Blackburn to Darwen Trams

Darwen Next Stop


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This shot taken in about 1933 shows a Blackburn and a Darwen tram at the Circus.  Belgrave Mill, the waiting rooms and the Boer War Memorial are all in view.  Note the policemen on traffic duty.  He doesn't seem to have much to do.
Here we have two Blackburn 'open toppers' at the Circus in about 1910. On the left the tram crew are wearing their white caps, so this is Summer. The Manchester and County Bank is in the background, now the Nat West.

This is a steam tram coming up Bolton Road in about 1890. By an odd coincidence the chimney of the tram engine is in alignment with the chimney of New Bridge Mill in the background. It would be wonderful to know what the children on the left are discussing.

A Darwen 'Streamliner' heads back to town from the Whitehall terminus in about 1939.  Whitehall Park is on the left with the Methodist Church in the distance.
A late 1920's shot of a Blackburn 'open topper' reaching the end of the line at Whitehall terminus.
This is Darwen car no 7 at the Whitehall terminus on the day of withdrawal, 11th January, 1939. This is the end of the line.  There are no more standards in view.

A 'Streamliner' at The Whitehall terminus in about 1939, all ready to depart for Blackburn.
A Blackburn car at Whitehall terminus in 1938, ready for its journey back to Blackburn.

© Jim Halsall Collection - terms and conditions 

A steam tram at the Whitehall terminus in the 1880s. Sometimes they would disconnect the engine and run it into the turnaround.  Sometimes they would just back it in.
This is the ash pit at the tram turn around at Whitehall. The ashes would be raked out from the boiler into the pit.