Blac​​​​​​kburn to Accrington Trams

​Next Stop Accrington

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 A tram at the Fountain junction.  This is virtually unchanged today with the steep Fecitt Brow rising behind the tram.


Two trams at Intack looking away from town.  The street you can see at the left-hand side of the nearest tram was unoffically named Tram Street as it was near the Tram Depot but officially it was unnamed.
A view of the Intack Depot Yard, the trams in here are going to be scrapped.

The Depot Yard at Intack with a nice complement of workers and staff posing for the camera.

An early 1900s shot inside the Intack Tram Depot.

Looking towards Church, with the Fountain Brewery on the left, later to become the Redcap Paint Works, and beyond is the Old Mother Redcap pub.
 A specially posed Steam Tram and Trailer near the Redcap Pub.  It is carrying what looks like a full load.

Heading to Church with an Accrington Corporation bus in pursuit.  On this country section the trams could get up to a fair old speed.


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This photo taken during the big snowfall of 1947.  The tram has been stopped because the metal has frozen snow on it.  The routes had to be serviced by buses until the track was thoroughly cleared.  The watchman seems to have a good job with his nice warm brazier, a newspaper waiting to be read and time for a quick cigarette!

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