Blackbu​rn to Accrington Trams

Accrington Route

Steam tram and trailer underneath Church Railway Bridge, and on its way to Blackburn.  The scene is very much as it is today.

Church bound tram on the Accrington side of the railway bridge.  This was the very first Blackburn tram picture that Roy Brook took.  Note the interlaced track under the bridge.
The Church terminus looking towards Blackburn, and the lines are being laid in preparation for the opening of the electric trams from Accrington to Oswaldtwistle in 1907.  Image the disruption this must have caused!  The Canal Warehouse and the Church Commercial Hotel can be seen in the background.
The terminus at Church with the tram ready to return to Blackburn.  All the buildings have now gone.
The occasion of the opening of the electric line to Oswaldtwistle in 1907.  This Blackburn car and a Darwen demi-car were in the opening procession with three Accrington cars.  The man in the bowler hat in front of the tram was the Railway Inspector.  He had to walk the whole route before he would allow passenger services to commence.

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Superb view taken from the balcony of Accrington Town Hall looking towards Church.  A Blackburn tram is in the foreground on its way to end the journey to Accrington.  In the distance can be seen two Accrington Corporation trams so the picture must have been taken before 1932.

A Blackburn open-top tram is nearing the end of its journey to Accrington.  Most of the property in the picture remains today.

Two Blackburn open-toppers with an Accrington single decker looking towards Church.
The journey's end in Peel Street, Accrington for this Blackburn Siemens car on Market Day.

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