Blackburn to Darwen

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A shot of trams lined up in Darwen's Lorne Street depot, taken about 1935.  Note the destination boards and pits below trams for maintenance.
This view of Blackburn Road in Darwen looking towards Blackburn was taken in about 1913. It shows an 'open topper' near the end of its journey to Darwen. On the left is the Wesleyan Chapel, now demolished and the pub on the immediate right is the Engineers' Arms at the corner of Dove Street.
This is a view in Darwen taken before the First World War, perhaps as early as 1906.  It is taken from Market Street looking along Duckworth Street towards Blackburn with Duckworth Street Congregational Chapel in the distance on the right.  Among the shops on the right are Mercer's boot dealer's and John Wood's watchmakers and jewellers.
Another 1906 view of Duckworth Street in Darwen looking towards Blackburn.  An open topped tram is travelling towards the Circus.  John Gregory's tobacconist is on the left with Duckworth Street Chapel on the right.
This shot was taken in about 1944. It shows Darwen car no 44 outside Jones Stores near Lynwood Road. Note the blacked out headlamp and also that the name of the town has been removed from the side of the tram to confuse invading Germans.

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An immediate post-war shot of Market Street looking towards the Circus. Burton's is on the right, with Woolworth's boarded up.  Motor vehicles are beginning to rule the road with a bus in the background and a Worsley's bread van on the right. The chimney of New Bridge Mill seems to be emerging from the lady's head.
An early wartime shot of Market Street with Darwen and Blackburn trams side by side.  Note the tape on the Electricity showroom windows in case of bombing.
This was taken in about 1902 from the Circus looking down Market Street and shows one of the 36-75 class trams approaching. It was taken just after delivery as there are no decency panels on the upper deck.  They only ran in this condition for about 16 months.

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An 1890s shot of a Siemens tram in early condition at Darwen Circus.  Note the wooden destination panel.  The building on the left is the Angel Inn, long since demolished.
Another view of the Circus in about 1905/06. Darwen tram no 6, built in 1900 is stationary at the terminus. It's a busy scene and yet leisurely, unlike the Circus today. The Liverpool and District Bank is on the left.