​​Extension of Electric – Blackburn to Wilpshire |  Route Electrified – Witton to Cherry Tree Tram
Extension of Electric | Route Electrified – Blackburn to Wilpshire Tram
Route Electrified Blackburn to Accrington | Route Electrified – Blackburn to Darwen Tram
Route Electrified – Blackburn to Preston New Road



 ​Extension of Electric – Blackburn to Wilpshire 

NORTHERN DAILY TELEGRAPH May 13th, 1902. Page 3, Col. 5.
This morning Major Druitt, Inspector of the Board of Trade, made an official inspection of the Wilpshire extension of the tramways. A special car conveyed the Inspector, who was accompanied by Alderman Billington and Mr. W. S. Gregson and the officials, Messrs Giles (electrical engineer), Stubbs (borough engineer), and Cowell (traffic manager), over the route. Everything was found satisfactory, and the cars will commence to run over the extension from to-morrow morning, the speed allowed being 12 miles an hour on the outward journey and 10 miles an hour inward.

Blackburn Times March 11th, 1899. Page 5, Col 6.
Route electrified and extended 3/4 of a mile to Witton Stocks/Buncer Lane.
On Tuesday morning, Major Cardew made an official inspection, on behalf of the Board of Trade, of the electric tramways. The inspector, who was accompanied by the Town Clerk, Mr. R. E. Fox, and Mr. A. S. Giles, the electrical engineer, went over the Preston New-road and Witton routes. The certificate of the Board of Trade is expected to be received in a few days.


Extension of Electric 

October 10th,1903.
Blackburn Weekly Telegraph October 10th, 1903.
The tramway extension from Witton to Cherry-Tree was formally passed by the Board of Trade inspector, Major Druitt, R. E. on Tuesday, and the next day the new route was opened for public traffic. It is a somewhat similar experiment to Wilpshire, which has returned a fair revenue, besides having opened up that suburb of the borough for residential purposes. The Cherry-tree district is to many Blackburnians an unknown land. A ride from Billinge End to the new terminus-threepence all the way will be found an agreeable way of taking the air, and make those who venture better aquainted with the locality which it is intended to serve.


Route Electrified – Blackburn to Wilpshire Tram 

July 4th, 1901.
BLACKBURN WEEKLY TELEGRAPH July 6th, 1901. Page 8, Col. 5.
Major Drewitt, a representative of the Board of Trade, inspected the Cemetery tram-route on Wednesday. He was accompanied on a special electric car by Messrs Crossley, Green, Gregson, Woolley, Giles, and Cowell. A start was made at Salford Bridge, and the outward and inward journeys were made without a hitch. The electric service on the route commenced on Thursday 4th July.


Route Electrified Blackburn to Accrington 

August 9th, 1901.
Northern Daily Telegraph August 9th, 1901. Page 3.
Today the Church section of the Corporation Tramways at Blackburn, which has been electrically equipped, was approved by an inspector of the Board of Trade, and Electric cars are now running on the route.


Route Electrified – Blackburn to Darwen Tram 

20th October, 1900.
Blackburn Weekly Standard, October 20th, 1900. Page 3.
I am pleased to remind my readers that the final inspection of the new electric tramway system in Danven was made on Tuesday afternoon the 16th, by Mr. A. P. Trotter a Board of Trade inspector. This gentleman inspected the overhead equipment from one end of the system to the other, and expressed himself highly satisfied. On Monday evening two trial trips were made over the entire system by two cars, one belonging to Darwen and the other to Blackburn. The trips were successful, and now that the final inspection has been made the cars will be at the service of the public. Five of the electric cars will at first be used, and some of the steam cars will be kept on the line until the other cars are ready. The electric cars used will be provided by the Darwen Corporation as the Blackburn cars are not ready for service yet.


Route Electrified – Blackburn to Preston New Road 

March 20th, 1899.
Blackburn Times March 18th, 1899. Page 7.
The electric tramway system having been approved by Major Cardew, an inspector of the Board of Trade, who made his official visit last week, the new service on the Preston New-road section will commence running on Monday morning next. A special meeting of the Tramway's Committee was held on Wednesday afternoon, when it was decided to request the Mayor, Mr. Eli Heyworth, to formally open the electric tramway on Wednesday, the 29th.

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