​​​​ ​​​​​​Blackburn to Darwen trams
All Aboard for the Circus 

This is a wartime scene, about 1945.  The Darwen car's headlight is masked and the windows upstairs are blacked out.  The tram is travelling towards Blackburn with the Infirmary on the right and the canal on the left.

This is about 1948.  A Blackburn tram is approaching the railway bridge on Bolton Road just past the Infirmary. A poster on the right annouces that Josef Locke, the singer, is in town and beyond that the chimney of Columbia Mill rears into view.

The first trams with top covers were originally too high for railway bridges and were restricted to routes without them.  This is the railway bridge at the Infirmary taken in about 1948.  The track interlaces here and outward bound trams would have to wait for inwardbound trams to pass.

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A post-war shot, about 1945, of a Blackburn open top tram just passing Kirby Road before the Aqueduct Inn and the bridge at Ewood over the River Darwen.  There is a summer's day feel about this picture.

This scene of a Blackburn tram at Ewood was taken in about 1948. The Empire Cinema is now a theatre, but little else has changed in the last half century.
Similar scene to the previous shot.  Another Blackburn tram at Ewood, again taken about 1948.  The aqueduct carrying the Leeds-Liverpool canal over the road is in view on the left.

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