drinking - He died in a fit

[October] 6th Sunday by Myself Mrs T & Henry at Southport had a pleasant walk to Ribchester, and a nice ride with Mr Openshaw, Bury. To Church Morning & Evening - Dr Robinson - very impressive in the Evening - Day delicious quite as fair as Summer & as warm.

Oct 13th Parish Church Morning -
The Weather from the 13th to the 20th beautifully fine and summer-like - Some days especially beautiful - In fact St Luke's little summer.

[October] 14th Thos Gillibrand Elected for St. Pauls by a majority of 29 over Mr Webster. - He afterwards went to Over Darwen & prospered greatly. A School fellow.

[October] 18th To Blackpool one day. St Luke, at Blackpool gloomy and cold.

[October] 19th At Preston in the Morning - Grand and most plentiful market. Day exceedingly fine.

[October] 20th At Trinity Ch. twice - Sermon by Dugan of Burnley. - very eloquent preacher, singing very good, and attendance overflowing

Nov 1. Annual Election of Councillors - The Conservatives again successful - Nine to Three
St Mary's Ward - retained Dugdale & returned Mr Duckworth - a close Contest

Sunday the 3rd [November] Re-opening of St John, In the Morning Mr Kelly who has wonderfully improved. The Work of Christ - and the work of his Disciples

[November] 14th Thursday, Elected, unanimously W M by 432 - an almost unprecedented honor. - in that Lodge

Nov 9th R. H. Hutchinson, Esq elected Mayor of Blackburn, - Gave £200 to the poor. - £10 to the Artillery Corps - £5 to the Widow & Orphans Fund, &c -

[November] 16th First fall of Snow (heavy) this Winter followed by a keen frost from the North and East
Times fearfully gloomy - Work scarce, - Cotton dear, Money bad to get, - yet the population seem healthy

[November] 14th This Day died a most excellent Lady Mrs Lonsdale, a Great Benefactor to the Poor in her 79th year. Truly the Memory of the Just is Blessed. - She descends to the Grave amid the regret of the whole Town - She was one of the original Committee of the Strangers' Friend Society. Established in 18 Better known as Miss Riley

Nov 24 Frosty followed by Rain and Sleet

[November] 26th Resigned my situation as Trustee to the Weaver's Association
Up to Decr 16th Very Stormy Weather -
Several aged persons died - as Mr Thomas Walsh, Builder, Mr Laurence Hacking, Stone Mason, Mrs Briggs, - Mrs Lucas &c &c

[December] 15th Sunday received the Mournful Intelligence that the beloved Consort of her Majesty, Prince Albert died aged 42 years, - To the great Grief of the whole nation. He died on the 14th

[December] 23rd Monday. This Day was strictly observed as a Day of Mourning throughout the Kingdom on the occasion of the Interment of his late Royal Highness Prince Albert the husband of her Majesty Queen Victoria. There was a large procession of the Authorities & Gentry of the Town consisting of the Mayor & Corporation, the Rifle and Artillery Volunteers, the Clergy, Magistrates, Constables, Fire Brigade, Lamp Lighters, Pensioners, Post Men & a large concourse of Inhabitants - to the Parish Church where, solemn service was performed and a Lesson preached by the Ven. Archdeacon Rushton, D.D.

[December] 25th Fine & Frosty - Mrs Tiplady not well - Went in the afternoon to Whalley.

[December] 27th Festival of St John. Installed B N of the Lodge of Perseverance 432 & Br Thomas Clough P N a very happy tho' not numerous gathering. The Rev George Preston proposed as the Chaplain of the Lodge, - £3.3.0 given to the Poor. -

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Jan 20 Great Distress in consequence of the American difficulty - Soup kitchen Established in Cleaver Street and Subscriptions obtained from the Wealthy & others.
Soup Kitchen in full operation 2400 Quarts per Day - Distribution of Meat & Bread to begin Feb. 4 tomorrow.
Short Time almost universal.​
Gave3/6 Tickets belonging Reuben Cooke -

 3/-Do Do 
 4/6DoMrs TipladyDo7th
 2/-DoC. T.Do8th
 2/6DoC. T.Do12th
 2/6DoC. T.Do24

Feb 3 Beautiful Letter from my Son Richard who is in good health, Thank God.

[February] 6th & following days, fine clear Frost.

[February] 10th Delivery of Loaves - 1,100
Meal, Nine Loads -

Soup kitchen - [February] 20 at Accrington & Burnley

[February] 21. Died at the venerable age of fourscore years Mr John Polding, Senr, a worthy, upright and honourable Tradesman of this Town, most deservedly respected, formerly Alderman of the Corporate Body.

[February] 23. - James Parker, Watchman at the Ewood Mill - an old & sincere Member of the Church, - aged 77 Buried at Tockholes. His Brother was living some years ago.

[February] 22nd Buried at Tockholes John Osbaldeston as under.


Ash-Wednesday, March 5 - Heavy fall of Snow for the Winter.
The distress of the Operative continues and Relief is afforded to Thousands of unemployed poor. -
Received a Letter from Richard - all Well - thank God.

March 8th Died Thomas Greenwood, 33 Years Clerk at St Paul's Church, aged 76 years - an old worthy Christian disciple - He took an active part in the Establishment of the Operative Conservative Association in 1835 along with the late James Parker, who died about a fortnight since, and was I believe the first President - I succeeded him in 1836.

Sunday [March] 9th Dr Robinson preached at Trinity from these Words in Timothy - For there is one God and one Mediator between God & Men, the Man Christ Jesus, who gave himself a ransom for all to be testified in due time. A very lucid & full view of the Gospel truth, very faithfully delivered.

[March] 12th Borrowed £30 of Mr Richard Thompson

Thursday, [March] 13th Annual Meeting of the Over Darwen Gas Company very full attendance - All the Board and Shareholders - numbering in the whole 28 persons. John Walker was elected upon the Board, and Thomas Bertwistle as Auditor. £5 per cent declared for the Year. - Rather unpleasant feeling about last year's Dividend - but made all right.
Died Mrs Lonsdale an eminently pious and benevolent Lady - The founder of the Strangers Friendly Society see before

15th March Died Mrs King aged 86 years, a Person of Infidel principles all her life.
Sent 25/6 to Waterford, Ireland, - acknowledged

18th March visited Preston & saw William - an exceedingly cold week with snow on the 23rd & 24th. Both Mrs T & self got cold. -

April 12th Saturday, A Storm of Snow. Rifles went to Preston

Easter Day, 20th fine - but showery - Morning at the parish Church. - Mr Oates - Joseph of Arithmea, - Evening Ogden - The place where Jesus lay -

April 4th Election at Preston - Sir Thomas G. Hesketh beat Mr Melly by a heavy majority - 570

[April] 22nd Easter Tuesday - Report of a Robbery at E Wharton. £100 of postage stamps -

[April] 21. Easter Monday, I wrote a Letter to the "Times" which appeared in the 23rd and caused me to receive a large amount of Subscriptions to the Relief Fund


May 12th William Maymon Died suddenly -
Dr Morley died at Lytham.
Mrs Harrison at Southport.


May 29. Lent M W 8£ to go to Aa [America] from the relief fund at my disposal - Gave her the 10/- also on the 13th June, £1.0.0
600 Men employed in levelling Shorrock Delph -
The Month of May last past has been in the Memory of all one of the finest growing Seasons ever remembered in the North of England - frequent days of rain - alternate sunshine and at times bracing winds - Vegetation in consequence has progressed marvelously [sic] - Trees in full bloom and leaf - potatoes forward - Garden Stuff of all kind rich, luxurious and plentiful - One heavy thunder storm on Wednesday the inst.

1st June (Sunday) Most Glorious day - fine & sunny with light airs of summer all day. -
Rheumatic all week -

[June] 5th Attended the P. G. Meeting at Todmorden - The New Hall was opened in solemn Form - & consecrated to Mercury. - After this a Procession and Banquet. a very large Number of Brethren present - but the Manchester Bn [Brethren] dissatisfied because Bradley was not a Deputation to London.

[June] 9th Whitmonday, very showery, but calm and not cold - the 7th & 8th very stormy days with some hail.

[June 10] Whit Tuesday - Alderman Robt Railton, died, aged 48 years - Review at Pleasington.
Borrowed, thro' Necessity of John D. £20.
A time of deep anxiety and privation - Great Distress among the poor and the unemployed. - Soup, Bread and Meal delivered three days per week to a large body of the necessitous - amounting to nearly £200 per week.

May 10th James Ford repaid £8 to the Green Bank Lodge, and James Watt took the same to the Bank. -
The Weather Grand - glorious, sunny & fruitful for 2 days only - then change to wet.

The 23rd June - Anniversary of my Birthday - A reflection thereon. I am now 54 years of Age, - and was led seriously to consider how swift I am hastening to that World where the wicked cease from troubling and the Weary are at rest. - Upon retrospection of God's mercies to me - they are innumerable - but my deserts are overwhelming. - It is true I have seen many good rich & prosperous, - many who lift there [sic] heads on high, and seem to have forgotten the days of their low estate but I remain in my situation of labour - and to me it appears just & right, - for perhaps greater prosperity had denied me. It is now 18 years since the death of my Brother, at which time I owed to Mother for the Stock £380, and £60 for private matter then there was my Brother's Widow £200 for half of the Stock - for which I paid proper Interest - I have since then thro the kind Providence of God reared, educated and seen to business 4 sons viz
Thomas, at Liverpool, himself married - & with a prospect of doing well, - aged 28 £2.2.0
Charles, now managing under much difficulty - a Spinning concern, - Co-operative - aged 21 - £100 per
William, now with Mr Ratcliffe, of Liverpool, Stationer 27 shillings per week - Aged 20.
Richard, in the Brazils, from whom on the second of this month we had encouraging intelligence - Considering the trials of this Lad & his early youth - I am constrained to say How manifold are thy mercies Oh God, - Aged 19.
Fanny, just returned from School, and training for Governess, aged 15, - a good Girl & loving
Henry, my poor little fellow, full of spirit but feeble in body aged 13. -
Esther my youngest child, who from School, full of Life, and light as an Antelope, with fine intelligence & full of affection.

[June] 23rd Fine Day - Went down to Ribchester with Wife and Mr & Mrs Henry Duckworth, - and had tea.

[June] 26th Died, much respected aged 68, my old acquaintance and Friend Anthony Yates of Lower Darwen. Godfather to Son Thomas

July 3rd Died John Sharples, Confectioner - very suddenly.
Council Meeting - Renewal of Gas Contract for one years, - 13/5 per 1000 hours, or 3/7 per 1000 feet. A long discussion. -

July 5 Died Mr Daniel Mills, Councillor of this Town. - aged 45 years. - I fear his life was shortened by taking too much Liquor -

[July] 16th Died, to the great regret of her Husband and Friends Mrs Rd Greenwood, aged 42 years -

[July] 17th News of McEllans Defeat, - in America.

August 4th My Wife took Fanny and Essy to School at Grantham in Lincolnshire Fanny as assistant.

[August] 6th Fanny 16 years old this day. - in good health -
George Jackson died - Tallow Chandler then Cotton Spinner

July 29. Insured my Life with the Eagle Insurance Company for an additional £300 annual Premium £16.12.9.
The Distress in the Town remains about stationery [sic]. Mrs Potter is exerting herself with a view to get unemployed Women as domestic Servants.

Aug 2nd Died James Dewhurst, aged 55. An old school fellow, and a worthy man -
Same Day John Slater Proprietor of the Belle Vue Gardens, - aged 32. This speculation turned out very ruinous in the end, - and no doubt shortened his life

Aug 23rd The mortal remains of Capt E. Sheppard LR adjutant were conveyed to the Cemetery with all military honours by the 5th L A R C & the R Corps of this Town - The day was very fine, & the streets were lined with large multitudes of spectators; -
This was the 30th Week of the Distress, I give a few paragraphs.


Aug. - The Mayor having invited me to accompany him to review some Machinery in Westmoreland, and to go forward for a day or two to the Lakes. - I started per Rail from Blackburn at 8.10 Monday, Aug 18. 1862, taking a Trip Ticket value 8/- and proceeded via Preston up to Windermere where I arrived at 12.30. - I made arrangements to Board at Windermere Hotel (R. Rigg) - and slept at Mrs Taylor's private lodgings. - The Hotel is a first rate place but only suitable for parties with plenty of money and accustomed to high life - but the Landlord is a very homely yet gentlemanly Man. - As Mr Hutchinson did not join me until the Evening, I walked from the Hotel down to the Lake at Bowness, and was fortunate to meet with the Steamer just going up the Lake, - I took a return ticket (1/-) and the Afternoon proving very fine had a pleasant sail, and a good view of the romantic scenery, - We landed at about 2 pm at Ambleside, which I had visited before but the Town appeared much changed and enlarged - There are two Churches the new one, a very handsome fabric, with lofty spire - learnt (afterwards) that the Rev H Marlen, formerly of St. John's was the Incumbent, but was then under suspension for misconduct. - I saw the Rev Gent twice after words with His Wife, Cousin of the Mayor - Having taking a stroll for an hour, - I sailed down the Lake to Bowness, - inspected by permission of the Gardener the most[?] Mansion of Frank Crossley, Esq. M.P. at Bowness, and the pleasure of a walk through the Gardens & Grounds. Thence I walked to Windermere and after a tedious delay of the Train of 1-10 there - was joined by the Mayor with whom I took Tea - and after a little conversation retired to my Lodgings –

[August] 19th Rose at 6. - and went with the Mayor to the lofty hill behind the Hotel, from whence there is an excellent view of the whole Lake District near to Windermere, - thence to Breakfast with good appetite, - Took Trap to Ambleside delightful ride of 41/2 Miles, - called upon Mr & Mrs Marlen who both accompanied us to Grasmere & Rydal Water - Met the Revd J Kelly wife & friend - The walk was through a rich country, diversified with scenery beautiful, romantic & grand - Took Coach (4 Horse) to Keswick, wh: we reached at 1/2 past 1. - called upon Mr Wm Guy, the pencil Manufacturer, who gave us a right hearty welcome and exhibited to us the process of Pencil making from the "Plumbago" - The whole process from the cutting of the Cedar, to the smelting of the Ore to the completeness of the pencil was highly interesting and pleased Mr H & myself in no small degree - Adjourned to the Hotel for refreshments, had a Glass of Wine with Mr Guy. - Had very little time to look at the Derwentwater Lake, as it just then began to rain, -so hastened back to the Coach and took the inside fare to Windermere, - The rain continued all the way and of course prevented us from viewing the wonderful beauties of this District - Arrived at Windermere at 7 1/2 - After Tea rode down to Bowness, thence to the Royal Hotel - visited the Billiard Room - curiously decorated with trophies of the hunting field & sports generally - At home & to bed at 10-15. Tired, slept better than on the first Night. Mrs Taylor - a very quiet respectable person - Bed excellent and clean - Room airy & pleasant for an attic.
The Mayor, this Morning, Breakfast ended and after a nice little stroll to the College, Church and the village generally, took Train for Burton & Holme to view some Flax Works (lately burnt down), and to examine some Machinery suitable for flax spinning & Manufacture. This occupied our time until 11-30 a.m. - After a minute[?] and careful survey, we had a pleasant walk by the Canal side for about 2 Miles, on the road to the Carnforth Station which we reached at about 1-30. The day was oppressively hot and close - and I perspired violently - tho' without any bad consequences - At this Station the Mayor left me for Manchester. - I being minded[?] to have a longer stay returned back to the Town of Kendal and perambulated the place for several hours - the heat having subsided I marched up the Hill side to the remains of Kendal Castle - from which there is a good view of the surrounding country - The Hills around Kendal are a very respectable Elevation - such as our Revidge or Billinge - but not partake of the grandeur or sublimity of the Lake District - The Town seemed quiet enough, tho I heard the operations are in full work - The Ken is a broad and clear  - but not deep River, - Upon its banks I observed numerous Peltries, Tanneries & Workshops - I also visited a Weaver's Shop and saw a Linsey-Wolsey Petticoat part Woven - There is a peculiarity about the River which I did not notice elsewhere - After passing the noble Bridge - it divides into Two Streams - that to the left winds round by Castle Street & Castle Hill - the other which indeed is the larger portions flows close to the Town and is much used for business purposes - I noticed that that the Island formed by this Division was well occupied by the Inhabitants as Clothes Drying Ground and was filled with them at the time I visited it - There is a very peculiar, and at first to a Stranger an unaccountable mode of naming the Courts or Alleys Instead of as at Liverpool - giving each place a Name they are simply Numbered Yard No 1 - & so on up to yard no 130 or more - These yards - are passages of about a quarter of a Mile in length - in most cases there are Houses on both sides - In other being very narrow they are occupied only upon one side - They lead principally from the Main Streets down to the bank of the River - Many of them are beautifully planted - with flowers and other vegetables, and all appeared to me to be neat & clean - I left Kendal for Windermere at 7-45 and arrived well pleased with my day's excursion. Note - A reed maker's apprentice assayed to shave me - but having no faith in this nobstick kind of barbering - I allowed him to prepare a Razor - and shaved myself - He was awfully surprised at the swiftness of the operation - and Said he was sure I came from Bolton or Manchester - I lunched at a Coffee House, where a Duck - in bloody pen and but villainously cooked was placed on the Table - however I made a fair Tea for 1/3d.

[August] 21. Thursday - Rose at 6, rain - which continued up to 10 a.m. After a pleasant walk on the Ambleside road and Patterdale Road, - Overtaken by the Coach, which I took and so on to Ulleswater. Met with some pleasant Companions on the journey - The day turned out most lovely and fair - The length of the journey about 14 miles over a most bold & mountainous road, - passed the Kirk stone where there is the highest inhabited house in England - this a licenced Beerhouse, kept by a person called Thompson, - We arrived at the Hotel at about 1/2 past 1 and took Steamer up the Lake, - a most delicious sail - Thence walked to Pooley Bridge & called at the Inn for refreshments, - At the Bridge was recognised by three Itinerant Glaziers from Blackburn in search of Employment. - I relieved them - After a stay of one hour - we took Steamer up the Lake to Patterdale, the Scenery was truly majestic - & fully realised the couplets of Pope.
Hills peep o'er hills - and Alps on Alps arise.
Helvellyn was remarkably clear, - and one Gent of the party ascended at a labour of 3-20 mins. - We returned by Coach having to walk about 2 miles of the ascending Road - The steep path downwards caused in us sometimes a timid sensation fearing the Coach might be upset but the Driver and Guard were experienced - To lifes [?] on the road - Arrived at Windermere about 7 o'clock - got Tea and retired early to Bed.

22nd Friday, Took Rails home

Sepr 1st Fine, but Dull - Immense Excitement The Preston Guild - See Programme.

[September] 7th The Great Guild Festival is gone - and ranks now with the things that have been. Upon the whole it may have been considered highly successful - though on the Wednesday and Thursday the continued Rain spoiled the Agricultural Show, and the Great Trade Procession - On Tuesday, the foundation Stone of the Town Hall was laid with great State & Masonic Ceremony, - The Mayor, Sir T G Hesketh, & a large Body of Freemasons assembled, - The day was fine - The Earl of Derby also was present & many other Gentlemen R T Parker was the Mayor officiated. On Friday the very interesting gathering of the School Children took place in the Park. Weather fair but cold wind, Mrs T & self there. Walked with the Masons in the Procession, our Mayor R H Hutchison & many Bn Masons were present.

Sep. 18th & 19th Two Days at Blackpool. - Magnificent Weather - cloudless days, & warm - The most splendid harvest time ever remembered.

Oct 25th, Saturday, Mr John Withers destroyed himself by hanging he was always a cheerful Man aged 42. I was on this Jury - Verdict Insanity - so ends Happy Jack

Novr 3rd Mr Doctor W. Forrest, died, - aged 52

Novr 6th Disgraceful Riots in Blackburn - a deal of Windows broken, - Military sent for. - This was a Game Riot - belonging Butler Bowdon of Pleasington Laverty Chief Con. blamed & discharged

[November] 10th J B S Sturdy - Mayor, -

[November] 16th (The Mayor) attended the Mayor to the Church accompanied by the Volunteer Corp both Artillery & Rifle - Most excellent Sermon at the Parish Church - & very large Congregation.

Nov 20 Died William Yates, Iron founder aged 43 the son of Mr Yates Senior & origin of the Firm Also old John Starkie, a worthy old Man aged 70 Years - He was uncle to my Wife by Marriage & the father of 25 children.

Nov 30 The Rev D Robinson improved their deaths in a powerful and pathetic Sermon from the Words 'The sting of death is sin & the strength of sin is the Law'.

[December] 4th Installation of Mr Heath - Thankful to be liberated from the heavy duty of the Lodge, Gift of £10.10.0 to the Poor.

Dec 3 - Died much regretted the young and talented Dr James Sheppard, after just completing his professional Studies as M.D. which high & distinguished position he obtained only a few days since in London

[December] 4th Died Mr Richard Johnson, late Sprit Merchant and afterwards Common Brewer

[December] 18th The children - Fanny & Essie returned from the School at Grantham, in good health -

[December] 19th Memorable for the circumstance that thro the Blessing of God, the Property in Mount Street was paid off £33.12.0 less Income Tax - also Little Essy's birthday aged 12 years. -
Dec 22nd
A Day's Work - rose at 7.30 - Prayed & Washed - Down to Shop at 8 a.m. - put Work into order, thence at 9.30 to inspect fixing up Lamp at the New Post Office - thence to Shop - Work - until 11 - thence to the Soup Kitchen, assisted in the delivery of Meal & Flour for St Mary's Ward until 12-30 - To the Shop again 1 pm shaved & ran up to J Eatough's to swallow a crust of Bread & cheese, and a Glass of Port Wine - In the Shop until 2 pm thence to the General Purpose Committee presided as Chairman - Left there at 2-30 & visited with Mr Dean the Clothing Store in Back Lane. At 3 pm attended Meeting of Chairmen & Vice do [ditto] of the Six Wards on the new Scale of Relief - This occupied until 5 pm. - ran down to the Shop for a Cup of Tea, - and remained until 6 pm. - Thence to the Watch Committee to hear the report of the Sub Committee on the conduct of the Chief Constable at the late Riots - very strong Meeting terminated at 7 pm - Thence to the Sanitary Committee - passed Accounts selected Contracts for the 6 months' provender - & concluded at 8 - Thence to the Relief Committee but did not stop - Went to Mullineau [?] and got treated to a score of Oysters, - Thence to the Lodge where I audibly [?] read the Leader on Bright - A glass of Whiskey & to home at 11 pm - Examined Proof Sheet, chattered 10 Minutes with Mrs T. & so to Bed​​


1862 pdf includes the text above and footnotes by David Hughes​​​​​


Feb. 16th Monday After a succession of very heavy storms of Wind prevailing throughout the month of January, we are now favored with fine, calm, clear & frosty Weather - in fact cloudless for some days

Died Feb 25th 1863 - Old Mr Astley of the Dutton Brewery at Blackpool - This is incorrect. It was his son John at Clitheroe who committed Suicide by hanging - Old Mr. A. continued at Blackpool several years & there died above fourscore years old.

March 10th 1863. Grand Demonstration on the occasion of the Marriage of HRH the Prince of Wales, and the Princess of Wales, -
1st A Procession about four miles long,
2nd The planting of Two Oaks,
3rd The Laying foundation Stone of New Exchange,
4th The Illumination, - very good,
5th The Fireworks, - poor, expensive & miserable
6th A Monster Bonfire, on Revidge - under the able management of Henry Duckworth.
In the Evening Banquet &c. in which I got more liquor than I ought to have done.

Good Friday, April 3rd This day departed this Life our excellent and respected Treasurer, Jas Parkinson Esqre after a very short illness. He was interred at Accrington on the 9th - Aged 49 years, - The Relief Committee, and many Gentleman assembled on the morning of the Funeral & escorted the same on the way to Accrington.

March 19th Messrs R H Hutchinson, John Proctor, James Thompson & Joseph Callis, were duly initiated in the first Degree of Masonry. - Two of the first proceeded to P.M. Thompson resigned.
This is a year since I wrote my Letter to the Times and received so large a sum of Money - Though things are somewhat better, there is much distress existing. - I have had many trials - and hence alas fallen into many sins thro heavy temptations. There is no help but in God thro Jesus Christ our Lord - whose blood alone cleanseth from all sin. My Mercies during the year have been great - what has been my return to God. - deep ingratitude and imperfect services, - "O Lord, correct me but with judgment, not in thine anger, lest thou bring me to nothing"

April 21 Died James Hadfield, Grocer, aged 76 years, and old & respectable Tradesman for many years.

April 25. This day Duncan McPhail and George Woods were executed at Kirkdale jail Liverpool, for the wilful Murder of Anne Walne of Ribchester on the 11th of Nov 1862. - Dan Carr had died in Prison, on the first Morning of the Trial Ben Hartley turned approver, and was acquitted - There was immense excitement existed with regard to the Trial and efforts were made to obtain a commutation of the Sentence.

[April] 26th Died Mr Sedgwick, Schoolmaster, aged ___ a worthy & most respectable Man, - and very useful in his day & generation -

All flesh is grass, - the grass withereth & the flower fadeth - but the word of the Lord standeth fast forever.

May 1st Appointment of chief Constable in place of Mr Laverty -

Mr Potts} 
Mr Tattersall}Candidate
Mr Summersgill} 

.​[May] 9th David Thornber left.
The Watch Committee met at 7 o'clock 27 were present, After a long discussion Mr Summersgill's name was struck off - and on the other Two being put Mr Potts was declared elected. - In the Evening I was most grossly insulted by Mr Hy Backhouse, Mr B. Sandford & Mr Tattersall, because I would not sacrifice the interest of the Town to personal feelings

May The following persons died in the course of about 10 or 12 days

Mr Wm Brennand,} 
  "   Geo Walsh}all of whom were in the prime of life - but
  "   John Hebden}injured their health by Intoxicating Liquor.
  "   Douglas Baron} 
  "   Thomas Pemberton} ​

May 24th Whit Sunday - Weather cold and dry - E.W. [Easterly Wind] Went with Mrs Tiplady to visit Misses Callis of Bolton - painful foot - At Bolton Church in the Morning - No Sermon - Hymns very long.

On the following day rode to Slaidburn My first visit - The Club day - Procession to Church - visited Dunnow the residence of Leo Wilkinson Esqre - spent a very pleasant day & returned home to Bn. at 8 o'clock pm - This Day there was a Grand Review at Bn. - All things went off well.

June 22nd. Meeting of the Mechanics Institution rather strong discussion on the appointment of the Officer - Good Speech from Mr Woodhouse, - Mr Sturdy in the Chair, - Baynes, Hutchinson, Livesey, Thompson, Booth, Proctor, Tiplady, Gourlay and other spoke - All concluded peaceably.
A heavy fall of rain in June about the 15 & 16th Days. The river much swollen.

[June] 23rd 55th Birthday - very fine Morning - In good health and all the family. Thank God. Down to Ribchester with Wife & two Daughters delicious day & very fine visit - Bad in my Water, & obstruction from Stone

[June] 25 Was probed for the stone - very painful - Will have to be cut - passed a Stone afterwards

[June] 26 paid Dr Rushton £31.17.8 for the Societys Books.

July 2nd. Notice of Action delivered in Laverty's Case Damages £2000 - always some bother.

[July] 6th Glorious fine July - Was favored with a Letter from Richard after a months delay. - In good health but cannot come home this year.

[July] 7 to 11th Exceedingly fine, hot & dry -

[July] 11th Died Richard Greenwood, much esteemed left Eight Orphan children - aged 47 Years.

[July] 20th Visited Manchester at a Sale where good Bargains might have been made but had not money to spare. In the Evening visited Belle Vue and the Magnificent fire Works, which surpassed any thing I ever witnessed, - Home with Mrs T. at 1.30 am. 21st The Weather Glorious
Up to this day July has been one of the driest, most Sunny and delightful seasons ever remembered. The Hay Harvest in very early and quite concluded in July. There was a day or two's rain after the 20th but the 6 last days were Magnificent - Fruits beautiful -

[July] 27th James Bury died - aged 38.

Thursday the 30th [July] John Dean treated a large Company of his friend to a fishing excursion on the Ribble at Lytham. Weather Grand.

Aug 2nd Very fine. Went to Langho Sermons - very good singing - and a plain homely discourse.
Letter from Son Richard to his Mother, all well, thank God, - sent £15.0.0 to his Mother

[August] 13th Went down to Liverpool to consult Mr Meakin on my Complaint the Stone - He gave me some Decoction of Herbs, -

[August] 14th Urine - 4-30 - very Muddy which after lying until cold, settled at the Bottom - as of from Inflammation

[August] 28th Borrowed of my Son Richard the sum of Fifteen Pounds, to pay my Insurance Premium -

Sep 10th Clithero[e] Show, - very well attended went to Worthorn, - by myself

[September] 13th Mr Littlewood Died aged 70 - a good Man.

[September] 15th Mr Horrocks died suddenly. Tailor & Draper

[September] 16th Mrs Tiplady went to Scarborough, and on the 19th (Sat) I followed. The Day was very dull and when the Train reached Scarh. it rained heavily. I had some difficulty in getting to my Lodgings, but arrived safely and was welcomed by Mrs C. about 1/2 past 8 o'clock; After Tea, I rested - In the Morning to Church (Xt [Christ]) Aristocratic Assembly - Collection - Noticed that the Beadle was purloined[?] to find sittings tho' there was plenty of room, In the Afternoon took a long walk round by the Castle Hill and on to the Pier, - Saw a French Sloop of War, the "Cuvier" fully manned - Evening at Home. -
Monday after Breakfast sailed on board the Confidence to Whitby - fre [fare] 1/-. The day at first gloomy - afternoon very fine - visited the fine old Church & Abbey - had to walk up 200 Steps to the church - Whitby in some parts is not unlike Douglas in the Isle of Man. The old part is very ruinous - the new part beautiful The Harbour is very strong & piers neatly built
We also at this time visited Bridlington and Filey & other places and returned to Blackburn on the 26th September.

Killed on the Accrington Line Mr Daniel Leach one of the Members of the Clayton-le-Dale Lodge A very worthy Man. He leaves a Widow & 2 children to lament him.

[October] 12th At Whalley in the Afternoon with Mrs Tiplady a nice walk and Tea at Lamb Row -

Nov 2nd Re-elected a Councillor for St Johns Ward without much opposition, cost about £12.0.0

Mem. Nov 27th 1863. Sent off this day the sum of £73.3.0 being the amount of money in the Bank, and owing by me to Miss Jane Tiplady of Atherstone! - also the Scrip for the Shares in the Darwen Gas Company. -

Dec. 8th Died Mr James Bolton at the Old Bull Inn, - very unhappy with his Wife, in consequence of her unfaithfulness
Dined this Evening at Lovely Hall, the seat of the Mayor, Thomas Lund, Esqre - a very quiet and pleasant Company comprising his Worship and Mr George Lund - the Rev Archdeacon Rushton, Jas Pilkington Esq. M.P. - Wm Pilkington, Esq. - Aldn Stones, Coddington and Grime; - Councillors, Jas Lewis, Tiplady, Smith, T.H Pickup, - Cartwright, Polding, Yates, Shackleton, and J.B. Sturdy.

Dec 26th St John's, large Meeting of Free Masons.

[December] 29. Dined with Mr Hutchinson, who presented T Butterfield with a neat silver cup in token of his services to the Soup Kitchen

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Jan 1st 1864 - The year commenced with a clear bright frost which lasted for Eight Days without rain or snow.

Thaw on the 10th [January] very mild - frost resumed 12th.

James Sagar Died - also Joseph Martland formerly Apprentice to W.H. Hornby - Both I am sorry to observe by habits of Intemperance - God grant us grace to restrain - 7th [January].
Took £20 to the Saving's Bank belonging St John's Female Friendly Society -

Feb 4th Letter from Son Richard, who intends coming home, in May this year, - health pretty good - a Salary of £300.0.0 per annum

[February] 7th Sunday, Richard's 21st Birthday, - We held a quiet festival in honour of the Event and thanked God for all his gracious dealings with him and us. - My Wife recovered from severe attack of Bronchitis.

Shrove Tuesday 1864

[February] 9th The ever memorable day when I narrowly escaped death, but was mercifully preserved -
Hard frost from the 3rd Inst - Reservoir for the second time - clear & bright with little snow.
The most remarkable thing about this Winter's frost is that they occurred during the dark "Moon"

[February] 12th Storm of Wind, Snow, Rain & Sleet - very cold.
Meeting of Water Works Co. Row with the Bury Shareholders about the creation of new shares.
Also this Day the following Memorandum -
I agree to sell to Mr William Stones, the three Houses in Mount Street, with all the Gas & other Fixtures therein, (Metres excluded) and to give possession of the same on the 12th day of May next for the sum of Seven Hundred Pounds, which sum has to be paid on the execution of a Conveyance.
Feby. 12th 1864
As witness my hand the day above written
Charles Tiplady -
I agree to purchase on the terms above mentioned
William Stones -

March 10th 1864 The Annual Meeting of the O D Gas Company - a pleasant day with the Directors. Six per cent declared.
Mr Richard Walker, aged 80, - Mr William Bradley 87 - Mr William Moore, 67, and Mr Alexander Blundell - aged 60 years - all died within a few days of each other - They were all Men greatly respected, and well known in the Town.

[March] 16th Sale of James Boyles Shop in Salford also Richard Moor's, Bought by Dutton & Co for £5270 about £4000 of a Bargain to the Owners.

[March] 17th William Mitton, an humble but faithful old Servant of Mr Hopwood, died suddenly in the Street -

[March] 18th Died this Morning after a long and painful illness Miss Margaret Hartley, the daughter of the late Rev. W. Hartley of Balderstone, a fine young Woman and one of whom we thought very highly - Aged 21 yrs.
Fearful accident, by the bursting of Bradfield Reservoir on the Evening & Morng of March 11th & 12. More than 200 people drowned.

Good Friday. - (March 25th) Exceedingly fine & clear day. Vast Multitudes left the town for cheap Trips to the Sea Side & other places. - Parish Ch: Morning - Aftern home, Mr L Clarke of Preston visited us, - also Rev L. Preston.

[March 26] Saturday very fine & throng - being Easter Eve.

Easter  Sunday [March] (27) cold - Morning fine but indications of change, snow in the Evening & very winterly - Rev P. Graham preached at Holy Trinity a magnificent Sermon, on the faith once delivered to the Saints

[March 28] Easter Monday - wet, windy & as cold as need be. Died Dr Martland, - aged 69. Much respected, 45 years practice in the Town -

[March 29] Easter Tuesday - Good Meeting of the St John's F Friendly Society - Mr Smith & Mr Wallace attended
Died Roger Pomfret - Rope Manufr - Charles Whitworth cheese Factor - Mrs Cardwell Inn keeper Craven Heifer; -

April 2nd The New Workhouse inaugurated - Dinner to the Inmates. - Afterwards celebrated at the Old Bull by a Grand Dinner & Expensive Dinner -

April 14th 1864
I this day underwent the operation for braking [sic] the Stone in the Bladder, Dr Thos Pickop officiated assisted by Dr Smith, - I was 2.40 min under the first operation some stones were ejected I afterwards submitted to two more operations of a very painful character, the Latter of which reduced me to the very point of death, and from the effects of which I did not recover untill the month of August undergoing in the meantime the most agonising pains & sufferings about the 10th of June I went with Mrs Tiplady to Lytham, where I sojourned 7 weeks part of the time I was with Mrs Harwood, late Nancy Procter, an old Servant of ours - afterwards at P Walmsley's where I did not like - then to Mr Knox's the Draper a good place - Lytham is a nice quiet place for an invalid - Upon the whole I recreated strength but July was hot, & brought on a fit of bile & loosening Mr Hastleton a Druggist there prescribed for me very successfully, I left Lytham Friday July 28th and came to the New House in St Alban's, which I like very well. -
Note I bought this House for £300 from Mr Backhouse. It was considered a Bargain.

On Tuesday the 2nd [August] my Son William, left home to meet his Brother Richard at Southampton, and on Friday the 5th Day of August, my dear Son Richard safely landed and visited home after an absence of 6 years & three months. He is grown a fine Manly young fellow, about the size of his Brother Charles and very like him in voice and other resemblances. - His arrival was the signal for a joyous Home festival, wh: was then particularly celebrated on Sunday the 7th when all my children dined with me and were very happy.
In the meantime I was gradually regaining lost strength and thro the mercy of God, and the kind attentive nursing of Mrs T am partly recovered (Aug 15th) our Marriage day. -

On Thursday 11th [August] Died in Anvil Street most suddenly Mr George Callis, my Brother-in-law of heart disease.

During the Months of Sept, Oct & November, I was shut out from the world & suffered dreadfully from an enlargement of the Liver and other Complaints which reduced me to the verge of the grave - so much so that I was given up by all - but ultimately by God's providence was gradually built up again - & on the 12th Day of November a change for improvement took place - During this season of great and severe sickness I was carefully nursed by my excellent Wife, who for months had watched over me with tender solicitude & unwearied diligence - My spiritual Advisers were Dr Rushton the vicar, and Dr Robinson of Holy Trinity and in their presence and Mrs Rushton took the Sacrament, as being as it were my last public service of the Church Dr Thomas Pickop visited me at times and prescribed and had I believe the concurrent assistance of many able men of the faculty, all of whom knew of my illness - These good Men have all gone Since to their eternal rests, and I yet remain an instance of the sparing Mercy of Almighty God.


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1865 - Jan 2nd
Through the Mercy of Almighty God - I am still in being, having passed thro one of the severest ordeals that a human being could suffer. - For the last 8 weeks, my strength has gradually returned - but yet I am only thin of flesh & weak of Limb - But I must wait in patience & leave all to Him, - in whom we live and move & have our being -

Weather 31 Decr morning damp - Jan 1 Fine Day hard frost - 2nd excessively cold with much snow.

Jan 22nd At St Michael's afternoon Mr Pengelly - He every one that [?] good sermon
Jan Mr Walter Watson accidentally drowned in the reservoir at Stone Bridge Mill - Aged 35 great sensation caused thereby -
Wrote Annual reports for Widow & Orphans Do New Assurance Society

[January] 29th & 30th Very heavy fall of snow, none larger since 1861 - Back Garden & Yard very full.

The Thaw was very partial, so about the 4th [February] a very hard frost set in, with wind E & N E and generally a clear but exceedingly cold atmosphere, which I was little able to bear.

Feb 7th Richard's 22nd Birthday - We had letters on the 8th from Brazils (all well) including £50 for certain Articles wh: he bought when over
This Day Died in his chair very suddenly Mr Councillor Edward Holroyde aged 56 years, a Man highly respected by his colleagues in the council and by all the Public.

[February] 8th Died Miss Carr, very aged, (say 86 years) one of the old Links of a bygone Generation.

Feb 17th Friday - Sad accounts from Scotland of the great severity of the Winter - large falls of snow, & storms. This day it snows very much in Bn and we have not had so much snow for many years. The frost is sharp

[February] 16th Died Miss Longworth - also Cardinal Wiseman aged 63 years. -
My health feeble - received from Tradesman's £9.7.2 for salary & work. -

[February] 17th to 20. Exceedingly severe frost with large falls of Snow. I fast at home, very feeble, but upon the whole holding on for warmer weather. -

[February] 19 Anniversary of P Aid Society - Hail, sleet snow, rain, wind & Thunder, a very rough day - more moderate p.m.

Feb 23rd The old Tradesmans Society broken up, and the money divided, the amount each Member was £31.3.6 less 1/5 for a widow, All this time I had been very ill, The President, Stewards & Trustee, made an intermingling of accounts which was very unpleasant & caused many reflections to be passed upon the Secretary - The Books of the Society were ordered to be burnt in the presence of Mr John Robinson Trustee & Mr Brogden who was called to assist at the division of the funds. - Mr Adam Balshaw was the President at the time of the Winding up of the Club. - I have enclosed the accounts sent out to each Members, I got my Money on the 28th Feb. - A more uncomfortable transaction has not happened for a long time

[February] 27th St Mary's Ward Election, Mr Stafford elected in the room of Mr E Holroyd
The Grand New Organ of St Peter's Church open by Mr Best of Liverpool, splendid performance, very successful Event.

[February] 25th Died & Buried this day, Mr Heywood a great supporter of Mr Hornby Wednesday March 1.

March 5 (Sunday) St Michaels in the Afternoon. Good Sermon by the Curate.

[March] 8th Letter from Richard - (all well) thank God -

[March] 9th The Annual Meeting of the O. D. Gas Company. - All the Directors present, Dined at Mrs Smalley's - £7.0.0 per cent dividend Declared - Tired at night as the Weather was cold. -

[March] 10th Fall of Snow - very cold weather -
A few days since Miss Mary Pilkington, youngish daughter of the Member, married Major (?) Flynn an Irish Man, much to the annoyance of her parents and friends -

The month of March exceedingly cold & stormy especially from the 16th to the 25th [March] Lady Day when there fell a large quantity of Snow.

[March] 25th Confirmation at the Parish Ch: by the Bishop of Manchester - Essy & Henry my youngest Son & Daughter were confirmed - very wet & stormy.
Health Moderate - Thank Aly God for his great mercy. -
A dreadful March until the 28th or thereabouts thence calm and mild -

Died at London April 2nd Richard Cobden Esq. the great advocate of the Repeal of the Corn Laws. universally respected -

[April] 4th - John Barlow - formerly an Overlooker at Brookhouse but lately partner with Hy Shuttleworth & Co. hanged himself - it is said by reason of reverses in business.

[April] 1st Mrs Critchley died - an excellent person - the wife of Mr Critchley the Druggist -
Health problem - Bowels disordered.

April 11th Down to Whalley with Mrs Tiplady a very pleasant day and warm - did me much good

[April] 14th Good Friday - 12 Months this day since I had the operation performed - since which time my sufferings have been very severe - I attended Church & Sacrament this day -

[April] 16th Easter Sunday - a Magnificent day -

The fair well attended - Thunder Storm in the Evening - & great change in the Atmosphere.

[April 18] Easter Tuesday - the usual Tea party at St Johns F Friendly Society - I took cold with the East Winds -

Wed - 19[April]. Thomas Lund, Sec of a Co-op committed for forgery & Embezzlement - His furniture [?] & establishment broken up.

[April] 26th Special Council Meeting - Present - Mr Charles G. H Beck, solicitor of Worcester was elected Town Clerk in the room of Mr Saward discharged - 22 to 12.

[April] (14th) President Lincoln assasinated [sic] in the Theater at New York - General Lee surrendered to Grant.
My health rather better in April

[April] 25th Attended the funeral of the late Joseph Pearson at Balderstone - There was a procession of Masons at his funeral. - About Ten went forward.

May 4th Thursday. This day I went to Manchester & thence to Denton to the Anl Prov Grand Lodge of Masons, and travelled in the whole by Rail & Bus, about 70 Miles - Was much fatigued but all right on the (5th) - The only person from person from [sic] Bn was Mr Richard Eaves, whose death will be found entered in its proper place a very excellent Christian & a consistent Free Mason.

May 20th, (Saty) 1865 - Funeral of Le G. N. Starkie Esq. R W. Prov G. Master of West Lancashire, at Padiham.
This day I was present at one of the magnificent though mournful spectacles wh I ever witnessed viz the funeral of Mr Starkie - The Freemasons attended in large numbers with nearly the whole staff of the Prov Grand Lodge - The day was exceedingly fine & beautiful - The funeral cortege consisted of 250 Masons from Liverpool, Preston, Blackburn, Burnley, Clitheroe, Accrington, Harwood & other Towns. - The Company consisted of the principal Gentry & Magistracy of the county - including L Gen Scarlet, Lord Abinger, Townley Parker, C. Townley, Joseph Feilden & many others - the Tenants mustered about 200 strong, and then nearly forty Gent Carriages in the Procession. - The Guests were invited to the Hall at 11 am, and a large Tent was erected for the special accommodation of the Masons. Breakfast of a sumptuous character was provided for all who attended. After wh. Captain le Gendre N Starkie paid his respects to the Company. - The Cortege left the Hall at 12.45 and proceeded to the Ancient parish Church of Padiham where the Burial Service was read in a very feeling & effective manner, - The Choir sang "Vital Spark of heavenly flame" in a most delightful & solemn Manner, - Thence the Procession moved on to the Cemetery & about 2.30 his remains were consigned to the Tomb. The Masonic Oration followed & two Anthems were sung & the Doxology. The whole affairs was inexpressively grand & solemn & the whole population of the Town seemed to have poured out onto the Streets to view the Procession.

June 4th 1865
Whitsuntide was ushered in with the usual festivities The weather was exceedingly fine & genial - There were very cheap Trips to York and other places. Mrs T & children went to York - W. to Whitewell - C to Hodder Bridge - Myself to Sawley - Mr & Mrs H to Blackpool & all arrived safely home.

Thursday June 8. To Lytham & Blackpool -
Reported in the paper three Dreadful Railway Accidents resulting in the death of nearly 30 persons & 50 Wounded more or less -

[June] 11th Sunday 12 a.m. or noon Departed this Life my old Neighbour & Friend, William Hart, Esq. Spring Hill, aged 67 years - For a long period we were united at St John's School as Superintendents and also in the Management of the Female Friendly Society. He was exceedingly kind to me in my late sickness visiting me very frequently & always bringing some little present, I sincerely hope he is now at rest -

[June] 16th W. Hart interred at the Cemetery. Attended the funeral - about Ten present besides the family, as E Baynes, C Parkinson &c

[June] 18th At St Johns, where the Rev J Smith Incumbent delivered an affecting Sermon wherein he paid a tribute of respect to Mr Hart, and to the Teachers of the Thunder Alley School.

[June] 23rd (Aged 57) Praised be God for all his Mercies. Treated the children, say, F & E & C & Henry with Mrs T, to a Drive Ribchester, Langho, Whalley Lamb Row where we had Tea, - Rain fell about 5 o'clock - very acceptable to the Farmers.
A Most Glorious & Magnificent June -
Electioneering beginning - Sound of a Contest -

[July] 11th Mr George Stones died aged 56 years

The Election

Wm Hy Hornby, Esq.1,053
2.Joseph Feilden, Esq.938
3 -James Pilkington, Esq774
4.John Gerald Potter, Esq5

Now there is one thing to note about this Election. There appeared to be a perfect understanding that there should be no contest - but one Ernest King the printer of the Bn. Times thought otherwise & so Mr Potter was brought forward to put in 2 Liberals - but the opinion of all moderate Men was against him. The upshot was that Mr Feilden of Witton at the eleventh hour was carried one of the Members for Blackburn, and James Pilkington Liberal who had served the town 17 years was thus thrown out by the folly and obstinacy of the extreme Radicals.

Sunday July 16th Reopening of Great Harwood Chu. attended Afternoon and Evening - Sermon in the Afternoon - "One Thing is Needful" plain, practical Discourse, and earnestly delivered by the Revd J Baker - Evening - Sermon by Revd G Beardall, very eloquent and impressive discourse - Text Malichie [sic] The Coming of the Lord to his Temple - I walked there wonderful strength, the Lord be praised - A Quire of Singers from St Peter's & St John Attended & sang some most beautiful Music - The Collection amounted to more than £64.0.0.


Visit to Lytham, Aug 26 Saty Left Bn for Lytham with Mrs Tiplady, and stayed with Mrs Harwood - Sunday dined at the Ship - 28th to Blackpool & had a sail - also a Bath - 29th In Lytham, 30 to Fleetwood & Furness Abbey - very fine day & delightful out & home at Night - Stayed in Lytham until the 9th September & then home in safety - Attended a Lodge on the 6th

This Sept the weather has been magnificent & fine also extremely hot. - this the 17th Day as hot as any

On the 13th [September] Died Mr Ellis Heath one of the Brethren of our Lodge - aged 48 years Interred with Masonic Honours. Also George Baron, Innkeeper, Both interred same day.

[September] 22nd Died Mr J D. Bolton a PM of 269.

[September] 25th Presentation of beautiful Silver Cup to John Dean, Esq Councillor for St Marys Ward.

[September] 27th Wednesday, The weather continues remarkably clear and fine. At Mid-day very hot indeed. On Monday there was a cloud of Midges or small Flies - in immense quantities - Rain has fallen and only twice this Month in Bn. - The Mills are closed for want of water - and the reservoirs are nearly dry. In short it is the hottest finest and driest September ever remembered, and the traffic on the Canal partly stopped

This Saturday the 30th of Sept concludes one of the driest seasons ever remembered. - The Water Works Co are nearly dried up - and the people have to get Water from pumps, old Wells & springs wherever they can get it. It has been also excessively hot. -

Oct 6th At O. Darwen to Eccleshill to settle upon route to Hoddlesden with new pipes, (Gas) thence to the Commercial Inn. At Dinner was nearly choked by a piece of Rabbit.

[October] 8th Sunday After an unprecedented Season of Drought there are this Morning indications of change - Water is much wanted.

[October] 3rd Witnessed the Installation of Sir Thos G. Hesketh at Preston - not as imposing as at Leeds - thence to the Exhibition where I was very much gratified.

Oct 18th St Lukes Day - Died Lord Palmerston the prime minister aged 80 years - had he lived to until the 20th he would have been 81.
Died about this date Wm Sames Esq PM

The glories of our earthly state
Are shadows, not substantial things,
There is no armour against Fate
Death lays his icy hand on Kings
Sceptre & crown
Must tumble down
And in the earth be equal laid
With the poor crooked scythe and spade.

Sunday 22nd [October] The Annual Sermons of Holy Trinity Church. Two eloquent Sermons by the Rev Mr Quirk of Over Kellett. In the Morning from the psalms, in the Evening from Genesis - Ishmael. The preacher is a very talented Man, full of great power & language, his views sound his doctrine scriptural - his delivery very impressive. He is also an excellent Reader, in fact, quite a treat to hear him.

Saturday 28th [October] The Mayor, William Stones Esq - laid the Foundation Stone of the public Baths near St Peter's Church. The Day was fine, and there was a large Procession of the Corporation, Gentry, Magistrates, Oddfellows, Joiners, Masons, Shepherds, Licensed Victuallers & others. In the Evening 200 Gentlemen took Luncheon with the Mayor, when a very pleasant time was spent

Thursday Nov 2nd At Accrington Prov Grand Lodge on the Charity Committee, very pleasant Meeting, got James Pilkington £5 - The PGM recognised me after my illness - dined with the Lodge & home at 9.30 - very large & pleasant Meeting, splendid Sermon - at Ch Church -

[November] 9th James Thompson Esq elected Mayor - Aldermen James Cunningham (36) - John Dean (31) Charles Tiplady (27) - T. A. Pickup (21) - John Smith (20) Thomas Lewis - 16 Votes -
He gave me £5 for the Widow & Orphan's Society - i.e. the Mayor, J Thompson Esq.

Nov. 23rd. Died, young Thos Brooks aged 19, very much respected also Mrs Brennand, aged 60 - late the Widow of Mr Greenwood the Swan
with T. Riley, Schoolmaster

Dec 1. My Son Charles in a scrape - arrested and put in the Ward all Night on a charge of assault.
He avers was assaulted & acted only in self defence - they were set upon by a lot of Quarrymen one of whom Charley severely injured. Thomas looked after the case which heard privately by the Magistrates was dismissed - 

Dec 10th Expired Leopold King of Belgium the Queens Uncle aged 74 - A wise & good Man, and dearly beloved by all both here and in his own Kingdom. He was the husband of Princess Charlotte, Daughter of Geo 4th (Qy? [Query?] was he not fond of Liaisons)


1865 pdf includes the text above and footnotes by David Hughes​​​​​


​The year was ushered in with very strong weather particularly windy & wet. On the 10th & 11th there was a heavy storm of Snow, which singularly began in the South & reached us here on the 11th Just - It snowed all night - but so rapid was the Thaw that on the 14th all vestiges were obliterated –

Jan 8th Died Mr Jno Stevenson of the White Bull Inn Salford Bridge, aged 56-7 - It is feared that intemperance hastened his end - He was a very interprising Man, particularly it must be noted he was the Originator of daily Omnibus in the Town, which was found to be highly convenient. Whether they will be continued remains to be seen - He was interred at Whalley on the 11th & the Licenced Victuallers walked in Procession a part of the way in respect to the deceased.

Jan 14th "Little Birdie" the Giller of our Son Richard died - to the grief of all the family.

Poor little Bird, thy warbling voice
We listen to no more
For thou art silent in thy Cage,
And one lament thee Sore -
Oft has "dear Essie" petted thee
And given thy daily bread
But now she sadly sighs & says
Papa "Poor Birdie" dead -
 But still in Memory of our Dick -
Who brought thee is away
With us thy Body shall remain
Till many a distant day.
And tho no more we hear thy Song
Which filled us with delight
Will keep thy form for sake of him,
Forever in our sight
So if our God is good to Thee
And thou again shall come
Poor little Birdie thou shalt see
Within thine own dear Home

Jany. Clara Lister visited us from Ollerton in Nottinghamshire. We had very bad Weather during her visit - She is a very sensible young Woman. We took her to Blackpool, Preston & Liverpool - She left us with regret on Saturday the 17th.

Feb 22nd Opening of Rishton Schools Sermons by the Revd C W Woodhouse MA.

Feb 23rd At Over Darwen - rough day.

Feby 24th Attended the Handel's Anniversary at the Black Horse, - Mr Clough (tho' very poorly) presided. - There was a very large attendance, and a pleasant Meeting. -

March 8th Thursday, the Annual Meeting of the Over Darwen Gas Company, - re-appointed a Director, - £7.0.0 per Cent Dividend, - The weather very frosty - A comfortable and pleasant Meeting. -

[March] 12th New Reform Bill brought by the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

[March] 23rd Died Mrs J Gate - aged

[March] 25th Lady Day - very suddenly Mr Adam Duckworth He was interred at St Peters when the Lodge walked in procession about 50

[March] 27th Oratorio of Messiah at Darwen went with Fanny - and was much gratified –

[March] 28th Day of Humiliation for the Cattle Plague attended the parish Church

[March] 29th Good Friday - Weather fine - To the Church in the Morning - Afternoon at Whalley.

April 1. Easter-Day - cold but fair - Church Morning and Evening - Dr Robinson at Trinity. Dr Rushton at the Parish -

[April 2] Easter Monday - very throng fair - fine but cold.

[April 3] Tuesday the usual Annual Tea Party about 350 present - very pleasant Meeting -

[April 4] Wednesday Grand Catholic Ball -

[April 5] Thursday Grand First Assembly Ball at the Town Hall was made K T this Evening -
[April] 6th Dined with James Shorrock Esq at Astley Bank, Darwen - about 14 present, a very delightful company - Mrs Shorrock a most agreeable Lady - Home by Train -
Parish Well -

April 8. Sunday - Mrs James Forrest died suddenly - my son Thomas' Mother-in-law.

May 1st Very Winterly - snow & sleet - Mr McNab interred the Superintendent of the County Constabulary aged 31. - Eight children & widow -

In this Month the Rev R T. Wheeler visited Blackburn and preached first in St John's Ch. on behalf of the Schools Collection £130. Afterwards at Trinity Church, and on the following Sunday at the Parish Ch. at all which Services, and also at Witton very large & overwhelming Congregations were present and handsome Collections made

[May] 20th Whitsunday - Hot and fine - Wind Easterly.

[May] 21 Monday went with Fanny & Mrs T. to Lytham and had a pleasant day - Also visited Blackpool

This Day died Thomas Latham, the oldest Innkeeper in Blackburn. He was generally called old Tat being a sporting character

[May] 3rd Thursday - The Mayor dissolved the Council Meeting abruptly in consequence of the disorderly conduct of Councillor Backhouse.

July. Funeral of Dr Gill Free Mason, Accrington

Aug 16th Married at Holy Trinity Ch: by the Revd Dr Robinson Mr Charles Lomax Tiplady, to Miss Elizabeth Harrison, Schoolmistress, Christ Ch: May God prosper them
The weather in August & September exceedingly stormy, wet & ungenial - The harvest backward and much Grain spoiled, Eight weeks rain

Sepr 8th Grand Banquet at the Town Hall - James Thompson, Mayor, also review of the Volunteers, a very great day in the Town.

Sep 22nd Old Henry Mercer, aged 97 Years died. The oldest Man in the Town

Oct 13th Died James Houlker son of Mrs Houlker, late Bay Horse Inn, aged 44 years after a very long & painful sickness.

Sep 23rd to 29th A week full of change disaster and trouble -
Forrest & Co (my son's father law succumbed to bad Trade and losses. My Son Thomas a partner.

[September] 29th Died awfully sudden, while eating his Supper Mr Ralph Abbott, aged 33, The Secretary of Lodge, 345, -
This day I underwent examination for the Stone but after a very severe Test by Mr Pickop he said there was none - only a partial stricture of the prostate gland -
The weather until the 30th [September] fearfully wet and ungenial for the harvest.

Oct 1st Delightful & summer like - at Whalley and Clitheroe

[October] 2nd Poor Ralph Abbott interred. A procession was formed to the Ceremony. -
Also Robert Peel, formerly Draper - in reduced circumstances. -

Oct 1. Meeting to establish a Church Institute.
The dismal Weather ended with 30th Sep and up to the 10th Oct very fine - On the 9th Tuesday spent a day at Blackpool with Mrs T. Mr & Miss Stevenson, and Essie - also visited Lytham.
Rev J. Smith left St John's Mr Baker appointed Sep 28.

[October] 9th Journey for a Day to Blackpool with Wife & Essy.

[October] 13th After a long, severe and dreadful illness died Mr James Houlker aged 45 years - In early life he was a fine strong young Man, but I think his Trade of Spirit Merchant led him into Company too Much - He married Lydia Lawson one of the finest Women in the Town, and she attended him with the devotions of a Martyr.
Also Died this day awfully sudden, Thomas Boardman, Esq, Painter & Gilder, a Man of varied attainments. - He latterly made himself conspicuous by his exposure of certain encroachments of the New Exchange Committee - He was in his    year He died on the Platform of the Whalley Station.

Oct. Died John Yates Esq Iron founder, by a rapid consumption - There was a public procession at his funeral of Workmen & Free Masons. -

Nov 9. Fine Day - John Dean an old friend & acquaintance & schoolfellow, appointed Mayor, A very worthy Man, and an instance of the success attending honesty - punctuality and diligence in business Mr Dean commenced life in a Mill, was afterwards a journeyman Sawyer - Subsequently he took up the Coal Business, in which, & Slate Merchant he prospered Remarkably. Last there a Man &c Prov.

[November] 7th Retired from the Corporation - Motion made & Ald Baynes seconded by Councr Abbott - and expression of sincere regret -

[November] 15 & 16th Dreadful Flood - Water higher than I had seen for 20 years. - Whalley Bridge could scarcely take the Water.

Dec 3rd Journey to Preston to pay off the Preston Banking Company £81-0-3 - John Robinson lent me £80.0.0 at 5 per cent - and I lodged with him - Shares in the Water Company. -

On the 28th [December] Died much respected, the Rev Dr Skinner aged 68 years - He was pastor of Mount St Scotch Kirk for the long period of 36 years and was eminently useful & much beloved. He was a staunch opponent of all State Church Endorsements. There was a public Funeral on Thursday Jan 3rd 1867.

The Year 1866 concluded under a storm of hail, wind & Snow wh: commenced on the 30th leading to a hard frost on New Year's Day. - My health has been upon the whole pretty fair except in Autumn when an attack of my old Complaint seized me but was providentially averted. - The weather from July to Decr was awfully wet there being many Flood especially that on Nov 16 & 17 when all Lanc & Yorkshire were nearly under water i.e. places adjacent Rivers. The Trade is moderate but money very dear & scarce. -


1866 pdf includes the text above and footnotes by David Hughes​​​​​

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Jan 1. 1867 A bright frosty - The Reform Demonstration plenty of Banners and Bands of Music but the Procession, predicted for 30,000 was short of the last Cypher. Hard frost up to the 5th when a thaw set in and lasted until the 10th at night - It re-commenced freezing -- On the 12th heavy fall of Snow.

[January] 3rd Died after Three Days sickness Mr Benjn Sandford Auctioneer, a person for whom at one time I did much printing. He has left a large family. The mortality of Lodge 345 of which Mr Sandford was a Member has been very great during the last 20 Months. There having been Death:
Joseph Pearson PMThos Butterfield; S.W.
Ellis Heath, PM.Adam Duckworth S.W.
James Houlker P.M.Ralph Abbott, Secy.
Andrew HoldenJohn Yates, P.M.
Joseph Bolton, PM.Benj Sandford, SW.

[January] 9th Attended the funeral of B Sandford, about 70 persons present.
[January] 9th At Preston - Dowager Lady Feilden Died in her 90th Year - And Sam Hibbert aged 64 years.

[January] 13th Died after a severe and painful Illness Joseph Feilding, White Bull Hotel aged 48 years, His end was peace. - [January] 14th Awfully sudden Mr Critchley Bacon Factor -

[January] 17th We buried at Immanuel Ch: Oswaldtwistle Mr Joseph Feilding, a Worthy Man - In the Evening I went to the St John's of Clayton-le-Dale with a large Compy of Brethren - The Evening was spent in a rational Manner and we arrived home at 11 pm. The excitement of the day had the effect of making me very sick in the night-time & kept in from work -
Continued hard frost up to the 21st [January] A Dreadful accident at London on the Ice more than 40 persons drowned at Regents Park (15th Jan.) A thaw set in on the 23rd [January] and in a few days all signs of the severe frost had disappeared -

Feb 2 Law. Charnley Died aged 58. - 6th [February] at Manchester - nasty day - The Houses of Parliament, met and the Queen's Speech delivered to the great satisfaction of all reasonable people. - 17th [February] Richard 24th Birthday - all well thank God. - Night fall of snow.
J B. S Sturdy Died at a private Asylum aged 58 Years. Sturdy was a J.P. and an Ex Mayor of the Town. He was supposed to be the natural Son of the late James Barlow, Esq. Surgeon &c There was a public funeral on the 15th [February] About 100 Gent & fifteen Carriages. He was buried at the Parish Church.

[February] 15th Died Mr Thos Brennand - a worthy Townsman aged 69. He was actuary at the Savings Bank -
Mr W Wood late Bookseller succeeded him.

March 1 Clear, bright and frosty - with East Winds. A Continuance of the same up to the 12th [March] excessively cold - Fells covered with Snow but not a heavy downfall.

March 11th Died The Rev Canon Irving Rom Cath Priest of St Alban's Died - Interred at Cemetery.

[March] 14th Annual Meeting of the Over Darwen Gas Company 7/- per Cent declared - a satisfactory Meeting.

[March] 18th The Wind still Easterly and extremely cold. Large Falls of Snow in many places. - Towards Evening there was a heavy Snow Storm -
Mem. We have now at the Parish Church Rev J Taylor and the Rev R Mayall - both excellent Men and good preachers.

[March] 21st Died early this Morning James Forrest the Father in law of my Son Thomas - after a very short time. He has left Seven children all Orphans. There can be little doubt but heavy losses The death of his Wife weighed heavily upon him - I hope some providential arrangement will be made for his children.

[March] 22nd Heavy fall of Snow exceedingly Wintry Weather ending in a complete Thaw.

[March] 19th Attended the Quarterly Meeting of the Burial Society and carried a Resolution for a Donation of £50 and an Annual Subscription of £10.0.0 towards the support of the Bn Infirmary -

[March] 24th Sunday At the Parish Church - the Revd J Taylor improved the death of James Forrest in an eloquent from Lamentations c. 1 - v. 12th.

April 1. The end of March tho' not very dry was more favourable to vegetation and the last day was very fine & genial.

[April] 2nd Died James Callis, aged 49 at Ashton under Lyne leaving a Widow and five children, I attended the funeral on the sixth and was deeply affected by the sorrow & bereavement of his poor Widow & fatherless children.
What I can do among others, will be cheerfully rendered to help them.

On the 4th [April] Died, after a very long and painful disease, Mr William Eaves, the Secretary of the Blackburn Philanthropic Burial Society & the Assurance Society -

April 14th Sunday The Third Anniversary since the operation for the Stone - for which deliverance I thank Almighty God. -
Within the last Week my shop has been like a livery being visited by the Vicar, Mayor, Clergymen, Aldermen, Councillors & others to consult on private & public business. –

[April] 19th Good Friday. Attended with family the Parish Church at Communion Morning, a good sermon from Dr Rushton. Afternoon went to Mytham but it came on rain in the Evening - This Day died at Blackpool my much respected Medical Man, Thos Pickop, Esq Aged 32. - His loss will be seriously felt both by his family & the public to whom he was a devoted & skilful servant.
David Kearton, Manfer Livesey died.

Easter Day ([April] 21) At Parish Morning the Rev R Mayall - He is not here - he is risen - A good practical Sermon.

([April] 20) Day before the Bishop held a Confirmation, there were nearly 1100 candidates

[April] 23. Jacob Duckworth foreman of the Lamp Lighters Died aged 62. - Anniversary of Female Friendly Society - Attended the Funeral of Mr Thos Pickop Surgeon - to whom, under Gods Providence, I owe my life.

May 12. Died Thos Livesey Junr Son of Mr Livesey Sexton (aged 43 Years) - A bad undutiful Son - Poor Tom Jackson, Barber who died about the same date - an old & early School Mate. -
The business fair - but money scarce. The weather of June genial spring - alternated with cold East Winds - with rain, hail or snow - The night of the 20th [May] dreadful storm destroying much bloom & new Potatoes.

[May] 23rd Prov Grand Conclave of Knight Templars held in this Town. -

[May] 16th Presentation of Purse - 100 Guineas - and Silk Gown to the Rev James Taylor, Curate of P. Church I acted as Chairman of the Committee
After a variable May - wherein were some fierce cold Days - the Weather became more genial and though much rain fell - it settled about the 7th of June and we had one of the most magnificent Whitsuntides that I ever remember - The Railway did an enormous traffic on the 8th, 9th, 10th & 11th and also throughout the Week. It was computed there were not fewer than 40,000 Tickets used on Whitmonday the 10th of June.

[June] 6th Broadbent & Tiplady Dissolved partnership

[June] 15th Died John Taylor, Esq Morton Hall, aged 64
Also W. D. Coddington, Esq, aged 68 formerly an Alderman of this Borough - Buried St John's We acted per Auditors together - 1st Year of the Corporation
Work slack Money scarce, spirits depressed, wealth Moderate.
£15 from John Baynes Esq - F. F [Female Friendly] Society.

[June] 23rd to 26th Magnificent Summer Weather - passed my 59th Year on Sunday when all children at Home Dined with me; - Thos at Liverpool has now six children -

July 4th Letter from Richard, going to stop 3 years longer, and to be married - £500 per year

[July] 15th The Reform Bill read a third time - in the H of Commons. -

[July] 22nd Burial Board Meeting - stormy - Gregson very insulting - Lost all his Motions - My Son appointed Auditor -

Aug 6. My Eldest Daughter this day attained her majority, on occasion of which happy Event her Brothers Sister and friends enjoyed a Picnic at Whittle Springs. The day was delightfully fine, and all spent a very pleasant day.

[August] 8th Thursday, The Mayor Annual Fishing Excursion took place this Day when upwards of seventy of his Friends accompanied him Fleetwood, and embarked on the fine Steamer the Wyre, a very pleasant day was spent but there was too heavy a swell for fishing

Aug 15 Reform Bill passed.

Aug 15th My 28th Wedding Day - Left home with Mrs Tiplady to Lancaster and thence to Hest Bank, where lodged for 2 nights - a nice quite [sic] place within 3 Minutes walk of the Railway. - 16th [August] To Morecambe and selected Lodgings with Mrs Heathcote 17th [August] Saty to Lancaster Market very wet day all through - 18th [August] to Poulton Church, - Friday visited Carnforth Afternoon to Heysham (18) 19th [August] to Windermere Morning very wet - sailed up the Lake to Ambleside and back to Morecambe - Eveng very fine 20th [August] At Morecambe - 21st [August] Wedy sailed to Grange - a most beautiful place on the opposite side of the Bay. 22nd [August] To Caton & Hornby by Rails very fine day - Walked by Halton to Lancaster - Friday rested all day - walked in the Eveng to Hest Bank - 24th [August] Sailed to Blackpool & spent the Afternoon there from there to Lytham, where we slept at Mrs Harwood - Sunday (25) [August] Lytham old Church, - Monday Home again, all well.

Sep 3rd - Heavy and unusual Thunder Storm for Sep - Fine up till now

[September] 2nd Telegram Boy, maimed at Daisy Field Station. Leg amputated. -
Weather changeable nevertheless Harvest well secured in the South and Midland. -

[September] 12th Thursday, the Brethren of Lodge 345 presented me with a most beautiful & costly PMs Jewell for my humble Services on the Charity Committee & as Treasurer of the Lodge, a Gift certainly magnificent & I think far beyond my deserts. P.M. Hutchinson presented it on behalf of the Lodge in a very elaborate and eloquent address

[September] 18th paid Sister Margaret £22:0: towards my Debt

Sep 23rd To Day a special Meeting of the Subscribers to the District Committee SPCK was held to receive resignation of the President & Treasurer and to wind up the affairs of the District Committee
1st The resignation accepted.
2nd The Dissolution resolved upon
3rd Mr Tiplady to pay £25:0:0 for the Bibles Testament & Prayer Books.
4th The remainder of the Books to be distributed among the Churches in the Town, also the surplus Cash
5th The following Gents to form Committee for the Division of the Cash & Books
Attg Rev C. W. Woodhouse
    "   J. Barker
    "   R. Mayall
    "   H. Wescoe
    "   D. Robinson.

6th £10 to be given to the Parent Society -
7th Thanks were voted to the Archdeacon
8th Thanks were also voted to the Agent.
Thus ended my 35th Year of Agency with the Society

Tuesday Afn at Worsthon - No Nuts

Thursday at Preston Mr Beard.

Friday at Over Darwen Board Meeting - Evg Mutual Assurance

Sunday Morn at St Paul's eloquent Sermon from Mr Marychurch Lam. III 41. Eveng Trinity Rev E Eager Sermon on the false Repentance of Esau - read a portion of Lord Clive Life by Macauley.

[September] 30th Councillor Robt Porter Died, a very worthy and respectable Burgess.

Oct 19. Died suddenly, Mrs Glazebrook, wife of the Rev I. K Glazebrook, Lower Darwen -

[October] 21. Richard Crankshaw, esq J.P. aged 46, a very worthy & respectable Man -
John Balshaw, formerly Bell Man, aged 55
James Riding, formerly Innkeeper, and Driver of the Coach to Manchester - aged 55. He also kept the Bay Horse and Castle Inn. -
Died also about the 23rd [October] Mr Thomas Bentley formerly Schoolmaster of the National School, and also for several years Churchwarden of the Parish Church, a venerable and worthy old Townsman & highly respected aged 81 years.

[October] 27th Died John Aspden, Plasterer, I suppose one of the "oldest Inhabitants" aged 88.

Novr 1. Municipal Election - Nine Liberals and Three Conservatives returned to the Town Council
A very severe contest in St Mary's Ward - polling as under.
Constantine Liberal216

It is to be noted that both parties polled an equal number of votes 217 - Total 434 - on the List - 461. unpolled and dead 27 persons only.

[November] 7th To Manchester, Prov Grand Meeting at Hulme - not much business - A Motion of condolence moved to the Widow of the late Law. Newell DPGM who died on the 1st deeply lamented - Bro. Radcliffe, Robinson & Redmanye also present. Also Dr Stocks who died shortly afterwards - aged 75 years. – 9 [November]/ Smith, Mayor.

[November] 17th At St John's - Mr Hield, Bay Horse, to Mrs Lydia Houlker, Widow of James Houlker, - Married

[November] 23rd Allen, Larkin & Gould, the three Fenians concerned in the Murder of Sergeant Brett were this Day hung at the Old Bailey prison, Salford, Manchester, - All passed off peaceably - M'Guire had been pardoned & Shore respited during the Queen's pleasure. The day was very foggy - a row was expected.

Nov 28th Died, aged 75 years Dr Stock Surgeon a most respectable & valuable Member of Society - He was a Br of the Craft.

[November] 29th Over Darwen Gas Meeting -

The Town was much scandalised by the delinquencies of Mr David Nicol of the District Bank who was arrested for Forgery on Tuesday Evening - He was the Manager of the Bank, had a handsome salary of £600 per annum, but by dabbling in Cotton lost all his Money, and in order to redeem his losses - made bad worse by resorting to fraud. -

The Month of Decr was rough and winterly yet not much Frost. There was no particular occurrence transpired in the Town, except that a large number of Special Constables were sworn in to put down any attempt at Riot by the Fenians.

On the 31st [December] Died Henry Haworth Esq. Solicitor aged 75 Years - One thing remarkable about him was that he possessed a very large amount of poor Cottage Property. The year ended peacefully. Blessed be the Almighty for all his Mercies. –

27th [December] St John's Held very throng 82 sat down -


1867 pdf includes the text above and footnotes by David Hughes​​​​​


The Year commenced calm, and rather cold. An immense quantity of Game & Meat were exhibited for sale, and upon the whole I think a very fair average happy New Year's Day was enjoyed.

[January] 4th Died very suddenly Mr Robt Riley, partner of W. H Hornby, Esq, Brookouse Mills, a very worthy and upright young Man and one in whom Mr Hornby placed great confidence.
About the same time Chrisr Tattersall Councillor & James Bell, solicitor

[January] 9th The remains of Robt Riley were conveyed to the Cemetery on which occasion the Workpeople of Blackburn formed a funeral procession, about 800 Male & Female being present - He was very highly respected.

[January] 10th Attended the funeral of C. Tattersall, about 22 Masons present.

[January] 16th Wednesday Letter from Richard - 15 Days late by reason of an accident to the Mail Steamer - Richard married Nov 7th 1867 to Miss Annie Clement of Bahia - She died in 2 or 3 years afterwards –

[January] 17 Thursday Friday - The Melancholy intelligence of Dr Robinson's death of Holy Trinity was communicated to us. - In him the Ch of England has lost one of its most staunch supporters. He was a rigid opponent to Popery. A very sincere Friend to me - I hope the Doctor is taken to his reward.
The above was contraindicated, The Doctor was better.
About this time also died in the prime of Manhood Roger Forrest - after I fear a dissolute Life - Robert Pemberton, Angel Inn, - Peter R Parkinson, Pawnbroker

Monday, Jan 20. Died at the residence of Wm. Pilkington Esq., The Grange, John Sparrow Esq. JP. a Gentleman long connected with the Town's affairs - a Roman Catholic and extreme liberal in Politics, but a high minded and Gentlemanly Man.

[January] 24 John Bank's, aged 65, 26 Robt Hubbestey Innkeeper, 28. William Newsham, of cancer in the face, painful illness & death. -
Mrs Bailey aged 77 years Widow of Dr Bailey.
Weather very dismal - Our Trade brisk especially work of all kinds -

Feb. was ushered in with a strong storm of Wind & Rain which did much damage to House Property - On this day died Mrs James Hilton, a very worthy Lady and one of my earliest acquaintances -

On the 5th [February] we had Letter from Son Richard informing us of his Marriage &c, he is well -

[February] 9th Sunday, My dear Wife had a paralytic stroke affecting the whole of the left side - but not so violent as to deprive her of speech. She had some time ago a very severe attack of Bronchitis. Of course we are all deeply affected under this Disperation [sic] - but our Faith in God who ordereth all things aright

[February] 13th My Wife is no worse, but is quite powerless on her left side - Her spirits are much depressed.
It is singular but true, the 9th of Feby has been a very ominous day in my life - or say from 8 to 10.

Lance[?] Day. Intelligence of the death of the Rev G Preston B.D. formerly Minister of Whalley Free Grammar Schools, week since. He was indeed a good Man, and useful in his day & generation - His age about 68 or 69 years. A most excellent and upright free mason.

[February] 15th Died the Rev D DeBoudrey Incumbent at Salesbury - The Rev D Rushton is also very ill indeed (Aged 82)

[February] 18th Attended the funeral at Whalley of my great and true friend the Rev G Preston, The number present was small and the funeral strictly private. The Vicar of Whalley performed the Service.

[February] 21st Friday 3 p.m. Death has added one more victim to the long list inserted in this Book. The Rev Dr Wm Rushton, vicar, expired this day after a brief illness of 14 days - On the 8th he paid me a visit with his oldest Daughter, was taken poorly very shortly after and lingered on until this Afternoon - He was in his 70th year of his Age. Though Dr Rushton did not at first take to me, our acquaintance improved with time, and he was a sincere friend and often called at the shop, and in fact was very intimate & cordial.

[February] 27th Funeral of the Vicar. The Clergy, principal Inhabitants & Boys of the Grammar School assembled at the parish Church and formed a Procession headed by the Police to accompany the corpse of the late Revd Dr Rushton, who was buried at Walton-le-Dale. I attended and went forward to Walton-le-Dale. Funeral Service by Revd the [sic] J C Kershaw, vicar

March 7th Went down to Lytham to see my Wife whom I found better, and able to walk - The Weather at times very boisterous and Tides high - Left Lytham on the 11th and to Over Darwen Gas Meeting on the following day. A very quiet and comfortable Annual Meeting Dividend 7/- per cent.

March 21. Again at Lytham - Mrs Tiplady better thank God. - Weather wild & rough high Tide - home on Tuesday - William laid up by the Quincy - 

March 27. Mr John Johnston, a Scotch Draper well to do and highly respected hung himself in his own office -

[March] 28th Third time to Lytham to fetch home my Wife who is much better - John Brierley formerly of this Town was found drowned at Lytham on the Morning of Sunday March 29th. I saw him the evening before - He was under the influence of Liquor and am afraid had led a disorderly Life -
Mr John Heptonstall an old Neighbour died aged 67.

April 8 Died John Salisbury Auctioneer, aged a man of more than average ability, but I fear injured himself by intemperate habits - He had a brilliant opportunity to have distinguished himself as his connection was good & extensive

The Revd Edward Birch, Canon of Manchester succeeded the Rev John Rushton as vicar of this parish He read himself in on the 5th Day of April - 1868; - and preached the same night

May 1st. A great domestic scandal was this day exposed in the Town hall, in a case of affiliation between Councillor Beaty & Elizabeth SharplesThe case was proved - 5/- a week & 2/6 for 13 years She was a Teacher in the Schools - She died shortly after - and his Character was blasted for ever.  -

[May] 5th At Manchester; Charity Committee obtained for Widow Pearson the sum of Ten Pounds in Instalments.

[May] 14th Very fine - down to Sawley - had Tea there with Mrs Tiplady, and Daughters, also Miss Briggs of Spalding - Ths Baldwin was there, and very graciously gave us a Ride from & to Chadburn [Chatburn].

[May] 15th Br J Pilkington PM was this Day interred with Masonic Honours at Great Harwood Church, aged 72.

[May] 16th To Accrington - Grand Procession, laying of Corner Stone Market House.

May 27th Died John Witherington, Esq, Surgeon - a young Man of great promise & abilities, - very learned in chemical Sciences, horticultural pursuits - A famous Lecturer on Microscopic subjects - He was a man greatly esteemed by all Classes - For several years he held the appointment of Medical Officer to the Volunteer Corps of this Town

Note - respecting the Weather of this Month - it must noted that it was exceedingly fine & the spring forward Oaks were nearly in full Leaf on the 29 - There was a very large show of May Bloom, Longer than was known for many years -

Whit Saturday - Down at Mr Duckworth's Farm which was very nice. We had a fishing Job and did very well May 30th 1868

On Whit Monday which was the first Day of June. - myself, Wife, Essie, Fanny, Harry & Miss Briggs went on a Cheap Trip to Windermere - The weather was delightfully fine and hot We sailed up the Lake to Ambleside, and had a ride all round Grass Mere Lake - Saw the Grave of Wm Wordsworth. - The Scenery was exceedingly grand & sublime - We arrived home at 9-30 all weak except Polly who was very sick -

June 14. Sunday Mr Birch the vicar preached a very excellent Sermon in the Morning "If our Gospel be hid, it is hid to those who are lost". In the Afternoon, to Bamber Bridge - Mr Lee of Preston preached an elegant discourse, "Add to your faith & virtue, and to your Virtue, knowledge" Took Tea with my Daughter Fanny and a large Company at the parsonage House, and heard Mr Taylor in the Evening "Inasmuch as ye did it to one of the least of these my Brethren, ye did it unto me" The Congregations were large and a Liberal collection of £90-2-6 was obtained. Mr Ellis Nuttall drove me home in in his Phaeton. -

Grand Masonic Festival, Lancaster
`Wednesday June 17 1868
Visited Lancaster and attended the special Grand Lodge under the Earl of Zetland on laying the foundation Stone of the Royal Albert Asylum for Idiots & Imbeciles There was a large assembly of the Brethren - some say nearly 1500 in Procession, including the GM Marquis of Hartington, Lord de Tabley, Lord Kenlis, The High Sherriff - L G Starkie & many others. - The day was very fine and a great concourse of people attended. - In the Evening I visited Hest Bank & stayed all Night there - A very pleasant journey - From our Lodge these attended E. Eastwood, W M, John Rigby J. W. - D Turner S. D. Wm Hurst J. W. R. Duckworth J. G. - Rd Radcliffe I M Thos Bertwistle P. M. Charles Tiplady, P. M. Geo Duerden, - John Procter, - Henry Duckworth, W Ainsworth, Denis Baron, John Forrest.
Lodge 345 Sourbutts PM Carr, - Smalley PM Sharples PM Armistead, Jno Thompson, 269 John Clough, Clarkson, Townley, Gillibrand, Spurr.
In all about 26 from the 3 Lodges.
Weather Magnificent all thro' June

[June] 20th Sudden Thunder Storm at Blackburn also on the following Day.

[June] 15 or 16 Died Alexr Pateson, Cotton Manufacturer.

June 23. (Tuesday) My Sixtieth Birthday Truly the shadows of Evening are falling fast around me. -
Time like an ever rolling stream
Bears all its sons away
They fly forgotten as a Dream
Dies at the opening Day.

So teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts unto Wisdom. - Thanks be to God for all his sparing Mercies. Amen.
A Toothpick from my Daughters & Polly Briggs, our Guest, a pocket handkerchief from Lissie - my Daughter in Law, a most excellent Woman.
Died John Priestley of Accrington, a F Mason with whom I was well acquainted, aged 57. He was in my Shop a few days prior to his Death.

[June] 25th This day died Seth Harwood aged 84 years. He was for many years the Overseer of Over Darwen, and very highly respected.

[June] 26 Darwen Gas Meeting 40 present.

I learned from Mr Cartwright that Mrs Forshaw died about the 11 or 12 of June, she was formerly Mrs Kenworthy and after his death married a Schoolmaster. I understand she had taken sadly to drinking. She left two daughters - by Mr K and 1 by Forshaw - the former well, and the latter badly provided for

[June] 25th Died Mr Alfred Brooks son of Mr Brooks Draper, very young - He had been to Madeira for his health, Mr B. has suffered severe domestic losses these several years - This is the 3rd son.

Sunday 28 [June]. Attended the parish Ch: Morning Sermon by the Vicar "For even Christ pleased not himself" - The discourse was an Homily against Self in every form and degree "The Christian Disciple must imitate his Divine Master by a perfect abnegation of Self, - evidenced by a life of usefulness to his fellow man. The vicar has not a pleasant voice, especially in the higher notes - but this defect is fully compensated by an earnest & emphatic delivery and a strict adherence to sound gospel doctrines.
Evening Trinity Rev W Webb on "Christ has abolished Death" Ye Ephesians - An eloquent discourse showing death to be unnatural & the Wages of Sin. Mr W. quoted Longfellow's Poem & also Dr Watts. His manner reminds one of listening to a person of disappointed expectations, somewhat hard but very faithful - The singing beautiful.
The Weather throughout the Entire of June has been magnificent & glorious - but the Farmers complain of Drought.

July 7th Tuesday Went on the Chorley Line with a number of Gentleman; very fine Day.

[July] 10th To Padiham on business with Mrs T and Polly Briggs, very fine, Wind E very dry.

[July] 8th Died Mr Hy Molyneux aged 48 years - He formerly lived in Blackburn.

[July] 27 Excessively hot. The 21st was considered to be the hottest day ever known in England. Therr [Thermometer] 101 in the Shade, 128 in the Sun - No rain all dried up & parched - Cholera cases prevalent.
My family have been afflicted with sickness particularly Fanny who had a narrow escape from death.

Augt 2nd The hottest day that I ever remember - Fanny better.

Aug 6 & 7 The Drought ended - with fine showers and in some places heavy thunder. Immense tracts of Ground & Timber burnt by the extreme heat.
Great preparations for the Coming elections Mr Maden Holt & Mr Starkie for North East Lancashire.

Aug 10th Died James Brooks, President of the Widow & Orphan's Society after a very short illness and on the 12th J Moses Pemberton of Brookhouse Mills, a very old Servant of Mr Hornby. - Truly we do fade away like the Grass, our each succeeding paragraph adds only to the long long list of of [sic] those departed from this scene of care and great troubles here on earth.
My family improved in health, Thank God.

[August] 16th Attended Great Harwood Sermons - Very throng and very hot. - Essie with me

[August] 18th Mother, Essie & Fanny to Southport.

[August] 20. There occurred on of the most dreadful accident by Railway and Fire that has ever happened in this Country - It was on the Rails from Chester to Holyhead. Some luggage Truck containing petroleum got detached and were run into by the Mail Train and a Dreadful collision transpired by which 26 persons were killed or burnt. Among these were Mr W B Parkinson & his Brother & Sons of C Parkinson Esq. and also their Brother-in-Law Mr W T Lund the mournful Event has been most painfully felt by all Classes in this Town.
The above occurrence is fully confirmed and all the Newspapers are filled with horrible details - It is by far the most appaling [sic] catastrophe ever known in Railway Accident - The bodies were all burnt to a cinder & worse.

Sep 10 My Son William Callis married at Holy Trinity Church, by the Rev Mr Bannister. After the ceremony we had Breakfast and then a Drive around Stonyhurst. It was very fine - to Miss Isabella Towers -

[September] 19th Died Mrs Geo. Ainsworth, late Miss Cort aged 45 years also Saml Wardle, Royal Oak Inn, - aged 48

Oct 10th Great Liberal Demonstration & Procession for Gerald Potter, M J Feilden, K Shuttleworth & Mr Fenton, about 4000 in the ranks -

[October] 24th Great Tory Demonstration & Procession large numbers of Horsemen, Carriages & Banners between 5 & 6000 in ranks for W. H Hornby, Jos Feilden, - Messrs Starkie & Holt.
I was present at the inauguration of the Widow & Orphan's Fund at Over Darwen this Night (24)

Nov 2nd Monday, Great Municipal Election, all the Wards contested - Con won in four Wards and lost in 2.
The following is the Poll for St Mary's –

H. Duckworth (C)253
G. P Hartley (C)250
Henry (L)223
Beads (L)219

One Man, Patrick Gallaher died from the effects of a wound received at this Election, a second died on the 5th and many were very severely wounded. -
The Irishman was buried (Nov 8) about 700 walked on the procession with Green favors

The above Election was followed by the Parliamentary one

W. H Hornby 4980
Jos Feilden4890
J. G Potter4407
M J Feilden4183

The Election was orderly except by the Irish

[November] 19th Died William Durham, a particularly original character - and as changeable in his opinions as a chemelion [chameleon] in colour. In his Youth he was a teacher in Grimshaw Park and one of the very few left who were my colleague. -
Had no good reputation, T. Tiplady
{Proved to be in his later years a vile traducer of character & virtue I nearly thrashed him 
in Public for a gross insult to my Mother's memory}
T. Tiplady

[November] 20th Died John Rayner, Keeper of the Con News Room.

[November] 21st The first great County Election for the North Eastern Division of Lancashire took place this Day - The polling was very animated and the contest close. The following were the candidates,
J Maden Holt3619
L. Chamberlain Starkie3611
J Fenton,3441
U S Shuttleworth3465

The two former were returned by a majority ranging from 150 to 180 Votes.
There was a great excitement, and I understand a vast amount of money changed hands.

[November] 23rd Obtained a Grant of £15.0.0 for Widow Pilkington the relict of Br James Pilkington, 345.

[November] 25th published Bn Year Book 3rd Issue
The Radicals presented a petition against the Return of Mr Hornby & Mr Feilden for Bribery, Corruption and undue Influence.

Dec all through very wet without frost.

Christmas Day (Friday) Wet following on the Sunday by a tremendous storm of Wind & Rain, and also in the evening Thunder & Lightning - My daughter Fanny very poorly at Liverpool, had to send Essie to her

[December] 28th St Johns Festival of the Lodge - very comfortable and pleasant Meeting -

[December] 30th To the Lodge at Clitheroe, St John's Festival very good meeting. Had much Liberty in speaking. D Baron sang most admirably. Br Cal [page torn] also went from Bn J D. Thornber.


​​1868 pdf includes the text above and footnotes by David Hughes​​​​​

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These Mems follow the last page in this Book 60
I have removed the Diary unto this Leaf in consequence of the Book being filled to the end.

The Year began with moderate Weather, but Storm of Wind & Rain followed on the 2nd & 3rd -

Jan 7th Died Robt Cooper Bookbinder aged 72 years. He was an apprentice at the same office with myself, and Mr Hy Hargreaves & & self are the only surviving persons from Mr Rogerson's Office

[January] 9th Died very suddenly at Longton the Rev Lawrence Preston aged 53 years, a very old and valued Friend and on the

[January] 13th Mrs Stephenson relict of the late John Stevenson of the White Bull - aged 60 years. - from home in a fit of apoplexy.

[January] 17th Rev. A Fraser aged 61 Years died greatly respected formerly pastor of Chapel Street Chapel.
Rev J B. Lister resigned James Street Church pastorate =

[January] 20th Died after a severe illness - Mrs Evans Old Bull Hotel. - much respected.

[January] 22nd Rev A Frazer Interred with much solemnity a procession of about 100 of his old congregation attended, with nearly all the Dissenting Ministers of every persuasion - His death improved in the Chapel on the following Sunday.

[January] 24th At St Paul's Rev H. W. Marychurch preached an excellent Sermon for Psalm 49 "The Redemption of the soul is a precious and it ceaseth for ever"
Died William Peel Draper aged 55 Years. He was interred on the 29 at St Peters, the Members of the Lodge attending in a private capacity

[January] 29th Went to Slaidburn and stayed all night at my Brother in law the Rev W. Callis, Curate of Slaidburn

[January] 28th New Church Consecrated at Brookhouse St Michael's by the Bishop.

Jan 20. at Bahia, born a Son to my Son Richard

March 11th up to 16th Memorable in the annals of Blackburn for the Trial of the Petition of John Gerald Potter & M J Feilden against W. H Hornby and Jos Feilden. The Judge Sir James Shaw Willes came in state from London and sat from day to day in the Town Hall. A great number of witnesses were examined on both sides, and his Lordship delivered judgement on Tuesday the 16th inst when the Sitting Members were unseated - It would seem the disturbances at the Municipal Election had caused this Catastrophe - but many persons attribute it to the revengeful spirit of Mr Potter and Mr Gladstone

[March] 15th 5-15 pm A Shock of an earthquake was distinctly felt in this Town by great number of persons.

March 24 The Writ received. Election ordered for Easter Monday & Tuesday next -
Candidates​Result4 o'clock
Mr E. K. Hornby (C)4738 
  "  H. M Feilden (C)4697 
  "  J G. Potter (L)3964 
  "  John Morley (L)3804 ​

March 28. Easter Day, a very cold & Winterly Day with Snow & Sleet & high Wind. At Parish Morning - Canon Birch on the General Resurrection very solemn & impressive Sermon. Trinity in the Eveng - Mr Webb on the Resurrection of Xt [Christ], the fundamental Doctrine of the Trinity

Good Friday at the Parish - an admirable Sermon by Mr Read on the Sacrifice of Abraham's Son Isaac Showing the strict analogy between it & the one Great Sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

[March] 29. - The Nomination Day - Show of hands &c in favor of Hornby & Feilden

[March] 30th The Election passed off very peaceably and the majorities for the Con Candidates were largely increased - A foolish Man of the name of Bradshaw fired a pistol from his House in Penny Street amongst the Crowd - which caused them to break his Windows - He was apprehended and heavily fined.

[April] 10th The Weather Milder, - went to Dinckley with Mr Hy Duckworth

[April] 11th To the Parish Church - Philip & the Eunuch the ordination & intention or design of a preached Gospel - Jesus The theme of the Ministers discourse (by the Vicar) a very impressive Sermon.
Eveng Trinity - Mr Stones - Consider this all ye that forget God &c, a very awaking discourse perhaps the Clergyman took too gloomy a view of human nature - He seems a very affectionate and earnest preacher, and calculated to do good - The Curate is but a prentice Lad at his Works - and does certainly appear to me to be very careless.
This Day the 11th [April] was eventful inasmuch as Two very old and dear friends departed this life namely James Shorrock Esq. the excellent Chairman of the Over Darwen Gas Company - He attended divine service with his Wife at Belgrave Chapel Over Darwen in the Morning and was seized with a fit of Apoplexy about dinner time - He was 63 years of Age - Darwen has lost one of her brighter ornaments, for independent of his public Services as a Member of the Board of Health, a Magistrate & a large Capitalist - he was greatly beloved for his charity & urbanity of manners. - for many years I sat next to him at the Board Meetings of the Gas Company, writing out the resolutions of the Board, and I can repeat with truth, he was a Gentleman of superior worth and won the esteem of all ranks & denominations of the community.
The other Gentleman was the Revd Dr Robinson of Holy Trinity - aged only 51 Years - For a long period prior to his Death, his health & faculties had given way - in fine; he was but a skeleton or wreck of his former self - It is supposed that intense stress acting on a rather feeble constitution, overthrew the balance of mind & body - He was much beloved by the Congregation of Holy Trinity Church a powerful writer - and an energetic opponent of the Errors of the papacy.

April 11 to 14th Heat Oppressive - Thunder Storm on Wednesday the 14th, Afterwards very good Growing Weather 14th Let me not forget & thank Almighty God that 5 years since this day I was delivered from great peril - Lord help me to show my gratitude for this mercy.

[April] 15th The Mortal remains of James Shorrock Esq of Over Darwen were this Morning committed to the Grave amid the lamentations of thousands - There was a public procession, composed of Men of all ranks, persuasions, politics & religion, including the Clergy, Ministers, Priests, Magistrates, Board of Health, Board of Directors of the Gas Company & about 500 Tradesmen & Gentlemen of the Town. - All business was suspended. The Bells of the Church rang a muffled peal and every demonstration of affection and respect was shown to the Memory of the deceased. The Burial Service was conducted in a very impressive manner by the Rev Mr McDonall, Minister of Belgrave Chapel. Requiescat in pace.

[April] 16th Died Mrs Houlker, late of the Bay Horse Hotel, a Lady highly respected by all who knew her aged 77 years - Interred at Harwood.

The death of Dr Robinson was improved in two Sermons at Holy Trinity Church, on the 18th Inst. Morning by the Rev D F Chapman, Evening by the Rev G H Ashe of Witton - the latter discourse I heard - Text "For we have this treasure in earthen Vessels, that the Glory may be of God & not of us" - The attendance was numerous and with few exception all the Congregation wore deep Mourning. - Rev Ashe made some feeling allusions to the high character of Dr R as a fearless Champion of Protestantism and also of his very benevolent and affectionate disposition. - One of the Sermons (D. F Chapman) was printed.

May 4th Attended the Charity Committee at Manchester - Got a further Grant of Five Pounds for Widow Pearson, - A very fair Attendance.

[May] 8th Saturday - 11-30 am Died my Sister Margaret after a short but painful illness aged 57 Years. She died in peace trusting in the Merits of our Redeemer - Lord help us, we beseech thee to follow her in faith and love until our end also come, And I say unto you all Watch -

May 13th Sister Margaret was interred this day at the Cemetery - in the same grave with sister Jane who Died May 7 1859. - On the same day there was a Masonic Funeral at Over Darwen, in the Interment of old Ralph Ellison who died on Sunday the 9th - I was prevented attending by the funeral of my Sister.

[May] 20th A Meeting in Clitheroe to form a Mining Company (Limited) I attended and was appointed the Chairman. There was a full Meeting but I fear the majority were entirely ignorant of all legal forms and requisites

[May] 24th Died Mr Henry Leigh aged 75 Years, an old and highly respected Inhabitant of this Town.
The prevalence of East Wind has made it very uncomfortable this Whitsuntide, and though a considerable number of Scholars and others left the Town on the 17th for various places on the sea coast and to Preston - yet there was a great falling off in comparison with other Seasons. - I had a ride to Preston with Mr P Hartley.

Memr May 31st Sold to Mr John Marsden Ten Shares in the Victoria Mining Company Limited @ 12/6 per share paid which he will be entitled.

June 1st A Glorious growing day. Wind W.

[June] 2nd Journey to Clitheroe to meet the Directors of the Victoria Mining Company. - To look over and settle the Articles of Association - Mr Eastham Sol. read the rules - There were present Messrs Dr Jackson - J Blezard, John Marsden, John Southworth and Rich Constantine. The business was finished at 1-30.
Same day bought Ten Shares in the Company at 5/- per share from Hy Procter -

[June] 4th Journey in the Afternoon to Preston to obtain some Leads for the office - very fine day - had a view of the Park - in capital order -
My brother, John, of Bury visited on Sunday - and intimated his intention to leave England for America. -

[June] 13th Great Demonstration at Manchester against the Irish Church Bill, many went from Black with flags & Banners - Orangemen &c.

[June] 14th Sunday, Parish Church Rev E Birch, Vicar sermon on the Ministration of Angels - It is a pity he got so excited in the preaching - nevertheless a good discourse
Evening, Trinity, first Sermon of the new vicar Rev W. R Stephens - on the Ministers vocation, the Gospel of Christ - a very powerful & scriptural discourse most extempore yet full of quotations & apt illustrations, I think he will be a very useful Man
General Trade disastrous in the Extreme, many heavy failures affecting several firms in this Town & Neighbourhood - Truly we live in very trying times, - many have to leave Old England for America -

[June] 15th Tuesday. Memorable on account of the departure of my Brother John, Wife and family to America. Dreadfully stormy day - Wet, Windy & Cold. They sailed from Liverpool at 2 o'clock pm. Visited Son Thomas same day.

[June] 17th The Article of Association of the Victoria Mining Company were approved and adopted at Clitheroe.

[June] 19th The Scholars of the Church Schools marched in Procession to the Park - there were about 14,000 and they looked remarkably well. - The old 100 Psalm was sung in the Parish Ch: yard - All the Clergymen of the Town were at the head of their respective Schools. Such a demonstration had not occurred for 31 years previously.

[June] 20th The Accession - Her Majesty has reigned 32 years - The special services were read in the Church, and in the old Parish Church the occasion was improved by the Rev George Read M.A. Curate in an admirable Sermon - Thos Sedall had a fit just as the Clergyman concluded his Discourse -

June 29. The Witnesses (Con) attended before the Registrar for our allowance - We received a very small sum in comparison with our demands I had 10/- per day for three days. - The lower class had more in proportion.

[June] 30th John Bannister died, after a short illness - several years the Tyler of the Lodge in very indigent circumstances

2nd July Died old Sarah Pearson (aged 77) the Widow of the late Joseph Pearson.

[July] 4th Sunday - Parochial Ch: with Wife & Daughters the latter having returned from their Summer Trip. Sermon, Canon Birch "The virtue & necessity of Patience" - Evening Mr Stephens, Trinity, the privilege of Christs Flock, John 10.2. Both discourses very full of Christian Edification.
A Weeks of uninterrupted fine Weather and warm.

July 23rd Went to the All England Cattle Show at Manchester, very beautiful sight. - They took during the week about £18,000 a great success

[July] 31st Early this Morning my Son William's Wife gave birth to a little Daughter.

Aug 12th Visited Southport to see my Wife and Daughters. Lodge at 13 Bath Street Miss Baker.

[August] 14th Went down to Liverpool & New Brighton saw Prince Arthur, sail for Canada. -

[August] 15th Aug. 30th Wedding Day at Southport Sunday Chapel in the Morng - Eveng Church a very good discourse in the Morning - but, of course, strongly Calvinistic.

[August] 29th to Manchester - Charity Committee -

[August] 20th To Slaidburn. Dined with the Lodge Departure of Rev W. Callis from S. - A good and comfortable Meeting.

[August] 22nd Harwood Sermons. A remarkably hot Day - walked - I did not think much of Mr L discourse, as a Sermon, it was more in the Lecture[?], quite anecdotical. Collection.

Aug 27. Great National Boat Race - America & Oxford. The latter won by four lengths
Remarkably Hot. - Heat 134 in the Sun Lord Street Liverpool -

[August] 29. Sunday - A revolution in the air from 134 to 34 Frost at night - Terrible high wind all day.

Sepr 1st 1869 Trip to Scarboro, - (Wednesday) very pleasant journey by Rail, we arrived at 7-30 - Great accident fatal to one Man at Stensall Station 7 Miles from York, saw the Carriage which had been broken. This happened two hours before our arrival - Got good & respectable Lodging, No 9 Aberdeen Walk, Mrs Darby.

[September] 2nd Sail to Whitby very heavy sea, - but a fine voyage, and not wet.

[September] 4th Rode by Rail to Filey and spent the Afternoon there - In the Evening at the spa

[September] 3rd Rode by Coach to Hackness, very fine day, with T Knowles & Wife, and Mr Garstang and Wife.

[September] 5th Sunday at Christ Church without the Bar In Vernon Street - Evening at the Wesleyan Chapel Queen Street - eloquent discourses at both places - Text in the Evening Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever.

Nov 9th Thos H. Pickup Esq. Elected Mayor

Oct 2nd Grand Masonic Celebration Laying Foundation Stone of the Volunteer Barracks by Lt Col Starkie - Dined with the Officers at the Old Bull

[October] 7th Henry, Fanny & Essy all took the Scarlet Fever but have recovered, only Fanny very weak

[October] 23rd Died regretted by the whole Nation, the Earl of Derby aged 70 years, after a painful illness of 14 days. - Interred at Knowsley on the 29th quite privately -
The Weather throughout Oct Nov & Decr exceedingly unsettled, wet & unhealthy, I took the Bronchitis, among others - Many died

In Dec died Mr Robt Cookson (12th) Mr Thomas Copeland, aged 47, very short illness, much respected

[December] 16th Letter from Richard, all well, but complains of heat &c.

Dec 24th Christmas Eve - The Weather somewhat more settled, ushering in Christmas Day a fine frosty & brilliantly sunny Day. But on the following Day, Sunday - there fell a great quantity of Snow with a terrible high Wind which continued all Day and Night, and also on the 27th making the county assume the appearance of hoary Winter indeed.


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