​​​ Blackburn to Darwen Trams

Destination Darwen

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Taken in 1929 this shows the system in operation for directing football trams into the Kidder Street siding.  A points boy can be see standing on a platform looking out for trams with 'Football Ground' on the destination screen.  When he saw one he switched the electrically operated point to allow the tram into Kidder Street.  When it was clear, he would reset the points for the main road trams to Darwen.  Before this system was in place, he had to go into the road and change the points manually with a lever; a dangerous operation with the increase in traffic.

This the scene on 20th September 1941, the aftermath of the tram accident in which driver Richard Webb lost his life. The Darwen tram was travelling towards Darwen when it jumped the points, turned into Kidder Street and toppled over. There were about 24 passengers on board, conductor John House after crawling through the stairway and out through an upper deck window, assisted them to safety.

Another view of the capsized tram with apparatus in place for its recovery
A photograph of trams drawn up outside Ewood Park in about 1941.  In 1902 a complaint was made about passengers staying on the tram's top deck to watch the football match.  The conductor was instructed to clear the tram.

This is the crowd at the Cup tie between Blackburn Rovers and Accrington Stanley held on January 16th 1937. The result was a 2 all draw.  The man in the foreground seems more interested in the contents of his neighbours pocket than the match. Accrington won the replay 3 - 1. Admission to the match was a shilling, or 5p.


Here trams are drawn up on the waiting line on Bolton Road facing towards Darwen. The date is about 1938. Tram no 47 is in its original pristine condition. Behind are two 'Siemens' class trams in their final condition.

Trams at Ewood again in about 1944.  These are two Blackburn cars.  The trolley on the front one is being turned round.  The trams are in the main road siding, so this is probably a match day.