​​​​Blackburn to Accrington Trams

Church siding on the Boulevard looking to the Railway Station.  The trams left here for Intack, Church and Accrington until 1932 when Accrington trams ceased to run.  The terminus was then moved to Salford.  A very good overall view of the Boulevard and Station.  Note the old charabanc to the left.
The Church siding with a view of the Star&Garter pub and Syd Smith's Funeral Directors and Garage (also a taxi place!).  He was a well-known character who always wore a bowler hat.  Notice the people waiting in the shelter for the next tram.
This was the Church terminus from 1932 when Accrington trams ceased running and the trams came straight down Eanam to here and then back.  A good view of the Bay Horse and Lord Nelson pubs and the opening into Penny Street.

Splendid view at the siding with the conductor looking curiously at the camera, and interestingly, the passengers boarding at the front of the tram.
A snowy scene in the siding.  Imagine being on the top deck in this weather - brrrrr!  W. W. Rice and Sons Printers and Mooreys Health Store are in view, and the Salvation Army Citadel is behind the trams.
Coming over the top of Eanam and the tram is Blackburn bound, and over the Leeds-Liverpool canal.
Another view of a tram coming over the top of Eanam but this time it is outward bound.  The Victoria Cinema which you can see on the right was later to collapse into a big hole.